Gen. Vincent K. Brooks, US Army's Deputy Director of Operations during the Iraq War that deposed dictator Saddam Hussein; presently (2013) commander of Third Army. For a young girl, understanding what the end of the war meant was difficult. The following day, 15 August, is usually referred to as VP Day. In Britain, Churchill marked the occasion by declaring 8 May a public holiday.

Toronto’s The Globe and Mail newspaper noted that “The men in uniform were less demonstrative, less exuberant, especially those who wore ribbon and whose eyes told of things that the bobby sox brigade would not have to see.”. Test your knowledge. Today, memorials around the world mark the events of V-E Day and World War II and honor those who served and paid the ultimate sacrifice, including the National World War II Memorial in Washington. Just over a year after the war, she remembers receiving a special letter from King George VI sent to thank all children for enduring the war.

Continuing production was the theme of factories across America, and “absenteeism” was still unacceptable. Western journalists had leaked word of the German capitulation on May 7, inducing Western nations to move up their official announcements. The Home Office declared, “Bonfires will be allowed, but the government trusts that only material with no salvage value will be used.” The Board of Trade lifted rationing of cloth just a smidgen: “Until the end of May you may buy cotton bunting without coupons, as long as it is red, white or blue, and does not cost more than one shilling and three pence a square yard.”.

Italy, under the control of the fascist Benito Mussolini, was allied with Germany, and the two nations fought against the British (and later the Americans) in North Africa and Italy.

With the continent facing its biggest challenge since 1945, do the lessons of the war and its aftermath have any resonance for young people? The administration headed by Dönitz was known as the Flensburg government. The second signing - insisted upon by Soviet Premier Josef Stalin - was by German Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel the next day in Berlin. Asked how he would be marking the occasion, he joked: "I won't be getting drunk that's for sure.

Piccadilly Square on V-E Day, May 8, 1945; photographed by Sgt. In Wales, street parties broke out. "Union Jack flags were put out of bedroom windows and there was a lot of consternation, I remember that some people didn't get their flag right on the pole," she said. On 30 April Hitler committed suicide during the Battle of Berlin, and so the surrender of Germany was authorized by his successor, President of Germany Karl Dönitz.

A "massive bonfire" was held on Lincoln common, Bradford remembers, with "mini street parties" taking place the following day.

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