Learn More, At Valmont, we take care of you, your family and your future. And our mission to improve lives isn’t truly fulfilled unless we’re also finding new ways to maintain the health of our entire planet. Learn more, Our monopole’s sleek design, simple construction and small footprint continue to define the industry.

She’s also a member of utility’s management team, providing strategic legal counsel for all aspects of the business and managing all legal functions for the segment. Valmont is that company. Learn more, From standard sizes and configurations to customized apertures, we create solutions that are built around your efficiency, longevity, and profitability. By staying disciplined, we ensure growth and continued leadership in the Engineered Support Structures, Coatings, Irrigation and Utility Support Structures business segments. Learn more, Our monopole’s sleek design, simple construction and small footprint continue to define the industry. Learn more, Our commitment to both highway safety civil and infrastructure motivated us to create some the world’s most trusted fire hydrants. We strive for continuous improvement, removing waste everywhere with a true sense of urgency. He also secured new lines of credit and other debt facilities for the managed funds.

+1 402.359.2201, Transmission and Distribution Inspections.

Mutual of Omaha Matt has held positions on the board of directors of the Groundwater Foundation and the Boy Scouts of America Mid-America Council, as well as the advisory council of the Entrepreneurship & Innovation committee of the Omaha Chamber of Commerce. Learn more, The modular design and superior engineering of the utility-grade Convert TRJ single-axis tracker make it simple to install, easy to maintain and is built for long-term performance. At the same time, we’re leading the world in the management of the fresh water needed to produce the food that feeds a growing population. Aaron served in that capacity until joining Valmont.

The choice and the information are all yours. Learn more, We combined our industry-leading experience in lighting, traffic and wireless communications to create the ideal supplement for traditional wireless towers.

President and Chief Executive Officer, One Valmont Plaza In his role as vice president of finance for global generation, John is responsible for the finance, accounting, and strategic planning activities of the generation businesses within the Valmont utility division. Watch now. Either way, you can count on Valmont. Andy currently serves on the Board of Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska. Learn More, We’re confident that the unique skills and experience you gained in the military will be rewarded as you help shape the next chapter of the Valmont legacy. He earned his MBA from the University of Tulsa in 1987.

Learn more, From oil wells to factory floors to rooftop catwalks, you need to know the grating is going to support your people while standing up to whatever punishment man, machine or nature has to dish out. For many years, he led sales, marketing, engineering and operations at Robert Bosch Tool, where he and his teams developed, manufactured and delivered innovative products around the world. President & Chief Executive Officer Learn more, Often, the customers who demand reliable wireless service are the same ones who don’t want a tower hovering over their home. Learn more, As finding and tapping into the world’s oil and gas reserves gets more complex, having partners who understand the challenges you face becomes more vital. Learn more, The hybrid is ideal for those times when you need the exceptional height, strength and light weight of steel (in the air) with the quick installation and impermeability of concrete (in the ground). Learn More, Our commitment to Conserving Resources and Improving Life is delivered around the world through our five key business segments: Engineered Support Structures, Coatings, Irrigation, Utility Support Structures and Energy and Mining. Steve joined Valmont in 2010, leading the corporate IT group. After several years in Texas as engineering manager for the Mansfield Engineering and Drafting Group, Bill returned to Valmont as director of engineering before he was promoted to his current position. During his time at Belden, he served as vice president of global IT applications. It's so effective, it is often used as a primer prior to powder or liquid coating parts. Renee earned her BS in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Learn More, Here’s what we look for in the people we hire. John holds a BA and MBA from Creighton University. Prior to joining Valmont, Andy spent ten years as the general counsel and corporate secretary for EFJ, Inc. EFJ designs and markets wireless communications radios, infrastructure, systems and encryption technologies. Mark graduated from the University of Nebraska-Omaha in 1979 with a BS in business administration.
As the vice president, global taxation for Valmont, Ellen’s primary responsibilities include worldwide tax planning and reporting and domestic compliance and examination. Learn more, As an industry leader, Valmont® Utility is helping shape the impact that renewable energy has on our industry today, as well as tomorrow. He received a Bachelor of Science degree from Santa Clara University in 1994. Learn more, From oil wells to factory floors to rooftop catwalks, you need to know the grating is going to support your people while standing up to whatever punishment man, machine or nature has to dish out. Learn more, We have a wide variety of light pole options, whether you’re refreshing a downtown area, lighting new residential streets, or updating a major arterial highway. She held various roles in the tax function including tax compliance and tax planning for incentives and credits related to acquisitions and expansions.

Learn More, Like most every great company, Valmont began with one man who had a vision, an entrepreneurial spirit and strong desire to create something of lasting value.
Before this appointment, he was president and chief operating officer after serving as group president of the utility support structures (utility) business segment and vice president of global operations for the Later, three more factories were added, including oversight of aluminum manufacturing. Put them together, and you get a level of combined protection that stands up to the most extreme elements. Learn more, Valmont® SM manufactures generator rotor houses for direct-drive based wind turbines. If we don’t have a design that reflects you, we’ll create one. Learn more, With Controlled Environment Construction (CEC), we first build your substation inside our facilities to eliminate the potential complications, test it to ensure functionality and ship it to your site in a small number of subassemblies for easy construction. Solutions-focused. He joined Valmont in April 2018 as the vice president and general manager of the ESS North America structures region.

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Claudio has a 28-year track record of defining new business strategies and implementing and deploying new solutions while delivering operational impact. Learn more, We offer a complete package of stanchions, rails, bends, gates, kick plates, grating, and stair treads. Learn More, Valmont’s reputation is one of our most important assets. Learn more, Our HSS SuperStruct brand is built on partnerships with architects, structural engineers and fabricators who need innovation and design flexibility built into tubes for their largest projects.

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