It is right next to you and you don’t even see it.”. Thin needles are inserted through the mother into the fetus to prick the preborn child. Did Steve truly change or is this an act to get back with Nancy? As stated above, the gateway causes compasses to point away from true North and, well, maybe, it does the same to moral compasses.

By the time Terry got involved, it was supposed to be ramping down, but the drugs just got crazier. According to this hypothesis, Will would be the one and only responsible for the Upside Down in Stranger Things. [Season One] FanTheory. Could it be… part of a multiverse?”. It is the marriage of occult, practices with state of the art science. Families who wanted dissociative children learned that dissociative babies could be born if the child in the womb is tortured. Although he was rescued from the Demogorgon and the MK system, Will’s ordeal will have lasting effects on him. Psychic warfare became a branch of the Monarch, Programming. But what if it wasn’t? Some people say that is absolutely documented that there is a subterranean city beneath the base that is still being used today by secret branches of the military. One thing is for sure, Will Byers is one of them. Eleven has serious psychic powers that the US government was testing as a weapon. More importantly, Stranger Things also brought to the forefront of popular culture a subject that has been taboo for decades: The world of MKULTRA and its horrifying practices. Either you believe that the story is an apt reflection of the powers that be and the dark forces that rule them … or it is nothing but a creepy Dungeon & Dragons quest told by masterful dungeon masters. Inside the National Laboratory, phone calls made by citizens are monitored. There are no boundaries to the abuse MK slaves go through. This is the Theta Programming. Apparently there are many levels beneath ground that were used for research and the base was really a cover-up. It is interesting to note that the series’ original title was Montauk and that it was supposed to take place in Montauk, NY. Although this monster is pure science fiction fodder, it symbolically represents the beastly, monstrous side of the “scientific” experiments of the occult elite., "I can tell you first of all that I’ve never see [the show], but I am aware of it", he replied.

This phrase refers to a series of top-secret experiments in mind control, time travel, psychotronics, and the creation of black holes. Eleven, who is wet from the rain, is given a change of clothes. Due to its evident limitations, however, various forms of electronic mind control systems were developed and introduced, namely, bio-medical human telemetry devices (brain implants), directed-energy lasers using microwaves and/or electromagnetics. Comments that are off-topic or insulting to other users will be removed. Montauk is the site of Camp Hero, the military base where the infamous and widely speculated Montauk Project took place. At one point, Brenner, the MK handler, says a significant phrase: “Six … six … six people have been taken this week.”. Did a Broadcast of the National Anthem in the 1960s Contain Subliminal Messages? According to legend, the base actually lost its funding in the late 1960s because the radar technology was obsolete, but was open until 1983. Third, I would note that. You know, sh*t you can do with your mind. Demogorgon is a name used to refer to a pagan deity or demon, associated with the underworld and envisaged as a powerful primordial being, whose very name had been taboo.

The Montauk Air Force Station was said to have carried out numerous terrible experiments in cooperation with many research laboratories on Long Island. Logo Concept by: Illumination Ink. It is a coded way of saying that the missing children are fed to the 666 system? ‘Stranger Things’ Theory: What If the Upside Down Isn’t Another Dimension But … The Future? Yet, very few people truly know what happens inside those laboratories.

Will’s being abducted by the government is likened to the wizard stuck in the Vale of Shadows with the Demogorgon. It’s definitely possible. These experiments were based out of an old Air Force radar station, or more accurately, in a vast complex hidden in the earth beneath this radar station. By closing in on Nancy’s hand during sex and Barb’s hand while she is taken by the monster, the series once again compares her losing her “innocence” to a girl being abducted by the MK system. The area is now a New York state park, but the buildings are intact and radar equipment remains standing. The origins of the word Demogorgon itself refers to an evil entity mentioned by occult scholars. While most critics focus on the “nostalgia” factor of Stranger Things, the series is about much more than 80’s aesthetics. Maybe the Upside Down isn't an alternate universe but the future of Hawkins, Indiana after Eleven ripped a hole in time, a Stranger Things theory says. Namely: who invented the Upside Down and how it could evolve in the next episodes of Stranger Things Affiliate links used when available. Demogorgon abducts children and takes them to the Upside Down. Theta Programming got its name just as the Alpha, Beta, and Delta Programming in part from the four types of EEG brain waves. In Monarch programming, MK slaves are often made to wear wigs (often blonde) when in the real world. Stranger Things, Volume 1; Stranger Things, Volume 2; Stranger Things 2 (soundtrack) Stranger Things: Halloween Sounds From the Upside Down; Stranger Things 3 (original score) Stranger Things 3 …

Is the Upside Down just a dark mirror image of the world around us? Kinda. Another child being destroyed by the MK system. True, Will does seem to be flashing back and forth between his reality and the Upside Down, which happens more often in stories of parallel universes more than parallel dimensions.

The scene of Nancy having sex with Steve is juxtaposed with her friend Barb being captured by the monster and taken to the Upside Down. It's like Earth but darker, colder and scarier, mainly because the blood-thirsty Demogorgon lives there. “I know you do experiments on kidnapped little kids whose parents’ brains you’ve turned to mush. In the series, Demogorgon represents the satanic elite that feeds on the blood of innocents, abducting children and using them to gain power. This is how MK handlers work. The series mirrors Nancy’s relationship with Steve – a guy who is kind of a jerk, kind of pushy and kind of manipulative – with the plight of Eleven, an MK slave programmed by a handler. People say that the radar equipment was built as a cover up so that the military could conduct experiments in time travel and mind control and this is what all the electronics equipment was for. Another victim of the system is Eleven, an MK slave who was abducted at birth. And I know you went a little too far this time”. SUBSCRIBE Invalid email Ani Bundel at Elite Daily actually puts forward two theories about the 1980s love letter that is Stranger Things. The next day, Nancy feels kind of ashamed and tells Steve that “everybody’s looking at her”. Moniz went on to explain the science behind how parallel universes could exist but then my head started hurt from all the science. Stranger Things x Nike Tailwind “Upside Down… After spending her life confined inside the walls of a laboratory, Eleven can barely communicate and shows numerous signs of past trauma. Symbolically, this represents how the occult elite’s dealings are indirectly affecting the entire population. Since birth, she has been programmed by a handler she calls “Papa” (an actual word used in MK programming). In other words, he went there to feel safe and be in tune with his core persona. – Yeah, that’s the one. There is nothing “science fiction” about this, however. Throughout the series, characters observe that, since she’s been with Steve, Nancy is a “different person”, the same way MK slaves become different persons. As stated in previous articles, female MK slaves are sometimes made to suffer through “miscarriages” to cause trauma. The idea to be able to copy, what Elisha did to the King of Syria (2 KG 6:11-12) when he, “telepathically” spied on the enemy, discovered their plans, and, Disturbing MKULTRA and Child Abuse Paintings Displayed on Billboards in Italy, The True Disturbing Meaning of “WAP” by Cardi B, Paris Hilton’s Documentary Reveals That She Was Subjected to MKULTRA-Style Abuse. Or is it something more sinister?

Indeed, through subtle clues, the series establishes a strong connection between Eleven – the MK slave – and Nancy – the perfect suburban girl. After using her powers to destroy Demogorgon, she disappears with him. In the end, Eleven is back where she “belongs” and the secrecy of the MK system is preserved.

– This was the CIA that ran this? El is a Semitic word meaning “god” or “deity”. – MKULTRA? It is documented that the CIA invested tens of millions of dollars into researching this field. Provided with a sense of security, Eleven becomes less of a machine and more human. While visiting the room intended for Eleven at her mother’s house, the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland is prominently displayed. Eleven is so powerful and her powers so untested that her attempts to spy across countries could have ripped a hole in the space-time continuum, and thus created a portal to a future populated by monsters. Being in tune with her core self allows her son to contact her. In MK terms, Eleven is a product of Theta programming, which is centered around extrasensory perception (ESP). Hopper also promised to never talk about anything he discovered about the MK system. Amazingly, it was discovered that the most adept of these young psychics were able to focus on objects so intensely that the objects would momentarily physically materialize. Yeah well, you better start packing a bag of eggo waffles and getting the fuck out of here asap because it turns out it's all true. THETA – Considered to the “psychic” programming. Barb tells Nancy: “This isn’t you”. Here’s Bundel’s real intriguing theory though – the Hawkins, Indiana we see in the Upside Down is actually the future. They’re on our side.”.

Would love your thoughts, please comment. While the boys are ultimately faced with the horrifying world of government mind control, their adventure is constantly compared to a Dungeons & Dragons quest. These boys would sit in a specially developed chair aimed at enhancing their latent psychic abilities. – Wikipedia. Other characters in the series are seen hiding in small shelters as well. Well it turns out that The Upside Down could be a real. The idea to be able to copy what Elisha did to the King of Syria (2 KG 6:11-12) when he “telepathically” spied on the enemy, discovered their plans, and thereby ruined their chances of success. – Wikipedia. Although MKULTRA is a top-secret operation, the series implies that it has repercussions on the entire population. In this sense, the dark, disturbing aims of the occult elite is directly contrasted with the innocence and playfulness of children. – The Man with a capital M. They’d pay a couple of hundred bucks to people like my sister, give ’em drugs, psychedelics, LSD, mostly. The actual world of MKULTRA taps into the metaphysical realm, the esoteric and the occult – and not for benevolent purposes.

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