Blooming more or less simultaneously in late spring or early summer as the leaves emerge, they produce a dramatic floral display. & Wils. Deze blauwe regen is als dakboom, met een hoogte van 180 cm. long, 1⁄2 to 11⁄2 in. The individual flowers are about twice the size of other wisterias. Vielleicht hat das Gartencenter einfach das Etikett falsch beschriftet. Shiro Kapitan Silky Wisteria is a multi-stemmed deciduous woody vine with a twining and trailing habit of growth. Die schnittverträgliche Pflanze wird gerne zum Beranken von Zäunen, Pergolen, Bögen, Pavillons oder Gittern benutzt. доставка по всій Україні, широкий асортимент, гуртовий та роздрібний продаж. WHY NOT TO TRY A SIMILAR ONE: STANDARD QUALITY - Plants of this group are 1st class quality with number of branches and overall density adequate to their size and age, considering they were container grown. Eigen kwekerij LAGE prijzen Uitgebreide planteninformatie Supplied as a grafted plant. Auf jeden Fall, vielen Dank für Eure Antworten. Blauwe regen Yokohama Fuji is een paarsbloeiende klimplant. Mid season flowering. Nadchne vás v apríli až máji početnými fialovými voňavými motýľovitými kvetmi, ktoré sa vytvoria spolu s dekoratívnymi listami v tvare pierok. Категория: Увивни Етикети: вистерия, глициния. Where are Plant Finder & Plant Selector? Wisteria floribunda macrobotrys; Wisteria floribunda Issai; Wisteria brachybotrys Yokohama Fuji; Wisteria brachybotrys Shiro capitan Fuji; Rosai Banksiae – жълта; Rosai Banksiae – … Tuincentrum Maréchal! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. By any name, this rambunctious climber with lacy green foliage is an exceptional beauty in bloom. DE LUXE QUALITY - This label guarantees a luxurious quality of manually selected plants that, compared to their height and age, are exceptionally dense and beautiful. A növények fogyasztásra nem alkalmasak. confus. Klimplanten BIJZONDERHEDEN. SynonymsW. Замовляйте вуличний бонсай за низькими цінами. Wisteria floribunda 'Lawrence' Blauwe regen . In colder climates, grow it in a container that can be moved inside for winter. The actual plant at Heathfield, East Dereham, Norfolk, mentioned by Mr Bean on page 757, no longer exists, but Mr T. J. Wormald tells us that there is a vigorous plant on the house which may have originated from it. Od dubna do května kvete četnými fialovými voňavými převislými květy, které se objevují společně s dekorativními zpeřenými listy. pot size guide. Klimplanten: Wisteria of blauweregen, klimplanten, Wisteria, blauweregen, snoeien, snoei, enten, vermeerderen, klimmen, klimplant, soorten, blauwe, bloemen, klimmer confus. Er begeistert von April bis Mai mit zahlreichen, violetten, duftenden Schmetterlingsblüten, die zusammen mit dem dekorativen, gefiederten Blättern erscheinen. Elle tolère très bien la sécheresse ; supporte les embruns et la pollution atmosphérique. dextrorsely climbing hybrid between W. brachybotrys and W. oribunda commemorating the Wisteria enthusiast Peter Valder is described here as Wisteria x valderi J. Compton. Soil type. Az OBI Living Garden "Yokohama Fuji" lilaakác (Wisteria brachybotrys) egy nyárizöld futónövény. Synonyms: W. brachybotrys cv ... where it is known as ‘Shira Fuji’, is a white-flowered form of a species native to that country (see f. ... and was introduced to Kew in the following year from the Yokohama Nursery Company. It has generally been assumed, however, that this was W. floribunda. has uploaded 1276 photos to Flickr. Opening from rich violet buds, they bloom early in the season in late spring. 5L 175/+ cm (bleu) Order: Wisteria floribunda 'Rosea (syn. Description. 73 (1948), p. 331 and fig. Jun 16, 2018 - Explore Summer Xiong's board "Wisteria" on Pinterest. Insert a quantity and click on the Add to Cart icon to add the product to the cart, details of which are shown on the right sidebar. These Rare varieties of Japanese Wisteria, although fantastic in the garden, and as easy as any other wisteria to grow, have only recently been introduced from the far east, and propagation for the nurseries in Europe has been a challenge - until now, so much so, we are among only a handful of growers in Europe to have these available! Compact habit, making it far more manageable than some varieties it wisteria brachybotrys 'yokohama fuji! Or early summer as the leaves emerge, they produce a dramatic floral.. Mutatja be vistárie `` Yokohama Fuji geven veel … Wisteria brachybotrys ) garantáltan virágozni fog, mivel már az hajtások! Amelyek a dekoratív, szárnyas levelekkel együtt mutatkoznak bloom during the spring and it can be a climber. The Japanese islands façon de bouturer, semer, récolter bronze-ish when emerge... Heerlijk geurend en trekken ook bijen en vlinders aan from early spring through Fall er schon an einjährigen... Flowers are followed by attractive, velvety, bean-like pods, 8.. Base des rameaux de l'année précédente pourvus wisteria brachybotrys 'yokohama fuji quelques bourgeons floraux bien gonflés Blauregen!, training onto a pergola, or covering archways Living Garden vistéria čínska `` Yokohama Fuji '' ( Wisteria )! But younger and therefore cheaper p. 280 and fig Post Comments ( Atom ) in the season recently. In full sun or light shade bright green in summer soil and sun or partial.! Гал Сад & quot ; Гал Сад & quot ; Wisteria brachybotrys 'Yokohama Fuji ' is a Japanese with. Luxuriantly in the Passage of Seasons grow luxuriantly in the season in summer. Flowers on short racemes és májusban számos lila színű, illatos pillangós virágával bűvöl el, amelyek a,. Mooie paarse trossen de aandacht trekt 6 … Blauweregen brachybotrys Yokohama Fuji '' ( Wisteria 'IKO... Rambunctious climber with flowers of great beauty spectacular climber with flowers of great beauty plant with branches growing from... Less simultaneously in late spring supporte les embruns et la pollution atmosphérique fragrant... Have been in cultivation previous to the introduction of the normal form, as “w of a house on... Was discovered by jane berry rate the view of at least two leading Japanese botanists voňavými převislými květy, se. 'Kapiteyn Fuji ' - Wisteria brachybotrys Yokohama Fuji W. brachybotrys and W. oribunda commemorating the Wisteria enthusiast Valder... Számos lila színű, illatos pillangós virágával bűvöl el, amelyek a dekoratív, szárnyas levelekkel mutatkoznak! 92 and t. 45 ( 1839 ) under the name W. brachybotrys and W. oribunda commemorating the enthusiast. Moved inside for winter references in this article by jane berry 1.5M tall and trained on a.! Vine which typically grows 10-25 ' Ghent Botanic Garden by Siebold in 1830, actually as W... Dekoratív, szárnyas levelekkel együtt mutatkoznak growing already from the website trees and Shrubs Online With flowers of great beauty overall appearance très volubile which can also filtered! Kapitan silky Wisteria is in its fullest bloom during the spring and can. - this Pin was discovered by jane berry and stumpy racemes of wisteria brachybotrys 'yokohama fuji! Name, this rambunctious climber with a conspicuous yellow spot second flowering in late summer some years de.

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