On January 11, 1851 (the 11th day of the 1st lunar month), incidentally Hong Xiuquan's birthday, Hong declared himself "Heavenly King" of a new dynasty, the "Heavenly Kingdom of Great Peace". But the sheep was also sacred to the Egyptians. In the embittered battles of the second half of 1863 and the first half of 1864, the Taiping forces lost nearly all their supply areas, and their main military forces were routed by Manchu troops.
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A major role in the preparation of the rebellion was played by the Society of God-Worshipers (Pai Shang-ti Hui), founded in 1843 in Kwangtung Province as a legal Christian religious organization by the future supreme leader of the Taiping movement, Hung Hsiu-ch’iian. These spies were aided and protected by Rahab, a prostitute, and in return they swore to protect her and her family when the Israelites conquered the city (Joshua 2:18-19). Their troops forced the Huang Ho and by the end of the year had reached the approaches to T’ientsin. The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom promulgated The Land System of the Heavenly Kingdom and organised military forces to launch the northern and western expeditions. The Taiping rebellion was caused by the acute exacerbation of the contradictions between the peasantry and the feudal lords and between the vast mass of the Chinese people and the Manchu aristocracy, which had come to power in the mid-17th century.

20 May – 16 Nov 2011 Permanent Exhibition Galleries No.1-5, Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence Presented by Leisure & Cultural Services Department Historical Museum of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, Nanjing City Organized by Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence. published in 1853. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. So when the Taiping soldiers approached Shanghai, they expected the foreigners in the city to take no part in the fighting. The campaign was concluded in March 1853, when the Taiping forces seized Nanking, which they renamed T’i-enching (“heavenly capital”). After fighting their way across more than half of China, they settled in Nanjing, renamed it the Heavenly Capital and established the Taiping (literally, Great Peace) Heavenly Kingdom to confront the Qing government. Within the land that it controlled, the Taiping Heavenly Army established a totalitarian, theocratic, and highly militarized rule.

During the campaign, the rebels’ ranks swelled from 20,000–30,000 to 300,000–500,000. A major role in the preparation of the rebellion was played by the Society of God-Worshipers (Pai Shang-ti Hui), founded in 1843 in Kwangtung Province as a legal Christian religious organization by the future supreme leader of the Taiping movement, Hung Hsiu-ch’iian. It resulted in the deaths of three of the leaders—Yang Hsiu-ch’ing, Wei Ch’ang Hui, and Ch’in Jih-kang—and the extermination of many thousands of rebels in Nanking. Follow my page, Rabbi Sedley. The situation at the front was stabilized somewhat in the autumn of 1858, after the Taiping forces commanded by Li Hsiu-ch’eng sustained two great victories over the enemy. Primary Source Document with Questions (DBQs) EXCERPTS FROM THE LAND SYSTEM OF THE HEAVENLY KINGDOM (TIANCHAO TIANMU ZHIDU): “THE TAIPING ECONOMIC PROGRAM” Introduction In the 1840s a young man from Guangdong named Hong Xiuquan (1813-1864) created his own version of Christianity and made converts in Guangdong and Guangxi provinces. And so the Loyal King, the Taiping general, sent an offer of protection to all foreign diplomats, envoys and religious leaders.
(Public Domain/ Wikimedia Commons), Painting of the Qing regaining the City Anqing from the Taiping in 1861.

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