Cheese Sausage Fried Rice/ Chicken Fried Rice/ West Fried Rice, Any One serve of Dim Sum, Drink. Chicken Chops Baked Rice with Cheese | Hong Kong Style. Check out the steps slideshow below .. or click for the recipe page. Somehow I never questioned where the smooth and pasty tomato sauce that … Look out that golden and tomatoey deliciousness waiting to be tucked into. Bec Ky. January 28, 2014 at 1:55 am Reply. I prefer a simple and fragrant rice as the base, fried rice seems a bit too heavy with the marinara sauce and cheese. Enjoy! 2 Comments. Egg Fried Rice Ingredients: 2 tbsp oil 3 large cups cooked rice (overnight rice is even better) 3 eggs 1/2 tsp sesame 1 tbsp soya sauce $22.00 Pork Bake Rice All come with a cold can Free Change from rice to spaghetti / … And the cheesy Hong Kong style baked tomato pork chop rice is ready! airfried Airfryer (Philips Airfryer!) This is a great recipe thanks! Or, to be absolutely correct, you will know what I mean after you try this Chinese Must be served immediately from the oven, while the cheese is still melted and oozy. asian recipe ayam brand cheddar cheese cheese baked rice comfort food fried rice hong kong cafe ketchup mozzarella cheese pork chop pork shoulder tomato puree Worcestershire sauce. Until recently, I didn’t know what sauce the cafés used for their baked pork chop rice. Baked Pork Chop Rice is a much enjoyed and popular dish at Hong Kong-Western style cafés. 2 Comments.

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