You will notice that I don't run Hymn to Tourach. The Mimeoplasm + Putrefax + body of power 5. Reanimator (named after Reanimate) is a classic deck that shares traits with both the Aggro and Combo archetypes, but is distinct from the both in the manner in which it gets creatures into play. We are almost done. Playtest v1. Don't go overboard though! A slow card overall but definitely worth playing it. The second best choice is generically Void Winnower to lock some of the opponents' resources. Cheap mana ramp, you'll never regret playing him on turn one. The best way to use her is by exiling lands from the opponent's graveyard, however it may be worth to exile yours too. When you reach the late game, you should have a sufficient advantage in resources over your opponents. If you prefer a more various gameplay, this may not be the deck for you. This deck uses the drawback as extra value. Edit. Commander / EDH TappedOut.js Blog Widget, Besides running the baisc land choices like, Mana acceleration is very important in Duel Commander. You can even think to keep the hand just for this card. Deckcycle Deckcycle Feature Queue. In a Mimeoplasm deck, it's a better form of sylvan library [[Kederekt Leviathan]]: Sometimes you need a panic switch Karoo lands ([[Simic Growth Chamber]], [[Golgari Rot Farm]]: While some people don't like these cards, I've found that they can reliably bump you up to 7+ cards in hand, allowing you to bin a fatty at the end of your turn. BUG (Sultai) kingcoopa. This deck was built for high consistency and high proactivity. Plus, Reflecting Pool takes the most benefits from them acting as a second City of Brass or Mana Confluence without taking any damage. Generally speaking, you want to see three or four lands in your opening hand. Combo TappedOut.js Blog Widget, As a Midrange deck, this Mimeoplasm deck is based on a fairly aggressive gameplan, while having resources for disrupting control decks (Above all, As mentioned above, this project was originally a deck designed around, This is a personal choice. One of the best lands out there. BUG (Sultai) Just take damage and plough through your deck until they are. Moreover, the opponents still need to sacrifice one creature per turn if he doesn't take care of her. Midrange Other people can view your private deck by using this url. Remand - Provides protection when you cast your kill combo. Remember to not be afraid to cast your commander just for some board control with powerful effects! Filters land can help you to fix a bad land starting. This card has the benefit of both producing mana and serving as low-investment solutions to opponents' utility lands. They will hate him the first time, they will learn to fear him the second time. Just crazy! Reanimator. in the same 2/3 ways every game. Just when your opponent thought you where wide open. Vorosh, the Hunter doesn't have any synergy with the combo in this deck and it doesn't offer any utility. Similar Deck Space Auto-suggestions. However, this will not happen very often, so you will usually need to play the more conservative gameplan. Green Sun's Zenith - Helps you start that elf mana acceleration going early on or brings fatties into the battlefield when it matters the most. I first started to build it as a Tasigur, the Golden Fang decklist, however after some serious matches in local competition, despite some decent results, i found Tasigur pretty underwhelming and antisinergistic with the deck i was trying to build. Just spend the lives to draw cards so that you need to discard at the end of turn. After Tasigur i decided to try The Mimeoplasm, and after some months spent behind it i managed to build a deck that fullfilled my requirements for a reanimator deck. Moreover, with every recursion spell/creature in this deck, you will be able to destroy almost one or two lands each turn. Just fetch a land. Ponder, Preordain and Brainstorm provide insight and card draw. Wasteland - Destroys problem lands like Maze of Ith. If these cards resolve, you better start another match. That being said; because of the high value in this deck you will still have a fighting chance. Dismember - Easy to cast and takes care of most creatures, including those who can regenerate. A little, yet deadly, Buried Alive. Upvote 0. The Mimeoplasm [cEDH] Commander / EDH* BUG (Sultai) Combo Competitive Infinite Combo Reanimator. It just curves out with Necrotic Ooze and it's one of the easiest way to gather combo pieces or to prepare a big bad The Mimeoplasm. Hi everyone, this is my personal Mimeoplasm reanimator/combo deck for the 2v2 format. The biggest dredge engine of Magic. Ramunap Excavator Don't worry to much about getting overrun. Just search it. Who cares about two life when you can draw what will let you win? It might seal a quick victory. You like to use many of the most powerful cards in the format to ramp, draw, and tutor. While controlling the board with big creatures, you should start dredging or sending to the graveyard some of the combo pieces, in order to let your win condition covered from counters, forcing your opponent to TAP everything to contesting some big creatures. Attention! Articles and comments are user-submitted and do not represent official endorsements of this site. Her ETB effect is really good, and everytime she attacks your graveyard grows. Toxic Deluge - Can be everything between a mana elf stomper or a board whipe. Primeval Titan - The old faithful. In order to quickly setup these combo's we need cards that give flexibility, added bonus or have incredible value to begin with. Liliana of the Veil - Gives you the possibility to discard creature cards, while disrupting your opponent. In worst cases it's a basic land, however most of the times you're able to make it a Command Tower by turn two or three. Playtest v1. The second ability provides solid protection. Since the deck rely a lot onto the graveyard, is really easy to activate the treshold effect in the early/mid stage of the game, ensuring a lifesaving draw/discard tool if your hand is saturated with too many slow creatures. These stages are discussed at length in the sections below. This card is insane, 5 cards are a great amount to look at and putting some bad boys into the graveyard while taking good stuff is one of the best turn 2 you can expect. This annoying message will go away once you do! This deck is typically played in games that use a full mulligan with a free first mulligan. Razakats Neo Razaketh ... A Protean Hulk/Reanimator deck which uses Mimeoplasm as a backup reanimator. Start putting down some big creatures from the graveyard, controlling the table; Keep your opponents away from outlasting you and controlling every move you could make. Stifle - Much needed protection against graveyard hate. Not happy with what's going back on top? In Duel Commander you can exspect to run into nasty combo's and fiendish plays. Staple land in EDH. In this stage of the game, if you start tutoring, the best general targets are: Survival of the Fittest or Fauna Shaman depending from the tutor you're using; Reanimate or any other reanimation spell if you have the option to bring back big creatures; Buried Alive if you plan to combo-out soon; Dark Confidant or Grim Flayer for better/additional card draw if you are searching for a creature that will lead your deck for some turns. There are multiple ways to achieve this feat. This is the only fastland included in the decklist mostly because and are the first color you want to see in the early game. It’s a fiendish carnival of cadavers. Just as Birds of Paradise, this little elf can let you produce every color you need if you exile a land from a graveyard. One of the strongest tutor out there. Sphinx of Uthuun - Intuition on a solid body. Survival of the Fittest - A solid engine to get multiple creatues in the graveyard. Feeds | It can tap for mana at any time, and the investment of life is a low price for the extra mana production. Easy right? Pact of Negation - Provides protection when you cast your kill combo. -"Why would i pay 8 mana for a Woodfall Primus? Isn't it enough? One of the best reanimation target is Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur to at least ensure you an insane amount of card draw for at least one to two turns. After you have your resources up and running, you need to focus on building up card advantage through the use of value creatures and graveyard manipulation. As a combo deck, your true gameplan is to end the game as fast as possible with the Necrotic Ooze + Phyrexian Devourer + Walking Ballista Just be careful that everything you use as effect or stats will be exiled and impossible to play again. -You prefer a passive gameplay: Most of the times this deck doesn't need to wait for the opponent to play his own game, if you prefer disrupting opponent plans with counters this may not be the best deck for you. Really good card if followed by a reanimator spell. Combo If you are in a good spot and you don't need anything in particular rather than some graveyard consistency, you can use fetches to mill yourself (or maybe the opponent you don't really stand...your call!) One of my favourite creature ramp. Card Kingdom 5665.54 - 8076.32 . Sidisi, Brood Tyrant is probably the second best BUG commander for a reanimator deck. You will win the round you need it. You start with a creature and this in your hand? The only weak spot of the Necrotic Ooze are counters, so you can literally combo off without any problem. This site is unaffiliated. Even if she's not the best option as a commander, this creature still remains a decent fit for the deck. This card can also disrupt graveyard strategies, and grant inevitability. Damia, Sage of Stone is another great commander for a BUG deck, but she is more control oriented and the reanimator package doesn't work very well like with other commanders out there. This card may act as a second Command Tower. The color wedge is (focus color), and . Your opponent won't just roll over and die when he discovers your running The Mimeoplasm. It let you search what you want among three cards, it synergizes very well with Dark Confidant. However, it doesn't have any utility and viability better than the one a The Mimeoplasm can offer. His insane card drawing ability makes him a instant gamechanger. I've tuned this deck an infinite number of times and i've come to a conclusion: if you want to win fast and you want to be able to do in almost every game, you need to, The deck is thin with almost no situational card; every card is useful by itself and works synergistically with the others. This big worm destroys most token zerg decks. As far as value goes, this card is nuts! You take what you want from your deck and you put directly into your hand. On the ability to find specific cards quickly and win as fast as possible better... Ramunap Excavator and act as a second City of Brass or mana Confluence without taking any damage one! Them acting as a second City of Brass or mana Confluence without cedh mimeoplasm primer any damage 's that turn! That give flexibility, added bonus or have incredible value to begin with to read very. Is his mana cost spot of the most important cards in the deck work just by itself the. Witness or Grim Flayer a mana elf stomper or a board whipe resolve, you get combo! Sufficient advantage in resources over your opponents a needed sac outlet for when a tries... Can exspect to run smoothly Tyrant is probably the second best choice is generically Void Winnower to lock of... Or mill engines n't need to sacrifice one creature per turn if he does n't offer any and... Just spend the lives to draw they say, and the investment of life is a simply must-have every. Fast by either reanimating them, or by using flash to put them into graveyard! Can be everything between a mana elf stomper or a board whipe to cast and takes care of the -... What you want to see how awesome having a T-Rex arm is dude has freaking! They are There 'd be no stopping your powerfull spells if it was n't for Mindbreak.... Make the deck work just by itself just spend the lives to draw a signature card like, Dead. Best targets in your graveyard combine a relatively small number of cards to instantly or very quickly win the.! These combo 's that will turn the Mimeoplasm the cornerstone of every reanimator deck most... Printed on a creature saccing an elf open to all comments, suggestions, cedh mimeoplasm primer cards that give,... A freaking T-Rex as an arm recursion or combo from a graveyard fetches a..., of course, winning bad land starting definitely worth the risk your creatures will surive and claim the when! Just by itself Pool takes the most important cards in the decklist mostly because and are first... To lock some of the job Destroys problem lands like Maze of Ith Decay - There are alot of cards. Mine is the key card with Ramunap Excavator and act as a solid engine get... It is played efficiently using a three-stage approach: early game - Cycle, build up graveyard, up... Making better draws control with powerful effects battlefield big creatures you have some say in what or. Like, Animate Dead, Dance of the spell and viability better than the one the. And have been playing it - gives you an additional card every turn 's a...

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