After Logan was shot by Stryker with adamantium bullets, which are the only things that can supposedly 'hurt' him, this knocked Logan out long enough for Stryker to go after Silverfox but she turned the tables by touching his ankle. Comic Game It is unknown what happened to her after she left the facility. Logan hears her screams and comes to her rescue almost killing Creed, but is convinced by Kayla that if he does that he'll then be no better then Stryker. She was seemingly killed by Victor Creed after being stopped in her car. Her task was to keep an eye on him during their six years together and to manipulate him to a state of complacency with her mutant power of persuasion. She and Maverick were thought to be killed in a battle against Omega Red. This hurt Logan deeply and he decided to leave and move on with his life. Silverfox using her powers against Stryker.

X2: X-Men United: The Movie Prequel: Wolverine, X2: X-Men United: The Movie Prequel: Nightcrawler, X-Men: The Movie Prequel: Wolverine Characters, X-Men Origins: Wolverine (video game) Characters, While leading them out of the facility, hangar doors open to reveal Weapon XI. Michelle Monaghan was supposed to play the role, but turned it down because of scheduling conflicts. Jean Grey | Silver Fox From silver to salt-and-pepper, Foxy Silver® wigs come in the shades of gray and styles you want. As they explore an alternate escape route, Fox is wounded by sniper fire and sends her sister, along with the other mutants on. March 28, 1979 (original timeline) After leaving the Team X project, Logan went back to Canada, where he resided in a cabin, high in the mountain with his girlfriend Kayla Silverfox who helps calm him though his nightmares of the past. Six years, they lived together until Kayla is apparently killed by Victor Creed, which devastates Logan and causes him to search for William Stryker's assistance. Love Interest Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Shortly after Logan's departure, Kayla confronted Stryker. She dies before Logan was able to save her. This knocks him out long enough for him to go after Silver Fox but she turns the tables by touching his ankle and at first forces him to put the gun to his own head. Voice Actor(s) Unknown Silver Fox was a powerless human and a member of Team X. Gambit asks Logan if he knows her. Stemming from her Native American ancestry, she recites a story to Logan about a spirit named Kuekuatsheu (pronounced in the movie as koo-ay-koo-aut-soo and translates into 'Wolverine') who fell in love with the moon but was fooled by the Trickster into stepping foot in the mortal world from which he could never return. So he told Kuekuatsu that the Moon had asked for flowers; he told him to come to our world and pick her some wild roses.

Black Cat | Gwen Stacy | Mary Jane Watson | Dr. Ashley Kafka

At first, she forced him to put the gun to his own head but killing him was not her style or in her nature. Logan heard her screams and came to her rescue. Today, it’s still winning recognition – …

Kayla Silverfox X-Men: The Movie Prequel: Wolverine She then died of her injuries after punishing Stryker with her abilities. She attributed the memories of her and Wolverine to be fake, even though the cabin set had no initials. 1 Biography 1.1 Original Timeline 1.1.1 X-Men Origins: Wolverine 1.1.2 The Wolverine 2 Powers, Abilities and Weaknesses 2.1 Powers 2.2 Weaknesses 3 Relationships 3.1 Family … Deceased (original timeline)Unknown (revised timeline) This hurts Logan deeply and he decides to just leave it all and move on with his life, leaving them all behind. Stryker walks up behind them and shoots Logan in the back and later in the head, with adamantium bullets, which are the only things that can supposedly 'hurt' him. Movie Kayla and Logan then go to free her sister, along with the other imprisoned mutants. Turning to address Steve, Natasha said “The assassin known as the Silver Fox. Kayla Silverfox was a mutant who has telepathic and hypnotic abilities. Some time later, when Wolverine breaks into the Weapon X facility, Kayla turns up to be alive - her death was faked with hydrochlorothiazide, so Stryker could trick Logan into participating in his project. During the final assault and escape from the Three Mile Island Facility, as Silverfox and the freed mutants explored an alternate escape route, she was shot and mortally wounded by a bullet from sniper fire when the freed mutants tried to escape. Kayla then sent her sister and the other mutants on, while she went back to look for and find Logan. And every night, they would wander the skies together. Kayla then told Logan that she faked her death in order to help release her sister Emma Silverfox, which William Stryker broke his promise to release her. Lynn Collins. As Logan is about to get his skeleton injected with adamantium, he asks for dogtags bearing the name "Wolverine", inspired by a story Kayla told him about a spirit who was tricked into being parted forever from his lover the Moon, the spirit- whose name translates as 'Wolverine'- subsequently forced to look at the Moon forever and never be with her again. Unaware that he no longer knows her due to Stryker shooting Logan in the head with adamantium bullets, as the bullets that had hit his brain caused him to lose his memory and give him amnesia, he says no. She and Wolverine were apparently in love, they lived in a cabin together, and carved their initials into the wood.

Bursting onto the scene are the Marvel Universe's most powerful heroes and villains. Creed comes in and Kayla tries to persuade him that Stryker is only using them. Following the fight between Victor and Logan, Kayla said that she only did what Stryker wanted her to do because of her sister being held hostage. This didn't work on him and Creed, grasping her throat, promised to kill her for real this time. She dies of her injuries. After Logan discovered that Kayla is not only alive but also working for William Stryker, he likens her to the Trickster who played Logan as the fool. When Logan likens Kayla to the Trickster, she begins to shed a tear of sadness, implying that she regrets her actions of betraying Logan. But, one of the other spirits was jealous. No one knows much about him other than he was active from the ‘90’s to the mid-2000’s, and he recently struck again. After Logan left Team X after the last Team X mission and went back to Canada, Kayla was tasked with keeping an eye on him. Kayla Silverfox He almost killed Creed but was convinced by Kayla that if he did he would be no better than Stryker, as she reminded Logan that he wasn't an animal. Stryker walked up behind them and shot Logan with adamantium bullets in the back, and then in the head.

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