Simply put, a person who loses face feels that his status is diminished and that he has lost the respect of others. The phrase to "save face" has been around a long time. I acknowledged the aphorism "beauty is only skin deep" was probably true but hard to accept. This kind of face is supported when a spouse recognizes their partner’s need for downtime. This has multiple implications for conflict resolution. * Sequential requests Guest articles | * Willpower, * Behaviors Example | Discussion | See also. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone. My initial diagnosis was Wegener's Granulomatosis!! – Guest Articles – Webmasters, | Of course, individuals within a group may have different outlooks, but here are ten survival tips for doing business in a high-context culture. There are more complex and involved plastic surgery options available for both women and men.

Try to see the bigger picture when reading a report or written document that’s been presented to you by a team member. * Motivation

The definition of face saving is something done to try to lessen embarrassment or to make one's self look better in a situation where a person is embarrassed or made to look bad. The actors, left with little choice but to act their socks off to save face, sporadically energise the plodding script but there are many dull stretches. Not revealing to others information you have about the person that would cause other

This notion that any kind of social embarrassment should be avoided stems from the need to maintain social harmony.

We're accorded our own share of dignity and self-respect by our persistent refusal to give in, give up, or go away.

First, people who have lost face may experience numerous emotions including shame, guilt or embarrassment.

Les exemples vous aident à traduire le mot ou l’expression cherchés dans des contextes variés.

2. The remedy can consist of an account or explanation of the offensive behavior or hurtful statements or conduct.

I wasn't applying for a bank loan and therefore full disclosure wasn't required. Saving face with cultural intelligence is more than the Western concept of simply protecting one’s personal integrity; it’s more about preserving the honor of the group, whether that be a family, a clan, a company or even the country.

right tools. More often, we accidentally cause another person to lose face due to misunderstanding, lack of information, or because we're startled or shocked.

It didn't seem significant to me then.


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Doctors and nutritionists advise us what to avoid in our diets. However, if such comments are continually ignored they can create a bigger conflict.

When vulnerable or psychologically fragile most of us aren't terribly clever at devising strategies to keep our dignity and identity.

Résultats: 60. “Face” refers to one’s image of self. All Rights Reserved. Disciplines |

* Questioning

At a conference, I met a younger woman with Lupus taking a high dose of prednisone. It took me year to learn to pronounce it! 4. Top |

We're in a frenzied, if not desperate, search for the perfect face, at almost any cost or risk. * Language

You can apply the same technique, even for something as simple as replying to a social invitation. I'm 62 and on it since 12. A loving relationship can be an oasis in uncertain times, but nurturing it requires attention, honesty, openness, vulnerability, and gratitude. On the climate issue, the G8 was content with saving face without facing up to what is actually at stake for the environment in the coming decades.

Sign up to Country Navigator today and gain access to the following features: © 2019 Country Navigator / UK: +44 207 917 2784 | Email, Send us your details using the form below and one of our team will get back to you, 10 ways of saving face with cultural intelligence. Other doctors, perhaps fearing patient non-compliance, might withhold some information. I detested my moon face, undoubtedly as much as the young women I meet today. * Change techniques

Autonomous Face is the desire for privacy, independence and recognition.

I began to locate the rest of me—to reclaim the part that wasn't visible. In a jam like this, it's certainly OK to help your girl save face. * Conversion

Be polite and calm instead.

Formal expressions of appreciation of the relationship (banquets, speeches, sending senior representatives to the negotiating table) are all part of face-building for both parties.

For instance, you may spend the day picking out a thoughtful gift for a friend and meticulously wrap it, only to have them put it aside like it's no big deal. However, when we most need our protective internal guardrails they're not always securely bolted to our psyches.

Our communication can also attack someone's identiy or threaten their face (face threatening behavior). Every scar has a story, every wrinkle, every deviation from how we once looked or how society tells us we should look; they all tell stories unique to our lives.

* Workplace design, * Assertiveness Learn more. We want to believe others will grant us refuge from humiliation, but it doesn't always play out that way in human interactions.

Suffice it to say, there are many side effects.

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Special menu options or nutrition advice is not my specialty or expertise.

* Propaganda

Corrective Facework refers to strategies and statements designed to repair the effect of face-threatening messages. Supportive Facework consists of strategies that are consistent with the concept “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” People want to look good, be respected, feel secure and important. Settings |, Techniques

To be able to correct an action that could have caused embarrassment. There are monitored sites with useful data and suggestions.

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