Falk continued to script Phantom (and Mandrake) until his death on March 13, 1999. It was developed by 7th Sense and produced by Microids, and it was described as a free-roaming jungle adventure. Some of the stories have been adapted from comic magazine stories originally published in Fantomen, but most have been new original stories. Phantom Comic Strip Archives Old Phantom Strips from 2004 - 2020. [102], "Fantomenland" ("Phantom Land") was a part of the Swedish zoo Parken Zoo, Eskilstuna, where audiences could visit the Skull Cave, and several other places from the comic, like the Whispering Grove and the headquarters of the Jungle Patrol. ". He also carefully studied the comic panels to get a good understanding of the character's attitude and body language. [80] The costume worn by Irfan Atasoy bears little resemblance to the one seen in the comic strip, but the uniforms worn by Ismet Erten and in Kızıl Maske'nin Intikamı (Revenge of the Red Mask), released in 1971, stayed close to the original outfit.[81]. If Phantom’s celluloid outings have been rare, his comic book life has been long and fruitful, starting in 1938, when the David McKay Company began reprinting his newspaper strip in Ace Comics, King Comics, and Feature Books. 121, published May 2005 by Gemstone Publishing, The Phantom: Comic Strip Crusader (1996 A&E Biography), Richard Rae, ‘The Comic Book Industry in Australia’, in Toby Burrows and Grant Stone (eds. He also has a trained falcon named Fraka. But it is not only the son who becomes the Phantom. Though Superman wears an iconic costume, he was not the first heroic character to do so. Cult-icon Bruce Campbell was another choice for the role,[67] but Zane, already a huge fan of the comic strip since being introduced to Australian Frew comics on the set of Dead Calm, ended up getting the part after actively lobbying for it for years. The first Phantom married Christina, the daughter of a Scandinavian sea captain, Eric the Rover. [43] Although Frew's comic book primarily contains reprints from the newspaper strips, Fantomen (translated into English) and other Phantom comic books, it has occasionally included original stories drawn by Australian artists such as Keith Chatto. The Man Who Cannot Die Avatar The Last Airbender Legacy of The Fire Nation (2020), Avatar The Last Airbender: The Shadow of Kyoshi, Asterix and the Chieftian’s Daughter (2019).

He also tries to solve the mystery of the death of his father, the 23rd Phantom. The jungle hero has been a national institution in Sweden since World War II, and Stockholm even has its own Phantom theme park. What was later on known as the Skull Cave became his home. In the United States and Australia, The Phantom was released in theaters as a major motion picture starring Billy Zane as “The Phantom/Kit Walker,” the 21st Phantom. ", "The Phantom can be at many places at once. [41] In 2018, the Norwegian branch of Egmont issued a statement that the Norwegian Fantomet edition would get cancelled at the end of 2018,[42] thus leaving the Swedish edition as the only remaining edition in Scandinavia. [58], Also in 1939, the Phantom appeared in Turkey as "Kizilmaske", which translates to "Red Mask" in Turkish, by publishers Tay Yayinlari. The mini-series, simply called The Phantom, was produced by Muse Entertainment and RHI Entertainment. The credit of the series goes to multiple directors and story writers. Christopher Jr. became a shipboy on his father's ship in 1526, of which Christopher senior was Captain. A Sunday Phantom strip was added May 28 1939. [11], In the A&E American cable TV documentary The Phantom: Comic Strip Crusader,[12] Falk explained that Greek busts inspired him to omit the Phantom's pupils when the character was wearing his mask. [82] Devil, Hero, and the Jungle Patrol all appear throughout the course of the story. [34] Because of a betrayal leading to the death of the 14th Phantom, the identity of the commander has been kept hidden from members of the patrol ever since. Marvel later released a four-part miniseries (May–August 1995), pencilled by Spider-Man co-creator Steve Ditko, based on the Phantom 2040 TV series. Falk, in another interview mentioned that the skin-tight costume was inspired by the popular Robin Hood, who wore such a costume in the movie and stage adaptations. Shepherd also embarked on an ambitious project to reprint the entire backlist of Lee Falk stories in their original formats: Frew's reprints had often been heavily edited to fit its 32-page format. In 1996, the A&E Network created a documentary about the history of the Phantom for television, called The Phantom: Comic Strip Crusader. The character has been adapted for television, film and video games. Christopher later carved it out to make it look even more like a skull. Christopher Walker It starred Billy Zane in the title role, Kristy Swanson as Diana Palmer, and Catherine Zeta-Jones as Sala, an aviatrix. It features a story where the Phantom teams up with Green Hornet, written by Harlan Ellison, and has a foreword written by Diane Falk.[59]. Ryan succeeded Nolan as artist on the Sunday strip in 2007. Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed. [76], It was announced in 2014 that Mark Gordon and his production company were developing a new film with Management 360, Drew Simon was executive producing, and they were currently looking for a new writer on the script. any Comic Vine content. Tony DePaul and Claes Reimerthi alternated as writers of the daily and Sunday newspaper strips, respectively. HOME > THE PHANTOM > WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 21, 2020.

Barry's longtime assistant George Olesen remained on the strip as penciller, with Keith Williams joining as inker for the daily strip. The Phantom is feared by criminals over the entire world, and he knows how to use his frightening image against them. When a new Phantom takes the task from his dying father, he swears the Oath of the Skull: "I swear to d… The Phantom is a sharp shooter; he never misses a mark! The 21st Phantom eventually found him and reclaimed the belt at the island of Gullique, but before he could avenge his father and bring the killer to jail, the desperate Rama blew up his lair, killing himself and his henchmen in the process.[36].

[28] His father, also named Christopher Walker, had been a seaman since he was a young boy, and was the cabin boy on Christopher Columbus' ship, the Santa María, when he sailed to the Americas.

When he died, his son took over for him, and when the 2nd Phantom died, his son took over. The Phantom was a frequently appearing character in the Finnish comic strip Fingerpori by Pertti Jarla. The story of the Phantom started with a young sailor named Christopher Walker (sometimes called Christopher Standish in certain versions of the story[27]). After the success of Mandrake the Magician, King Features Syndicate asked Falk to develop a new feature. McKay printed Phantom strips throughout the 1940s, and then Harvey Comics took over the reins in the 1950s. Phantom 2040 was introduced as part if the 1994 television series was the 24th Phantom, the grandson of Kit.

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