Films like Casino Royale and Captain America: The Winter Solider had some stunning parkour action sequences, and the big-screen adaptation of Assassin's Creed (known for its addictive parkour gameplay system) had Michael Fassbender leaping and vaulting around ancient Andalusia like a pro. The review and ratings about the movie are low but I still watch it and I find it a good move. As noted by IMDb, the parkour stunts were performed by talented American parkour practitioner Levi Meeuwenberg.

"When we first met, we sort of looked each other up and sized each other up," Belle told We Got This Covered. This movie is the sequel to District 13 but in this, the heroes have to settle the differences between the gangsters otherwise local secret agencies would put their hands in the situation and it won’t do any good to both parties. This film has a perfect shot and absolutely on-point editing. Still, there's no denying that the parkour on display is outstanding. See, 90 percent of the wealth belongs to the rich, but they're routinely targeted by a mysterious Robin Hood-type character. David Belle wasn't involved, but Silverstein had Ryan Doyle to rely on. This movie is the sequel to Sherlock Holmes (2009). I did extensive training in L.A. with the best people in parkour, but there were some pretty insane stunts, and I think they just about let me do everything." "The film will be a new experience for me, and I look forward to working with him.". Chiefly, in the movie, it is told how we can survive. In terms of locations and scenes, the movie satisfies the users with spectacular views of Londan, Prague and also the amazing high-speed mountain chase.

When the police planted the heroin in his kitchen and arrested him he showed a very brave and fearless character. Petty crook Mike (Adrian Pasdar) and his son, Daniel (Moseley), travel from city to city hitting jewelry stores and pawn shops.

If you love inventive parkour and crazy stunts, absolutely. Although Tracers garnered mixed reviews from the critics (it currently has a 28% “rotten” ranking on RottenTomatoes), it features several impressive parkour action sequences, including a chase scene through a mall that can be seen in the clip above.

Coming only two years after the cult hit District B13, Casino Royale introduced even more movie fans to the visual spectacle of parkour with an amazing sequence featuring Sébastien Foucan, one of the early developers of the discipline. It follows the titular traceurs as they attempt to raise money for a sick boy who needs a new heart. The six-minute sequence goes from impressive to off the charts as the out-of-towner jumps clean over moving cars, performs front flips through narrow panes of glass, and cannonballs through a ring of barbed wire that no man his size has any right fitting through.

Cal Lynch travels back in time to 15th-century Spain through a revolutionary technology that unlocks the genetic memories contained in his DNA. "I think it's fair to say I did everything," Lautner said when Entertainment Weekly asked if he'd done his own stunts.

The film is all about action, thrill, excitement, enjoyment, brilliant stunts, and great choreography. In previous Jason Bourne Trilogy and other parkour action movies, you can expect more twisting story, more adventure and better chase scenes. And when this activity is committed to film, the result can elevate even a so-so action movie into a riveting visual spectacle. Like District B13 — the original French action movie that it is based on — Brick Mansions features amazing parkour stunts. Belle saw the natural method simply as a way to train, but some of his friends had other ideas. Both men pull off multiple physically impressive feats during the 106-minute runtime, and it's action movie perfection. It means that most of the stunts you are going to see will be real and performed without and computer effects. Cookies help us deliver our Services. So, you must watch that first for better understanding. Zoe Saldana shot to prominence in 2009 with roles in Star Trek and Avatar, though her parkour infused follow-up failed to make the same impact. Set in the late 1940s, Shimako Sato's unforgettable film unfolds in a city called Teito, Japan's capital in this semi-fictional universe. If Bruce Willis has more action in the movie than the ratings may go higher. While there are countless action movies that feature car chases, gun battles, and over-the-top explosions, some of the most exciting sequences found in many action movies today feature a discipline that doesn’t require any special effects. In writer-director Scott Mann's universe, a society of rich folks gather the best assassins in the world for a big shoot-out every seven years. It has framed freerunners as thugs which they are absolutely not. We are, of course, talking about the acrobatic running discipline known as parkour. Some Colombians complained that the movie portrayed them in a negative light, but it's always had supporters, and rumors of a potential sequel have been sprouting up in recent years.
"I was really honored," Amandla Stenberg (who played the young version of Saldana's Cataleya) the Los Angeles Times. The addition of Parkour (aka Freerunning) makes the films thrilling and full of action. However, fans of Paul Walker may still want to check out the popular Fast and Furious film franchise star in one of his last roles, and any holes in the movie’s plot are more than made up for by some truly amazing parkour stunt work. This movie shows another agent trying to understand reality and get freewill, who was the result of experimental abuse and now he is on run to save his life as the program is closed. It also increased the sales of the best parkour shoes and other parkour gear. This movie has a lot of differences from other James Bond movies with little to silly gadgets or n*de scenes. However, despite its lackluster reviews and accusations of whitewashing when Jake Gyllenhaal was cast as a Persian character, the movie features some impressive parkour action. Parkour is a fascinating extreme sport, and it is entertaining to watch it on big screens. Helmed by Pierre Morel (who would go on to direct Liam Neeson in 2008's Taken), the film was well-received in France and the US. I feel irritated when a group behaves Curley and thinks they are fresh in the movie, and also, the role of the hero is completely jerked. Because in the right pair of hands, a new Colombiana film could be something special.

The fight scenes are gritty and impeccably choreographed, but watching Jaa run away from fights is just as entertaining. However, there's mass unrest when two police officers turn up dead in the district, but Leito and Damien soon discover that it's a frame job — the cops were killed by corrupt government agents who plan to blow up the five tower blocks at the center of the district and replace them with luxury apartments. MI6 agent 007 has the limits of his athleticism tested when he is forced to chase an impossibly agile villain in this 2006 reboot of the James Bond film franchise starring Daniel Craig. From forgotten films led by Marvel and former Twilight stars to insane, stunt-packed foreign pictures that are well worth seeking out, these are the best parkour action movies you've never seen. Maybe they do these things to give a new look to Paris ghettos. Meeuwenberg’s impressive parkour abilities can be seen in The Bourne Legacy clip above. Run was a labor of love for writer-director Simone Bartesaghi, who decided to quit his managing job and begin working on a movie about parkour after becoming enamored with it. Mainly the main actors are a great sportsman and practice parkour. Taylor Lautner was a big name in Hollywood when his New York-set parkour action flick Tracers started shooting in 2013. Aided by his trusted sidekick, Microchip (Wayne Knight), he almost kills Billy Russoti (Dominic West) and leaves him horribly disfigured. You will find hero and heroin performing better than the story or script itself.

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