It could be the fuzzy warmness of nostalgia, but it could be something a little more... real.

Watching cartoons on Saturday morning initiates nostalgia for the years when my sisters and I … Ultimately, you need games to play and the following best-selling video games capture fun and addictive gameplay, nostalgia and the test of time. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. wallow in nostalgia for a lost golden age. But hopping is still viewed with nostalgia by those who spent their childhood pulling bines in the fresh air.

The simplicity and tenderness speciallycharacteristic of du Bellay appear in the sonnets telling of his unlucky passion for Faustine, and of his nostalgia for the banks of the Loire. In fact, several of these classics have been re-made, re-imagined, and updated for a fresh take on nostalgia's gems. Use them to add a touch of nostalgia, while blending tradition with new trends in home décor. Made in the traditional patchwork style, Disney quilts evoke a bit of nostalgia. The Internet offers hundreds of chat rooms, community forums and specialized websites dedicated to sharing this nostalgia with like-minded people, which adds an unexpected bonus of sheer fun.

From this mood of gentle nostalgia there arose a great voluntary movement, the railroad preservationists. However, if you want your tree to number among the celebrated Christmas trees that have been featured in magazines and on tree tours, then you'll have to let go of the nostalgia and focus on making a statement. It's not one of the new Indiana Jones video games and it's not one of the best either, but this title can be great for nostalgia's sake. For many, the simpler times evoke a magical feeling of love and nostalgia.

Retro: Nostalgic candies evoke the innocence of childhood and the sweetness of youth, and choosing a range of retro candies for your buffet is a fun way to bring that nostalgia to all your guests. If mom can create a relaxing, fun shopping adventure, her daughter will look back on this time with nostalgia years in the future. 190 87 The senior citizens shared stories of the events that made them the most nostalgic and filled with longing … Perhaps some felt nostalgia for the warm home they left.

2. Apparently, the wood grain only sells to dads with a nostalgia for Woody cars. 144+6 sentence examples: 1. Overall, the story, the effects and the nostalgia, though, have been raved about on the radio, in the paper and at the water cooler. Some people feel nostalgia for their schooldays. Verlaine, however, seemed unaffected by such Big Apple nostalgia.

Nostalgia for past ages of faith is a recurrent phenomenon in times of crisis. Examples from Classical Literature The feeling was not nostalgia, for that far country was no home for him now. They may not have the budget or time for a more distant getaway, or they may prefer the simplicity and nostalgia of starting their marriage where they started their relationship. Holiday dresses are special and designed to enhance the seasonal nostalgia, so choosing the perfect dress can make such occasions all the more memorable.

Photos of my favorite childhood actors bring on pure nostalgia.

You can make this nostalgia journey with a quick click to Oscar Legacy.

These are one of the most popular video game desktops among gamers, because Nintendo has been around for so long and sparks a lot of nostalgia in many people. Rampage: Total Destruction: Let the nostalgia come pouring through with this updated version of the classic coin-op title. Many nostalgia buffs were present at this year's event. Whether you're trying to catch up on your favorite shows or engage in a little nostalgia, you can do it online. There is a renewed interest and perhaps a sentiment close to nostalgia relating to primitive cultures that have long been forgotten by the majority of society.

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