Tangos heal you for 7 HP/sec, and heal your Tethered teammate for 10.5 HP/sec. If you are damaged and can heal at the full rate HoT allows, you will be healing a Tether target for upwards of 700 HP/sec. Town Portal Scroll

More simply, it can be used to remove enemies from a teamfight for 2.5 seconds, set up ganks onto enemies, or stop an enemy from chasing you.

By intentionally cancelling your Tether over a collection of trees, Io can maneuver himself to cut down trees faster than some Timbersaws. (1) Overcharge to increase your damage output Wanna skip reading this section? Tome of Knowledge is really important for Io because his talents are both powerful and cumulative. By Tethering to an ally and gaining the full 275 HP for yourself, Io can provide 1 hero with 275+(275*1.5)= 687.5 HP through Tether. Cyclone provides a Basic Dispel effect on yourself, much like activating Guardian Greaves would, but it can also be cast offensively on an enemy player.

This is relatively straightforward - 6% of 2000 is more then 6% of 100. Your baseline varies according to your HP regen. This means you are more likely to have Guardians on cooldown when you need them most. Spirits can provide vision to Io in multiple ways. Something about the way Hook works with heroes and positioning means that Io will not be Returned. is designed to maximize the strength of your carry player using the Lv15 Tether/Aghanim's Talent.

Rather than fighting with your team and Relocating to safety (only to Return back to the fight, which could be very dangerous) some professional Io players will opt to use a Teleport Scroll back to base, and then Relocate BACK to the fight.

Veil of Discord is also 250 gold cheaper in 7.20 compared to previous patches. After the 4 seconds, he is hit with a spell that deals 270 damage, and dies. I personally pick +75 Spirits Damage >95% of the time. Lv 10 --> +45 Damage or +20% XP The damage block DOES quadruple in strength like Spirits damage (5-10-15-20), but this does not get you kills in the early game and only improves defense.

That being said, below are notes about the most important support items and consumables for Io. Slardar and Bounty Hunter can mark you with their Ultimates, so going invisible will not work. (3) Dive/Killing Runners 2 dead heroes is always worse than 1. It avoids. OTHER OTHER heroes....are bad players, who are currently 1-7-3 in your game and you don't trust them to use their ultimates effectively. This can be used to your advantage to destroy trees where you think enemy heroes will want to stand and harass you or your carry. Overcharge "Baseline" Lv 20 --> +150 Gold/min or "+15 HP Regen" Overcharge also comes into play as a HP-lowering spell, in order to ensure that Io's self-healing items will have maximum effect on the Tethered party.

If Io is slowed by a spell or ability, but his Tether target is not, IO WILL NOT BE SLOWED.

The Lv25 Attack/Tether Talent can be used to rapidly push down towers and barracks in short time frames, while the Lv25 30s Relo Talent allows Io to relentlessly push towers while lowering tower armor for his Tethered Ally. Now that the Lv 10 Talent has been changed, Io must find his much-needed armor boost from items instead. Wards are important for granting vision into the enemy's half of the map. Enchanted Mango is a damage build designed to maximize the Io's speed and the damage output of. The cyclone can also be used to protect Io from incoming ranged attacks, spells, or stuns. It relies on other players being good, which is never guaranteed in Dota 2. Doubling up on these items is an unnecessary waste of gold. First cast Tether on a far away creep or hero, and then immediately activate the TP scroll as Io is "pulling" towards his Tether target. This saves your teammate AND stops the teamfight from becoming lopsided in favor of the enemy.

11 Votes. Healing Salve MAKE SURE to activate Tether before Relocate or else the channeling of the Relo will be interrupted. The new Bloodstone activation takes 60% of your total mana and converts it to HP regen over 2 seconds. If Io has 8.5 HP regen through his other items + Strength, an active Tranquil Boots means that Io heals for [8.5+16=] 24.5 HP/sec and his Tether target heals for [24.5*1.5=] 36.8 HP/sec. ADVANCED

Be careful about Tethering in to help allies. He is able to make it for 3 seconds before Lina ultimates and hits him with Overcharge activated. exact moment that Io Returns, the Teleport will override the Return, and the Io will move to the Teleport location and not the Return location. In order to answer the question of when best to Overcharge, we must compare each of these states (Attack and Defense) against the two types of Tether states, UnTethered (Solo) and Tethered. All done! It operates on the idea that if the Teleport channeling spell completes itself at the

I hope that by reading through this guide (or just the portions you were interested in) that you have gained a deeper understanding of Io strategy, and that I have effectively defended my reasoning behind the decisions I made.

Timing your Tether before an ally's Ultimate will require high levels of communication and precision. Tethering to a dominated creep (where the item sets this creep's movespeed to 425) means Io moves at [425*1.05=] 446 movespeed, which is an incredible gain over his natural speed of 285. If you built the Heart of Tarrasque Support Guide, Guardian Greaves can be a great end-game replacement for Magic Stick, Soul Ring, or any other push-to-activate regeneration item.

This is a minor use of Tether, but one that I don't see performed very often. (8) Relocate and Glimmer Cape - Two Best Friends Through this method, Soul Ring can generate up to 900 MP in under 2 mins [225 * 4 Soul Ring uses] for your Tether buddy.

ADVANCED Tether/Aghs is a very situational talent - one I would suggest getting if you are playing with friends and can coordinate/communicate with them very effectively. I want to receive promotions from our partners. "

Instead, you can Relocate with that hero only several hundred units away - enough to break the disable spell, but not so far that they cannot participate in the teamfight. This can be abused in some ways. This is also a good tactic for pushing towers and rax.

Io DOTA 2 Hero. 1st level is 20 damage per orb. Maxing Overcharge before Tether in combination with your Lv10 +45 Damage talent means Io has a strong mid-game fight impact. This is an incredibly well-rounded item for Io, who at this point has a small mana pool which is greatly increased by Intelligence (+168 MP total), low total armor which is greatly boosted by +6, and who could always use more HP regen to help heal others. There are several common locations for Relocate. The Lv25 Attack/Tether Talent can be used to rapidly push down towers and barracks in short time frames, while the Lv25 30s Relo Talent allows Io to relentless push towers while lowering tower armor for his Tethered Ally. Gauntlets of Strength

Support from Plus members keep Dotabuff running and help enable us to deliver new features for everyone. Even if you are supporting a carry who benefits from the Attack Speed and Damage Reduction bonuses, you are still doing yourself a disservice by not investing in your most powerful spell, Spirits. Practice makes perfect. If Io Tethers to a target that is 700 or more units away (out of potential Tether range of 1800 units) then Io will be "pulled" to that target.

(4) Pushing (aka Rat Dota) Overlap theory was first butchered in 7.14, and then totally destroyed in 7.19 and 7.20. (1) If you are chasing an enemy, EXPAND orbs.

If you Overcharged very close to your baseline, lets say 150 HP, you would only lose a very small fraction per second (<1 HP).

If you walk up to an enemy hero with your Spirits activate, most players will tend to back away from the spinning orbs, or perhaps attack you because they think you are a weak Io. Lotus Orb - 4000 gold While Monkey King is using Tree Dance, any damage from Spirits will provide his location to your team and make him targetable for other spells. REALLY REALLY F*CKING BAD. You are paying the same cost as in Attack * Solo, but you are getting double the net attack speed (once for you, and once for your Tether target). However, if the fight lasts longer than 12 seconds, Io is unable to teleport back to help further (as both Relocate and TP scroll will be on cooldown).

At 20 charges, it's 300 HP/MP for you and 450 HP/MP for your Tether target. This is less of an issue with MP regen, because the act of casting Tether on a target is enough to lower your MP below 100% (paying the 40 MP cost to cast Tether) so that your Tether target is basically guaranteed some level of MP regen. However, the cooldown is an immense 240 seconds, meaning Io can only perform this trick once every 4 minutes at best. And an extra special thank you to everyone who gave me advice or guidance about Io - I couldn't have done it without you. You can support us ad-free for less than $1 a month! For instance, you can Relocate from your base to your carry, Relocate again with the carry to a teamfight, and then Return to base with an injured teammate. If you have 8 HP/sec, your baseline is 133.33 HP, meaning that if you activate Overcharge when your HP is at 133.33, you will not gain nor lose HP.

Consume Mango to secure an early kill by gaining 125 MP and 188 MP for your Tethered Ally.

Combined with a fast initiation, this technique makes Io a f*cking deadly hero. BASICS The earlier you get Lv 10, the earlier your +25% XP talent can start working for you. Solar Crest is a great item to influence the amount of killing potential Io has alongside his Tether partner, while also providing physical defense for Io. . Tether gives your target a 5-14% speed boost, which increases the speed you are moving by extension.

The total damage figures are presented below: by bencerbaxey updated August 24, 2017.

When Tethered (and Overcharging if required), this heals your Tether target for [30*1.5=] 45 HP/sec.

Deso opens up the amount of building damage you can do within one 12-second Relocate, and regardless of your Lv25 talent choice, this item can help you end games. Even if you are supporting a carry who benefits from the Attack Speed and Damage Reduction bonuses, you are still doing yourself a disservice by not investing in your most powerful spell, Spirits. He is then also hit with a 270 damage spell, but now survives, blocking 20% of the 270 (270*.8 = 216) and taking 216 damage. I disagree on both counts. Tether allows you to heal a teammate by 1.05x your MP and HP regen, up to 1.5x at Lv4. In this section I defend my logic behind my Talent choices. This principle is the same for when you are Tethered to another teammate. Get Plus Get Featured Hero Guides are based on TrueSight data from matches with a verified player or Plus subscriber. When Io Tethers to any target, the Tether lasts for 12 seconds, and has a cooldown of 12 seconds.

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