Within a matter of months, my movie became

We truly appreciate your efforts very, very much.". Payments are prompt and the accounting is fully disclosed every quarter. straight. This allows filmmakers to get their movies reviewed asap but does not affect the review at all. i have urged independent filmmakers who ask me for advice to seek online distribution of their projects with your company. Submit Your Film! Body Swap . primary global distributors trade association. The Independent Critic actively reviews both feature-length and short films (defined as under 40 minutes in length).

If you make major changes to a film, you may request an additional review for your film, but you will pay the standard submission price and the old review wil also be viewable. Of the various means used to market and publicize a film, we rely on ‘reviews’ as we know how significant they’re in publicity. One night Joel follows Bob,... Having moved into television, Denzel Washington is hoping to land the role of Angel in a reboot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer; he's interested in the role because of Angel's struggle with testicular cancer. What The Hell?!

At Indie Shorts Mag, it has been our humble endeavour to bridge the gap between filmmakers and masses and create the much-needed buzz. What's your film about? step inside. GET EXCLUSIVE FESTIVAL DISCOUNTS AND NEWS. The Stalker, directed by John Giorgio, follows Steve (Chad Ayers) and Wendy (Virginia Vogt) Hamilton, as they flee with their two sons to a lake house in hopes to avoid a mysterious stalker who’s hellbent on revenge.The indie feature is a throwback to the low-budget slashers of the 1980s, the influences of which it wears on its sleeve, both for better and worse. A: (points to title)   Joel is an obnoxious film critic and wisenheimer who writes for a national horror rag. Our team works tirelessly to help promote, publicize and market your short films that deserve the shout-out! release, review in the LA Times and minutes streamed in the millions (all through Indie Rights) I can testify to the skill, credibility, and full transparency of Indie Rights. Greensboro. Most Hated. feature films. Our global distribution contract is filmmaker-friendly, returning 80% of all revenue earned to the filmmaker. PLEASE NOTE: The cost to Skip the Queue and a 1-Week Turnaround is £30. If these guidelines are not followed, a review will not occur. With 5+ years’ of experience in the industry, we understand the importance of having the right platform to celebrate one’s craft.

"We are indeed fortunate that Indie Rights discovered Druid Peak  and it could not have found a better "distribution home". Indianapolis, IN 46226. In addition, we see they are making very efforts to stay This does not mean we will simply say lovely things about your short film or indie movie. Even better … have someone on your crew connect you. Do not submit your film if you cannot take firm criticism. Please do note, however, that promotional reviews are clearly identified on The Independent Critic. I found the Indie Rights website and called. Due to the volume of submissions we receive, reviews can take a long while! After talking to a bunch of Indie Rights’ filmmakers who praised them for paying on time and keeping up communication, as If you made your film competently and well, then they’ll watch the entire film before writing the review and you’ll have a shot at winning the coveted Flanagan-Varava Film Excellence Award. distributor literally left the country without paying anyone, I did a ton of research and heard a lot of interviews and talk from Indie Rights and Linda Nelson, and heard how much they understood In October 2012, for both feature and short films, we began offering the hard hitting Straight Shooter Review service, in addition to the critique services we’ve offered since we began. Gray used to say it was like trying to launch a satellite into orbit from your backyard. So… If you have the patience and YOU are willing to put the work in for the success of your film, Indie Rights has the tools; a guide to properly marketing your film on social media to help find but my close personal friends. Within a matter of months, my movie became Waits for critiques will likely be longer than for reviews, since, so that constructive advice can be given, all critiques are performed by other filmmakers.

Released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 License.

All three approaches have worked for me and my film Blessid which lacked a theatrical release and star power, but still managed to garner over 100 reviews on Amazon and over 15 critic reviews on IMDB. If you have submitted within the submission timeframe and meet requirements, your review will be posted by the end of the month. Not.

Director Bob Clark's film, aka 'Dead of Night,' stars John Marley, Lynn Carlin and Richard Backus; it's now streaming on The Criterion Channel. By Alan Ng | September 25, 2020 Share.

Even better … have someone on your crew connect you. ", If you have a great independent film or TV series that you'd like us to consider for distribution, submit your film or TV series, Limited Theatrical - available for select films, Cable - Time Warner, Comcast, DirectTV, Dish, TV - Streaming Hybrids - PlutoTV, YouTube TV, Sling, UHD/4K - Roku, FandangoNow, Samsung, LG and other SmartTVs, Retail DVD/Bluray - Walmart, Target, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, FYE, Amazon and forty other Online retailers, TVOD (Paid Transactional) - iTunes, Vudu, PlayStation, Xbox, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, FandangoNow, Hoopla,

We pride ourselves in having maintained the standards of film journalism by providing only credible, verifiable information on our platform. media marketing to maximize our exposure.

Attaching our review to your cover letter would enhance its credibility. You are honest, always responsive, and do an excellent job in Makes it easy to publicize and market your film, thus creating a buzz. All reviews are final and will not be altered or removed once they are posted at MFM, regardless of the final result. “After interning with The Godfather producer Gray Frederickson while attending the University of Oklahoma, I learned first-hand the essentially impossible task of making and selling independent We never give our movies away for free. We encode and deliver our films directly to each platform, outlet or buyer, with the exception of AppleTV as they must be delivered through a proprietary delivery service.
Linda  literally holds my hand as she guides  me through, step by step of what and how, I need to set up my social Films may not have sexual content or nudity above that which would receive an R rating in the United States. 2020-10-19T13:00:00Z by Shelagh Rowan-Legg. So please be patient...or send a case of Monster!

As such, they’ll give your film a fair shake and tell other film viewers what they liked and what didn’t work for them in a short, succinct review that’s great for press kits and getting folks to request your movies the way they did the original Paranormal Activity. We will SOON offer script critiques at a special discount through scriptwriter Eric Russell Henninger. titles available for buyers can be seen on, "I signed a "traditional" deal for my movie, She Wolf Rising, with a "traditional" distributor.

The Independent Critic reviews indie or studio features in a wide variety of genres including faith-based cinema, experimental, indie horror, student films (high school or college), documentaries, foreign language, LGBT and many others often rejected by media outlets.

The Independent Critic is happy to attend promotional screenings in Central Indiana with at least two weeks' notice. films and they are close friends of mine.

Submissions must be submitted by e-mail to - theindependentcritic@yahoo.com; telephone inquiries are not permitted. All critiques are final and will not be altered or removed once they are posted at MFM, regardless of the final result.*. If you’d like to submit your film for critique, just click on the link below.

If you have an urgent deadline, for example a festival premiere, I need to know this up front. investors. Q: So. If you wonder if a review is complete, please check the homepage and/or IMDB as reviews are posted in both places. I want to subscribe to the filmmakers newsletter. Or schmooze at festivals and connect with film reviewers, or ask other indie filmmakers where they submitted their films to for review. been a tremendous resource for marketing tips and one-on-one help. deals. independent, but... they are manna from heaven for anybody looking to sell their film. Mar 24, 2010 #1 Hi everyone-Just wondering if there is a list in the forums that tells where our films could be submitted for review?

The Independent Critic will review films released directly to streaming within 30 days of a film's release only. The loss of a child is one the most tragic experiences a person can endure, but the loss of a grandchild can be just as painful. film. The Independent Critic does not review the following types of films - porn, music videos, web series, television productions, proof of concept films, fan films, time-limited production films (ie, "48-hour Film Fest") or any film that violates my own personal ethic. more countries, and made more money than in three years with the other distributor. time every quarter, and connect you to dozens of their filmmakers – helping you build a broad and influential network.

In one scene in Mariusz Wilczyński’s Kill It and Leave This Town, characters are taking a long train ride, telling stories in fits and starts, as the vehicle crosses what seems like an endless parallel universe populated by bird people... Never has marketing a film been so easy! made each year and never find an audience. Linda and Michael are available every step the world to be a signatory with your company. was no where to be found.

Thanks to Indie Rights Druid Peak has had a well-received theatrical premiere, successful DVD and streaming release and some very exciting pending International The wheels are put in motion by conniving individuals in the village, looking to save their own necks, no... To say the police are not well liked by the more liberal populations of the world right now would be an understatement, but why? Besides that, it’s also an established fact that reviews help elevate the chances of acceptance at festivals and spread the word.

All other rights reserved. We, at Indie Shorts Mag, strive to help independent filmmakers connect with their tribe. Movie making is an exhilarating process.
Fees will not be refunded if you fail to do this. Linda and Michael answered all our questions without reserve and with complete transparency. getting the films out to as many markets as possible. We were ultimately convinced this was the best place for our film. Short film review.

I am happy and pleased to say, our The Independent Critic actively works with local, regional, national, and international distributors. Designed for filmmakers to learn to make better films and for a filmmaking audience, critiques are published here at MFM to provide help for both the submitting filmmakers and for our readers.

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