In an old woman's voice, Spencer calls out to the delivery man from behind the door, "Do you see a devious teenage girl out there?". He says he isn't, but when Sam isn't looking, he puts chapstick on his lips while driving. After Sam has skipped school for the third day straight, Carly asks Spencer (who is bizarrely trying to fit into Carly's jeans) if he's heard anything from Sam. But she is also a beautiful and kind person who cares deeply for her friends. ", Spencer starts off his anecdote about the time he sighted the, Much to Carly and Sam's chagrin, Spencer crashes the iCarly interview with. Although apparently intended as a sarcastic remark, it's possible Spencer is unconsciously sincere in congratulating Carly on being unable to alter Sam's tomboyish demeanor. Une série qui n'est pas exceptionnelle mais qui a le mérite de proposer un concept qui pour ma part m'a séduit. Seizing his arm, Sam shoulder flips Spencer onto the floor, leans over him, and starts beating him with a large soup ladle. Rated T. Artistic Endeavors by EverSmilingMaze - Spam friendship. Sam is able to correctly guess Spencer's password to his remote to unlock Pay Per View channels. Despite the major irritation of getting stuck in the cargo elevator half-way between the first and second floors of the apartment, Spencer peeks under the elevator door and smiles a "hello" at Sam with alacrity. Post iKiss. Spencer watches closely as Carly frisks Sam for back-up blowtubes before the girls rejoin Freddie outside to shoot an iCarly segment. Sam roleplays as the video store clerk grilling Spencer about the, Sam spends a lot of time teaching Spencer how to lie so Spencer doesn't get in trouble at the. Qui sommes-nous | Despite being Carly's brother and, thus, naturally inclined to take her side on an issue, Spen. Spencer glances over at Sam while bragging about the large amount of money he has in his account as if he is trying to impress her and then seems embarrassed when he realizes his mistake. Lire ses 1 221 critiques, Suivre son activité When Spencer waves the insurance check for $82,000 in Sam and Freddie's faces, only Sam touches Spencer's hand when he shows the check to her. showing her jealousy and irritation at Jodi for showing interest in Spencer. Interestingly, Spencer doesn't get the least bit angry with Sam for getting his sister into trouble and, ultimately, causing her so much stress. Give it away to who? At the end of the episode Spencer cries when Sam and Freddie kiss and make up. La mise en scène est très bien menée. When Spencer and Sasha look like they're about to kiss, Sam asks, "Do you want to make out or play some Pak-Rat?" Just as Sam and Carly are on the point of signing off their "Halloween-y" episode of iCarly, Spencer walks through the door of his apartment, soiled in pumpkin pulp. Carly Shay est une adolescente normale qui vit avec son frère Spencer, jusqu'au jour où un de ses professeur lui demande de prendre en charge le concours de talent de l'école, ce qui va avoir des conséquences inattendues. Sam says that her and Spencer are "good" friends. Sam looks Spencer up and down several times and smiles during the whole conversation about him pretending to be a lawyer to please his father. iCarly est une série TV de Dan Schneider avec Miranda Cosgrove (Carly Shay), Jennette McCurdy (Sam Puckett). ", During the "Happy Baby, Sad Baby" segment on the iCarly webcast, Sam speaks in a cutesy voice to. Spencer high-fives both Carly and Sam after the webcast concludes. Sam appears to be pointing her finger at Spencer after she slaps his hand as if to say, "You're the man!" During the iCarly webcast from Troubled Waters mental hospital, Freddie decides to tell Sam how he feels about her. 35 abonnés L'humour est parfaitement bien dosée. They sometimes seem to have more patience for each other than they do for most other characters - especially Sam for Spencer. Sam tries to catch Spencer's attention by holding up the prototypical "Uncle Female" shirt and telling him that she, Carly, and Freddie plan to set up a penny tee business, but Spencer's too distracted with his new DVD and his thoughts about Kristacia to pay the iCarlies any mind. When she finally disabuses Spencer of her lies, Spencer admits he was totally taken in and applauds her "fantastic" playacting abilities. As Sam walks by Spencer to get to the kitchen, she pushes him playfully in the stomach while he rambles about World of Warlords. Sam asks Spencer what's in his leaves, meaning she was looking down there. After Sam kisses Freddie, she looks back at Spencer and he stares back at her, frowning. Spam Love-Tumblr for the relationship of Sam and Spencer. Spencer gives up his date with the girl in favor of going to a dance with Carly. Sam is the first iCarly to agree that TV show host, Clearly irritated with Spencer for having a date with a social worker, Sam abuses the woman as "desperate" and willing to wait for Spencer at. Spencer and Sam both walk next to each other when heading back to the apartment, While, Carly just tags along behind. Sam puts her hand on Spencer's back as she and Carly escort him out of the iCarly studio. Although Carly tells Sam to put the nunchuks away, Sam reiterates her offer to whack Spencer a few moments later, as if it would give her much pleasure to cause him pain. When Sam comes over to the Shay apartment after Carly receives a D- on her Green Week project for, To help Carly with her school project, Spencer invites an MIT student he bummed a stain stick from in the Bushwell Plaza laundry room to meet with Carly. Did you order one?" After Jodi comments on Spencer's pecs and Spencer says, "What?" Both he and Sam thought it was equally funny when she jack-slapped a man in front of his kids while ice skating and were consequently banned from the Frozen Oval in iMO. Given that Sam and Jonah are currently dating, Spencer's comment about having his heart ripped out by Jonah may have a Spam subtext. Spencer helps Sam into her chair during Carly's birthday breakfast. Sam can be seen sitting on the Shays' couch, grinning up at Spencer as he closely q, Spencer assures the iCarly trio that they will like the iCarly award he built for them so much that it will knock them "right out of [their] pants.". iCarly Et aussi. After the iCarly gang sing their comic birthday song for Col. Shay, Sam touches Spencer's arm and reminds him to light the candles on the plane-shaped cake. Spencer gets annoyed when both Sam and Carly son't show a lot of interset in his snow-woman. The equally "mature" Spencer rides the little "Precious Pearls" bike he won for, Spencer volunteers to fill in as Bushwell Plaza doorman for. de plus leurs site existe vraiment iOY is one of many episodes demonstrating the manic, goofball nature of much of both Sam and Spencer's everyday behavior. One would think it would be obvious where Sam is going (home), but perhaps Spencer's question really indicates that he's sorry she's heading out. They can both be a bit eccentric. When Carly tells Spencer to turn up the temperature in the apartment to ninety degrees to keep the missing. Both Sam and Spencer protest when Carly puts the Assassin game on hold and confiscates Spencer's blowtube and Sam's four blowtubes. After finishing the 3D iCarly webisode, Sam bounds down the stairs of the Shay apartment and drums Spencer's shoulders playfully while he's sitting on the couch. Fully expecting Carly to ace the history report she worked so diligently on, Spencer creates a giant sculpture to celebrate his sister earning straight A's for the semester. Revue de presse | for scoring a date with the beautiful Charlotte. The gift Carly and Spencer's dad sent to Spencer is a two foot-long Italian meat stick (though. defensively. To quiet Sam, Carly, and Freddie so their chattering won't continually break his concentration as he tries to open the safe, Spencer recommends that Mrs. Benson rent her guest room to T-Bo. Holding the chainsaw at hip level, Spencer yells rather suggestively, "GET SOME!" After hearing this, Spencer soberly informs them that they "leave [for Hollywood] at midnight.". When Jackson Colt pushes Spencer into the table, Sam looks to be extremely distressed, but when Colt did it before to his manager, Sam was excited. Je suis tombé par hasard sur un épisode ce soir,je l'ai regardé jusqu'au bout et j'ai aussitôt foncé sur allociné pour écrire cette critique ! Sam also appears to suppress a guilty smile on her face after she knocks Spencer in such a vulnerable (and suggestive) spot. Spam is the romantic/friendship pairing of Spencer Shay and Sam Puckett (Sp/encer and S/am). Overhearing Sam, Carly, and Freddie groaning because they have twenty-eight more dancing videos to evaluate that night, Spencer bounds into the living room, wondering what they're all grumbling about. Après Jimmy Fallon, c'est l'actrice en vue du moment,... ICarly est un véritable divertissement télé. Also, Spencer's resentment towards Freddie (which seems to have surfaced when he started dating Sam) could also be a result of his relationship/break-up with Sam. Sam smiles when Spencer uses her word.

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