I started operating an email system where I have never more emails in my inbox than fit on one screen – everything else gets filed away, sorted or deleted. So I felt the need to adjust for that…. What are your experiences with creating a clean slate? You can then apply the Clean Slate method in order to heal the rift in your relationship. When you wipe the slate clean and start over, you don’t keep judging each other based on past mistakes and past hurts. Shoes.

Or your garden.

I must say, I like being al passo. Acknowledge how the other person feels. Make up.

But I got older, and things in my life and around me have moved on, too. Don’t apply too much pressure when you go to scrub the slate. What Is Attachment Parenting and Does It Work? My parents were emigrants from Italy to Switzerland – I imagine their journey felt like starting again on a pretty clean slate! Or the encrusted food stains you left on it when you tried to solve your equation over dinner. Or like when we keep telling ourselves all the reasons-why-we-can’t-do-something, or why-we’re-no-good, perpetuating ourselves as powerless victims, or thinking of ourselves as failures. That is one single line of books, across the top of my hall. Small stuff, I know. And whatever else you’ve outgrown, outused or lost interest in. And because I don’t subscribe to the philosophy that every week, month or year we have to have a new version, gadget, toy – or whatever it is – so that companies can sell us more stuff. ). But giving away the books I didn’t need any more wasn’t just about the empty space: It was as if, by giving away certain books, I was also drawing a line under a phase of my life I was ready to move beyond.

Sometimes it’s good to hold on to old stuff. Focus on what you value about each other and your relationship. I’m not great at fixing things when they break. The sense of being able to try again, in a new and different way. I try and sort admin tasks as they arise – or at least make sure I clear my admin tray once a month. So you can move forward, or move on in your life. In one way or another, cleaning your slate is about undoing the knots that keep you stuck, overwhelmed, exhausted, or going ’round in circles. Pots and pans. Scrub the slate with a cloth or mop soaked in the soapy water mix. As in: Clearing one area of your life, such as love, work, finances, home…, Or clearing a single issue you’ve been grappling with, such as your dealings with a difficult colleague, a cluttered house, a poor diet, a manic business…. I now feel lighter and up to date, and I’m also more efficient, finding what I need more easily and quickly. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. No more worrying and no more puzzling.

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