It stars Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallas, Athena Karkanis, J. R. Ramirez, Luna Blaise, Jack Messina, Parveen Kaur, and Matt Long. Michaela stops a teenager named Oscar fleeing a store, and he confesses to stealing a candy bar. Ben and Saanvi share a calling about a young boy named Theo who they learn is 828 passenger Finn Nowak's illegitimate child.

Meanwhile, Olive and TJ research an ancient, As Ben and others try to make sense of the crashed, smoldering airplane calling, he confronts Adrian to discuss his preaching and the negative attention it attracts. Michaela later faces her fear of driving to find Beverly, who has wandered off, and saves her from being hit by a car. Grace tells Michaela, who then discovers with Jared that three people Harvey interacted with are dead from unlikely accidents. Michaela and Zeke get married; Zeke's mutually estranged parents are both present, and Michaela's late mother appears to her in the empty chair that was reserved for her. In 2020, Song starred in the romantic comedy drama Find Yourself alongside Victoria Song.

“ Go Ahead ” is a Chinese drama which tells a story about the girl Li Jianjian who receives two brothers. After getting a "don't lose him" calling, Michaela and Jared respond to a situation Harvey, a flight 828 passenger, jumps off a building after claiming he is the "Angel of Death." There is a gun fight and the missing passengers are freed. It turns out the specialist surgeon who can save both Grace and the baby is the man rescued by Adrian. Jared's cover-up following the incident causes him to be docked 10 days pay thanks to Robert Vance. Working with Ben and Vance, Saanvi identifies The Major as US Army Major General Kathryn Fitz, a specialist in psychological warfare with thirty years in covert ops.

Vance and Ben realize the Major has access to Saanvi's DNA research. [3]​, El 26 de enero del 2020 se unió al elenco principal de la serie Find Yourself donde dio vida a Yuan Song, hasta el final de la serie el 18 de febrero del 2020.

In the present, Bill tells Ben how he has been blamed for what happened to Flight 828 and the event separated him from his family.

While being treated at the hospital, Ben and Grace learn their baby is a girl and assume the calling was about her.

In 2020, Song starred in the romantic comedy drama Find Yourself alongside Victoria Song. Entró al Shaolin Tagou Martial Arts School en la Provincia de Henán.. Es amigo de los actores Fei Qiming y Shen Yue.. A finales del 2017 salió brevemente con la actriz china Lin Yun, sin embargo la relación terminó poco después.. Carrera.

When they land, the passengers and crew learn from NSA director Robert Vance that over five and a half years have passed while they were in the air, during which time they were presumed dead. En el 2015 firmó con la agencia "Huanyu Film (YuZheng Studio)". Daryl Edwards as Robert Vance, the director of the NSA who leads the investigation of the re-emergence of Montego Air Flight 828. They try to calm him and persuade the, Olive is the only witness when Xers vandalize the Church of the Returned and attack a member, and Ben receives a calling to "save her".
Montego Air Flight 828 from Jamaica to New York City experiences a brief period of severe turbulence. When they land they are diverted to. Together, they narrow the search to a private. Michaela, Jared, Vance, Ben, and Fiona find nothing at the warehouse, but Cal arrives and exposes a hidden door.

At the lab, Michaela gets another calling to "let him go", but has to ignore it when Jace reaches for a weapon.

Jared arrests TJ when his fingerprints are found in her dorm room, but Michaela's callings help her reveal a security guard as the real perpetrator. We are born with a vision to become a source of your entertainment needs, sharing opinionated commentaries on dramas, movies, celebrities, pop culture and random musings. Zeke has a calling which helps them locate Cal in the. Production companies involved with the pilot were slated to consist of Compari Entertainment and Warner Bros. Cal has a calling where a man in a blizzard is holding a picture of Michaela as he quotes "find her". Vance tells Ben that he pretends to be dead to better track The Major. The Singularity project staff prepares to work on Marko again, and Cal senses it. Manifest navigated through its first major roadblock by easily moving from the setup to meatier stories. [69], "Find out what happened to Flight 828 when #Manifest returns to @NBC in 2021. Meanwhile, numerous 828 passengers are invited to an event at the club where Isaiah works, with an offer of free champagne. In the present, James is taken to the hospital where Saanvi works after he is pulled from his getaway van. Those in attendance included executive producer Jeff Rake and actors Melissa Roxburgh and Josh Dallas. [4][5] Both dramas gave her more recognition and popularity.

As the ruined nightclub is used for memorials, Ben's latest calling takes him to a zen mediation center. Michaela and Ben confront Griffin moments before he is about to reveal the callings on a TV talk show.

Simon arrives with Erika and orders Zeke to be killed, which is heard by Michaela and others through the bug. ✈️", "Manifest Interview: Ellen Tamaki Talks Drea and Mic's Relationship, If She Can Be Trusted, and the X'ers", "Cameron Britton Joins 'Shrill'; 'Manifest' Casts Will Peltz", "2018-19 TV Season Ratings: CBS Wraps 11th Season At No.

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