Has Tommy decided to take over the reign of Jason, or has someone else?

He grabs Reggie by the leg and begins to climb back up, but Tommy musters up enough strength to grab the killer's discarded machete and partially chops his hand off. The killer injures Tommy with his machete, but Tommy stabs the killer in the thigh with his knife and escapes to the loft with Pam and Reggie, but passes out due to his injuries. It has been several years since the events of Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter and Tommy has been shifted around to different mental institutions after, in self-defense, he killed mass murderer Jason Voorhees, who attacked his sister and murdered his mother five years earlier. For this reason, Matt forbids the group from venturing outside the facility's premises.

Distributor Paramount Pictures Release Date March 22, 1985 Runtime 92 …

However, in recent years, some fans seem to have warmed up to this movie and accept it as part of the series. They come upon an ambulance only to find Duke's corpse inside. Aside from its gore and violence, the film has also become known for its explicit nudity and sex scenes,[2] as well as frequent drug use. [14] This release featured several newly-commissioned bonus materials, including an audio commentary and interviews with the cast and crew. He is transferred to the Pinehurst Halfway House, managed by Dr. Matt Letter and his assistant Pam Roberts. Suzanne Bateman as Nurse Yates/Receptionist, Neil (Dream): Stabbed in the stomach (3 MINS), Les (Dream): Stabbed in the neck (3 MINS), Vinnie Manalo: Road flare in the mouth (25 MINS), Billy Macauley: Axed in the head (37 MINS), Lana Ardsley: Axe to the stomach (38 MINS), Tina McCarthy: Shears to the eyes (45 MINS), Anita Robb: Throat slit (Off-screen, 55 MINS), Demon Winter: Impaled through back (55 MINS), Ethel Hubbard: Cleaver to the face (58 MINS), Jake Patterson: Cleaver to the face (1 HR 3 MINS), Robin Brown: Impaled through back (1 HR 6 MINS), Violet Moraine: Stabbed in the stomach (1 HR 7 MINS), Duke Johnson: Throat slit (Off-Screen, 1 HR 11 MINS), Dr. Matthew Letter: Stabbed in the forehead (Off-Screen, 1 HR 12 MINS), George Winter: Eyes gouged out (Off-Screen, 1 HR 13 MINS), Roy Burns: Impaled on farm spikes (1 HR 22 MINS), Pam Roberts (Dream): Stabbed in the stomach (1 HR 26 MINS).

There is no close-up of Jason pulling the machete out of Neil's stomach during the opening sequence. Said neighbors arrive via motorcycle, the obnoxious redneck Ethel Hubbard (Carol Locatell) and her dim-witted son Junior (Ron Sloane). GOT IT! Back at the halfway house, Jake tries to have sex with Robin, who rejects him and goes to her room. After a long chase in which Pam and Reggie find the corpses of Matt and Reggie's grandfather, Jason is lured into a barn where he is struck by a tractor. Ethel warns everyone there to stay off of their property or else she'll take a shotgun to all of them.

When Pam rushes in, Tommy appears from behind the door wearing Roy's hockey mask and wielding a kitchen knife. On its opening day, Friday the 13th grossed $19,293,446, and immediately exceeded the individual box office grosses for The New Blood (1988), Jason Takes Manhattan (1989), Jason Goes to Hell (1993), and Jason X (2002), which earned $19,170,001, $14,343,976, $15,935,068, and $13,121,555, respectively. Eddie returns to find his lover dead, and backs into a tree, horrified, and is also killed when someone wraps a leather strap around his head and crushes his skull against the tree by tightening the strap.

That night, two local punks Vinnie (Anthony Barrile) and his pal Pete (Corey Parker) are driving down a remote road when their car stalls. [5] Among the unaware cast was lead actor John Shepherd, who spent several months volunteering at a state mental hospital to prepare for the role, and that he felt "really disappointed" to discover that Repetition was actually the fifth entry in the Friday the 13th series. But this is all revealed to be another of Tommy's nightmares.

The previous film in the series bore the subtitle The Final Chapter and the producers of this installment intended to take the franchise in a new direction, but fan outrage over the infamous twist ending led to a more traditional approach with Jason Lives. At this time, Ethel and Junior are killed, as are Jake, Robin and Violet after Reggie falls asleep. While waiting, the killer murders Billy by swinging an axe into his head. Vinnie tries to fix the car while Pete heads into the surrounding woods to do his business.

What is 'Friday the 13th: A New Beginning' about? Pam runs back to the halfway house, finding Matt and George's bodies in the process, both have been killed by the killer.

Watch it and laugh, preferably with some friends. At the hospital, the Sheriff explains to Pam that Joey, the boy who was killed with an axe by Vic, was Roy's son, thus triggering Roy's seek for revenge. [1] By the end of its theatrical run, the film would earn $22 million at the domestic box office, placing it at number 41 on the list of 1985's top box office earners. [14], On September 13, 2013, Paramount and Warner Brothers co-released the Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection Blu-ray box set, featuring each of the twelve films;[15] this marked the first Blu-ray release of A New Beginning. When Demon is about to open the outhouse door, an alternate camera angle is used and some of the profanity he uses is cut from the scene.

According to the trivia section on the film's IMDB page, A New Beginning had to be submitted to the MPAA nine times before they would issue it an R-rating. Martin KitrosserDavid CohenDanny Steinmann, Melanie KinnamanJohn ShepherdShavar RossRichard YoungDick WieandMarco St. JohnRichard LinebackDebi Sue VoorheesVernon WashingtonTom Morga. the killer begins to follow, but Tommy suddenly appears and distracts the killer. From February 14–16, Friday the 13th earned an additional $24,292,003, making its four-day President's Dayweekend total $43,585,449. [8][9], On January 13, 2012, La-La Land Records released a limited edition 6-CD boxset containing Harry Manfredini's scores from the first six Friday the 13th films. Has Jason returned from the dead to re-start his killing spree? The film also features a cameo appearance from Corey Feldman, who portrayed Tommy Jarvis in the previous film.[3]. Five years after killing the goalie hockey-masked killer Jason Voorhees, Tommy Jarvis has grown up in various mental hospitals unable to get over the nightmares about Jason's return. Jason then stands up and begins to advance towards Tommy, who stares up at him in absolute fear, and as Jason raises a machete into the air ready to kill Tommy... Actually, the cemetery sequence was all a dream and Tommy Jarvis (John Shepherd), now 17, awakens from the nightmare in the back of a van.

The group is disliked by their neighbor Ethel Hubbard as Eddie and Tina have made a habit of engaging in sexual intercourse on her lawn. The house is owned by Dr. Matthew Letter (Richard Young) and a supervisor, Pam (Melanie Kinnaman), who shows Tommy to his room. [19], Gene Siskel of the Chicago Tribune criticized the film for a perceived lack of originality, writing: "The new film is not really new. Tommy witnesses two grave robbers trying to dig up mass murderer Jason Voorhees' body, but before they can do so, Jason arises and murders both of the grave robbers, as Tommy watches in horror.

While there, Tommy gets into another fight, this time with Ethel's son Junior who taunts him on his motorcycle and speeds away.

Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (1985) KILL COUNT - YouTube Freddy Krueger returns once again to terrorize the dreams of the remaining Dream Warriors, as well as those of a young woman who may be able to defeat him for good. As a group of co-eds arrive for their vacation, Jason continues his killing spree.

Vinnie is murdered shortly afterwards by an unseen assailant, who shoves a lit road flare into Vinnie's mouth.

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