The principal focus is upon the human creatures stained mind that is destroying the environment of the planet, developing  education which is globalized and aimed at Identity success, destroying animal life without the leat understanding and finally reinforcing confusion, greed and aversion,  generating within religions a compassion and benevolence which is mundane and not centered upon what is natural and in accord with Dao. The British regime established in 1853, a college in Rajamundry (RJY)  and it had a good library. ), “Publication of reform ideas in regional tongues like Telugu heralded a new epoch which witnessed the spread of reform ideas to the grassroots level. So also K.Y. There was another similar stream, the communists who arrived on the scene soon after, who awakened masses from below. Raghupathi Venkataratnam Naidu (1 October 1862 – 26 May 1939), Jashuva Gurram (1895 Sep 28- 1971 July 24) were among others remembered. Again in 2014, a leading Saudi academic had proposed to destroy the tomb of the Prophet Mohammad in Medina with the mala fide intention of removing the remains of the Prophet from there and burying them anonymously in the Jannat-ul-Baqi cemetery. The schools they founded, were taken over later by the Govt. › Dr. Subramanian Swamy is an MP nominated by the President for his eminence as an economist. The demolished and desecrated holiest of Islamic religious places included the birth place of Prophet Mohammad. Polygamy and promiscuity, once regarded as manly traits,and were common, came to be disregarded as a vice. He was closely associated with Harijan student lodges and orphanage at Pithapuram and Kakinada. Groomed with principles of Brahma samaj that was beyond caste and creed, his  followers, including dalits,  were surprised when RVN, in his later life, attended the meetings of his (Kapu) caste  association and took its membership too. (Wikipedia). The writings of Kandukuri, Gurazada and Gidugu were also published and popularized by the communists. It is still under government management.During the religious occasion of Shivratri, The “Kashi Naresh” (King of Kashi) is designated chief officiating priest. The library had books in English and Telugu and an English newspaper…Open by 6am, always 20 or 30 at a time sit reading there…(Following requests from villages) a circulating library was started in the district, consigning a packet of books to the headman in one village…When they were all read, a fresh supply of books will be followed… people were sitting in the reading room for hours, copying books on their own little condjan leaves. Then I remembered an old phrase that my grandmother often used.
His contemporaries from Andhra (like CY Chintamani) also made a mark in all India and English journalism. They had hundreds of supporters across the castes, and through their magazines. WP Designer. Isn’t it interesting? That facilitated more of  reformist  prolific writings and journalism in Telugu. Though born in orthodox Brahmin families, both lectured and wrote articles, plays, satires etc, lampooning Brahmin priests, superstitions, vices and cheating by orthodoxy. Thus, Gyanvapi Kashi Vishwanath Temple is indisputably such a place of significance which cannot be appropriated.The Constitution Bench also observed that acquisition of place of religious worship like church, mosque etc., per se does not violate rights under Articles 25 and 26.

He said he would continue to serve all communities but that did not satisfy many. The development of reformist, communist and progressive literary movements helped many from “lower” castes including dalits who studied in these schools and colleges and became leaders in several fields. That tradition was revived and carried forward by reformists of later period. degrees from Madras University. He was a co-editor (1904) of Telugu Janaanaa, a magazine focussed on women’s education. He had married an young girl aged ten even when his legal wife whom he deserted was alive and protesting. Sir Syed Ahmed – In the Footsteps of Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Tamils In The North And East Of Sri Lanka – Justification For Self-Determination, Julian Assange and the fight against digital capitalism, UNHCHR dismayed at curbs on Rights, NGOs and arrests of activists, Honour the rights of tribals and their community rights, Body, Nation and Resistance in the times of COVID-19, A People’s Manifesto for Ecological Democracy, Fascism: Classical and present form – differ only in method and strategy. It was this economic setting that was behind the social development, including in education and culture.
He was asked by his followers to come out of both, but there was no response. When a child I was turned on to an encyclopedia called Arthur Mee's and every day looked inside to learn a saying that took my fancy. Also… Yesterday I was just reminded that FEAR sets itself in the LUNGS. Chilakamarti and Gurazada followed, and they constituted a trio that helped Andhra renaissance. Two massive irrigation projects were completed, both under Sr. Arthur cotton, by 1855 on two perennial rivers, Godavari (near RJY) and Krishna (near Vijayawada). They were helped in this by sevral non-Brahmins, including Pithapuram Raja (1885-1964) (PR), a  Zamindar and a scholar. Cited in a Paper.). Dozens of others accompanied me through life.

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