Here is the feedback of Korean netizens from Top Star News via Nate with the article: “Chen (EXO), wedding -> timeline of having children … exposed after 3 months”.

Maybe – the Exo vocalist made a surprise announcement earlier this week that he will marry his girlfriend, and hinted that they were expecting a … It is a Chinese language channel where he makes vlogs speaking either in English with Chinese subtitles, or in Mandarin. After college, Mike worked for Morgan Stanley as a financial analyst. It was created on Aug 7, 2014, and it has around 987,000 subscribers and over 106 million views. As a result, he received many negative reactions from the public, a series of people escaped “fans” and demanded boycott of idols. Daebak ~, 3. He grew up in the US. ”I majored in Accounting to become an FBI agent,” he wrote on Reddit in 2018. Featured image source – © Guliver / Getty Images. Did he think he would be less hated in the past 3 months ?? HOT: Chen (EXO) officially became a father, his wife gave birth to the first child. [+153, -3] I don’t think this attention is good at all, 4. Article continues below advertisement And with that, we can't help but wonder more about who the South Korean … Stunned with Bi Rain’s bare and listless face – Kim Tae Hee’s husband.

[+79, -3] Chen will hate it anyway, he should be honest. It was created on Aug 26, 2016, and it has around 165,000 subscribers. HOT- Son Ye Jin stunned everyone when wanted to be a “bride” in the latest post on her personal page. In May of 2005, Chen founded YouTube with coworker Chad Hurley and turned the website into the world's largest video-sharing site. In addition, he uploads videos about Earth mysteries and strange phenomena which are not explained by science. Who is Chen's wife? EXO's Chen and wife welcome baby girl 4 months after private wedding and fans shower them with love. Chen’s wife gives birth to her first daughter, Knet: ‘Trash, please get out of EXO‘ Knet – the Korean online community once again proved that they are too selfish and narrow when criticizing EXO’s Chen – When his wife gave birth to her first daughter. Chen, whose real name is Kim Jong-dae, has welcomed his first child into the world alongside his wife. Knet – the Korean online community once again proved that they are too selfish and narrow when criticizing EXO’s Chen – When his wife gave birth to her first daughter. It was created on Oct 27, 2013, and it has around 2.08 million subscribers. EXO singer Chen and his wife welcome a baby girl SM Entertainment confirms: Their daughter was born today 16 Earlier this year, EXO singer Chen announced he … After 2 more years, he might join Superman again. It was created on Nov 15, 2017, and it has around 120,000 subscribers. It feels like Chen lied whenever he opened his mouth from now on … And in the past, I thought that the fans were treating him cruelly, but look at how he lied to them till the end … Oh my god, leaving the group is the best thing at the moment, 2. EXO's Chen and his pregnant fiancee were spotted on a food tour together. A few hours later, a source from the entertainment company SM Entertainment confirmed: “It is true that the couple’s daughter was born today.”. It was created on May 22, 2017, and it has around 13,900 subscribers. 10. The Korean idol shocked fans when he announced his wedding in January and added a second blow when he confirmed he was expecting his first child with his partner By Jenifer Gonsalves Published on : 00:17 PST, Apr 29, 2020. Chen has been married to Les Moonves since 2004. Since 2010, he serves as the Head of Digital Strategy at NTD Television. In 2003, Chen graduated from Truman State University. A member of EXO, one of the biggest K-pop boy bands in the world, Chen announced in January 2020 that he was not only getting married, but that his wife was pregnant with their first child. Steve Chen is a Taiwanese-American who moved to the U.S. with his parents when he was eight. Why did you lie about such an easily exposed thing … Chen has crossed a milestone that everyone can save. the Asian culture channel The Chen Dynasty; the insanely popular paranormal and mystery channel Beyond Science.

Chen, wife and baby makes three? [+5, -1] If he were honest from the start, he would be less hated at this point … why feel happy giving birth, Chen’s wife gives birth to her first daughter, Knet: ‘Trash, please get out of EXO’. Kim Soo Hyun’s rumored girlfriend, Seo Ye Ji stunned everyone when she appeared at Gimpo Airport! The CheNews features weird and humorous news stories, mainly from China. It is a flashcard animation channel.

[+141, -7] Seeing Sunye better than him, at least she voluntarily left Wonder Girls. [+1,289, -75] ㅋㅋ He doesn’t even feel embarrassed.

Leave the group and do whatever he wants. Chen earns most of his wealth from advertisements on his YouTube channel. Though many EXO fans are desperate for more information on Chen's new bundle of joy, the identity of his bride is still unknown. It was created on Mar 31, 2014. The channel is mainly used for posting his travel vlogs, which he has documented, including his trips to: It was created on Jul 5, 2014, and it has around 438,000 subscribers. According to an exclusive report from Financial News on the afternoon of April 29, Chen’s wife (EXO) gave birth to a healthy little princess at Marie OB / GYN clinic in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul. He knew the truth would eventually come out, and now fans are even more crazy, hating and not joking. It was created on Oct 27, 2013, and it has around 3.32 million subscribers. Chen has been married to Les Moonves since 2004. No wonder fans want him to disappear from the group, 5. Back earlier this year, Chen surprised the Asian entertainment industry by announcing the news of his marriage and expecting his unborn child. The couple, who live in San Francisco, had a son in July 2010. Also, Chen is selling personalized T-shirts, hoods, and accessories.

Hyun Bin appeared after the wedding rumors with Son Ye Jin, His beauty was still at the top! He attended the prestigious Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, and dropped out of the University of Illinois when he was a senior majoring in computer science. Chen, who is … Son Ye Jin will be extremely jealous seeing these pictures of Hyun Bin !!!! A Complete List Of Mike Chen’s YouTube Channels: Mike Chen. Chen visited Korea in March of 2008 to promote the video-sharing website here and met Park Ji-hyun (36), who was then working as a product marketing manager at Google Korea.

According to netizens on January 24, Chen and his fiancee were seen eating at a … ”My first video was filmed on an iPhone 4,” Chen … Rain is married and has two children but he is still loved by fans. It was created on Mar 4, 2016, and it has around 76,600 subscribers and 21 million views. The reaction of fans from X Sports News via Nate with the article: “Chen’s daughter (EXO) was born, the hospital home page had problems due to hot news.

All rights reserved. 3. Chen lied to his fans for fear of losing his popularity and now he is suffering the consequences of what he sowed. Kim Soo Hyun’s rumored girlfriend Seo Ye Ji is going to work with Ji Chang Wook to make ‘super’ Drama love? [+107, -3] I’m not a fan but I can see why EXO fans are so sad. In January of 2020, news broke from SM Entertainment that Chen was engaged, which was the first time that fans had even gotten word that he was in a relationship.

It was created on July 19, 2016, and it has around 3,000 subscribers. [+26, -1] So is the hospital fee ㅋㅋㅋ he totally treats his fans as fools, 6. 6. [+68, -1] Lie to the fans, go beyond the limit .. ”My first video was filmed on an iPhone 4,” Chen said during an interview. SM stylist defends Irene and says there are two sides to every story.

It is an inactive channel that was used for reviewing and playing with children’s toys. 1. Chen’s wife gives birth to her first daughter, Knet: ‘Trash, please get out of EXO‘ 8.

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