Caliban is a recurring character of Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. French Frirus | Caliban arrives at the Phantasmagoria carnival and steals the crown as Sabrina and Nick are under the attack of King Herod, who threatens to flay Sabrina alive and then kill everyone in town. Sabrina reluctantly accepts the challenge, much to Caliban’s delight. Fiona Fox | Rabbot-Zilla | Caliban formally introduces himself to Sabrina later in Pandemonium when, after Sabrina attempts to abdicate her throne to Lilith in exchange for Nick, the Plague Kings denounce Lilith as a concubine and unfit to serve, particularly with the heavens, cosmos, and Hell itself out of balance in Lucifer’s absence. Geraldine Grundy | He didn’t help her because it’s a competition. Hobby In the original timeline, Caliban defeats Sabrina and becomes King of Hell. He will do whatever it takes to claim the throne, even going as far as cheating. He challenges Sabrina for control of the Throne of Hell, even as infernal sparks start to fly between him and the teen witch. Since the Dark Lord’s desertion, the Nine Circles of Hell have been breaking down, and Caliban seeks to restore stability, conquer the earth, remake it as their tenth circle and enslave the tribes of mortals and witch. As the season progresses, Sabrina and Caliban have to gather three Unholy Regalia pieces in order to win control of Hell. She’d like to reform the Hell that already exists, make it better, work with Heaven instead of against it, though Caliban is doubtful it is possible. Ghoulies | His name is possibly a reference to the character. Harvey must now say the spell, but first, he has to make his offering to Aphrodite or Eros.
Lastly, he warns them to never wander from the road. First Appearance Cassandra | In the beginning, Caliban is shown to be arrogant and untrustworthy as seen by his actions during the Unholy Regalia quest. Sabrina returns to the Academy with Caliban, where she asks Prudence for Ambrose’s whereabouts. Black Death | He encases Sabrina in stone completely and leaves as he has a mortal world to conquer and a tenth circle to create.[7]. This would-be deity is named after the Shakespeare character Caliban, who was the (sometimes monstrous) son of a witch in the play The Tempest.

Sallactor | The crowd chants Barabbas’ name, and he is pardoned. Everything you should know about the protests in Nigeria. Queen Cockroach | So, as Sabrina runs for the time stone to return home with the bowl, Barabbas remains chained up to Caliban. Barabbas grabs the bowl and runs. Mustang |

He was quietly watching her every move, and he knew King Herod would come for his crown as he’s a guardian. Species Circe could turn them into any creature she’d ever seen before. Chuck Clayton |

Dr. Arachnid | However, when Pontius arrives and declares the punishment for trespassing is a hundred lashes, Caliban offers to take the lashes instead; they would not hurt him as he is made of clay, and he did not want Sabrina to be “debased”. Here's Why It's Rated R, 'After We Collided' Star Josephine Langford Talks Steamy Scenes With Hero Fiennes Tiffin, Stream It Or Skip It: 'Totally Under Control' on Hulu, Alex Gibney's Unvarnished Rewind Of The Last Ten Months, Stream It Or Skip It: '537 Votes' on HBO, a Slick-but-Terrifying Account of Florida's Role in the 2000 Election, Stream It Or Skip It: 'Rooting For Roona' On Netflix, A Documentary About A Girl With Birth Defects Facing Overwhelming Odds, Stream It Or Skip It: 'The Perfect Weapon' On HBO, A Documentary About The Rise Of Cyber Attacks, Stream It Or Skip It: 'Bad Hair' on Hulu, a Scary-Funny Satire in Which a Woman's Weave Goes Wild, 'The Believers' Is The Scariest Movie You've Never Seen, Stream It Or Skip It: 'Cadaver' on Netflix, a Norwegian Horror Movie About Dinner Theater From Hell, 'Maniac Cop' No Longer Feels Like A Pure Exploitation Picture — It's A Prescient Precursor To Today's State of Police Distrust, David Byrne's 'American Utopia' Offers Optimistic Protest While Mixing New Music And Talking Heads Classics, Stream It Or Skip It: 'Bruce Springsteen's Letter to You' on Apple TV+, a Documentary Capturing the Boss in a Contemplative Mood, Disney+ Puts Modern Twist on Cinderella With Upcoming 'Sneakerella' Musical, Shawn Mendes Shares His Life on Tour With Emotional 'In Wonder' Trailer, Stream It Or Skip It: 'Over the Moon' on Netflix, an Animated Extravaganza That Aims for the Stars, Stream It or Skip It: 'The Witches' on HBO Max, a Roald Dahl Remake That's Too Close to the Original, 'The Witches' Remake Embraces the Dark Ending Roald Dahl Wanted, Who Are 'The Boys In The Band'? Believed to be one of the Bard's last plays, The Tempest is set on a remote island, where the shew shipwrecked sorcerer Prospero enslaves the monstrous Caliban, described as a "moon-calf" (that is, the abortive fetus of a cow). Theo and Robin arrive and offer to help carry Roz. Father Blackwood | 1,611, This story has been shared 1,585 times. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3 is now streaming on Netflix. Combot | Sorry, but Nick is kind of a dick and he never thanked Sabrina for saving him. Foxxy | Southside Serpents |

Enerjak | Chic Cooper |

Nevertheless, Sabrina insists that she will rule with Lilith as her regent. The Enchantress | Comic Book Bots |

caliban prince of hell i am free tonight please contact me today and confirm you would like to hang out tonight when i am free #sabrina, me: watching #sabrina, waiting for a new, ugly antagonist to appear #caliban: appears me:, Caliban calling Sabrina “princess” rlly hit different, Caliban is really in love with Sabrina. Caliban, Sabrina, Harvey, Theo, and Robin take Roz to Baxter High, where they glue her back together. Weird Sisters (Prudence Blackwood, Agatha Night) | Lilith explains that Sabrina still has one more soul to claim. Zan, Claim the throne from Sabrina (temporarily succeeded, ultimately failed).

Harvey gets angry and punches Caliban. Occupation After warning them not to leave the road, Caliban parts amicably with them, subtly observing the girl he would challenge. Nilnewz | He went on to lead the Infernal Armies on a crusade to claim the Earth as the Tenth Circle. Caliban also tells Sabrina that he's intending on taking over Earth and bringing it to the underworld once he's in charge of Hell, making the stakes even higher for the teen. A darkly handsome young man with a strange charm, Caliban is a so-called Prince of Hell, sculpted from clay from the City of Pandemonium. Commander Brutus | Sweet Pea | On the fourth day, the pagans beat back Caliban and his armies. Maria Naut | Drago Wolf | Kodos | Anirbas | We have the details on his character and the actor who plays him. Green Man | Caliban is his first major role after appearing in short films in 2018. Universalamander | Beelzebub, Asmodeus, and Purson, the Plague Kings, object. Caliban introduces himself to Lucifer and proclaims himself as the Prince of Hell, and when Lucifer objects, Beelzebub reminds him of infernal law; whoever wins the challenge rules Hell, threatening Lucifer’s position. As Caliban and Sabrina search for the spell to save Roz, Sabrina questions why it’s called a Pygmalion spell. Relationships He’s been molded by the clay of the pit itself. Many Twitter users went crazy over the Prince of Hell. Caliban explains that Harvey’s offering was rejected because Harvey doesn’t truly love her. Drell | Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is back in Part 3 and there's a new adversary in town. Alias Occupation

Eggman Empire | 2,021, This story has been shared 1,611 times. In the current timeline created by Sabrina, who went back in time to save her friends and family, Caliban loses the Unholy Regalia and is incased in stone. What Time Will 'Borat 2' Be on Amazon Prime?

After Sabrina’s friend Roz is turned to stone by Nagaina, Caliban tracks Sabrina and her friends to where they are keeping her statue and, to Sabrina’s surprise, offers his services and a proposal. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Asmodeus, Beelzebub, Purson, and the demons of Hell cheer Caliban on as he places King Herod’s crown on his head.
When Caliban and Sabrina return to the Fright Club’s current location, they find a distraught Harvey trying to put the pieces together, as Roz had shattered.

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