Veteran journalist Bob Woodward said he's ready to release more audio recordings of his conversations with President Trump in which the Supreme Court was discussed. Trump would not comment on how he would have decided in the case. To say otherwise is delusional – or fan fiction. “Rage” is currently No. 1 on Amazon's list of top-selling books and has likely sold hundreds of thousands of copies. “I have no problem with a reporter telling an author that it's in the public interest to see that the tapes are released,” Culver said. Bob Woodward says he hadn't planned on releasing audio tapes of his interviews with President Donald Trump for his book “Rage” until CNN reporter Jamie Gangel and the author's wife convinced him. Woodward contends that a “president must be willing to share the worst with the people, the bad the news with the good”. “But this is the way he felt.

The Watergate sleuth, whose new book on the Trump administration, Rage, was recently released, was on CNN's Fareed Zakaria GPS to offer insight into Trump's thinking on judicial nominations, an issue that has risen to the forefront after Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died on Friday.

As expected from Woodward, those in proximity to power share their stories. According to Woodward, the South Carolina Republican served as a conduit between Bill Barr, the attorney general, and the White House. Donald Trump addresses a rally in Freeland, Michigan on Thursday. Want an ad-free experience?Subscribe to Independent Premium. The United States confirmed more than 83,000 new coronavirus infections Friday, the highest total of the pandemic.

Veteran journalist Bob Woodward said he's ready to release more audio recordings of his conversations with President Trump in which the Supreme Court was discussed. n the pages of Rage, Jared Kushner acknowledges that. David Ng 9 Sep 2020. As the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has acknowledged, the effort to eradicate Covid-19 is a marathon not a sprint, and it is far from over. Fox Business host Lou Dobbs sent a message to South Carolinians on Friday: Feel free to vote Sen. Lindsey Graham out of office in November.
And, you know, I want people to go the way they feel. But Cohen certainly does not hate Trump's supporters. But Trump’s electoral fate is far from clear, Last modified on Mon 5 Oct 2020 18.09 BST, In the pages of Rage, Jared Kushner acknowledges that Donald Trump is not wedded to the truth. Woodward recalls a famous Nixon quote, from more than 40 years earlier: “I gave them a sword. And they twisted it with relish. Rather, both men find exaggeration a potent weapon in stirring opinion. Rage also catches the discomfort of Coats’ wife. But Graham also appears as a friendly critic. NBC's Kristen Welker got a shoutout from an unlikely source for her moderation of the second and final presidential debate on Thursday. But what sets Rage apart from the Pulitzer-winning author’s earlier works is that Trump consented to be taped, on the record. "Trump will have appointed 300 judges. “It's not the same as it is on the page,” Woodward said. CNN is already one of the biggest targets of the president and his supporters. “Yeah, it’s very partisan right now, basically. In Woodward’s account, Trump is portrayed as preferring to claim credit even as he eschews responsibility. I mean, he felt he was doing the right thing. CNN chief Jeff Zucker, who was interviewing Woodward at the conference, also said that “we're all better” for Gangel pressing the point. I mean, think about that. Nixon fancied himself as the law-and-order candidate.

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