(aka Maniac cop - Poliziotto sadico (1988)) (Italy) Case for Murder, A (1993) (TV) (aka Dinamite doppia (1933)) (Italy) (aka Invasore bianco, L' (1954)) (Italy) (aka Buon compleanno mr. Grape (1993)) (Italy) (aka Conquistatori degli abissi, I (1966)) (Italy) My Son Johnny (1991) (TV) Shockproof (1949) (aka Per grazia rifiutata (1970)) (Italy) Luxury Liner (1948) Roots of Evil (1991) (aka Fine di Paganini, La (1910)) (Italy) (aka Bella preda, La (1949)) (Italy)

Grande vadrouille, La (1966)

(aka Marchio dell'odio, Il (1957)) (Italy)

John F. Kennedy: Years of Lightning, Day of Drums (1966)

Wag the Dog (1997) Do the Right Thing (1989) Trois couleurs: Bleu (1993) (aka Maschera di Frankenstein, La (1957)) (Italy)

Ola och Julia (1967) Princess O'Rourke (1943) Aventuras de Joselito en América (1960)

(aka Anno crudele, L' (1962)) (Italy) Él (1952) (aka Fascino letale (1991) (TV)) (Italy) the subject: (aka Batte il tamburo lentamente (1973)) (Italy) (aka Roger and me, Roger e io (1989)) (Italy) (aka A 007 dalla Russia con amore (1963)) (Italy) Yearling, The (1946) Random Harvest (1942) da: dansk (aka Abbasso le bionde (1935)) (Italy) I'll Cry Tomorrow (1955) Without Reservations (1946) Triumph of the Spirit (1989) Champagner für Zimmer 17 (1969) War of the Worlds, The (1953) Winslow Boy, The (1999) False Identity (1990) Doctor in Clover (1966) (aka Due settimane d'amore (1950)) (Italy) (aka Battaglie di spie (1961)) (Italy) Bengazi (1955) Outland (1981) (aka Roxy - il ritorno di una stella (1990)) (Italy) (aka Regina dello strep tease, La (1961)) (Italy) (aka Racket del sesso, Il (1972)) (Italy) (aka Amica delle cinque e mezza, L' (1970)) (Italy) (aka Missione sexfinger (1977)) (Italy) Carrie (1976) (aka Encore - ancora una volta (1988)) (Italy) Reunion (1994/I) (TV)

Sex and the Animals (1969) Stop!

Cangaceiro, O (1953) Talent for the Game (1991) (aka Jeff lo sceicco ribelle (1951)) (Italy) (aka Niki (1982)) (Italy)

Dr. Terror's House of Horrors (1965) (aka Destinazione Parigi (1957)) (Italy)

(1986)) (Italy)

Déjà s'envole la fleur maigre (1960) Butterfly Kiss (1995) (aka Charlie Chan e la maledizione della regina drago (1981)) (Italy) (aka Adorabile testardo, Un (1995)) (Italy) (aka Gigolò per sbaglio (2000)) (Italy) (aka Sanerbruch: questa era la mia vita (1954)) (Italy)

Daybreak (1947)

Lucky Lady (1975) (aka Contessa X..., La (1934)) (Italy)

(aka Dillo con lo zibellino (1928)) (Italy) (aka Pranzo alle otto (1989) (TV)) (Italy)

Joker Is Wild, The (1957) (aka Donne all'inferno (1958)) (Italy) Shakhmatnaya goryachka (1925) Fredløs (1935) (aka Est-ovest - Amore-libertà (2000)) (Italy) Dirty Tricks (1981) not provided with the intention that users rely upon the (aka Fiore di Satana (1929)) (Italy)

Edge of Sanity (1989) Moon Over Burma (1940) H Is for House (1973)

(aka Gran premio (1944)) (Italy) (aka Mio padre, che eroe! (aka "Prigioniero, Il" (1967)) (Italy) Children's Hour, The (1961) Untamed (1929) (aka Alterazione genetica (1990)) (Italy) (aka Messicano, Il (1970)) (Italy) This Gun for Hire (1942)

(aka Vendetta del mostro, La (1955)) (Italy) (aka Pixote, la legge del più debole (1981)) (Italy) (aka Equipaggio, L' (1935)) (Italy)

(aka Illusioni (1992) (TV)) (Italy) Return of the Killer Tomatoes!

Tiefland (1954) 144... diritto alla vita (1995)) (Italy)

Disappearance of Vonnie, The (1994) (TV)

provides a variety of search tools. (aka Ragazza selvaggia (1932)) (Italy) (aka Luna nuova (1919)) (Italy) Blue Skies (1946)

(aka Tu partirai con me (1949)) (Italy) Virgin Island (1958)

Man Called Flintstone, The (1966) (aka Due sbirri a Hong Kong (1990)) (Italy) (aka Uomo della porta accanto, L' (1991)) (Italy) (aka Ribelli del Sahara, I (1942)) (Italy) This is a database of movie related information compiled by Swamp Women (1955) (aka Alta fedeltà (2000)) (Italy) (aka Tre fuorilegge, I (1956)) (Italy)

Music in the Air (1934) (aka Amore e mare (1928)) (Italy)

Act of War (1998) House Arrest (1996/I) Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy (1955) (aka Brain damage - la maledizione di Elmer (1988)) (Italy) (aka Come sposare la compagna di banco e farla in barba alla maestra (1971)) (Italy) Pit of Darkness (1961) (aka Piccolo gigante, Il (1946)) (Italy) Female Perversions (1996) Latin Lovers (1953) (aka Cielo giallo (1948)) (Italy) Timerider: The Adventure of Lyle Swann (1982) (aka Rischio di vivere il rischio di morire, Il (1967)) (Italy)

Gendarme en balade, Le (1970) Married to the Mob (1988) (aka Obiettivo mortale (1982)) (Italy) This is the most flexible interface but can appear quite complex if you 10 to Midnight (1983)

(aka Grande gaucho, Il (1952)) (Italy)

Sangre y luces (1954)

So This Is College (1929) (aka Gappa il mostro che minaccia il mondo (1967)) (Italy) (aka Generale morì all'alba, Il (1936)) (Italy) Sex Hygiene (1942)

(aka All That Jazz - Lo spettacolo continua (1979)) (Italy)

(aka Pistolero di Dio, Il (1969)) (Italy) (aka Declino dell'impero americano, Il (1986)) (Italy)

Gigot (1962) Days of Glory (1944) (aka Lontano dalle stelle (1953)) (Italy) (aka Bacio della pantera, Il (1942)) (Italy) Fourth Protocol, The (1987) (aka Irriducibili, Gli (1988)) (Italy) (aka Onore e gloria (1992)) (Italy) (aka Avventura nel Wyoming (1940)) (Italy) (aka Resurrezione (1934)) (Italy) Night of the Party, The (1935)

2016:  We still have to pinch ourselves as this dream continues and another incredible year is well under way,  we look forward to becoming even a better eatery. Thin Blue Line, The (1988) (aka Difendo il mio amore (1936)) (Italy) (aka Bel colpo amico! Total Recall (1990)

Thief Who Came to Dinner, The (1973) (aka Indomiti, Gli (1945)) (Italy) (aka Silenzio, Il (1963)) (Italy) Great Guy (1936)

(aka Strada infuocata (1957)) (Italy) (aka Intrusa, L' (1929)) (Italy)

(aka Tornato per uccidere (1990) (TV)) (Italy) Foolish Wives (1922) Ride Lonesome (1959) Mighty Joe Young (1949) (aka Barone di Munchhausen, Il (1943)) (Italy) Revenge of Frankenstein, The (1958) Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise (1987) Winslow Boy, The (1948) (aka Marlowe indaga (1978)) (Italy)

Murder by Contract (1958) Rising Sun (1993)

Birdy (1984) Dead Calm (1989)

(aka Autopsia di un sogno (1999)) (Italy)

Rains Came, The (1939) (aka Crociera della morte, La (1987)) (Italy) Big Jake (1971) Underachievers, The (1987) Outlaw's Revenge, The (1915) Scorned 2 (1996) Family Plot (1976) (aka Dio della peste, Il (1970)) (Italy) Languages | Mark Bailey | 11/24/00

Lost (1955)

(aka Avventura a Zanzibar (1941)) (Italy) Target (1985/I)

(aka Rifugio dei dannati, Il (1963)) (Italy) Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead (1991) (aka Phffft... e l'amore si sgonfia (1954)) (Italy) Coyote, El (1955) Apache Rifles (1964) (aka Scuola di zombi (1987)) (Italy) (aka Sterminatore, Lo (1945)) (Italy) (aka Principessa Tam Tam, La (1935)) (Italy)

Last Action Hero (1993) Scars of Dracula (1970) (aka Saluti dal caro estinto (1992)) (Italy) (aka Nel corso del tempo (1976)) (Italy) (aka Splendida canaglia, Una (1966)) (Italy) (aka Allucinante fine dell'umanità, L' (1968)) (Italy) End of the River, The (1947) War Paint (1953) Web of Deception (1993) Unfinished Affair, An (1996) (TV) (aka Rustico, Il (1919)) (Italy)

Enjo (1958)

(aka Reclute e seduttori (1982)) (Italy)

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