picked up the baton (and was directed by Brown's son, Dana) in 2014, and the original remains a timeless must-watch. The exciting and demanding time of development is now open to all fans, who can watch history in the making up close: The documentary “KTM goes MotoGP” captured (almost) everything. Cycling Films Big List This is a *really* big list, with over 100 films from 20 …

A stunning study of the most famous road race in the world. It also helps to pick apart some of the reasons why one of the most talented riders to have ever twisted a throttle decided to call it a day when it seemed he had more titles in him. A portrait of road cycling.

A grandmother seeks a kidnapped Tour de France cyclist. 900 days went past between the announcement the first official race. It'll make you want to find an old Masi Gran Criterium, chase lorries and start talking Italian. We’ve got you covered here... On Any Sunday: Impact of the original movie, Casey Stoner rides for the final time in 2012. MAL Rated 6.68, Ranked #4512 | Aired: Fall 1977 | Produced by: … featured Steve McQueen (who also invested in the production), and has for decades since been lauded as the definitive motorcycle documentary. And there's a lot of Guy Martin in there too. Movies. Director: Paul W.S. Race along the Great Divide from Banff, Canada, to the U.S.-Mexico border.

"Ciao, Papa!". A boy risks college future to enter Helltrack race. Arrow Emblem Grand Prix no Taka. The film includes several scenes of the group's weekly race (which also plays a part in the murderer's alibi), and the final confrontation is done using bikes, not guns. Pages in category "Auto racing films" The following 2 pages are in this category, out of 2 total.

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Need a fix between races during the season? had it’s first official race in MotoGP, while at the second outing in Argentina. Follows a bicycle messenger chased around New York City by a corrupt police officer who wants an envelope the messenger has. What will satisfy that hunger for speed and adrenaline? News came out in the summer of 2014 that KTM will join the. The movie truly has a good balance of humor and action, and the cameos by some of the world’s best race car drivers helps it out tremendously. 's ascendancy to god-like status in MotoGP, it also threw a lot of focus on. Brothers David and Marcus (Costner) do some bonding by competing together in a road race through the Rockies.

, following the 2001 and 2002 seasons to give an incredible insight into the world of the top level of Grand Prix motorcycle racing. A movie that perfectly harnesses the beauty of what it is to go offroad riding, and what it means to overcome hurdles both physical and mental, this is a documentary that those with even the most fleeting of interests in motorcycles or sport cannot fail to be impressed by.

Based all around the 2010 Isle of Man TT, it helps to build the palpable sense of tension that surrounds the event and also looks at what exactly motivates those who take part. Released in 1971 and directed by Bruce Brown. A young boy, brought up by his grandmother to race in the Tour de France, is kidnapped partway through the race. won the first world-championship-points in KTM-history. If you've ever watched the actual event and just gawped in amazement wondering how, or maybe just why, then this film goes some way towards helping us mere mortals understand. Bike club rides into town led by Strabler during a motorcycle race weekend. Speed and cameras do mix, as the very best motorsport movies to ever hit the silver screen prove. Most of road-racing's '70s elite are present and correct, but if you're looking for a demonstration of the all-conquering Eddy Merckx at his locomotive best, Leth's earlier film will appeal more. Covers the 2015 ride of mountain bike endurance champion, This page was last edited on 13 August 2020, at 14:11. Based on life and career of Scottish amateur cyclist. If you're turned on by such things, Rae Dawn Chong's super-fast wheel change is another highlight, as is a fleeting appearance by racing legend Eddy Merckx. From cycling to bike racing to century rides to cyclocross, use our resource to find bike events, races, training tips and much more. Here are the greatest motor racing films. .

Indian movie about sporting rivalry between three schools. Far more bonkers than it sounds. Professional mountain biker Laurie gets fired from her team and becomes a cycle courier. Leth captures the drama, heartbreak and torturous conditions alongside an atmospheric score.

How about five of the best films on motorcycle racing? … The club fall out with the residents and the local police and have to move on to the next town.

We didn't forget about cars! The story of Lambert, a modest Belgian bike racer in the '70s. This is a list of films about bicycles and cycling, featuring notable films where bicycles and cycling play a central role in the development of the plot. Let's kick things off with a film that really captures not only the thrill of what it … This being a French Canadian movie, you'll have to put up with subtitles – but the quirky story is well worth paying attention to, and there's plenty of cycling action to fill the rest of the time. Jørgen Leth's stunning follow-up to 1974's The Stars and the Water Carriers is a documentary about the 1976 Paris-Roubaix, one of the cycling calendar's legendary fixtures.

This list may not reflect recent changes . A portrait of Lance Armstrong as he trains for his.

which, when watched now, is a strong reminder of just how talented the American was at such a young age (18 when he debuted). A French cartoon comedy with no dialogue?

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