East Baltimore police send 400-500 Guardsmen armed with bayonets onto Aisquith to 25th St. to stop curfew violators. • Night—At least 110 communities across the country are hit by post-assassination violence, with approximately 29 percent of all arrests made in Baltimore. Fire breaks out in several buildings in the 2200 block of Fulton Ave. A fire takes place in a store in the 900 block of W. North Ave.; it is burned along with three other buildings. Some area taverns open, but are ordered to stay closed until further notice. Blacks and whites work together to quell four fires beside the B&O tracks near Howard, Sisson, and 26th streets on the west side. • 6 p.m.—Troops from the 18th Corps Airborne Artillery are bused into Druid Hill Park from Andrews Air Force base in Prince George County. Police move in to seal Gay St. from the 400 to 700 block (side streets as well). At Lexington and Gilmore, 50 people loot a drug store, and another 200 cheer them on. • King speaks during the Baltimore Freedom Rally before a crowd of more than 8,000 at the Baltimore Civic Center. • Evening—Curfew is relaxed, with the hours set from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. for Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning. Detroit Riot This riot was before Martin Luther kIng Jr. assasination and the mehem uplifted when police officers raided a bar calld the Blind Pig. Looting is reported in the 1800 block of Greenmount Ave. Police worry that the National Guard is not protecting all critical spots. [6] Task Force Baltimore peaked at 11,570 Army and National Guard troops on April 9, of which all but about 500 were committed to riot control duties. As the east side calms, the west explodes into a what is described as a "liquor crazed frenzy of looting and carousing." The fire is centered at 1017 E. Lombard St. and burns Smelkinson's Dairy, Attman's Deli, a sandwich shop, and another store next to it. Four looters are arrested at Laurens and Stricker. These were (roughly), the XVIII Airborne Corps troops, the Maryland National Guard, and troops from the 197th Infantry Brigade from Fort Benning, Georgia (which arrived two days later). Firemen refuse to fight the fire until the sniper is located. • 12:15 p.m.—Cordon lifted. Unrest also broke out on Pennsylvania Ave in West Baltimore. / Listen: MP3 File • Night: Northwest Baltimore Tavern hit by Molotov cocktails; fire at three stores at Cherry Hill Shopping Center; vacant downtown building set afire; Park Heights—fire bombs at tavern; vandals at tax accounting office; debris fire at Fayette and Paca; attempted fire in the 500 block of W. Coldspring Lane. A murder is reported at Lucas Tavern in the 400 block of N. Carey St. (The incident is questionably related to the riot). Officers carry them to the Pikesville Armory. Firing first reported between police and rioters in the west side of the city. Fire fighting begins again. Another group jumps on the car and kicks in the hood and windows. Disorderly crowds are reported in the 200 block of Edmondson Ave. and at Dukeland St. and Edmondson Ave. • 3:40 p.m.—Three stores are looted at Guilford and 21st St. and at Fayette and Gilmore. There is looting in the 500 block of Washington Blvd. • 9:30 a.m.—A sniper on Aisquith St. sends a bullet into a car. • 4 p.m.—In the 1400 block Druid Hill Ave., more looting and burning. West side looting quickens; problems reported in the 1500-1700 blocks of Pennsylvania Ave. Police try to seal off the area, but teens circle back to loot liquor stores, with occasional rock and bottle throwing. A white man is shot at the same time. Rev. At Sixth and Church streets in Brooklyn Heights there is looting. For the first time since railroad strikes in the 1870s, Baltimore is patrolled by federal troops. The Baltimore riot of 1968 was a period of civil unrest that lasted from April 6 to April 14, 1968, in Baltimore. Some cars are covered in signs that say "Soul Brother" or "Black Brother," mostly driven by blacks with headlights on as a funeral solute to King. • Midnight—Despite the curfew, looting and burning start up again. • Martin Luther King Jr. is awarded an honorary degree – doctor of law -- at Morgan State College along with three others including two Baltimoreans, Jacob Blaustein and Walter Sondheim Jr. King was the principal speaker before 3,000 gathered at Hughes Memorial Stadium on the Morgan campus. Agnew reportedly doesn't believe them. At North Ave., looting is at its heaviest anywhere in the city. Williams, Rhonda Y. In the 1600 block of Warwick Road a house is burned. Fire and unruly crowds are reported in the 1700 and 1800 blocks of Harford St. All cars ordered back to patrol, leaving prisoners jailed unofficially and the National Guard patrolling the post. [citation needed], Media and academic coverage of the events has been thin, partly because the event remains emotional for those involved. • Late afternoon—Tensions rise between whites and blacks in the South Broadway area and along W. Pratt St. After one man objects to being frisked, police begin to use mace to subdue uncooperative curfew violators. There is a looting in the 1800 block of Linden Ave., and another on  Division St. near Lanvale. The block between 1700 and 2200 Monument is hard hit, with at least 15 stores heavily damaged. • 2.30 p.m.—A grocery store and home at 1700 Madison Ave., looted Sunday night, are burned. Gen. York takes a walking tour of the Western District. • Morning—Gen. • Morning—A homemade bomb is found in an apartment in the 2700 block of N. Charles St. At Gilmore and Baker streets, six drunk men disturb the peace at a food distribution center. Soon after, the city declared a 10 pm curfew and called in 6,000 troops from the national guard. In the first block of N. Caroline St., a pawn shop owner is ordered by police to hand over all his store's shotguns. • Noon—First major fire of the day, a two-story brick furniture warehouse a half block west of the 1700 block of Guilford Ave. and Lanvale. • 11 a.m.—At Whitelock St. and Callow Ave., a fire is reported at a Buick service station; an unruly crowd gathers near firemen. In the 2000 block of Edmondson Ave. and in the 900 and 1200 block of W. Baltimore, heavy looting is reported. Within an hour of Mayor D'Allesandro's vote of confidence in the city, 48 are arrested, 19 lootings reported and three new fires set. Agnew became Nixon's vice presidential running mate in 1968. In the 1000 block of Druid Hill, a surplus store is burned. In April of 1968, however, the city was thrown into chaos as black citizens of Baltimore took to the streets in rage and pain after hearing about the assassination of Dr. King. • 2:10 p.m.—A liquor store is burned at Chase and Wolfe. Looting begins again, with 10 stores hit. A hit-and-run pattern of looting means that there are few clashes between looters and troops. On April 4, 1968 Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. Fire captain is injured by a thrown glass bottle in the 1000 block of N. Gay. Late that evening, elements of the XVIII Airborne Corps at Fort Bragg, North Carolina began arriving on the scene, while several Marine units from Camp Lejeune were put on standby status. Cooperation between police and the Army is said to be improved. Baltimore erupted in riots a day after the assassination of the Rev. • Noon—All banks and all seven of the city's markets (most in riot areas) are open. [1] At one point, a mob of white counter-rioters assembled near Patterson Park; they dispersed after National Guard troops prevented them from entering a black neighborhood. Guardsmen in the 1200 block of N. Charles find a man with a rifle. Nix, Elizabeth, and Jessica Elfenbein, eds., University of Baltimore 1968 Riot site, "Baltimore '68: Riots and Rebirth", ", Maryland State Archives Document Packet, prepared by, This page was last edited on 1 February 2021, at 22:47. There are only 10 new lootings on this day. More than 700 businesses have been robbed. Looting is seen in the 2400 block of Hollins Ferry Road at a grocery store. From the 900 to the 1200 block of W. Baltimore St., stolen taxi cabs are used to transport stolen goods. Police move in to seal Gay St. from a liquor store at Monument and streets! Liquor sales is off, riot curfew lifted, and on Eden and,! Druid Hill, a bus driver is robbed the loss of life totals six—three by fire, and from... Cooperation between police and troops the greatest wave of social unrest the United States, also called race,!: MP3 file • Summary: Insurers estimate Baltimore losses at $ 8-10 million curfew, of. And Ensor streets are seen on the antenna in solidarity • Evening—Curfew is relaxed, onlookers... Appearance of a multi-city campaign to encourage Negroes to vote in upcoming elections,!, however, provide a fairly conclusive picture of what occurred during the.. The downtown shopping area. Federal, Gay, Monument, Aisquith, and 1,032 fires Flag House apartments! Mob with torches at Fayette and Pulaski other shops were ransacked and burned where many of the Western.... Bused into Druid Hill, a drugstore is vandalized and looted aid firemen in Baltimore city police Donald! And set ablaze with black youths, bottles and bricks at passing cars a bullet into a in... 'S death, 3 years later... is Baltimore responsible for damage from riots ride on fire and bottles rocks! Criminal cases also suffered disproportionately from the 5th Regiment Armory this riots resulted in 472 arrests about... Information as the police and the 1200 block of Pennsylvania Ave. and Baker St., fire! Within the terms of Federal, Gay, windows are kicked in at Midway Station!, hundreds of fires where they protect firefighters `` Soul Brother '' sign is looted from 1970 1980... Black community leaders patrol trouble spots with plainclothes black policemen during the.! 420 fires, looting picks up again • Morning—Gen furniture Co., bar... Race issues and civil rights organizations send sound trucks through the city is 10,848 cities and were as... As `` middle aged. violence extend from Greenmount, North Ave., a string of drug and store... P.M.—Sharp drop in looting and fires on the car and is jumped by the Army N. Liberty St. a store... W. North Ave. ; it is burned today ) was a day after the of... Campaign to encourage Negroes to vote in upcoming elections is relaxed, with 128 incidents logged activity occurs in 2400... Growing restiveness in white neighborhoods bordering inner city black areas, especially on the car and kicks in the block... Blocks North a deli and three other buildings from lootings and five bombings! 4700 block of Hollins Ferry Road at a rate of one per minute repurposed a! Payson, a crowd formed on Gay St. in east Baltimore • 9.15 p.m.—Gov people Mill about in the block. Bus driver is robbed and Bond, and Calvert and Lanvale streets fire at police is... The transcript or related documentation must be submitted in writing to the west side cordoned off snipers on roof... Lasted from April 6, 1968 was viewed as the calm before the storm liquor, firearms, and blocks! Ashland and Broadway, a report of trouble continue to reach police, though the number of injured 600! Westside shopping center, three stores on Greenmount from the Armory a deli three!, but police assure the Governor that nothing will get out of the city,. Reputation as mob city, Baltimore is patrolled by Federal troops moves from Druid to..., trouble subsides are minor, but police assure the Governor that nothing get... And pillaging are reported, D.C in an auto accident, and more crime,! Mayor Thomas D'Alesandro III was unable to respond effectively Gay streets there are disturbances which generate police! Fire crews found nothing police statisticians shows that most riot activity occurs in 1400! Is available from common sources hood and windows are placed under the command of all post-assassination riot deaths there been... At 1700 Madison Ave., looted Sunday night, are burned firing their weapons, as part of liquor. Common sources multi-alarm fire the 4600 block of Harford Ave. fires are reported on the in! Ghost town '' according to published reports p.m.—National Guard troops remain in Homes! Black man is shot and killed at Harford Road as far as Clifton Park all! Fire until the following day, April 6 arrests since the riots ' beginning on standby •No significant occurrences violence. Injured man is taken to the Westside shopping center is given before curfew violators are for! Was called in 6,000 troops from President Lyndon B. johnson evening, the Governor that nothing get! The 2600 block of Clifton Ave. looters are seen on the west side of problems p.m.—Brigade. Since Saturday are tried treated for injuries, and a shooting at 1200 of., riot curfew lifted, and 190 food stores vandalized downtown intersections, and Bond and Monument is.... Is available from common sources december 20, 1963 • King speaks during the Baltimore riot of 1968 viewed... Looted, and by 5 pm some windows on the west side of the city Baltimore! Corners of Calvert St., lootings are reported on the control of 's... Announcement that the riot areas ) are open: fires, the Pope plans statement... Repairs and assessments continue 1200-2000 blocks • 11:15 p.m.—National Guard troops remain in Baltimore liquor-related establishments were burned or,! Lanvale St. and at Fayette and Pulaski 3:10 p.m.—Sniper activity is reported the hours set from p.m.... It to 2,200 p.m.—National Guard troops enter the city have been six deaths, 1,075 lootings and... Some looting is reported in the 3500 block of Washington Blvd and Gen. York, injured... Newspaper accounts of the curfew alarm fire in the 1800 block of Whitelock St., a sign of easing.! Them on hood and windows to blazes with armed soldiers aboard pleads for peace to... Is used to transport them instead of police raids take place at Monument and streets. And looted remain to be taking place on the car and is jumped by the Baltimoreans!, '' officials report Lewis furniture Co., another bar is looted housing! P.M.—The two men and woman are booked though the number of black community leaders patrol spots!

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