His brilliant and provocative essays made him the literary voice of the Civil Rights Era, and they continue to speak with powerful urgency to us today, whether in the swirling debate over the Black Lives Matter movement or in the words of Raoul Peck’s documentary “I Am Not Your Negro.” Edited by Nobel laureate Toni Morrison, the Library of America’s Collected Essays is the most comprehensive gathering of Baldwin’s nonfiction ever published.With burning passion and jabbing, epigrammatic wit, Baldwin fearlessly articulated issues of race and democracy and American identity in such famous essays as “The Harlem Ghetto,” “Everybody’s Protest Novel,” “Many Thousands Gone,” and “Stranger in the Village.” Here are the complete texts of his early landmark collections, Notes of a Native Son (1955) and Nobody Knows My Name (1961), which established him as an essential intellectual voice of his time, fusing in unique fashion the personal, the literary, and the political. The Library of America series includes more than 300 volumes to date, authoritative editions that average 1,000 pages in length, feature cloth covers, sewn bindings, and ribbon markers, and are printed on premium acid-free paper that will last for centuries.

Not because of the length, but because I had to reflect on some of the essays. Novelist Morrison’s editing of this omnibus, which includes a chronology and notes, should help rekindle interest in Baldwin, whose recurrent themes—the African American search for identity, the hypocrisy of white America, the urgent necessity for love—make his work timely and challenging. You're listening to a sample of the Audible audio edition. I think some people, some white people such as myself that is, think Baldwin caustic, but it's clear to me that, even as pessimistic and cynical as he was (and had every reason to be), he was a merciful man. In "Many Thousand Gone," about Richard Wright's Na. “It took many years of vomiting up all the filth I’d been taught about myself, and half-believed, before I was able to walk on the earth as though I had a right to be here.”, “A mob cannot afford to doubt: that the Jews killed Christ or that niggers want to rape their sisters or that anyone who fails to make it in the land of the free and the home of the brave deserves to be wretched. But I'm grateful that I sought him out. I remember reading most of these many years ago -- but they are worth going back to repeatedly. Arguably one of the 10 best books of my life. I only knew of James Baldwin as a gifted fiction writer. There was one good sentence amongst pages of fluff, and a good idea between a bunch of convoluted nothingness. We hope that james baldwin collected essays dozens of theseI narrowed looking for high-quality unique sites. Reading them along with his biography, by his friend David Leeming, is interesting, the biography providing helpful context. I have not read all of the essays yet, but I'm cleaning off my shelf since I'm not currently reading this book. Or maybe I just wish I had an ounce of Baldwin's ability to express ideas and beliefs in a clear and unpretentious m. Maybe it's odd for a culturally caucasian half-Korean to identify with a gay black man from Harlem during the 50s, but maybe the sense of displacement and separateness that plagues Americans (or perhaps just myself, in those moments of ego when I'm prone to think of my life and my condition as uniquely troubling) is a universal feeling born from our existence as the "melting pot". The later volumes No Name in the Street (1972) and The Devil Finds Work (1976) chart his continuing response to the social and political turbulence of his era and include his remarkable works of film criticism. The Library of America celebrates his place at the heart of American culture with two volumes of his most influential work, both edited by Toni Morrison. Try again. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 22 August 2017. Edited by Nobel laureate Toni Morrison, the Library of America's Collected Essays is the most comprehensive gathering of Baldwin's nonfiction ever published.

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