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Description:   A Vladof pistol with high fire rate, high base damage and good accuracy. The first one: Option 1a – simplest & most compact. Definitely needed this to be started. Obtaining:       Great for landing quick crits and appying elemental effects. Great for Cold Advance. If someone has newer data, please do share! Just one minor edit: This is a list of the Gear that we, as the community, feel is the best for Claptrap in each category. Unlike beam lasers, it’s much easier to keep these lasers on target and fully utilize that continuous bonus, making it a good alternative to SMGs and Assault Rifles. BLTPS was cool, unfortunately it didn’t get as much DLC love as BL2 and BL1 after the studio was shut down, which also especially made some season pass buyers very angry. Consumes 2 ammo per shot. make game play video footage of some more items: Juggernaut oz kit (maybe show one hit stomping trash mobs? Each piece of Top Gear will be accompanied by a short run-down on the weapon, what it does, ideal parts, where you can find it, and good alternative items if applicable. Usually Rocket Launchers are a means to escape FFYL quickly. version will profit greatly from the Cold Money tree and cryo focused class mods.

A Torgue assault rifle with high base damage and above average fire rate. [Shotgun parts]. A Vladof pistol with high fire rate, high base damage and good accuracy. A legendary Tediore Laser with very huge base damage but a relatively small magazine and low fire rate. Has the hidden Jakobs Type B crit modifier of 25%.

A legendary Jakobs sniper rifle that shoots 6 pellets at the cost of 1 bullet and has decreased accuracy. It’s good on its own, and even better for a melee hybrid play style utilizing A Backhand to Remember. A legendary Scav launcher with big mag size and good damage, that fires 6 projectiles with wide splash damage per 1 ammo.

Legendary Maliwan Transfusion grenades whose child grenades attach to enemies deal a comparatively low damage over time. Jakobs class mods that boosts three low to mid tier 3 skills. We played TPS knowing each character was either going to die because of their work for Handsome Jack, almost be killed for it, or be Claptrap. A unique Hyperion pistol with high fire rate, very high accuracy and very high elemental chance.

Critical hits have 100% chance to freeze targets with ranged and melee while wielding the weapon. Best parts:     Hyperion or Torgue Grip, Damage prefix (Win-Win) or Double Projectile prefix (Redundant), element Maybe I should just quote the formula at the beginning of the sniper section to make things easier. The purple variants don’t have this gimmick. You may want to edit that the Frigida can be obtained from the mission “In Perfect Hibernation” given by Lazlo in the Veins of Helios. Elements:              Definitely better reload throw damage than an IVF on frozen targets. how about this way to display the stuff? A legendary Tediore SMG whose reload gimmick will spawn two smaller IVFs that also explode. A Vladof pistol with high fire rate, high base damage and good accuracy.
[Shield components] Thanks, the copy&paste mistakes have been corrected.

Bullets split into 2 after a certain distance and always inflict 80% of the base damage as splash damage. ADS recommended. An excellenet allround COM with no real weaknesses that will perform well no matter which tree you focus on, and the spike gives additional crowd control. Freeze Chance (+46%), Cryo Damage (+48%), Shield Capacity (+11657) Damage is pretty okay. If you have any of the gear in the list, and are willing to record some short (2-3 min) video footage, please add them as reply and I’ll add them in the OP! A legendary Torgue launcher with extremely high damage whose rockets fire in an arc and explode in a mushroom cloud upon detonation. How was she written wrong though exactly? is almost never good for Aurelia. they have no right whatsoever to do as they please. ADS recommended.

Aurelia is a Boss from Borderlands 3 and can be found in Blackbarrel Cellars. ADS recommended. Legendary Hyperion Singularity grenade with reduced damage but increased blast radius, in fact the largest singularity grenade ingame. Being a Moxxi gun, it comes with a hidden lifesteal around 3% of the damage dealt. The projectile speed can be boosted by Aurelia’s Only the Best skill. Type B or “Jakobs type” only comes from a handful of guns, 95% of them Jakobs. ##Honorable Mentions This is a community guide, so if you don’t see something on here that you think should be, post your recommendation. A Maliwan sniper rifle with fairly high base damage and huge elemental chance, that deals 50% Elemental splash damage on hit. Its high elemental chance is applied to each of the 3 beams, increasing the overall elemental effect chance. version will profit greatly from the Cold Money tree and cryo focused class mods. A unique Maliwan laser with a Dahl barrel that fires energy bolts at a high fire rate with high accuracy and low recoil. But still interesting that the idea for the cryo mechanic & ground slamming attacks we have now came from that same studio. The shield recharge rate boost is pretty spectacular and can even recharge turtle shields pretty fast. Tediore oz kit that grants increased gun damage for each O2 unit. They can spawn with elemental immunities. Does superb damage when matching elements with Aurelia’s cryo skills. 1st i wld like 2 state i love the complete f-outta Aurelia and that gearbox did Aurelia’s character arc the wrong way we do know aurelia is a complete and utter 100% b-2 her brother but NEVER HAS SHE EVER DONE ANYTHING2 KILL HIM n NEVER has her char been the 1 who was so money hungry let me be clear Aurelia is already a rich B so wat justice wld it serve her 2 acquire more money lets be real SHE WAS A F-VAULT HUNTER 4 CHRIST SAKES if she wanted the jakobs estate she cld’ve took it long ago but no she has a business of her own she’s both financially independent/wealthy at the sametime never once has aurelia once in pre-sequel stated she wanted the jakob business never so the fact in bl3 they make her so bloodthirsty 4 money dat she’d sell over both hammerlock/vault hunter is completely and utterly stupid 4 reasons I’ve alrdy explained not2 mention think about it aurelia revolves around hammerlock if he ever died she wldnt even know wat 2 do with herself anymore check n mate oh i almost she also declined handsome jack so she’s definitely a gd person at heart but the fact gearbox said F-U 2 her whole character/dialogue is complete and utter-sh7, i wld like 2 also state aurelia stated in pre-sequel that she does what she does 2 hammerlock not becuz she’s hates him or loathes him but becuz it amuses her aka she alwys gets a kick out of it point blank period, It was pretty egregious what they did to Aurelia. SMGs can make good side arms as well as serve as reliable main weapons with a deep ammo pool for medium to close range oriented Builds. Hold up. Elements: Description:    Obtaining:      World drop, Grinder. have been edited, hopefully that makes it somewhat clear.

Gonna add damage prefixes to the jakobs snipers. The This gun can be a viable shotgun replacement. Assault rifles are fairly underpowered in general, but their deep ammo pool makes them a viable ammo diversity option.

Fires 3 projectiles per 1 ammo at a very high base damage at a very high fire rate while still being pretty accurate. no way is she like that, she is a saint. To be fair, that does look pretty good. This immense defensive boost makes up for the lack of offensive capabilities compared to the other legendary COMs. Can’t say I’ve tried a "Creme de la Crem"e mod as every build I’ve tried has ended up reliant on the centre tree. Description:    That seems pretty inline with her character. Unlike other railguns, it fires 3 beams in a tight triangular spread at the cost of 7 ammo, that pierce enemies. A unique Hyperion pistol with high fire rate, very high accuracy and very high elemental chance. The structure of the Guide will be as follows: 2 to 6 slots in each category will be reserved for Top Gear, the best bits of gear from that type. Again a good all round COM with a slight focus on offense.                  Assault rifles have it.          A unique Hyperion pistol with high fire rate, very high accuracy and very high elemental chance. A Dahl assault rifle with good fire rate, mag size, and damage, that fires 3 bullets at the cost of 2 in a very wide horizontal line. This makes the Quasar a great crowd control tool, which can be especially useful for pulling otherwise tough enemies into death traps. Variks, get on the comms! It’s the same for Jakobs, but with a Jakobs grip instead of Torgue; the stock remains the same. A legendary Maliwan beam laser with lowered magazine size,increased damage & element effect chance and damage. A Vladof sniper rifle with high fire rate and fairly high base damage but some increased recoil. [Laser gun parts]. CritDmg are crit boosts from class mods, Badass Ranks, luneshines, hitting crits on frozen targets and skills.

One of the best (if not the best) Hyperion shotguns in the game.

It profits from the Cold Money tree and cryo focused class mods, and is good for freezing and damaging a single target. Type C is not a “bonus” as it’s impact is negative.

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