PK: this is an interview with Andy Rooney on the presidential  inauguration day, January 20, 2009.

And I don’t like the idea of dying at all. He talks about his entrance into radio and television as a staff writer for Arthur Godfrey and later on television's The Morning Show with Will Rogers, Jr. and The Seven Lively Arts. I do my pieces and they run ‘em.

And there were just a few things that they objected to and we knew what they were so we didn’t have much trouble with censors. I mean he has a comment once in a while. And I made $500 a week which was pretty good. I would think that this belongs on the Kurt Cobain page instead of on the Andy Rooney page. After high school  I was the class of 1942 at Colgate and I was drafted at the end of my junior year so I never finished. The one and only Andy Rooney. My four kids, I see them a lot. And Murrow worked for him too. [Rooney: Check the size of those things. But I do think of it-- it is work. In his four-hour interview, commentator/writer Andy Rooney (1919-2011) speaks about his 50-year career in TV.

As America's favorite grouch in chief, he was the voice... ...the loud whiny voice, speaking on behalf of citizens fed up with nearly everything. [Rooney: I make my living having opinions.]. "60 Minutes Overtime": The best of Andy Rooney. "I'm not sure the American public would accept from me that fact [that I am an atheist]," he said, "I don't think that would please them or that it would attract a lot of people to me." So after the war, ’46, ’47 our kids started coming along. I was at Normandy  three days after landing..

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Well, the man is 92 now. To promote and advance, as a moral imperative, the unfettered power of thought over belief, of reason over faith, of facts over revelation and superstition, and of knowledge over dogmas and doctrines, especially in matters of religion and religious opinion. I never got to Berlin. ], Charlie Kiley. And I got a job with Arthur Godfrey. Rooney had been a contributorto 60 Minutes since the program'sbeginning in 1968 before taking over solo control of the program's endingsegment in 1979. Ellen Rooney,.

If you're old enough you'll remember that he's been doing his bit on 60 Minutes since 1978, replacing the "Point/Counterpoint" segment. Godfrey’s Wednesday night show was on television. At age 92, perhaps Grandpa Methuselah would be more fitting. And you waxed ‘em and you punched ‘em to make them supple and you could make them stand up. THIS IS A SHORT INTERVIEW BUT INTERESTING STARTING WITH HIS UPBRINGING IN ALBANY AND LIVING AT STUYVESANT TOWN WHEN THE RENT WAS CHEAP. He was on the “CBS Evening News.” . And my son bought a house on the point. And we inherited it–. He brings his camera right here in my office. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? He invited me to come out there and speak. He works for ABC in Los Angles. Well I went to 485 Madison, CBS headquarters at that time  and I was looking for Godfrey and I met him in the elevator.

I love Rensselaerville. I’d find an article in the paper and  turn it into a written piece. This will be Andy's last regular appearance on this broadcast. Just to check it out. First Army had a big press camp of about 20 correspondents. I was got up there and we were headed for Wilemshaven (P? … for years she was a news director of WCVB and then she ended up being on the air. Yeah. I’m still working here at CBS and I love it.I have complete independence. And I worked for him for another three or four months. "There's nobody like Andy andthere never will be. But we don’t have any trouble with anybody. North Texas Church of Freethought But everybody had them, every candidate has his own election card. That was my first television experience. Not much of it was live at that time . I have an apartment on 85th Street and she stays there when  she is in New York. They owned the felt mill in Albany, the paper mill felts. I worked for Godfrey for five years and got to meet the people at CBS, Godfrey  fired the other three guys. I like a younger doctor. )which was a big place to bomb. (214) 702-2050 I love it.

And my oldest daughter lives in London. I guess they don’t do that anymore. Visit our corporate site. Andy Rooney, who has been featured on 60 Minutes since 1978, will step down from his role on the CBS Sunday night program, the network said Tuesday. And I grew up during the Depression in Albany. I go there, go back there. Maybe CBS wouldn't let him say such things on the air.

This service who work here, Susie does everything that neither Keith or I do. Oh, yes, he's made no bones about it. So I would… I lived in London and I would go out to an air base and wait for them to come home and then talk to them. I went out there last week. In a 1996 interview he said that he preferred to "hide from people" his views on religion, at least on TV.

Rooney speaks of writing and appearing in "A Few Minutes With Andy Rooney" the essays on everyday life that appear on 60 Minutes. In his four-hour interview, commentator/writer Andy Rooney (1919-2011) speaks about his 50-year career in TV. I.

I got to know Cronkite. And they were about five by three with a picture of the candidate and then something about him on the left side. The interview precedes Rooney's final regular appearance on "60 Minutes," where he has had the last word since 1978. So I went over there and he had a woman who worked very closely with him, [MUDD ?] And he’s got the front point.The kids like to go to the lake and so my friend and I go up to the lake when they’re there. ANDY ROONEY: Well I hate it. So it ended up there were four of us writing for Godfrey. I was writing  stuff out of the newspaper. Or it's because Rooney is a smart guy. Then I was with the First Army. There was a problem.

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