By opting to have your ticket verified for this movie, you are allowing us to check the email address associated with your Rotten Tomatoes account against an email address associated with a Fandango ticket purchase for the same movie. Brilliant from the Atmospheric Opening Credits to the Chilling Final Frame. Forgot your password? She has this brilliantly nihilistic glance in her eyes that makes you feel uncomfortable. Sidney Poitier’s 7 Most Memorable Performances, All Harry Potter Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer. Has she or hasn't she. A trip to the Texas State Fair—with Borat disguised, as he is for much of the film, as a grizzled hayseed with a Prince Valiant hairdo—would seem to offer endless opportunities for up-close-and-personal pranks, but instead it’s largely just the backdrop for a few sight gags. You don't get any pleasure from this film; you get only suffering, blood and hysteria. Metacritic Reviews. The film’s soul-crushing finale makes it impossible to feel good about anything Laugier has depicted. However, she is … 2. From beginning credits to the final segment, Alfered Sole's "Alice Sweet Alice" is a chillingly gripping horror flick. Which is like saying that King Kong is big, Vincent Price’s performances are campy, and blood is red. For anybody arguing that the grand potential for boundary-breaking entertainment in 2020’s wide-open world of content-hungry streaming services has produced more mediocrity than anything else, Robert Zemeckis’s take on Roald Dahl’s dementedly fun short novel The Witches could serve as a key piece of evidence. Exclusive previews, reviews, and the latest news every week, delivered to your inbox. By contrast, Eddie wallows in sorrow and denial, his gait the grotesque result of him trying to mimic butchness. This study of human loneliness and the prickly crawlspace between adolescence and adulthood is also an unexpectedly poignant queering of the horror genre.
Director Sole was rumored to have stated that the church was simply the milieu he wanted to set the story against, but the Blu-ray commentary infers otherwise. Even without the benefit of Sole’s discussion, one can easily see the influence that Nicolas Roeg’s astonishing Don’t Look Now (1973) has on this film. The killer's mask and raincoat was pretty scary and the film was effective in setting up a few suspenseful scenes.
The fact that this film is only known because of Brook Shields is unfair to the quality of this film. Josh Vasquez, Throughout Brain Damage, Frank Henenlotter’s images have a compact and gnarly vitality. Director Alfred Sole does a fantastic job. Jean Genet and Marisa don’t toast to their kids because they’re decent human beings fighting heterosexual patriarchy, but for being the “devilish bitch” and “dirty-mouthed trans” that they are. Film Reviews. (The police are shown to be restorers of order, though they serve that function almost inadvertently.) As in his earlier film, the characters all have a diverse range of relationships: with each other, with their own race, with their aspirations, and with the eyes of the world at large. Daniel Nolasco’s Dry Wind and Gil Baroni’s Alice Júnior, both screening in the international section at this year’s NewFest, are refreshing in no small part because they find two Brazilian filmmakers telling stories set in regions of their country that are cinematically underrepresented and largely unknown to international audiences. It has a look, a feel, and an atmosphere all its own. Like any child, Alice wants her mother to notice her. Cast: Elle Lorraine, Vanessa Williams, Jay Pharoah, Lena Waithe, Kelly Rowland, Laverne Cox, Chanté Adams, Ashley Blaine Featherson, Blair Underwood, Usher Raymond IV Director: Justin Simien Screenwriter: Justin Simien Distributor: Hulu Running Time: 102 min Rating: NR Year: 2020, Enter to Win DVDs of The Great, a Blu-ray of Back to the Future: Ultimate Trilogy, and More, Our Preview Section Is Your Most Complete Guide for All the Films Coming Your Way Soon, We’re committed to keeping our content free and accessible—meaning no paywalls or subscription fees—so if you like what we do, consider becoming a SLANT patron, or making a PayPal. The aural assault of the band’s live shows stands in sharp contrast to Ruben and Lou’s personal life, which consists of quiet evenings dancing to soul music in their RV and waking up to health shakes and yoga. Once we’re sufficiently acclimated to Ham on Rye’s foreboding, wistful atmosphere, Taormina springs a poignant and satirical surprise.

It was overall unmemorable. Alice on My Mind (about 16 minutes, in high definition) – this is an interview with composer Stephen Lawrence regarding his brilliant score to the film. a very young brooke shields dies almost immediately. For Ruben, the song may be over, but the feedback lingers on. Sorry about that I just hate it when characters disappear for no reason and I don't want to give spoilers away by just asking about it here. During the first communion of Karen, the girl is strangled by a woman dressed with a St. Michael's yellow coat and a mask. The death scenes were done in striking fashion. “Anywhere!” Amber tells Eddie when he asks her where he could escape to. Alice Sweet Alice is an underappreciated slasher that has relevant themes and weird story lines. Amber’s father, for one, took his own life, and ever since then she’s been charging her classmates to use her family’s caravan as a place to have sex, so she can save enough money and move to London and work for a punk zine. Seeing one play what was essentially the lead role was, however. Enter ex-model Zora (Vanessa Williams), the new boss with a new vision for the channel that includes rebranding it as Cult. Movie Reviews Brooke Shields makes her film debut and does a wonderful job. Communion was dropped by the original distributor, picked up by another, retitled Alice, Sweet Alice and was even known as The Mask Murders. Despite being one of Bava’s simpler works, or perhaps because of that very reason, A Bay of Blood has proven to be the foremost progenitor of the slasher film, the one in which the Jason Voorheeses and Ghostfaces owe their blade of choice to. I went around for several days after seeing it very, very chilled by it. The place that “will kill you,” as Amber warns Eddie as well as her herself multiple times in one way or another, is rural Ireland in the 1990s, where divorce is still illegal—an idyllic meadowland plagued by backward prudes and homophobic bullies. When I'm wrong (which is the usual case), at least the killer turns out to be someone I had suspected at some point during the movie. We see a person on each floor while action is also taking place in the stairwell. You're almost there! It is, then, a provocative juxtaposition for Nolasco to stage his queer kinkfest at the epicenter of the land of Bolsonaro. On the day of her First Communion, Karen is brutally murdered right in the church and all suspicion points to her sister after she finds the discarded veil and wears it to the altar. She is the younger sibling who always gets what she wants. Next, Alice's Aunt is attacked in the stairwell of her apartment building. In 1960 were released "Peeping Tom" and "Psycho", the two first slasher films, time later the slasher subgenre brought a mix with the giallo subgenre born and many countries filmed slasher films. “Fucked!” That’s how Michael Gira described how his hearing is after a live show in a 2015 interview with the Guardian. Sole has no issue getting up close and personal with some of the more violent death scenes, but the plot is as much about the emotional trauma being felt by a young child as it is a slasher. As the body count starts to mount, Alice becomes the prime suspect. 4.

I would say not, but it is a good film. It is a flawed film but entertaining. Don’t worry, it won’t take long. Zora brought her own assistant, too, which puts pressure on Anna Bludso (Elle Lorraine), the assistant to Zora’s predecessor and an up-and-comer with ideas of her own, rent to pay, and something to prove. The landlord in the movie was one of the most disgusting, strange people i've seen on film. When young Karen Spages is strangled and set on fire in a Catholic Church at her first communion, her disturbed older sister Alice is the central suspect, because of her jealously towards her. The giddiness that Giuliani exhibits in response to Tutar’s sexual advances illustrates so starkly the lecherous sense of entitlement that drives such inappropriate and predacious behavior.

Taormina and co-writer Eric Berger don’t offer character development in a traditional sense, instead creating a free-floating and distinctly Altmanesque tapestry as they move among dozens of characters. External Reviews Instead, Nolasco often tries to reassert Dry Wind as a film with an actual plot. Bad Hair can feel overstuffed at times, as Anna shares scenes with an ever-increasing range of characters, including her family, friends, an ex, and her skeevy landlord, but the details give the film an exciting, lived-in quality that elevates what are otherwise some markedly unsteady attempts at horror.

So much more than Brooke Shields' first movie.

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