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A woman discovers a shocking secret after the unexpected death of her husband. Love After Love by Ingrid Persaud is published by Faber (RRP £14.99). Posted by Zoe Crombie Published . Please click the link below to receive your verification email. Neither Darlene nor Larry Sannes is quite sure how they first met; after all it was almost 70 years ago. After Love played at the London Film Festival and will be released in early 2021 via the BFI. This is the veteran Hong Kong New Wave filmmaker’s third adaptation of a work by Chinese-born writer Eileen Chang, whose writings were also the basis for Hui’s Love In a Fallen City from 1984 and 1997’s Eighteen Springs, as well as another film from the Biennale’s storied history: Ang Lee’s Golden Lion winner Lust, Caution. Persaud relies on readers’ good sense to translate Trinidadian witticisms like “From the smack of his lips I knew it real lash.” In a hilarious takedown of the false lives people display on social media, Betty states plainly, “Everybody know fisherman don’t say he fish rotten.”, There is much to admire in “Love After Love.” It will be a pleasurable read for anyone who has tried and failed in love, marriage, friendship and parenting. Editing: Mary Stephen Unwilling to reveal her identity, she poses as a cleaner assisting with the upcoming house move for her and son Solomon (Talid Ariss) – both of whom believe Ahmed to be alive and on his way to join them. In the words of Mr. Chetan, who left behind a life in the U.K. to return to his beloved island, “Home is where your navel string’s buried.”. In “The Sweet Sop” it was the balance of “anger and humour and love” that earned accolades from the National short story award judges. Costume design: Emi Wada Aleem Khan, © Copyright Poisonous Monkey Ltd, Registered in England & Wales. |, October 19, 2020 #LFF 2020: After Love review. Add Article. All rights reserved.

Joanna Scanlan, Nasser Memarzia, Nathalie Richard, Seema Morar | Writer: | Rating: 4/5 The story is recounted through a series of tender, amusing vignettes, with Betty, Chetan and Solo taking turns at the narration.

The Bureau, Persaud reminds us that the Caribbean is not only a place for immigrants to leave in search of better opportunity, but also a space to return to in search of love, family and connection to culture. BBC Films, October 19, 2020

Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. It would do a disservice to viewers and filmmakers alike to divulge more, but After Love is a technically proficient, sincere exploration of its thorny, complicated themes and gripping realist drama of the highest order. Tom Beasley is a freelance film journalist and wrestling fan. to and affiliated sites. But the most engrossing part of After Love isn't the histrionic story - instead, I was drawn to the exploration of borders, identity and transnationalism embodied by the characters. Your Ticket Confirmation # is located under the header in your email that reads "Your Ticket Reservation Details". Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. For most of After Love, she maintains her composure, only releasing a couple of tears of disbelief at Ahmed's funeral. Director: Ann Hui
It’s a little too quiet to really pack a punch, but this is consummate work from Scanlan.


Aleem Khan | Cast: I was glad to see Persaud tackle both domestic violence and taboos around homosexuality in Trinidad. |. All rights reserved.

Sign up here. Hopefully it won’t be her last leading role. Just confirm how you got your ticket. Paradoxically, access to the city’s inner circle of rich people whom they need to finance their subsistence depends on their reputation as an equally affluent clan. This kind of speculation about the motives behind characters’ often unexplained decisions and actions and the constant need to read between the lines are the general modus operandi of screenwriter Wang Anyi (Everlasting Regret, Temptress Moon), who here adapts Chang’s short story Aloeswood Incense: The First Brazier. No consensus yet. Love After Love by Ingrid Persaud review – flashes of pure truth . When Scanlan later lies in the waters of the Channel, it’s as if she is attempting to cleanse herself of the emotional wounds. The prose is playful and rhythmic, seeming to beat its own drum, so that at times you don’t read the novel so much as hear it. | Rating: 3/5 I hope that “Love After Love” will be the first of many works by Persaud that examine women’s lives, and any other subjects she chooses to tackle with her deft facility with language and her keen understanding of the human condition. We won’t be able to verify your ticket today, but it’s great to know for the future. This stratum’s narrative mechanics function like a classical melodrama with its cunning machinations, thwarted expectations and complicated romances, even if Hui’s tone is hushed and studiedly demure rather than melodramatic. That she still takes in the girl suggests not a sudden and atypical outpouring of familial love or general pity for an inexperienced young woman, but rather foreshadows something more ominous: Madame Liang — note that name — might see a way she can profit from having the beautiful and somewhat naive young lady in her household, which has been surviving at least partially on the generosity of rich male acquaintances.

FACEBOOK Naomi Jackson is the author of “The Star Side of Bird Hill.”.

Through After Love, Khan is able to explore the multinational facets that make up so many, acknowledging both the inclusivity and the difficulties of being a part of multiple cultures simultaneously. Read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy / Cookie Disclaimer. The family setup comes at a price for a widow, her son and her lodger who is gay in this tender novel set in Trinidad. Domestic abuse, bigotry, failed romance — these are delicate topics that are easy to exploit. In general, Genevieve and Solomon could stand to be more rounded and realised characters, with their solid work undersold by the movie. What to Watch Now Movie Reviews TV Reviews Roundtables Podcasts 'Love After Love' ('Di Yu Lu Xiang'): Film Review | Venice 2020 11:29 AM PDT 9/15/2020 by Boyd van Hoeij After the death of her husband, a woman travels across the English Channel to find the woman with whom he was having an affair. Persaud offers readers not only the expected doubles, roti and music the twin island republic is famous for but also vivid descriptions of insular communities, intimate friendships and Hindu religious practices and mysticism. 2020 BFI London Film Festival Review – After Love October 17, 2020 by Tori Brazier After Love, 2020. ngrid Persaud won both the 2017 Commonwealth short story prize and the 2018. Persaud gives us a captivating interrogation of love in all its forms, how it heals and how it harms, the twists and torments of obsession (mania), sex and romance (eros), family (storge), friendship (philia), acceptance or rejection by the community, and so on. Company No 0652630. We appreciate your support. Hosting by Stablepoint, Search for the best prices on thousands of products. “Everything is done the British way,” Madame Liang insists, which suggests not only that she’s au courant with what Hong Kong high society expected of people before the war but also that everything that they do is an act, an imposed, foreign façade that doesn’t come naturally to the well-off locals.

Coming Soon, Regal Production design: Zhao Hai

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