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About US

WayFlowers Van Lines focuses on moving services quality – from the equipment, packing material, trucks  to the actual services provided by our motivated experienced team of movers.  We provide services from a household move to a move with multiple services, including:

  • Specialty Moving (Piano, Fine Art and Trade Show Shipping, lowes tools ets)
  • Corporate Relocation (Office and Employee(s))
  • Local and Long Distance Move
  • Storage Services
  • Straight Delivery
  • Last Minutes Move

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  1. NIGHTMARE!!!!!
    By ct - July 18, 2019

    The worst company I have ever dealt with in my life for anything.
    I hired movers to do a long-distance move for a small 1BR apartment weeks in advance. Everything about the experience was a nightmare. I was lied to from the beginning about everything-how the move would be handled to the price. I was overcharged and the inventory was wrong-they listed items I didn’t even own and I was charged for their move. Almost every single item not in a box was severely damaged or broken. When it came to delivery, they lied to me about the time and I had to miss 2 days of work-at one point the delivery driver just turned his phone off and I heard nothing from the company for 12 hours-I couldn’t get in touch with anybody. When the delivery drivers did show up, they were aggressive and screaming (both at me and at each other), they threw my furniture around, taunted me and were generally rude and scary. They would not re-assemble any of my furniture correctly. A woman alone should not feel safe hiring this company ever. I was not reimbursed for damage done to my apartment. It was extremely difficult to get in touch with the company responsible and no one every really apologized for the numerous errors of the company or the danger I was put in by their employees. I would not recommend hiring this company for any reason. Everyone at this company was extremely unprofessional and rude. DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY FOR ANY REASON.

    1. Author Response
      By Wayflowers - August 16, 2019

      We appreciate when our customers take time to review us, but it seems that may have the wrong company as we don’t have any record of you. Maybe you have us confused with another company? If it was definitely us then we’d love the opportunity to apologize. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

  2. WayFlowers Van Lines
    By Christopher Morgen - November 29, 2018

    Great experience from the first call to the end. Sales and office team called several times to confirm details and provide updates. The moving guys showed up on time, were super friendly but professional, and moved all our stuff quickly and delicately. He and his crew were fantastic. Would definitely call them for our next move.

  3. $$$
    By Ethan - October 2, 2018

    The crew that packed my household goods were earlier than scheduled time, which was great! The team was professional, knowledgeable and thorough. His guys were hardworking and a great unit. The entire staff have been awesome and helpful throughout the process. I would definitely recommend International WayFlowers Van Lines to family and friends!!

  4. :)
    By Jane k. - September 27, 2018

    I had a friend who used this company when he moved and he recommended that I use it too. Im glad I took his advice because my expectations were definitely met. This moving company was very helpful and got the job done. The price was about right for the successful moving experience I received.I had a great salesmen who was honest and made the whole process easy from start to finish. It was a great experience overall and I will be sure to use this company again in the near future. Thank you very much for being my mover.

  5. Cool

    The guys are so kind, professional and strong! They worked around my dad and comforted my mom that everything would arrive safe and be protected . this is the 3rd time we`ve used a WayFlovers Van Linse…. and would use them again! Thanks guys!!!

  6. WayFlovers Van Lines
    By Mark. K. - September 17, 2018

    Arrived on time and did a nice job.

  7. gooooooood
    By Luiza - September 17, 2018

    The young men were professional. They were careful of our doorways, walls and railing as they moved a 230 pound treadmill from the second floor to the garage. we will definitely use them again and highly recommend their services.

  8. have a good day
    By O.L. - September 15, 2018

    Very quick-really appreciated . I would like recommend this company to friends and neighbors.

  9. Great tima
    By T.T. - September 5, 2018

    To day i have a great time with WayFlovers Van line. thank you everyone why help me to day. good helper! and good team.

  10. great moving
    By S.O. - September 4, 2018

    A really good company to move through. i would recommend.

  11. thanks
    By Daniel G - August 28, 2018

    Great experience! Communication about what was going happen, when things were going to be done was great. Given i was not at the property when the work was done, their flexibility around everything was perfect, including sending pictures post clean up.!

  12. tkank you.
    By Marvin K - August 17, 2018

    Great experience with WayFlowers Van Lines . Their prices were reasonable, they were on time and courteous. They worked hard and even provided helpful tips. Very Pleased .

  13. thanks
    By Nike N - August 15, 2018

    The guys showed up early, were professional and got the job done in less time and using less packing materials than originally estimated, which made it cost even less than their estimate. We were thrilled. The guys were extremely courteous and careful. Not a single item was damaged. I can’t say enough positive things about my experience with them. Thank you great team!

  14. cool
    By Jake T - August 13, 2018

    I can’t speak highly enough of the team who helped myself and my girlfriend last Saturday.

    They were extremely courteous and took great care and pride in their work.

    I would highly recommend using this company based on my experience.

  15. GOOD!!!
    By Kate S - August 11, 2018

    The guys were great. Knew what to do and did everything very quickly. We originally had them scheduled for 2 1/2 hours. They only took 1 hour. Very impressed. Will definitely use them again

  16. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    By Terry K - August 9, 2018

    WayFlowers Van Lines is the best! I’ve used them twice now and each experience has been awesome. Tim was a sweetheart over the phone while I was scheduling my move. Both of the crews I worked with were very quick, efficient, and handled my stuff with care. If you are deciding on a moving company, just stop now and give them a call.

  17. VayFlowers Van Lines!
    By Alison K - August 6, 2018

    They were on time, pleasant and very careful moving the purchased furniture. I would highly recommend them.

  18. All right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    By David K - August 5, 2018

    Before I even started looking for a moving company, I knew that I needed movers who could not only get my home packed up, I also knew that I needed people who could get the move done fairly quickly. Our home sold faster than we thought it would, and the new owners wanted in fast. Long story short, I needed a local company that could get all of our belongings get moved in under 48 hours.

    After an estimate and initial walk-through on Thursday, he told me that they can schedule movers to be at my home the following Saturday morning, and that I’d be in my new home by nighttime the same day. I was skeptical, to say the least, but it seemed like our only option. Each room was fully furnished with tons of furniture, not to mention our basement. But my biggest worry was the steps: our old place has a long set of stairs between the front door and the street. I was really nervous about potential breaks and damages.

    They arrived at 9.30am on Saturday and we were in the new place before 6:00. Not only did all of our belongings make it safely WITHOUT A SCRATCH, every box was appropriately labeled, perfectly organized, and placed in the correct room. Pure movers stuck to their initial quote, no hidden fees or hassles. Next time I move (which hopefully won’t be anytime soon) I’m giving these guys a call again!

  19. New experience!
    By Davis R - August 3, 2018

    These guys were so professional, extremely hard working and they knew exactly what the were doing and how to do it. Talk about efficient! They only took 2 15 minute breaks during a 10 hour day that it took to move us. No standing around for these guys on the clock.

    I was impressed with VayFlowers Van Lince when I emailed them for a quote and then to follow up with questions. The response was very prompt and professional. I don’t ever want to have to move again, but if/when I do, I will certainly be calling on them. Their prices are an incredible value and I felt like I got a lot for my money. 10 hours was $1250 and I moved out of a place with ridiculous stairs only to move into a 3 story house with super narrow stairs. I still don’t know how the got my washing machine up 3 floors and I watched them do it!

    From start to finish, they were polite, asking me if I was happy with everything, where I wanted things and super responsive to my directions. Nothing was broken or scratched with the 35 boxes and a ton of really heavy furniture I had. I am extremely happy with my decision to go with them and I highly recommend them.

  20. Awesome!!!
    By Adam - August 2, 2018

    I had a limited window of time for completing the process and they were very conscious and understanding. Also very professionally and nice! they did awesome!

  21. Great company
    By SaraJ - August 1, 2018

    These guys are great. They are eveything you want a moving company to be. They are on time, efficient, careful and clean.
    I scheduled and appointment with no problem, they showed up with 3 guys and finished the entire move as estimated and with nothing broken.

  22. good
    By Alex - July 28, 2018

    Movers were great and did an amazing job moving some large items up a tight 90 degree staircase corner (dryer, washer, piano, etc). Well worth any premium over competitors.

  23. Great Experience
    By Austin - July 24, 2018

    Great experience with Wayflowers. They came within the specified window of time and immediately began moving, wrapping and disassembling my apartment. They were careful, professional and very affordable. Once in the new apartment, they quickly re-asembled certain pieces. They were amazing and I would definitely use their services again.

  24. Best one
    By Alice - July 22, 2018

    This was hands down the best moving experience I’ve had in 12 years. Movers showed up on time, loaded my belongings in 1 hour 30 minutes, and finished promptly. There is a long set of stairs leading down to my house, about 40 steps, and they handled it with no problem.
    They also offered to take away trash that was left-over from opening boxes.
    Overall, very professional, very nice people, and hard workers. Thanks Wayflowers!

  25. Good teams!!!
    By Anastasia - July 10, 2018

    I would highly recommend this moving company. His team were efficient, organized, and professional. Everything was picked up and delivered on time. Would use them again

  26. WayFlowers Van Lines
    By Sam - July 9, 2018

    I had a great experience with WayFlowers Van Lines. Lana was extremely helpful, quick to respond, and so easy to work with throughout the entire process from the movers arriving to even after delivery. I highly recommend this team!!!!

  27. so happy with everything
    By AutumnLee - June 29, 2018

    We hired Wayflowers Van Lines and we were totally satisfied! They really delivered on scheduled time. Movers were very punctual to arrive an packed everything carefully. I was amazed to see how delicately they packed our fragile things . Their system was very effective and the job was done in 4 hours. The final bill was very close to the initial quote and we were just so happy with everything these guys did for us. Thanks Wayflowers!

  28. WayFlowers Van Lines
    By Lion - June 25, 2018

    WayFlowers Van Lines worked hard, safely and efficiently! They even wrapped everything up for me. Excellent services it was my first time using a moving company! Would highly recommended to anyone moving this a new upstanding company, not like those other frauds out.

  29. WOoW
    By Jack007 - June 22, 2018

    Experience was amazing! They were extremely efficient and fast. They took apart all the furniture and reassembled it nicely. How they carried all the furniture to the 4th floor I have no idea. But these guys are strongest. How much work they done OMG! Really impressed by their service. And the guys, they always have a smile on their face 🙂 . Another good point about them is that they really take care of your things. Wayflowers van lines is unique moving company!

  30. Awesome
    By Ryan - June 19, 2018

    Thanks WayFlowers Van Lines for professional move and no stress move. We were looking for a trustful moving company who will give us a good service. They were quick to respond and kept us up to date with all their process. The movers sent from the company were very efficient, hard worked and very fast. We highly recommend them and we will use this service again for sure.

  31. Good job!!!
    By Lana - June 16, 2018

    I contacted WayFlowers Van Lines 1 week before a cross-town move. They fit me into their schedule on the day I needed, they were up-front with their pricing which was very reasonable , no any surprises on moving day! Team actually arrived on time and were ready to work, did an impeccable job of wrapping, moving all my items in a careful, efficient manner. Friendly and professional team. I would highly recommend them and would definitely use their services again.

  32. New experience!
    By TomasAnderson - June 15, 2018

    After having moved too many times in my life, WayFlowers Van Lines were totally amazing and they far exceeded my expectations. Guys were extremely professional, dedicated and definitely motivated. They moved me from one location into another finally with no stress! It was truly amazing to watch how organized and quickly they worked. If you need professional and reasonably priced movers, call WayFlowers Van Lines total new experience. You won’t regret it!!!

  33. Great team!
    By AshleyMer - June 15, 2018

    I hired a Wayflowers for my move and all three guys are GOODs . On time, friendly, polite, and best of all did not damage a single thing! Out of the several other moving companies we have hired, these guys beat them by a mile. They got the job done fast and I would hire them in a heartbeat again. Also the owners are a super nice guys. Can’t say enough good things. Thank you WayFlowers Van Lines!

  34. Fragile Safe
    By DanielleFitch - June 14, 2018

    We moved to our four bed room house in SC to NC. We had a lot of fragile items. So we decided to pack professionally. Two gentlemen from Wayflowers came to pack our glasses, dishes, pictures etcetera. We were amazed watching their style of wrapping sooo fast. They just took few hours to wrap and pack all items. When the movers came they were extra ordinary. We couldn’t believe unless we didn’t see that they could have done so many things with in such a short time like from pulling every box up from basement into the truck. Of course it was not an easy task. But they did it with complete perfection. These guys were friendly when they delivered our stuffs at our new condo. We are very pleased with the quality of services they provided.

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