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  1. Very affordable
    By Delmer L - October 13, 2018

    The best thing about this company is their pricing. I had quotes from other companies but they seemed way too high considering the price Veteran Movers NYC gave me. So I hired them. They turned out to be quite great. The movers arrived on time which I wasn’t expecting at all. They moved all my furniture and other valuables safely without any damage. They maintained the time schedules and added nothing extra to the final bill.

  2. Amazing reputation
    By Joseph Robinson - October 6, 2018

    I think Veteran Movers NYC keeps providing such amazing services because they have a reputation to defend. I hired them a few times and they always provided me the best services. They were just as efficient as I remembered them each time. The movers were young, energetic men with sufficient experience. Their foreman was a very responsible person always having the client’s best interest at heart. The movers took no time in packing and loading all my stuffs. These men are just like machines. They always delivered on time and made sure my valuables traveled safely. I don’t see why I won’t praise them.

  3. Effortless and fun
    By BenjaminLee - September 22, 2018

    It was such a pleasure to have worked with Veteran Movers NYC during my last move. These guys did a great job on my move from start to finish. The two young men were both very professional and hard working. Their supervisor was on the ball every step of the way and answered all my questions that I asked a lot. They were very careful with the furniture and also watched all the walls moving in. All fees were explained up front and were very reasonable. From front office to movers this is a well-run company. I will use them again and recommend to everyone I know.

  4. It was a pleasant relocation
    By Steven Lee - September 11, 2018

    When it comes to relocations, I was clueless. I asked every friend of mine for advice. I have friends who relocated with Veteran Movers NYC before and they told me how good this company is. They were totally right. The movers, who maintained their timings, were just so efficient. Their speed really ensured my bill to stay low. All our belongings were carefully packed, loaded and delivered without any issues. I am just so grateful to this moving company. It’s not easy to relocate. But having these guys help you really eases it.

  5. What a great company!
    By Peter Rodriguez - September 3, 2018

    This is a magnificent moving company! No other company is even near their standards! They are the best without any doubt! They have competitive rates and price match guarantee. Their moving people are expedience, professional and very hardworking. They moved me a month ago and it was fantastic. I never needed to do a single thing and yet I was moved exactly how I wanted. The guys delivered on time on the other side and also helped with the unpacking and staging without any issues! It does not get any better than this! Veteran Movers NYC is no.1 in my book!

  6. So easy to work with!
    By Oswaldo Burden - August 23, 2018

    You will love working with Veteran Movers NYC. They were very efficient and professional. They have very low rates but trust me; the low pricing will not affect the quality! Their service is way better than the others. They move you within the given time and without any damages at all. I hired them last month for my long distance move and my move was smooth and easy. They got it all right. The packing, the moving, the unloading and staging was all done correctly. I did not get the chance to complain! I highly recommend this moving company to all.

  7. Glad I found them
    By Frank Roberts - August 12, 2018

    Hire Veteran Movers NYC! They are the best moving company out there. They are efficient, caring, professional and very obedient. They listen to everything you say and they get the job done without any problems. I hired them for my long distance move a couple of weeks ago and they beautifully moved me! There were no damages, no dents, no scratches and no problems at all. There were no extra fees too! I am glad I found them! They truly are remarkable. I highly recommend them to all.

  8. Nice way to move
    By SeanAnderson - August 5, 2018

    Veteran Movers NYC moves you in a very nice way. They are great for cross country moves. It is a loss that they do not do local moves! Life would have been so much easier! They are so professional and efficient! I hired them last month for my cross country move and they did a magnificent job! They moved all my belongings with care and did not damage anything. All was delivered in due time too! They lived up to my expectations! I will use them again and I will recommend them very highly to all.

  9. Exceptional moving crew
    By Eric Peterson - July 22, 2018

    The guys who came to help were exceptional! They really are experienced, professional, efficient and caring. They moved my belongings so nicely! I really loved how they cared about every single little detail and made sure nothing was damaged. They also had nice personalities which made them more likable. To be honest, I did not face any trouble with this moving company. They moved me very quickly and smoothly and above all, there were no damages at all! I had a very good time with Veteran Movers NYC. I will use them again.

  10. Probably the best!
    By Jerry Coleman - July 17, 2018

    I do not know that many moving companies, but I do think Veteran Movers NYC is probably the best! The way they moved me was unbelievable! Actually I do not require more than this! They moved me cross country last month and they did a wonderful job. They moved me within the given time and without any damages. The moving boys paid attention to every detail and also respected me and my belongings. All was perfect! No extra fees too! Why wouldn’t I recommend this moving company?

  11. Good pricing
    By MartinReed - July 4, 2018

    I talked with many moving companies and everyone asked for a very high price. Veteran Movers NYC was the one who asked for a reasonable price. I went with them because of their price and also they have good reviews. On the day of the move, a foreman and his 3 helpers packed and moved my things nicely. They were very careful with the fragile items and glassware. Everything was nicely moved and there were no damages in the end. One thing I really liked about them is their commitment! They said the price will not change and it didn’t! I really had a good move. I highly recommend them to all.

  12. Safe delivery
    By Anthony Roberts - June 19, 2018

    I would like to thank Veteran Movers NYC for moving me the way I wanted. You sent a very good crew who knew what they were doing. They were punctual, efficient and caring. I really like how they protected every single item and made sure nothing was damaged. All went extremely well. The packing was done nicely and also the loading, the unloading and the placement of things. I had a good experience and I hope yours will go smooth too. I highly recommend this moving company to all. They are a safe choice! Best of luck!

  13. Hiring them saved a lot of hassle!
    By Orville Hansen - June 12, 2018

    Veteran Movers NYC is the right way to go! Hiring them saved me a lot of hassle! They were very professional, very efficient and very caring. I have not seen such an effective crew before. They came on time and packed everything up very quickly. They moved all the furniture with a lot of care and they made sure nothing had a dent on it. They moved it all with perfection! They are genuinely experienced because there were a lot of times where the furniture could have gotten damaged, but it did not! They certainly made my life easier. All was delivered on time and unharmed.

  14. I am grateful
    By Jason Ross - June 5, 2018

    I loved how this moving company moved me last month! It was a very quick and easy move thanks to them. They came on time and moved me out within the given time and did the job very professionally and smoothly. They took no breaks or wasted any time at all. They delivered on time as promised and even helped me unpack. There were no damages and no extra fees! I had a mind blowing moving experience! No issues at all! I highly recommend Veteran Movers NYC to all. They are totally worth it! Hire them!

  15. Reasonable price
    By Nicholas Johnson - May 23, 2018

    I talked with many moving companies for my long distance move and everyone asked for a very high fee. Only Veteran Movers NYC quoted us with something low and reasonable. Do not think that they were cheap means that their service is not put the mark. Their service is amazing! They moved me without any trouble and without any damages. They gave attention to every single detail! They moved all the furniture and household items without even bumping it! Moving with them is a smart choice!!

  16. Smart for sure!
    By Lawrence Moore - May 10, 2018

    Everyone here is very smart and efficient. When they were helping me out with my long distance move, they faced a few problems. Such as the corners were too tight, some furniture would not get out from the door, and the china cabinets were hard to take down. But these guys fixed every problem in just 2 mins! They are super experienced and professional. I received a damage free move and I am pretty much sure you will too. Hire Veteran Movers NYC and you will not regret it. They are highly recommended!

  17. Best feeling ever!
    By Gregory Moore - May 4, 2018

    Best feeling was when I saw my things were intact and damage free. Nothing else really mattered after that to be honest! But it was super great to see that they did not charge me with anything extra and they kept all their promises. I really liked the guys who helped with the packing. They were smart, energetic, skilled and experienced. I think because of them this move was nicely done! Such a great team! I also wanted to thank their sale rep. He is a really a nice guy!! Very helpful and supportive! I loved everything about Veteran Movers NYC!

  18. What a great experience!
    By Archie Carson - April 19, 2018

    What a great experience! I would like to admit that they went above and beyond!! They are very professional and efficient! This move with Veteran Movers NYC was like a breeze. They came on time and packed liked trained machines. In and out in no time! Nothing was damaged or even slightly scratched! All was there perfectly! I love their pricing too! No changes in the bill! I highly recommend Veteran Movers NYC to all!

  19. So quickly done!
    By James Howard - April 12, 2018

    These guys from Veteran Movers NYC did everything so quickly! They moved me in a very short period of time and they did not damage a thing! The hiring process was done quickly and the guys who came to pack, they completed packing and loading an hour early! These guys are so professional! They should change their name to ‘quick and easy moving’! I really loved working with them! They are the best. I highly recommend them.

  20. No flaws!
    By Craig Adams - April 5, 2018

    If you want your move to have no flaws, I highly recommend Veteran Movers NYC. They will make it happen. They are easy to work with and they do not charge much. If any problem happens during the move, they will take care of it. Such as, if you can’t take out the couch from the door, they will take it out from the window. They are professional and they have a solution for everything. Go with the pros and hire these guys!

  21. Satisfactory price
    By Steve Green - March 24, 2018

    Price is always an issue you hire these moving companies. They usually ask you for such high numbers that seems ridiculous. I went Veteran Movers NYC because I could hire them. They even did a really good job. They were transporting my belongings cross-country but there was no damage. I am quite happy with their service. I just don’t know how they can provide that level of service and charge so low!

  22. Always delivers
    By Victor3 - March 12, 2018

    We have used Veteran Movers NYC many times already and I would never hire another moving company but them. Each time, they did a fantastic job. They were on time and each and every person working on our move was professional, friendly and worked extremely hard. It was also apparent the team worked well together and respected their teammates. They were very careful with all of our belongings, taking measures to protect our furniture with moving blankets and various wraps. They were continuously working and only stopped for their lunch break. Their prices were fair and reasonable. Fantastic customer service when you call, the people who answer their phones are always nice and very thorough. I would highly recommend them and would use them again in the future!

  23. Efficient and cool minded movers
    By Alex Lambert - March 5, 2018

    Relocation is always hectic and I can only imagine how hard it must be for people who do it every day. I have so much respect for the movers from Veteran Movers NYC. They really do the job well. I own a lot of belongings and I almost felt bad for them when they had to pack everything and carry my heavy pieces of furniture. But they did everything with such ease. I received the delivery on schedule as well. I surely will miss my old place but it was good of the movers to make my move easier.

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