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As a licensed interstate broker, we will coordinate and arrange for the transportation of household goods by an FMCSA authorized motor carrier. US Moving & Storage takes pride in our accomplishments throughout our journey helping families, individuals, and business owners move belongings as close as one floor away, to as far as another state across the country; all while growing as a reputable organization. We understand the importance of delivering professional moving services to our customers, which is why we invest back into our company and offer our staff members quality training while adopting a customer-first philosophy in our operations.

Our Mission

Our mission in the moving industry is to simplify the process of how residents plan long-distance moves with an innovative touch that eases the management. We want to introduce this ideology as a solution to a problem all residents experience in their lifetime. Through our resources, experience, and knowledge, US Moving & Storage can provide a more cost-efficient strategy that simplifies the difficulties many faces, but more importantly in a quicker time frame; as we all know time is of the essence when moving.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a household moving brand residents prefer to work with when planning a move they need assistance with. We know the moving industry isn’t the most credible industry out there, so it’s more important for us to establish relationships with our clients than it is to book as many one-time appointments as we can. We want our clients to look forward to working with us and feel comfortable with our commitment to the responsibility and liability of your belongings.



101 Plaza Real South Ste 203 Boca Raton FL, 33432

Phone: 888-550-7515
Email: info@usmovingandstorage.net

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  1. I was in control!
    By Alex Cummings - May 23, 2022

    All I have to say about this company is that they are truly a great moving company. I felt like I was in full control of my move and it was a great feeling! The moving team was very nice and polite and they worked for 5 hours straight while doing the packing and loading! My things arrived with no damage, the price was great and they got to my new home in time for me to start my new job with no worries. Overall it was just great!! US moving and storage has given me exactly what I wanted.

  2. We got what we wanted
    By Joseph Adams - May 17, 2022

    Packing and moving needs a lot of planning and a good moving company is just what all customers are on a look out for. I was exactly the same. We hired a company to facilitate our move and the moving company promised us the world. They assured us good packing, no cost change and timely completion. And guess what? US Moving & Storage did everything they said they would do. They are efficient! They packed and loaded like real professionals. They got us out of our old place in 4 hours! Nothing was damaged when they delivered our things back to us. We were simply amazed how well this move went. All I want to say is that they do a really nice job!

  3. Have used them three times
    By Grady Chavez - May 16, 2022

    I have used US moving and storage three times now because they are trustworthy, professional, quick, attentive, and frankly have helped make horrible moving experiences manageable and smooth. Communications are easy via phone or email and they are very responsive. Our schedules changed a few times and they quickly accommodated us. All the time they have gone above and beyond for me. It seems to me that they just keep improving and getting more efficient with every experience. The packing material, new vans and attitude just seems to get better. I have worked with three of their teams and all of them have the same mannerism and attitude towards work.

  4. Reliable and affordable
    By Herman Obrien - May 5, 2022

    US moving & storage did a fantastic job when my family and I moved a month ago. It was a pleasure seeing them working. They are hardworking and careful which is really important when you have strangers packing your things. The entire process was all done quickly and professionally. They have reasonably low prices and I believe that they are affordable for most people.

  5. Meant for me!!!!!!!!
    By Benjamin Jones - May 3, 2022

    I needed a company that would help me with my long distance move, but I needed someone who would do it fast, careful and for an affordable price. I found US moving & storage online and after the detailed research, I decided to give them a try. Their good organization helped me finish this move very quickly. None of my things were damaged and the price remained the same. I am glad I trusted them!

  6. Respectful and reliable
    By Kenneth Robinson - April 27, 2022

    Moving for the 2nd time this year was a bit annoying, but because of my job transfer my family needed to move. We were all annoyed and cranky, not knowing how to start, whether to do it alone or get some friends. In the end my wife found US moving & storage via the Internet and we hired them. We got a wonderful service. Punctuality, fast delivery, affordable prices and people who were really respectful and reliable. Our move was like a breeze thanks to them.

  7. So quickly done!
    By Joseph Leonard - April 25, 2022

    When I did a long distance move with US Moving & Storage, they made the moving experience wonderful! I had to move a lot of furniture and I was expecting a huge price. But it wasn’t like that. The company is reasonably affordable and they surely work efficiently and carefully. There were no hidden fees or any surprises at the end. I had a great experience with this company.

  8. Affordable price in the end
    By Caleb Summers - April 23, 2022

    My family and I did a long distance move a few weeks ago and I have to say even though we were pretty chaotic in our packing and had no organization at all, the company managed to save our moving completely. They redid a few boxes and did not charge for it! We were really thankful for the great job they did and the affordable price we got in the end. US moving and storage will get my business always!

  9. I would happily refer them to everyone
    By Victor Jordan - April 22, 2022

    It was a real deal! They worked politely and with great respect towards our belongings. The guys never wasted our time. It seemed they were well organized, bringing everything they needed to pack and move. Most of the time of move day, they spent on ensuring the safety of my fragile items. They packed every item in appropriate boxes. There was no damage at all!! US moving and storage is the best moving company I have ever hired. I am very happy to refer to them!

  10. Recommended for long distance moves
    By Walter Jackson - April 20, 2022

    Great job! I’ll be recommending their services to anyone who ever tells me they need to move a lot of boxes over a long distance. I was nervous at first, since their prices were lower than the competition, but I have to say that their service was totally professional, polite, and reliable. I don’t hope to move again for a while, but if I do, I know what company I’ll be contacting. Yes, it’s US Moving & Storage!

  11. Unbelievably low
    By Ignacio Leonard - April 17, 2022

    In my opinion this was one of those moving experiences that you don’t really feel are a burden. It was easy, fast and on time. I loved the fact that they were dedicated and really down to earth, but also punctual and careful. Their foreman and his team mates were extremely kind and efficient. Got us out of our apt in 4 hours and not a single damage was found anywhere! I also loved the final price which was unbelievably low. US Moving & Storage is worth every penny!

  12. Stress free relocation
    By Gordon Patrick - April 14, 2022

    We recently made a move with US moving & storage and they contacted us after our request was made and it was as easy as that, from beginning to the end! Their sales rep kept me informed all the way. The moving crew was excellent! They placed our boxes wherever we wanted them (regardless of which floor they were going to). They were respectful and helpful. Thank you for making a stressful time less stressful!

  13. I rate them high
    By Mack Brown - April 11, 2022

    There’s a good reason that US moving & storage has such consistently good reviews. They are total professionals! They moved my sister, and the work they did was magnificent and they were a pleasure to have around. I was there the entire time and they were spot on. I don’t have anything bad to say about them. I’d recommend this company very highly!

  14. Will use them in future
    By Evan Hansen - April 10, 2022

    Very reliable workers. I needed tons of items moved within a short time. US moving & storage came through! They did an amazing job! They showed up early and brought all materials needed for the move. They charged reasonably which defeated all other offers. I am very pleased with the results. They finished the long distance moving within the window. There was absolutely no damage and no missing. I would probably use them in future.

  15. First move with them
    By Emily Harris - April 8, 2022

    This was our first time using US moving & storage and my husband was the one who called them and got them for us. Anyways, this is the best moving company ever! They showed up on time and started to work immediately after going over our contract. Words cannot express how professional this company and their employees are. We will definitely use this company again. Very satisfied service!

  16. Really nice
    By Jose Bradley - April 7, 2022

    My move with this moving company went really well. I have used their services many times for moving and they haven’t disappointed me yet. They all are dedicated and skilled. Their service charge is really low compared to others and the most important thing is that they are always available for an old client like me. So you may take their help without any confusion. US moving & storage will be the right choice.

  17. They will surprise you
    By Calvin Lucas - April 4, 2022

    We had a pleasant move with US moving & storage few weeks ago and their good and professional work made the whole move easy and pleasant. I can’t thank them enough and the low price was also great. Hire them; they will surprise you with their professionalism. You cannot go wrong with them. A picture perfect move guaranteed! They are highly recommended!

  18. Was worth it!
    By Steve Russell1 - March 28, 2022

    I was very pleased at my decision with US Moving & Storage. They were kind, helpful and made my move a very easy and pleasant one. The price they charged was very good and below many others that I checked on. I was very happy with them. No damages and no hidden fees which was the best part! Great Company! I will use them again and they are highly recommended!

  19. They made my day
    By Donald H. - March 27, 2022

    I recently had to relocate my condo. This is the second time that I’ve used them, so I called them again. They didn’t fail me this time either. The crew was strong man, courteous, and fast. I’m glad I called US moving and storage for my move just like my last move. These guys were awesome. They are very good at what they do. I was very hesitant to hire a moving company. My worries were over the minute they showed up. Very fast, yet good and professional.

  20. More than 5 stars
    By Emmett Dean - March 26, 2022

    They made me feel so calm and happy because looking at their work carefully really made my moving experience less stressful. I gotta say that I thought that they would charge me more than the initial deal, but no, the price remained the same and it was affordable. Thank you for such a smooth and easy move and taking care of all my belongings! US moving & storage gets all the stars possible!

  21. 2nd move with these guys
    By Benny Hogan - March 24, 2022

    Always on time! No matter how difficult it is, they always make it! The moving went great, no extended charging, no stress and really great service! It was really good and fast moving as like my first move with them. They did an amazing job when they came into my home and finished the entire packing for me so quickly and so easily. I loved the process and how easy it went! US Moving & Storage shall always be my first choice.

  22. Cheap and efficient
    By Bruce Padilla - March 19, 2022

    Their wonderful and professional services are available at a cheap and affordable rate! Their professionalism and expertise are the things that surprised me about their service. Most importantly, they are a team of professionals, well-mannered, hardworking and reliable workers. Thank you so much US moving and storage for such a cheap price without sacrificing quality.

  23. Impeccable
    By Todd Cooper - March 17, 2022

    US moving and storage is a company that you will want to use for every move. If it was possible, local moves too! They are great! They took such good care of me and my belongings (furniture, files, paintings and plants). Absolutely great! Their price is right and they do not rip you off in the end. They are honest and reliable. Not a scratch on anything and that is why I highly recommend them!

  24. Worked non stop
    By Martin Bridges - March 15, 2022

    These guys were awesome. They came to my house at about 8A.M. in the morning and didn’t stop until they were done on this side. They worked at a very fast speed and yet were very concerned about letting us know what was going to happen next and let us check on what they had done. They were very friendly and polite. We would highly recommend them. If you have to make a move, call US Moving and Storage.

  25. Great turnout!
    By Clifford Bowen - March 15, 2022

    So I have never used a moving company before and was not sure what to expect. So when it was move day, I was very nervous but my nerves were quickly put at ease when these guys started working. You can tell that they really knew what they were doing. I felt comfortable from start to finish and there were no headaches of any kind. US Moving and Storage is highly recommended because they do a flawless job!

  26. Respect to this company!
    By Johnny Hudson - March 11, 2022

    Their attitude to work, honesty and even politeness are the factors that assured me of their quality and value. They gave me a picture perfect move which I am very thankful for. Not only did the guys give a perfect and professional service to me, but also they did not waste my time. They were in and out in no time! US Moving & Storage gets 5 stars in all areas!

  27. Worthy of my business
    By Lester Henry - March 8, 2022

    I need to move a lot because my company moves me to different locations every two years. Of course, the company handles the costs involved in the move but they leave the damages up to me. I have always been heartbroken at the end of the move because I always found something missing or damaged. But luckily for me, this time I dealt with real professionals called US moving & storage. I was so lucky to have found them because none of my stuff was damaged or broken! They really took care of every single item including the floors! Isn’t that just great!!!

  28. I enjoyed all of it
    By Steven Hudson - March 7, 2022

    Packing and moving stuff require immense skills. Moving guys must possess the requisite skills in order to give a perfect service. Most companies do not have the necessary skills and that is why most moves often end in a total disaster. My last move with US moving & storage was a different story altogether. The guys have the skills lacking in other companies and they worked to give me the best. And they did give me the best! Damage free and stress free! I am happy with the result and I really enjoyed it!

  29. Loved the punctuality
    By Dexter Colon - March 4, 2022

    Their punctuality was one of their best features when we were moving a few weeks back. The entire process was finished quickly and they managed to move everything without ruining a single item. The price we paid wasn’t too high or cheap. It was affordable and reasonable. US Moving & Storage is professional, efficient and caring. They moved us so smoothly and carefully! No damages found anywhere! Highly recommended!

  30. I highly recommend
    By Fred Anderson - February 25, 2022

    Moving with these guys has been a pleasure. They are so polite and well mannered. They treated my valuables with care and respect. They are punctual and efficient. They moved me so quickly! They also did not harm a single item and helped me decorate my new place. These guys aren’t just workers, they are people who are nice and who really care for you. I highly recommend US moving & storage because you will love working with them.

  31. Organized move
    By Steven Anderson - February 20, 2022

    I had a very well organized move with the help of US Moving & Storage. We had a wonderful collaboration and good understanding; practically they did the moving according to the plan. I was relocated in 14 days and at a very low price. I cannot thank this moving company enough for making this move feel like a breeze. They are now my favorite movers! I sure will recommend them.

  32. Greek skills
    By Oliver Hunter - February 17, 2022

    We had absolutely no problems or any fuss during our move with US Moving & Storage. This company sent us really hard working men with great skills and wonderful sense of humor that helped our move to be so relaxing and tension free. The move was done in time and they also helped fix the garage door for me. They are handy, efficient and friendly. I couldn’t ask for a better team! Well done guys and keep up the good work.

  33. None of things were damaged
    By Roman Ferguson - February 12, 2022

    Marvelous job guys! No one could do this move better! So happy with the level of professionalism and enthusiasm! You guys are my rock stars! The way you moved all the furniture was like seeing magicians do magic! Not a single dent on anything! You guys have proven that good service still exists! No extra fees, no hidden charges and a damage free move. I highly recommend US Moving & Storage because they are nothing like the rest.

  34. I am impressed
    By Mark Long - February 7, 2022

    US moving & storage have many tricks up their sleeves. And I mean good ones! They know how to take anything out from an apartment no matter how big it is. They will use the backdoor, or the window or the balcony. Any way possible! They will not give up on you. And plus, they will not damage a single thing. Highly recommended! Oh one more thing, they have the best rates in this business. Cheers!

  35. High level service
    By Juan Perkins - February 3, 2022

    The guys did a really great job!!!! They came on time, worked quickly and were very careful with all my stuff. High level service I tell you! Their sales rep was friendly and gave the full information I needed. There wasn’t a single error. No damages. No hidden fees and no surprises. Will definitely recommend US Moving & Storage and I will use them again for sure! Please do not forget to tip them because they deserve it.

  36. I will be using them for our moving needs
    By Ramiro Conner - January 27, 2022

    US Moving & Storage did a long distance move for us recently. They worked very hard to move us in quickly and without any damages. We have some challenging pieces of furniture to assemble and they put them together without any fuss. They were on time, polite, strong and efficient. They cared for all our belongings big or small and gave us a stress free move. I strongly recommend using them for your moving needs.

  37. Absolutely loved them
    By Shawn Ballard - January 21, 2022

    Absolutely loved US moving & storage! They were amazingly professional and kind. They worked hard and did their best to make sure nothing was messed up. The biggest thing to me was the fact that when we got to the destination, there wasn’t a single damage and the price did not change. You guys were phenomenal!!! We will be using your services again in the future! I definitely recommend you to all my family and friends.

  38. Impressive work
    By Nicholas Carter - January 16, 2022

    Not only am I impressed but I also recommended this excellent mover to my cousin who will be moving next month. I am really amazed at the service they have provided me. They are efficient, upfront, reliable and trustworthy. All my things were delivered to me in one piece. There were no delays and no extra fees. A good move at a reasonable price! Thanks a lot US moving & storage.

  39. They are polite, efficient and friendly
    By Henry Phillips - January 10, 2022

    My wife and I didn’t want to take the stress of moving and that is why we decided to hire professional help. We called US moving & storage based on good reviews and spoke with their sales rep. He was kind, supportive, friendly and polite. The pricing was competitive and reasonable. On the day of the move, their team arrived only 10 minutes late. They brought along boxes, pads, covers tape, bubble wrap and etc. They patiently packed all our belongings and loaded everything on to their van. They gave the same level of effort when they unloaded everything. We were happy to see that nothing was damaged or scratched. It was truly a stress free move!

  40. Best mover in this era
    By Orville Soto - January 8, 2022

    No doubt that US moving & storage is the best mover in this era. I am a retired government officer and due to the nature of my job I had to move a lot in my days and believe me when I say this, moving isn’t easy! I always face problems, errors, mistakes and scams. But they changed all that. I got to know what professionalism is. They are efficient, hardworking, polite and very caring. They took good care of my belongings and were happy to help in any way they could. Finally I can recommend a mover that I can trust.

  41. Once again they surprised me
    By Walter Butler - January 3, 2022

    Once again US moving and storage surprised me. 2 years back I used them for my move and they were great. This time they were even better. Last time I clearly remember that they had trouble getting the couch inside our home but this time they got it out without any problems. I think they got better! Anyways, yet again my move went amazingly well. The people there were great! They make sure that your move is stress free and painless. I have nothing but good things to say about them. They are highly recommended!

  42. Impeccable Job
    By Peter Alexander - December 23, 2021

    US Moving & Storage did an impeccable job with our long distance move 3 weeks ago! They wrapped all of my precious belongings with great care (we have some art work that I was very worried about) and delivered it to us safe and sound. The crew came was punctual and professional, the price was to my liking, and they filled up a full truck and delivered within the given time! I could not ask for more. It’s been fun working with you. I shall definitely use you again.

  43. Stress free move
    By Russell Richards - December 18, 2021

    The movers from US Moving & Storage were absolutely fantastic, very efficient and professional. They helped our move become stress free; we were very impressed with the whole service including the home visit offering the quote. They were able to make suggestions where necessary and nothing was too much to worry. I highly recommend a stress free move.

  44. They have my recommendation
    By Yvette Adams - December 12, 2021

    They surely do have my recommendation. US moving and storage is one of the most professional organizations that deal with moving and packing. I was offered a quote that was just about what other companies offered but cheaper marginally. The motive of this move was not to move cheap but to move careful in order to avoid damage. They did just that for me, thanks guys and you have my backing and recommendation.

  45. They made everything so easy
    By Steven Sandoval - December 6, 2021

    They made so everything easy. Every penny I paid was worth it because I was provided with the best service. This company has experience and actually knows what they are talking about. About a year ago I moved with a different company and they were horrible! They did everything wrong, they were late on everything too. But US Moving & Storage was not at all! On time, ready to work and friendly!

  46. I am very satisfied
    By Jamie Cook - December 3, 2021

    There were four people including the foreman assigned for this task and they could not have done it any better. I had some heavy items, but I was so worried about my piano that I love the most. It is not a new one, but still, it is my favorite. I wanted it to stay intact, maybe more than anything else. Since, I found the right team, I had a painless move and everything went smoothly and ended up in a great way. I am extremely satisfied with US Moving and Storage!

  47. Top notch service
    By Barry Willis - November 27, 2021

    The customer service was top notch. Their team members did an amazing job. I was so happy with how well all my belongings were wrapped and taped up. They even wrapped my bicycle. The team was great and they phoned ahead to let us know that they were almost there. The delivery persons were very polite, friendly and skilled. They were diligent. Thank you very much US Moving & Storage for making my move an easy one.

  48. I wish them the best in future
    By Nathaniel Moreno - November 24, 2021

    They set us a price quote based on the inventory. They are very transparent in every question that they answer to me. To be very frank, the entire team was highly responsible and did their job with sincerity. We could reach our new apartment on time and they were very helpful to set all items in the perfect place. I didn’t think it would be so easy. And I was really impressed to see how a good company can manage everything very simply. I am not going to look for any other company, since I already have met US Moving & Storage.

  49. Excellent moving company
    By Roland Shaw - November 17, 2021

    We started researching and realized that a full service mover will suit us better rather than doing it ourselves. After looking at moving companies, we chose US Moving and Storage which was a wonderful choice. The price was affordable and guaranteed, which was very important for us. The guys did a great job, took care of everything, and didn’t take extra money for anything. These guys are good guys, very trustworthy!

  50. Fully satisfied
    By Carlos Flores - November 11, 2021

    The crew did everything to accommodate my demand. They treated my belongings with respect. They were like a one stop shop. You just need to get in and the rest will be done by them. I only made the contract and the total procedure was performed flawlessly. They didn’t let me raise my finger against them. My two bedrooms and kitchen items were relocated to the new home without being a little smashed up. I am fully satisfied.

  51. Definitely worth it
    By Oliver Brewer - November 8, 2021

    Wonderful experience…never thought I’d say that about a move. Have had some atrocious experiences with movers previously, but this was pain-free and even somewhat enjoyable. Very quick, very customer-oriented and made a concerted effort to avoid damaging any goods. Not the cheapest of movers, but definitely worth the price.

  52. Economical cost
    By Salvatore Castillo - November 4, 2021

    US Moving and Storage offered me an economical cost which was affordable for me. The surveyor explicitly informed me about how they calculate the rate. The crew was spot on. They helped to meet our demands many times. There was nothing to complain about. They did an outstanding job. The guys helped me out setting up furniture in our new vacant apartment. I would highly advise them. They will not disappoint their customers if they work like they did it with me.

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