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Long Distance MoversState to state moving serviceOur company offers long distance relocation services for residential and business operations. Long distance moves typically refer to interstates moves which involve crossing state lines. We do not charge shipments by weight; upon receiving a specific list of items your designated relocation specialist will be able to determine your binding and guaranteed transportation cost. This fee is known as a Flat, Binding Cost which does not change on the move date, as long as your list of items requested for service remains what was initially agreed upon on the order for service. As a consumer you retain the right to add or subtract and items in the days leading up to the date designated for the move. As such, your transportation cost will be revised and adjusted accordingly. You may utilize our packing services in addition to our inclusive amenities. Allowing our professionals to pack and upload your items ensures their protection and their safety in transit. Our proficient staff has the expertise and the experience to make sure that clients that choose our packing services find their belongings properly packed and organized.

Our transportation costs include the following

Free tolls, mileage and taxes
Free special moving blankets to wrap and protect your fragile items
Free assembling and disassembling of all furniture
Free detailed inventory list on move date
Free standard valuation protection at the rate of .60/lb
Free one month storage if required
For more information about our moving services, you may Contact Us or simply Call Toll Free (866)766-0500

Our Commitment As one of the most reputable moving companies in the Tri-state area, US Express Moving is a name that is synonymous with proficiency and excellence. Our service is vast, offering local and distance moves for residential and commercial clients. Our professional staff is trained to be exemplary in all facets of the relocation process, and work to make your moving experience as effortless as possible. Our commitment to you the consumer, is to offer a dedicated work force that makes it their priority to alleviate the stresses associated with relocation. It is with this standard that we operate, striving for excellence and providing the most adept moving service in the Tri-state area.

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  1. Reasonable and easy to work with
    By Darrin C - October 22, 2018

    Being in a financial pickle, I had to find a moving company that would not rip my pockets off but still provide me a standard service and luckily I found US express moving! They charged fairly low for the amazing service they provided during my last interstate relocation. All my valuables were safely and timely moved to my new house. I was very impressed by the movers as they took such great care of my belongings. They didn’t charge anything extra in the end. It was definitely worth every penny I have spent on them and they were simply impeccable. I would hire them again without a doubt and not hesitate to recommend their name around.

  2. Great value for money
    By Thomas Bell - September 21, 2018

    I think US express moving proved why they are so sorted after in this business during my last move. They were absolutely fabulous in everything. The movers arrived on time. All the packing and loading was done in the shortest possible time. The movers were very delicate while packing my breakables. They moved the furniture out in a very systematic manner. I was quite impressed seeing how sincere and organized they were. When they delivered everything, I took an inventory and all my belongings were safely delivered. There was no issue anywhere during this move and it’s a proof of their capabilities.

  3. Yes they are the one!
    By Neal Waters - August 24, 2018

    Move with US Express Moving! They are the perfect choice for long distance moves! They are caring, experienced and very professional! They move your furniture’s from unusual tiny places without any problems at all! You won’t find a single damage on anything! I hired them recently and got an excellent service! There is nothing much to say about them but all I know is that they are very good and they are without any doubt the best in this business. I highly recommend them to all.

  4. I really liked working with them
    By Ernest Gonzales - July 22, 2018

    I worked with US express moving recently and I had a very good experience. Their sales rep gave me a good deal and he sent a very efficient crew on the moving day. The boys came on time and packed my things nicely and properly. They stacked all my things on their truck like a game of Tetris! It was so well executed! All of my things arrived at the new location on time and they even helped to unpack. They are very nice people! I will definitely hire them again! Well done and thanks again!

  5. They did a great job with my move
    By Bobby - June 22, 2018

    I hired this moving company a few weeks back and I am glad that I hired them! I do not regret for a single second! They moved me so well! There were no damages, no dents and no scratches. Every item was moved with care and the guys really took good care of my piano. They even cleaned it and made it look like new! They were so helpful! Words are not enough! Thank you so much US express moving. All I can say is that I have never been moved like this before! Well done!

  6. Not pricey at all!
    By Eric F - May 22, 2018

    I searched a lot for a good and cheap moving company when I was doing my long distance move last month. I talked with many companies but everyone asked for a high fee. US express moving was the one which was in my budget. After hiring them, they sent a very good crew to move me on the moving day. They were caring and professional. One by one everything was nicely packed and moved. There were no damages in the end and I am happy to say that the price did not change. I paid what I was told. This moving company is reliable and trustworthy. You can hire them!

  7. No worries
    By Glenn Duncan - April 21, 2018

    You do not have to worry if you hire US express moving for your cross country move. If you change the date a few times, they will not get mad. They are very understanding and very helpful. Their moving team is friendly, efficient and caring. They will pack and carry your things like their own and they will not break a single thing. My whole family has been using this moving company and they haven’t disappointed us yet. I highly recommend them to all.

  8. Effective and organized movers
    By Daniel Peterson - March 24, 2018

    I didn’t have very good experience with the movers I hired in the past. They had no coordination among them. But US express moving is a very old company with highly professional movers who have been working with each other for a long time. Their crew was made up of professional, trained and organized people. They worked very cooperatively with each other, picking up where the other one left off. It was an amazing move and not one item of mine suffered any damages during this process. It was such a smooth sailing and I have to thank these movers for it.

  9. A rapid job
    By Phillip James - February 18, 2018

    US Express Moving blew my mind with the swiftness the movers displayed. They arrived at 9:00 am as promised, took an inventory and got to work. I noticed boxes being carried out after a few minutes of their arrival. They finished the whole packing and loading process in such a quick way! I would never know how it was humanly possible for these 4 men to finish the job so quickly! Even more surprisingly, they delivered all my valuables in the exact condition they took them. I suppose these guys have been doing this for a very long time because the same task would have taken me forever to complete!

  10. Best in the moving business
    By Matthew Evans - January 18, 2018

    It is a very long way we were moving to. But that was the exact distance needed to be covered by the vans carrying all my belongings. Naturally, I was quite worried for them. I hired US express moving purely because of the rate they were offering me. But they really came to the party. Their men were very well trained and extremely efficient. The quicker they do the job, the more money I save. The vans looked quite strong and ready for the long distance ahead. I was nervous till everything reached. When the call came, I rushed to check the inventory. Fortunately, or miraculously, all my valuables have survived the distance without any scratched on them. I have to take my hats off to these guys, they really know their jobs. I recommend them very strongly.

  11. Safe and sound
    By Richard Murphy - December 18, 2017

    I have moved to this city recently. I use to work in a firm but then I wanted to start a small firm by my own. So my idea was right and it got bigger than before. I purchased many office equipments and furniture but the problem was to settle them into my office. Well then I hired US express moving. They actually did all the work efficiently. They relocated all the office equipments to my office safe and sound. They truly are a full service moving experience. The total communication and their working style were great as well. I loved their service.

  12. I appreciate what they did for me
    By Harry Adams - November 21, 2017

    Every person I came in contact with at US express moving were very accommodating to my requests and quick to respond to my deluge of questions throughout the planning, pre-move, and follow-up process for my relocation. It was very important to me to have an open line of communication with them, as I had already started my new job in the new city and was not present when their team showed up at my old place to conduct the move. Nonetheless, the movers and their manager worked with me to plan out the timing and details of the move in order to ensure a seamless delivery of my belongings at the exact time and date I had requested. They moderated my concerns regarding all aspects of the move and earned my confidence and trust in the quality work that would be performed. I truly appreciated their attentiveness and attention to the very detailed instructions I provided.

  13. Refreshing experience
    By Bryan Stevens - October 22, 2017

    I would just like to say that US express moving has exceeded my expectations with my recent house move! As far as I’m concerned, they are one of the best moving companies out there! Working with their crew was a total pleasure. They were hard working professionals, and complete gentleman throughout the whole process. I really can’t say enough positive things about my personal experience with them except that I am absolutely convinced that I made the right choice choosing them. They arrived at my house early morning to boot, and they actually beat the price estimate that I receive. What more needs to be said, except I would not even consider calling another moving company for any future moving needs!

  14. Thank god for these guys
    By FredWalker - September 20, 2017

    My wife and I have relocated a few times before. We didn’t feel the need to hire a moving company because we don’t really have a lot of belongings and our friends always helped out with the move. But this time we just had to hire US express moving to move our valuables. I have to say, it was the most stress-free experience of my life. This company is so professional. They sent their movers sharp on time and every man was very efficient. None of my furniture or other belongings suffered any damages on the way and the delivery was made on time. It’s way easier to hire them than convincing my friends to lend a hand.

  15. Remarkable
    By Benjamin Griffin - August 20, 2017

    These guys are remarkable. I couldn’t ask for any better service. They cared for everything! They carried my furniture and other household items up a narrow flight of stairs and they went out their way to ensure everything was in good shape and in perfect condition. Because of their hard work and honesty, I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. US express moving is really a dependable moving company. They really care for their clients!

  16. Best company so far
    By Armand - July 23, 2017

    US express moving is by far the best company! I dealt with wonderful people who were on time, polite, professional and really fast!! Their customer service salesman was very detailed about every single moving thing and dedicated to making the moving process really easy. The moving team packed all my belongings carefully, so nothing got damaged or broken. Of course, there were no missing items. I was extremely happy I found the right company and I paid a low quote. What else can you ask for? Great service at a low price!

  17. Really good moving company
    By Ronald Martinez - June 19, 2017

    I have my share of good moves and bad moves. Some moves have gone OK while others have gone terribly wrong. This was by far the cleanest and smoothest executed move ever! The guys from US express moving that came to move me were very professional. They worked quickly but carefully. They listened to my suggestions about how to handle certain artwork that I had and I appreciate the care they showed. It’s good to know that there are still some good responsible companies out there that care about their clients. After all this time, I have found a mover than I can rely on.

  18. You will not be disappointed
    By Lawrence Harris - May 20, 2017

    The movers were all hardworking, efficient, and kind and carefully moved all items around the home until we could figure out exactly where we wanted it to go. Everything came in great condition, no damages at all. It is not easy doing a move these days on your own. You do need help, and if you do then you must hire US express moving. You will not be disappointed. They have the best service, best team and best rates!

  19. They did everything properly
    By Matthew Bell - April 25, 2017

    The thought of moving seemed overwhelming and the cost scary. After looking at options I decided on US express moving because of Peter expertise explaining the moving process and he also helped me avoid choosing a moving broker that would have contracted my move out. They came on move day and delivery day and it was the same friendly crew. They made me feel like I was being moved by family.

  20. Clean and tidy moving experience
    By Richard Bryant - April 19, 2017

    If I were to answer the question of my best service provider, it would be too obvious- US express moving. When we were planning on moving, I did some research online for multiple movers. But this company was one of the top three for moving companies. They were well organized and everything they did was as scheduled. They handled my things with care and even offered to clean my new residence.

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