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We specialize in residential local and long distance moves, commercial transportations, packing and storage services. Our moving specialists are experienced in packing/unpacking, loading/unloading, dis-assembling/assembling, protecting floor covers/wall corners and much more. We are here to make the most exciting journey for your belongings smooth and safe. Your goods will say Thank You!

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  1. Effortlessly done
    By Marion Blair - July 19, 2020

    I was amazed to see the outcome of my recent relocation. Their sales of True state moving services rep did the paperwork in no time, explained the entire moving process, always answered whenever we called, and assigned the best moving team. It was a long distance move and the crew at each end did their best. Packing, loading, moving, unloading everything was done to perfection and the final cost was almost the same as the quoted amount. No delay or no hidden fees.

  2. This is the best company
    By Eugene Ross - July 15, 2020

    I would like to thank the sales rep, onsite estimator, dispatcher, driver, movers in both ends of this company. They were outstanding during the entire move. Everyone played their part to perfection. This long distance move seemed like a piece of cake. I can bet that this is one of the best in moving business. I am surely going to recommend True state moving services to others.

  3. Highly professionals
    By Ricky Webb - July 12, 2020

    I am thankful to my cousin for recommending True state moving services to me. That time I was looking for a good moving company which can handle a long distance move within a short notice and within my tight budget. It was True state moving services that quoted a reasonable price and agreed to move my belongings within such a short notice. They were hired for the service. They did not let me down. Everything was done to perfection and I was always well informed about the situation. Overall it was a very smooth and affordable relocation.

  4. Awful experience movers stole my jewelry!!
    By Nadia - July 11, 2020

    Please DO NOT USE this company !!! They stole $ 80 000 worth of jewelry and broke my expensive furniture but let me start from the beginning to explain the nightmare I am currently living because of them. I had to move from ny to out of state, true state gave me a quote of $2800 something I provided pictures of my furniture to the sales guy and told them I had more than 60 boxes … he said it wouldn’t much more for the extra boxes Couple 100 dollars only , I insiste that I didn’t want a surprise the day I move so I wanted an accurate quote and send him proper pic to asses. When the movers came they came with a small truck while I specifically asked and was promised a big truck because I have a 3 bed apt well furnished and a lot of boxes . Surprise surprise when he saw my stuff … now the day of the moving date … they are telling me the guy did the quote totally wrong !!! I told them sorry I have proof of my convo with him and all the pic send … the price of my moving tripled !!! Yes you hear that right … on the day of the move they told me it’s $8200. We went from $2800 to $ 8200!! I don’t have any option I already starting a new lease and I had to give the apartment back to the landlord !! I tried to negotiate for 2 hours with them because it was there mistake … impossible !!! I had to break my bank … but if only if only that was all … once my furniture arrive more than 10 days later ( they also lied about when it would be there they promised a week ) a lot of my stuff was broken the mover didn’t even finish the job they pretend they did but left everything they were supposed to unpack packed with their blankets, They didn’t remounted the furniture as well pretending they couldn’t find the hardware ( which they are suppose to have since the moves me out) they even left their dolly and a piece of furniture outside in the street !!!! You want to know why because they somehow went into my personal closet which was not part of the move ( no furniture would even fit in there and they were not allowed to go in) so they went trough some of my luggage’s open they putting shit everywhere and stole my $50 000 watch and others jewelry … total worth about $ 80 000!!! Turns out when I called the cops and moving company that they hired local people without background check or anything not even their ID ( the moving company could give me the last name of the guys that came and was themself looking for who they Were) so instead of professional movers I got professional thief that stole my staff… and broke my furniture and left like thief because they were thief !!! So do not I repeat to not hire this company… pay little more ID of all movers coming to your place make sure the m’y actually work full time for the company !! This is am the worst experience of my life and obviously this is going to court !!! I will see if I can upload pic and I already did file a police report trying to file a complaint Today but the owner Is ignoring my calls !!!!

  5. Great Moving Company
    By Diane Parsons - July 9, 2020

    I surprised my husband and got him a pool table for his birthday. Unfortunately the place I bought it from didn’t offer delivery. So I called a couple of places and True state moving services was the lowest price I received. So I decided to go with them and they were actually able to pick up the table quicker than the other companies. The three guys showed up on time as planned, loaded the table up, delivered it to my house and to my surprise even assembled it, I hadn’t thought that they would do that. I planned on my husband and his buddies to do that, but it made the present even sweeter. Just wanted to thank them guys they were great and I would highly recommend this company to anyone. I WAS SO PLEASED WITH THEIR SERVICES ALL AROUND.

  6. I used them twice
    By Tomas Schwartz - July 6, 2020

    We used them for a commercial move last year and this February we used them again but this time for a residential move and they had to move us from one state to another. So, the task was huge. But as expected these guys did their homework. They showed great skills while packing and loading, transported everything within the schedule, and the crew at the other end was equally good. Nothing was damaged or lost. Everything was perfectly planned and well executed. Most importantly the final cost was within the quoted amount. This was the 2nd in two years. I guess this is the high time to recommend True state moving services.

  7. They changed my perception
    By Norman Hicks - July 3, 2020

    This is not an ordinary moving company. I know what to expect from a professional moving company because I relocate quite a lot because of the nature of my job. So, when I hired True state moving services, I wasn’t optimistic at all. I was just hoping that they would keep the count low of the damaged and broken valuables. I never expected a timely pickup and delivery and never thought of paying them the exact amount that was quoted earlier. But these guys did everything opposite. Being honest, it was hard for me to believe that all my belongings made it to the other end within the schedule and without a single damage! And I even paid the exact quoted amount!!

  8. I am more than just happy
    By Felix Griffith - June 28, 2020

    I used True state moving services twice in the last three month. The cost for moving was very reasonable. The care taken with our possessions was exemplary and we could not ask for better service. They were on time and finished our both moves very quickly. I would recommend them always. I had a wall unit refinished from a blond wood to a mahogany color and they did a wonderful job. I am completely satisfied with their wood and would recommend them to anyone wishing their services.

  9. They are life savers
    By Kevin Morris - June 15, 2020

    I am more than just happy with the way True state moving services managed my move. I hired them without knowing much about them. I was in a rush and I called just 4 companies, it was them who replied first with a quote. Their price seemed reasonable, so I booked my move with them and was assigned for the complete service. They worked really hard to ensure the safety of my valuables, worked really fast, and showcased their skills and experience. These guys never gave me a reason to complain. I am very thankful to the entire team for getting the job done within such a short notice.

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