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The moving doctor is a licensed and insured moving and storage company with an A+ BBB membership status and a long list of large and small size satisfied
customers. Our professional staff, skilled moving teams, advanced technology and state of the art equipment will help ensure that you experience a quality move
and become one of our many satisfied customers.

Whether you are moving on Long Island, moving out of the neighborhood, moving out of state, or moving out of the country, The Moving Doctor handle it all!
The Moving Doctor can take care of all of your moving & storage needs including: residential and commercial moving, local and long distance moving, packing & crating services, secure storage facilities, warehousing, distribution and delivery services, as well as estate clean-outs.

Moving Can Be a Stressful and Painful Ordeal

Studies have shown that moving can be one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. At The Moving Doctor, we are committed to “Taking the Pain out
of Moving.” You will find that moving with experienced and caring professionals will put your mind at ease.

We want to help you plan your move properly to make your relocation as exciting, rewarding and stress free as possible. Whether you are moving across town
or across the country, you will find us to be knowledgeable and experienced. All moves are different. Should you have any questions, our moving counselors will
be happy to provide you with the information you need at no cost or obligation. There isn’t a moving question or problem we haven’t solved in our many years
of handling relocations!

We pride ourselves on the personal touch we give to every client. We hope you will be next to join our extensive list of satisfied customers!

• Local moving
• long distance moving services
• Short and long term storage
• Overseas and international moving and shipping.
• Packing, crating, and unpacking with all of our moving services.
• The moving doctor offers a free binding price for your move with an on site estimate.
• We make “house calls” at your request and leave you with a flat/binding price for your move.
With our professional staff, large fleet and state of the art storage facilities the moving doctor can accommodate any size move!


Proper planning and preparation is required for a successful move in Long Island. All relocations have unique needs and task. Our process is designed to treat each relocation individually, to properly assess the requirements before the move process begins, and then to recommend the service strategies and alternatives best suited to your family or business.

What defines my move as a local move?
A local move would be any moving and storage services required which originate from any of the following locations: Moving from Nassau County to Suffolk County, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx or Staten Island. Moving from Suffolk County to Nassau County, or any of the five boroughs, Moving from New York City, or any of the five boroughs. Whether your moving from or to the North Shore or South Shore of Long Island,Or anywhere within New York City including Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten-Island choose “The Moving Doctor” as your full service moving company.

We provide the following services (full or partial service packages are available):

Packing Services: Our professionals will carefully pack all of your most treasured belongings using the best packing supplies available.
Crating Services: Larger items are carefully packed into crates ensuring a safe ride to the new home.
Piano Moving: Your piano is a special part of the family. It is as heavy and cumbersome as it is fragile. Specially trained professionals will ensure a safe transition of your family heirloom.
Fine Art Moving: Our professionals know what it takes to move your fine art safely, being mindful of specific packing techniques and paying attention to humidity/ temperature changes that may affect these items.
Storage: Timing is one of the greatest challenges of moving. What if your old house is sold, but the new one isn’t ready? Don’t worry, we will store your belongings and deliver them to your new home when you are ready for them.
Box Delivery: Doing your own packing? We’re happy to bring you all the boxes you will need.
Unpacking Services: Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone else unpack all of your items once you arrive at your new home? We do that too! Since we properly marked and tracked your items, we will know exactly what rooms they belong in.

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  1. They did a great work
    By Orville Patrick - March 17, 2020

    We were extremely happy with the spectacular service provided by The Moving DR. They were quick and skilled. Their rate was also very lowest comparing to other movers. I noticed, there was not a slightest nick on my furniture. Moving from one state to another was never an easy task, but they handled it carefully. I will undoubtedly hire them again. I wish The Moving DR will work with many customers and satisfy them according to their demand. Thank you so much.

  2. Mind-blowing!
    By Abel Robbins - January 28, 2020

    Moving is, of course, a very stressful experience. A lot of moving companies can cause you to stress even more, but not The Moving DR. They were so nice and respectful, they were fast and efficient, and they took really good care of all of my stuff. Boxes, furniture, you name it; they took extremely good care of them all. All of my belongings made it, not a single box missing, and all of it was in the same condition as when it had left.

  3. I was amazed
    By Max Jordan - January 15, 2020

    It all came by surprise. I was skimming through internet reading reviews when I saw a unique piece. Everybody had commented on them saying how good they were in relocation. Recently I needed relocation services, and I had to give this company a closer look. The Moving DR portrayed better qualities compared to many relocation companies in the industry. They didn’t take me lightly when I gave them a call. We finalized the details and agreed upon relocation time. The next day morning they were at my door step to collect my stuff. I was amazed having arrived. I owe you big time.

  4. Sincerely appreciative
    By Taylor Barnes - December 27, 2019

    After being relocated by the best team, I have no reason doubting their expertise. When everyone else was in doubt, The Moving DR crew came to my aid and helped me with manageable relocation. Their services were so perfect and I appreciate them for that. I cannot understand why people claim relocation is hectic. Why wouldn’t they just go for The Moving DR? These people relocated me two days ago and the services were so marvelous. There wasn’t any reason for me to complain. They made the entire relocation less hectic by managing each step in an adorable way. I wasn’t so worn out after the services. Honestly speaking, I would not like anything less than in subsequent relocations.

  5. The movers themselves were punctual and very efficient
    By Mike Norris - December 16, 2019

    The Moving DR made my moving process very smooth and hassle free. The movers who assisted me were just great. They were very friendly, courteous, diligent, and prompt and went out of their way to meet my requirements. The movers themselves were punctual and very efficient. I would urge all to pay attention to and clarify the terms and expected dates of deliveries just to be clear and plan ahead!

  6. Simply amazing
    By Bert Mccarthy - November 28, 2019

    The drivers were on time friendly and very helpful. This is the go to moving company! The customer service and sales representative are the greatest, they make you feel like you’re their only customer, taking their time making sure from start to finish your move is a successful and stress free move. The best part for me was there were NO hidden fees the price quoted over the phone were the actual cost for my move. I love The Moving DR and will be using them for my future moves.

  7. I was the happiest person
    By Shaun Adkins - November 16, 2019

    I have nothing but good things to say about The Moving DR. If you don’t mind packing and loading your things (in which case you control safety of your items) this is the way to go. Their customer service under promised and over delivered. They originally stated my belongings would be dropped off on a Friday and then CALLED ME back to ask if it would be ok to drop it off a day earlier. Everyone, including drivers, was so polite, something you don’t see much of these days. And most important not a single thing of mine was broken. Everything went as planned and I could not have been happier.

  8. A moving gem
    By Alberto Wilson - October 28, 2019

    This is a great company. Thank you The Moving DR we could not have done this move without you. We wanted a full service move. We wanted a moving company to come over and wrap all the furniture, blanket wrap glass tables and pack up every single piece that needed a box. The movers came out the day before our actual pickup date just to do the packing and the prep work. It worked out even better than that being the last pick up on the truck which meant we were the first people to get dropped off. We got our furniture within five days and we’re extremely happy. The Moving DR was our diamond in the rough. This is a true gem of a company that deserves recognition for a job well done.

  9. Very good service
    By Jacob Lucas - October 14, 2019

    The Moving DR was recommended to me by a friend who had previously used them and I thank her because my move became so much easy with this company. Theirs is a professional, trustworthy and careful service. The company treated me like royalty and handled my things so gingerly. Their employees are very knowledgeable and insightful. Everything was brought in perfect condition and their service was so moving, pun intended of course!

  10. Good luck guys
    By Justin Bennett - September 27, 2019

    When making the move The Moving DR helped me at every step. It was very hard to do this process while taking care of my child and getting my new home ready, but they were there and transported my valuables in good condition. I was very skeptical about them moving my items across such a far distance, but they did it. I am glad I chose them and recommend them! If you are moving a fare distance or don’t trust yourself to drive long distances let The Moving DR help you out. Wish you guys the best good luck moving!

  11. 5 stars
    By Samuel Medina - September 16, 2019

    Here is some free advice for you. I understand that it is very difficult to choose the best relocation company. They are several in the market so far. Having working with nearly all of them for my relocation needs. Among them, all the most outstanding relocation company I met is The Moving DR. I have never had any regrets since I gave them an opportunity. Trust me that they are perfect in what they offer. You can try them today and you will give the same testimony.

  12. They were super fantastic
    By Eugene M. - August 28, 2019

    We moved from a 3000sq ft house into a comparable size one. We needed to store our items for 3 days between pickup and move in. The Moving DR gave us an accurate quote, communication with the company was great, and the movers were terrific. They were courteous, careful, and efficient. None of our items were damaged and neither were our walls. We couldn’t be more pleased and would use them again. We are so glad we found them. Highly recommend.

  13. Thanks for the great work
    By Garfield R - August 16, 2019

    The Moving DR, for me, is the best moving company because I felt that they offered me quality moving services when I was moving. They were quite affordable as well as timely, and for me, that was what I was most concerned about for this move. After the move, I was not tired, disillusioned, or stress. That’s because they know how stressful moving can be, and they know how to minimize this stress for their customers. Thank you so much, The Moving DR.

  14. Skilled and experienced
    By Harlan Sommers - July 27, 2019

    With the increasing number of moving companies out there, it might be difficult choosing the right company for your moving service. More so, it is a lot difficult to pinpoint a good moving company today because of the scams out there. But my search paid off rightly and I choose the right moving guys. The Moving DR was the company I needed. The guys from this company made my move really one of a kind. You can tell how experienced these movers are by merely taking a look at their codes of conducts and how they work. Their professionalism speaks volumes of their experiences and that is why I will always hire them.

  15. I am more than pleased
    By Luis Goodman - July 18, 2019

    I have actually used The Moving DR shipping company two times. Both times the only thing I have experienced with this company is professionalism and respect to my goods. Honest of God they have treated my goods as their own belongings. At some point I have actually asked the movers and I quote “are you sure this is not protected enough?” Goods have arrived to destination just as they have left origin point. Also sales team was greatly informed about customs regulations etc. I am very pleased to say the least.

  16. They deserve all the good reviews
    By Buck Nesbitt - June 27, 2019

    You can always trust in US Movers Inc not to disappoint you. You can always believe in them even when all indications are that there will be failures. You can always believe in them even if you have no valid reason to do so. If I am not wrong, these were the exact words that the review declared. As I went through the reviews, this one caught my eye. That one single review made me hire out US Movers Inc. I did not stop to think whether it was true or false. I only got to verify the information on the actual date of relocation. They did to me more than the reviews had said.

  17. No damage done; not even a scratch
    By Zackary B - June 27, 2019

    Eventually my family and I had to move from our three-decade home to a totally new location. This was one of the most touching experiences I have had to go through, but thanks to the diligence and caring nature of The Moving DR, everything went smoothly even though it was all very emotional. I had worried about how it would be possible to move everything from our four bedroom house, but I thank my movers that the process was all a success without a single glitch or scratch.

  18. Well done boys
    By Winston Alvarez - June 17, 2019

    Thanking would not be enough for the sales rep and the crew of The Moving DR. They were terrific from the beginning till the end. They knew what they were up against and they had complete knowledge necessary to manage a long distance move. I liked the way they saved our time and money by applying some great innovative ways. However, thanks for completing the task before the schedule and for helping us to setting up the stuff. Well done guys.

  19. Got the mover for me
    By Marcos Cruz - May 29, 2019

    After moving so many times and using various moving companies, finally I got the mover I wanted. I am talking about The Moving DR. They are my most recent moving partners during my inter-state move. I have to mention that these guys are very organized, skilled and experienced. They did what they were assigned for and made my move a very pleasing experience for me. I received my belongings in one piece, without any sort of mishaps and within a very reasonable amount and time. I am very happy with the service.

  20. Excellent job!
    By Jonathan - May 12, 2019

    I would like to command this business for its fair and straight forward practice! I was absolutely delighted with the performance of The Moving DR and would highly recommend this company. The loading of the truck went smoothly and the emptying of the truck into the new apartment went without a hitch!!! The movers arrived on time and did not complain about our steps at all. (all 55 of them to the front door!). Their manner was professional and pleasant. They handled everything efficiently, and made me personally feel less anxious about handing off our belongings to a stranger.

  21. They moved us with ease
    By Dewey - April 26, 2019

    I wanted to ensure my household goods arrived at my new apartment without a scratch, so I started with a good packing. I also had to pass a long distance and for what I would need to pay extra money. So I thought to cut down on moving costs by packing myself. I called The Moving DR and they provided me new packing supplies. I also dealt with them to deliver my household goods to my new destination. On the moving day they came on right time and pack few things again strongly to ensure safety. They did everything to make my move go as swift as possible. They charged me a reasonable rate. I saw they worked hard and communicate occasionally. They delivered my goods on right times and also help me to unpack few things. I was very happy while working with the guys.

  22. I couldn’t be happier
    By Alfonso S - April 17, 2019

    I have a hard time trusting just any moving company with all my valuables. That’s why I entrusted The Moving DR as they were highly referred by one of my closest friends. I do not have a lot of stuffs but the pieces I have are very special to me. I asked the movers to be very careful with them. I have to say, they were very sincere. They were extra careful while maneuvering my furniture through my tiny house not to leave marks anywhere. Everything arrived in good condition and I couldn’t be happier.

  23. What an amazing company
    By Harry Watson - March 28, 2019

    It was a great experience! 5 star experience! The guys from The Moving DR came perfectly on time, parked the truck incredibly well in such a narrow street, and started the work right away. I was impressed by how fast they did everything. They all were professionals, really great guys. With the work they did, the hardest part of my move was cleaning the new apartment. Fantastic guys with years of experience and flawless expertise!!! When I was requesting the quote, they were the fastest to respond, always reachable and accommodating of my needs. This level of excellence in service is so rare in America that I need to let everyone know how great this company is.

  24. An easy move
    By Bruce Evans - March 14, 2019

    Today I moved a long way with help from two amazing movers from The Moving DR. My appointment was at 9 but they called to say they were running late and showed up at 9:30. However, they were SUPER fast and friendly (we all bonded over our mutual love of rock music and nachos), one living room and bedroom later – here it is 12:15pm and we are all finished! Both the guys were lovely to move with and I would definitely say they are the strongest movers I have ever seen. I can’t thank this company enough!

  25. This is a great company
    By DennisStewart - February 26, 2019

    I have no doubts whatsoever that The Moving DR is one of the best moving companies around. I have assigned them about week ago for an office move which they completed very successfully. At no point I felt that the office belongings are in the wrong hands. They are highly skilled and experienced. The way they managed to wrap, box and move the office belongings was simply amazing. I have to mention that they completed the move about an hour earlier than the schedule and did not give us a single chance to complain about anything. Service was awesome and price was fair enough.

  26. Best movers I’ve seen
    By AndrewJackson - February 15, 2019

    The movers from The Moving DR were amazing. They were incredibly professional and really knew what they were doing. I was terrified as this was my first big move out of state. I was praying my packing job was good, but I had no idea how it was going to stack up inside a 26′ truck, going 2 states away. The guys were great – they took the appropriate amount of time to make sure everything was safe and secure. They did an amazing job wrapping the furniture and loading. They even pointed out a few small issues with the furniture that was pre-existing so I’d know it didn’t happen before/after the move and gave me an opportunity to fix it really quick. I didn’t know I was supposed to have straps, and the foreman called his boss to ask if he could sell me a pack he had brought in his truck. He saved the day! I’m just about done unpacking everything here, and it’s safe to say, not 1 piece of broken anything! Thank you so much for getting our entire life safely packed into 1 truck! It means the world to know it is one less thing we have to worry about dealing with.

  27. Most professional movers
    By Jack Fox - January 26, 2019

    After I got a better job offer, I decided to relocate. I hired The Moving DR without really knowing much about them. They gave me quite a low quote and I was pleased. On contrary to my expectations, they were very efficient and organized. The movers seemed very experienced with handling heavy pieces of furniture. They were particularly good at packing glassware. All my glassware survived the journey which is remarkable. A lampshade suffered a little bruise but I’m not really concerned about that. I was over the moon when they stuck to the original quote at the end of the move because I was really scared of the hidden costs. I sincerely thank them for making my move so easy.

  28. Proficient movers
    By Henry Barnes - January 12, 2019

    Movers from The Moving DR were excellent, very hard working people and did an excellent job protecting my furniture. They were also professional in planning how to accomplish each piece to move. Their price was right, movers were efficient and timing was maintained throughout- there is nothing more I could have asked for. I’ll never use another moving company. This moving company is the best for sure. They made the moving process so much easier by providing excellent customer service and working movers.

  29. We are grateful
    By Dominic - December 26, 2018

    My wife and I have recently arrived in the city from my hometown. In the last week The Moving DR has handled the delivery of our household goods to our new home here and we are writing this review to say how pleased we have been with the service we have received from their company since we arrived. The customer service representative has been extremely helpful and efficient on the many occasions we have spoken to her. The two delivery guys were equally polite, helpful and efficient and made this often difficult and traumatic experience so much better for us than it sometimes can be. I thank you guys for a really positive moving experience and for the excellent service they provided, and I would not hesitate a second to recommend them among people.

  30. We enjoyed this move
    By Ronald Smith - December 12, 2018

    We hired The Moving DR to transport our valuables because they have an amazing reputation. They gave us a very reasonable quote. The movers arrived a little early for the appointment. The boys worked very fast and efficiently. They spared no details. The whole process was complete in a short amount of time and then our stuffs were on their way. We received the delivery right on the pre-scheduled date and the inventory list checked out. Nothing was broken or damaged. This move could have taken a serious toll on us but instead it turned out to be so easy.

  31. I’m pleased with them
    By Arthur Neal - November 27, 2018

    My sister recently had a baby and as I’m widowed recently, she thought it was a good idea to move me in with her. She hired The Moving DR to move all my stuff to her house. I had already given a lot of my belongings to charity so I didn’t really have a lot of things. Nevertheless, the movers were very careful while packing my belongings. I couldn’t let go of some of the things that belonged to my husband and I asked the movers to take them carefully. They wrapped every piece perfectly in paper and bubble wraps. All my furniture and boxes were loaded into their vans and we were off. I am very satisfied with the services provided and they didn’t even charge very highly for it.

  32. Very trustworthy
    By Benjamin Jackson - November 12, 2018

    We would not hesitate to use The Moving DR again and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for movers. Our two movers were efficient, cheerful, courteous, professional and above all very careful. We were honestly astounded by how well they managed to fit our furniture and boxes into their truck without needing for a second trip and how they managed to move everything in the allocated time. So a big thanks to these two hardworking men for all the help and for taking all the stress out of our move.

  33. Admirable movers
    By Darron Merrill - October 28, 2018

    My friend told me that The Moving DR handled her move and all her belongings were delivered intact. I had to see it for myself and so I hired them when I was moving. This company knows how to do the job properly. They maintained their timings and the crew was just too skilled. They use a lot of packing materials. But most of it was free so nothing to worry about there. They delivered on time and guess what? My valuables were all safely delivered. All the hype about this company is really true.

  34. They work with honesty and efficiency
    By Richard B. - October 17, 2018

    One thing that caught my attention in these movers was that irrespective of the topsy-turvy trend of things in moving season, they were still dedicated to the core in their job. In fact, they never wasted any iota of time from the beginning till the end of the move and ensure that the move was perfect. I have never seen such a wonderful moving company in my life. I will hire them again. At first, I did not trust them when some friends of mine recommended them to me. But because I did not have much option left, I went with them. Truly, my friends never said it all. The Moving DR did a great job in this move. I moved excellently and there was no ruin, damage or breakage in the course of the move. It was a great experience from beginning till the end of the move.

  35. They make it all easy
    By Dong Dehart - September 27, 2018

    Moving is hard. There are always so many things to do and you can’t possibly carry all your furniture by yourself. That’s when the moving companies come in. It’s a hard job- moving things all day long. But somehow the guys from The Moving DR manage to throw a smile while carrying heavy pieces of furniture. They work very fast and I mean very fast! They finished loading everything from our 3-bedroom apartment in just an hour. The delivery was made on time and the men unpacked everything. They put all the boxes in the right rooms and they asked whenever they were in confusion. It didn’t even cost me that much for the amazing services I received. These guys make miracles happen!

  36. I won’t hire anyone else
    By Fidel B - September 16, 2018

    I had hired a different company to save money who had a much lower quote. But, on the moving day, they sent over 2 men who were old and didn’t even know how to pack! I called the company and asked for a refund right away. I still had to move and The Moving DR was my only option. I called them and literally begged for a crew. The crew arrived within a short time and packed up all my belongings quickly. The loading process went smoothly and they delivered right on schedule as well. I should have just hired them from the beginning. But I know now that there is an amazing moving company who wouldn’t disappoint me.

  37. They really are perfect for the job
    By Eric Harris - August 28, 2018

    I have used many moving companies and with that experience I can easily say that The Moving DR is a very good one. They are really perfect for the job. They move you very quickly and very smoothly. I hired them just recently and it was like a breeze. They were in and out quickly, moved my belongings with care and delivered everything intact and on time. There were no damages upon delivery and there were no extra fees. I proudly recommend this moving company to all. You will love them!

  38. No disappointment at all!
    By Chris Wilson - August 19, 2018

    These guys are moving experts! They are so skilled and experienced! You will be amazed of how they get the furniture out from those unusual tiny places. They do not damage your things at all! You won’t find a scratch or dent on anything! They are really the best! I hired them last month for my long distance move and the move was perfect! There were no damages, no delays, no extra fees and no stress! It was the smoothest move of my life! I seriously recommend The Moving DR to all!

  39. This is the moving company you are looking for!
    By Thomas Richardson - July 26, 2018

    Hire The Moving DR and all your moving related problems will be over! They will take care of you like no other! They moved me a couple of weeks back and I cannot ask more from them! They gave me everything I wanted! They moved me very smoothly and carefully! They were punctual, efficient, caring and hardworking. They moved all of my belongings with care and did not damage or dent a single thing! They are just amazing! Oh yes, their rates are super low! You definitely should hire them!

  40. I will always use them!
    By Donald Smith - July 13, 2018

    I have finally found the right moving company! These guys are the one! They are extraordinary! They moved me cross country recently and they did not make single mistake! Everything was perfect! There were no damages, dents, scathes, misbehaving or any extra fees. I was moved very quickly and smoothly! And also their customer service never gave me the chance to worry! They were extremely helpful! I cannot stop saying good things about this moving company! The Moving DR is the one!

  41. They didn’t need direction
    By Alan Wood - June 26, 2018

    I thought I would have to stand still to monitor the entire phenomena as I already have messed up with my former movers quite a few times. The movers from The Moving DR didn’t let me do that. They relieved me with their expertise and smooth work. Their people came and started moving my belongings like a mother. They were quite safe and properly shelved in the van. The new place didn’t have to wait long as they reached on time and reallocated my furniture within the right amount of time. No hesitation or nothing jerky took place. It was an easy move and the credit goes to this awesome company.

  42. An amazing moving company
    By Frederick Murphy - June 19, 2018

    There is no company like The Moving DR! This company is very professional and efficient. They make your long distance move painless and stressed free. They will give you the best move of your life. Recently I hired them for my move and I was moved beautifully! There were no damages, no extra fees and no mistakes. Their moving team was professional, caring and hardworking. Everything was done by the book and they delivered exactly on time. They have done a marvelous job! I highly recommend them to all!

  43. Perfectly done
    By Mark Davis - May 25, 2018

    Have you ever heard of a perfect move before?? You will certainly hear it from me! The Moving DR moved me like no other. They were on time on the day of the move and they moved me out of my premises in just 6 hours. On the delivery day, they called me ahead of time and informed me that they are almost here. After arriving, they very nicely unloaded the things in the rooms I wanted. After I unpacked everything, I say that there were no damages! It was just a great experience! I love you! I will hire you again!

  44. We will not forget about you!
    By David Powell - May 15, 2018

    The way that The Moving DR moved us was amazing. We will never forget this moving experience. This move was so easy and smooth! We will never forget them because for the first time there were no damages at all! We were so happy and pleased! The moving team did a terrific job! They were smart, efficient and very caring. They tended to all our needs and they patiently listened to whatever we said. We got more than we paid for! Thank you very much! We will never hire a different moving company ever! We will hire you always! Thanks!

  45. Highly impressive
    By Clifford Burns - April 26, 2018

    We are all very grateful! Thank you The Moving DR for making our move stress free and damage free! We did not think we could do this long distance move without any damages. Your crew has shown great level of professionalism and care. They packed everything so well that none of the fragile items were scratched. No furniture’s had dents and no items were damaged. We seriously want to thank you. We will always hire you as our moving company and shall tell everyone to hire you for their move. I am sure they will not regret it!

  46. Nice going!
    By Jordan Alvarado - April 19, 2018

    Nice going guys! I loved working with you! I cannot express how happy I am. I am full unpacked and all I can see is how perfectly you have moved me. Not a single damage anywhere! No dents too! I loved that the price did not change and I loved that I did not need to work much. It was completely a smooth and easy move. I highly recommend The Moving DR because they are efficient, professional and very caring!

  47. They did a wonderful job
    By Bruce Martinez - March 27, 2018

    The Moving DR did a fantastic job for me. They tried to lighten my stress and were fully successful in their endeavor. When they arrived, we weren’t completely done with packing. So they finished it for us. The crew was very professional and efficient. They took a very small time to complete the process. The delivery window was nicely followed. They valued my every penny. These guys won’t disappoint you.

  48. Happy with their work
    By Ralph Jones - March 18, 2018

    I was in a real hurry this time. As my mother got sick, I had to look after her every day. I decided to rent a house very close to hers. That’s why I hired The Moving DR. They told me to stay calm and they will do rest of the work. They actually did. They packed and wrapped all my things and relocated to my new house safely. They charged me a very decent amount for the fantastic job that they did. They just helped me out when I was in trouble. Thanks a lot for your service.

  49. Glad I called them
    By Brian Jones - February 22, 2018

    A friend recommended The Moving DR when she heard I was moving and I’m very glad I gave them a call. The service and professionalism was great, you may be able to find a mover out there at a slightly lower cost but the overall value and peace of mind you get with a company like this is well worth the price. There was no damages done to any of my belongings- and that is just extraordinary. I would absolutely use them again for our next move.

  50. Best company to hire
    By Alejandro - February 13, 2018

    The crew was prompt and very professional. They really worked hard to get all my things packed and into the truck. I was worried that not everything would fit but they made it happen. I was really surprised that they wrapped many of my items even though I had already wrapped them including my furniture. It all arrived with no damage after three days on the road. Their quote was reasonable and they stuck to it till the end- which is what matters the most! I have rarely ever seen such professionalism and efficiency in a moving company. Thank you guys for a great job!

  51. We are very pleased
    By Roy Hughes - January 24, 2018

    I cannot emphasize enough on how pleased the movers from The Moving DR made us during our last move. These guys took such good care of our belongings throughout. They arrived early and finished early as well. The movers displayed amazing packing skills. They delivered on time and all our valuables were in great condition. I have become such a fan of this company. I recommend everyone to hire them for the next move.

  52. We are happy clients
    By Jayson Carlisle - January 13, 2018

    We hired The Moving DR to transport our valuables 3 months ago. They gave us a very reasonable quote. The movers arrived 20 minutes early for the appointment. The boys worked very fast and efficiently. They spared no details. The whole process of packing loading went very well and then our belongings were on their way. We received the delivery right on the pre-scheduled date and the inventory list checked out. Nothing was broken or damaged. This move could have taken a serious toll on us but instead it turned out to be so easy.

  53. They deserve a good review
    By KevinSanchez - December 27, 2017

    I have never written any kind of review before. I just didn’t want to take the time. I usually moved myself with rented trucks and help from my friends. But this time it was just too much to do that way. I had a very large move. The Moving DR sent five men to get it done in one day. I was impressed with their organization, courtesy, professionalism and team work. All five men worked very hard. They wrapped all my furniture, glassware and other valuables I was taking with me. They also padded everything as they loaded. I saw them putting up wooden frames on both sides of my big mirror- I was truly astonished with their skills by then. They were very careful with my contents and the houses. We had no damage of any kind. I am extremely pleased with all aspects of the move.

  54. Smooth relocation
    By Trevor B. - December 14, 2017

    After my father’s sudden death, we were so upset. We decided to relocate to a new house. I mean immediately! That’s when we hired The Moving DR. They didn’t attempt to cheat us because of the short notice and they were admirable. Their administration was incredible and they were truly helpful. They finished all works within their quoted time because it was monsoon and the weather was not so good. However they managed everything properly. I would definitely call them again.

  55. Love them
    By Dennis Peterson - November 24, 2017

    The Moving DR is an all-out amazing moving company. None of the moving companies we hired in the past came even close to how these guys handled the move. The movers were very strong and experienced. They packed up all my belongings in the proper way. The loading process took another 40 minutes to complete. Not only were they fast, they were precise too. Nothing skipped their eyes. They made the delivery on time and my belongings traveled very well. I’m never hiring any other movers in the future.

  56. Very inexpensive
    By Johnny Gonzalez - October 9, 2017

    Most moving companies are ridiculously overpriced. I didn’t want to spend a fortune on moving. After much research and numerous phone calls I hired The Moving DR. Their estimate seemed the most rational to me. The movers arrived half an hour early on the moving day and got to work immediately. The heavy furniture was a big issue but they carried everything with such ease and efficiency. Their efficiency must have saved me tons of money. The delivery was made on time. They stuck to their original quote which is why I’m writing this review.

  57. Thank god for these guys
    By Louis Saunders - September 24, 2017

    The Moving DR did a great job at instructing all their staff on safe handling of my old furniture and we made the move with no damage. They came with all the padding and wrapping required, moved up and down at my old place quite comfortably and completed the loading in a short time. Their prices were right in line with what we have been paying other movers too. I am very satisfied with their services. If it wasn’t for them, I’m sure my valuables would have suffered greatly.

  58. Great service at a good price
    By Chris James - September 11, 2017

    I checked with 4 other companies before hiring one. All of them quoted pretty much the same number really. So I just went for The Moving DR. I have absolutely no issues with the movers. They were punctual, efficient and reliable. My valuables were in safe hands. They delivered all my belongings in great condition. I’m not totally sold on the price but then again hiring moving companies is never cheap!

  59. Loved working with them
    By RichardSanders - August 26, 2017

    The guys from The Moving DR were super-fast, super-efficient and super nice. I told them which items were fragile and they handled them with the utmost care. Not only that, but they took a great care of my other things as well. They brought large and protective boxes so they could pack everything properly and safely. I could not find a single thing missing or damaged. They were too good! Also, the quote was perfect for me. I highly recommend them for their outstanding service.

  60. Really fun time
    By George Richardson - August 15, 2017

    I had a really fun time with this moving company. They were so laid back and fun and made the moving process so easy. I did a long distance move and they really did a fast and good moving. My belongings were delivered to me very quickly and I was surprised to see that all glassware was protected from damage. I think this is the first time something did not break and also their prices are quite affordable! I strongly recommend The Moving DR!

  61. They took good care of me
    By Jeffrey Russell - July 26, 2017

    I wanted to move back home to my roots so my friend told me about The Moving DR. I was really happy with the way how they moved me. I felt compelled to write this review! They took care of my things and got everything here in one piece and I was really surprised because I had a 4 bedroom home and lots of antique things from my grandmother. I made sure to watch them load and everything, and they were real careful. Hats off to you young gentlemen for taking real good care of me.

  62. Fast moving
    By Nicholas Murphy - July 17, 2017

    This was the very last choice we had for a company but, it turned out to be the best out of them. For a reasonable price we got these professionals to do a long distance move for us. After when everything was done, we were able to sit down and say that we got the best service possible. Their rates are far better than the others and they stayed until I am satisfied. The Moving DR deserves 5 stars without a doubt!

  63. Finest experience
    By Chris Rogers - June 25, 2017

    This relocation was the finest relocation experience I have ever had. These guys arrived earlier then they said they would and brought all the necessary tools needed. They are smooth and they finished in lower time than predicted. The total cost was within my budget and the price was very reasonable. I am glad I chose The Moving DR because they gave me a damage free move!

  64. Nothing was broken
    By Harold Cooper - June 13, 2017

    They handled my long distance move perfectly! They left nothing undone or anything broken. I am so happy that I moved with The Moving DR. They made my move feel like a breeze and they have really affordable prices. You will not go wrong if you choose this moving company. I especially had a great time because they are not only about getting the job done, they also make you have a good time. So friendly they are!! I highly recommend these guys.

  65. Well done guys
    By Daniel Morris - May 26, 2017

    Thank you so much once again The Moving DR. I only moved once in my entire life but this experience has been great. The foreman and his fellow workers arrived on time. They were fun to be around with. Clearly they were experienced and efficient. They packed up my things in 4 hours. They delivered one day early and did not bump a single thing! I’m seriously impressed! Well done guys. I won’t be moving again soon but at least now I know whom to call.

  66. Best decision
    By Eddie Mcbride - May 16, 2017

    Hiring this company was definitely the best decision we have made in a long time! I cannot say enough good things about the professionalism and courteousness of The Moving DR. They were easy to get in touch with to book my moving date, they answered all of my questions, the owner called early the day before to confirm the time window during which the crew would show up, and they showed up right on time. The moving crew was so fast and efficient at getting our 3 bedroom apartment loaded onto their truck. We had a million boxes but they were quick and still took time to listen to our requests and paid attention to detail. They were also incredibly polite and respectful. We really did hire the best.

  67. Reliable!
    By Edward Diaz - April 25, 2017

    Reviewing one of the best moving companies is turning out to be a matter of pleasure for me. It was last month when I had called them up just for the sake of an advice. Their representative listened patiently to my case and then answered my questions one by one. What surprised was the fact that he did not tempt me to hire their services, did not try to trap me with false discount offer and really did not attempt to make me deposit cash for further processing. That evening, I called them again and asked them to send in their surveyors for detailed survey. They reached well in time, jotted down the details and the move was completed right according to the plan within 4 days time. What I conclude about The Moving DR is that they are thoroughly reliable

  68. I couldn’t fault them
    By Jason Norton - April 16, 2017

    The Moving DR kept me well informed throughout the move process. The move was well planned, and the movers were very professional. In short, everything went exactly as it was supposed to, and it happened right on the schedule that it was discussed. The customer service was great and the communication from them was priceless.

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