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Summit Van Lines is one of the most reliable residential and commercial moving companies in the United States. Based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with an average of twenty-seven years of experience among our ownership, management, moving consultants, drivers and dispatchers, we are confident that we can perform any move anywhere in the continental United States.
Moving is a grueling task and you want a moving expert that you can trust, an expert who will give you the answers you want and the advice you need. Our goal is to provide our customers with the most personalized service possible by creating a family-oriented atmosphere of caring and concern. Who can you trust if not your family? We have built our business on the same trust and dependability that you expect from your loved ones.
From the time you call our offices until the last item is moved, you will be provided with the same sincerity and professionalism that has made us a mover of choice for many throughout the country. Each move that we perform is accompanied by a Certified Moving Consultant who has a high level of experience within the moving industry and has been specially trained to handle any moving situation. We also own and operate our own fleet and are fully licensed, bonded and insured.
We satisfy our customer’s needs with support from beginning to end. With our dedicated and professional moving staff, personal service, a superior fleet of trucks and up-to-date technology, Summit Van Lines is ready to take on all your moving challenges.
Get a free moving estimate today and see how Summit Van Lines can assist you with your upcoming relocation. You will see the significant value in our first-rate service and guidance. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you, your family or your business for all your moving needs.
Long-distance moves require a huge amount of planning. Unlike a local move, where your belongings are simply packed, transported and delivered, interstate relocation’s may require extra paperwork, transferring utilities to unfamiliar companies, finding new schools and doctors’ offices, and handling the transportation of all the family vehicles and belongings.
Our experienced staff of office coordinators can help you organize your move, answering any questions you may have along the way. If you are too busy to pack your belongings or would rather have professionals pack them for maximum safety, we have an experienced packing crew that can take over the packing and unpacking for you.

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  1. A massive help
    By Ralph Patterson - October 16, 2018

    We wanted to move quickly and because we had a lot of luggage to move and the distance is long, we required a capable and experienced moving company for the move. We hired Summit van lines for the job. Guess what! We got exactly that and even better. The guys were very capable and as a result, our move was pretty fast and very wonderful. Unlike our past move, we did not record any damage or breakage and when we arrived, they even helped us arrange the new home. It was remarkable how fast these movers moved my stuff. I even wondered whether they took a different route that made them arrive faster. What made it so surprising was that they moved a lot of my loads and many of them were heavy and still made a remarkably fast move. To crown it all, my stuff got to the destination safely and in good condition.

  2. Best money ever spent
    By Jeffrey S. - September 20, 2018

    I’m no stranger to the awesome services Summit van lines provide. I have hired them for all my previous moves and they never disappointed. They were very efficient every time. The movers are extremely punctual, both during arrival and delivery. It’s always a treat seeing these men at work because they make it seem so easy. They boxed up my stuffs very carefully and then loaded them onto the vans. My furniture was carried with caution so they don’t end up damaging the floors or walls. I can’t even imagine hiring other moving companies.

  3. Skilled crew
    By Adam A. - September 15, 2018

    I still believe in honesty and skills. If movers are skilled enough then a moving company would obviously have good ratings. I hired Summit van lines for my last move and I am glad to report that movers were truly skilled and well trained. They were very careful with my stuff and were respectful to me. They worked hard to earn my respect. They always maintained a timely manner to all the tasks. If you hire them you will get everything you want from a moving company- including a low-ended price.

  4. Exceptional service
    By Todd Brown - August 28, 2018

    Does everyone give you an excellent communication even in late hours? Well summit van lines does. Not only that, but they move you in a very different and good way. They were the ones who helped me with my long distance move last month and all I want to say is that it went perfectly well. They were on-time everywhere, they moved my things nicely, and they delivered everything intact. Their price was low from the start and it did not change in the end. I highly recommend them to all.

  5. Organized, neat and fast!
    By Sonny Sander - August 19, 2018

    These guys are the best! I had the best time ever with Summit van lines recently. They helped me with my long distance move and they have done a great job. Their sales rep gave me a good deal and their moving team moved all my belongings with care and did not damage a single thing. They delivered on time on the other side and they provided unpacking and staging services without any issues. This is a moving company that has everything! I highly recommend this moving company to all!

  6. Well-mannered and efficient
    By Michael Sanders - July 16, 2018

    This moving company is very well mannered and efficient. They were very nice to me and very respectful. They moved my things very carefully and professionally. They moved everything cross country and they did not damage a thing. All was well in the end. There were no damages, no extra fees and no accidents. I do recommend Summit van lines very highly. They made my long distance move very easy and smooth. I will use them again for all my future long distance moves.

  7. I am impressed!
    By Domingo Shaw - June 15, 2018

    My wife and I needed a good moving company because we have many expensive glassware and decorative items. Every single piece needed to be moved without any damages. Summit van lines did a good job with our move. The boys came on time and packed everything with care. They used many type of layers so that everything was well protected. Everything was delivered on time and without any damages. They surely gave us the move we wanted. Thank you so much! I will use you again and I will recommend you to all.

  8. Do not look elsewhere!
    By AndrewParker - May 15, 2018

    If you need a good moving company, hire these guys. They are so great that after using them once, you will not look elsewhere. They moved my family and me recently and they did a spectacular job. We are a big family and obviously we have a lot of things. The moving team very patiently and carefully packed and moved everything we have and delivered it to our new home safely. There were no damages and no scratches. It was a very smooth and easy move. We all would like to thank you for all the hard work. We will not forget about Summit van lines!

  9. Liked the way they operate!
    By Teresa - April 19, 2018

    Thank you for helping me like this! I cannot thank you enough. My husband was out of town and I really needed to move. I didn’t know what to do at all! Moving alone is not my cup of tea. At that time, my brother recommended Summit van lines to me. From the very first call, they were very kind and supportive. They sent a great team who very nicely packed all our things and made sure it was well protected. Everything was delivered safely and on time. Thanks for saving me!

  10. We were truly amazed
    By Alan Reed - March 18, 2018

    I was truly shocked when I got a sudden transfer letter to another state. I was in a rush and I couldn’t locate any great moving company that could handle this move on such a short notice. At that point one of colleagues recommended me Summit van lines for this work. I had to use his reference to get an appointment. The good thing is, after that point, it was just smooth sailing. The movers were just mind blowing. They simply came in, packed everything, loaded the van and left. The delivery was two days later and all my belongings were in perfect condition. They literally saved me!

  11. Combination of skills and experience
    By Orville Kennedy - February 13, 2018

    These movers demonstrated rare skill and experiences in finding my new home even though it is in a remote location in a small town. Moreover, the packing and unpacking of my belongings was done professionally by these movers. They ensured that everything was done superfast and with great efficiency. It is a nice time moving with you guys. With many movers in the moving industry nowadays, one will want to know which moving company is the best. I gladly recommend Summit van lines to anyone looking for good movers. In fact, they rendered perfect and seamless service. The move was indeed tremendous and everything I ever expected for a good move. This is why I am giving them five stars rating and in fact, I will hire them again and again for my future movers.

  12. I really loved their services
    By Thomas Reynolds - January 13, 2018

    When it comes to moving companies, boxes always go missing or the delivery is always delayed. However, with Summit van lines, nothing like that happened during our last move. These guys are so professional. They gave me a very solid quote and promised to take good care of my belongings. They sent movers who were all very capable. They picked up heavy couches like they weighed nothing. The packing and loading part went smoothly. All my boxes and furniture turned up right on scheduled date and everything was intact. I strongly recommend these guys.

  13. They were so fast
    By Wallace Romero - December 14, 2017

    We were worried as we were let down from previous removal company. So we hired Summit van lines. It was very much impressive that they did it perfectly. They carefully moved all furniture from old place to the new one. Everything was intact. I didn’t find any unwrapped fragile things. Overall our experience was easier and less stressful. Their behavior was very sweet with us. The movers were very frank and did everything with great care. Actually it was worth every penny of mine.

  14. Pretty good
    By Eric Rogers - November 16, 2017

    Our last long distance move with Summit van lines as our companion went pretty good. This being my first big move I thought it would be stressful but you guys actually made it easy for me. Their price was reasonable and the service was excellent. These movers were great with our move. The 3 young men were very careful, hardworking and polite. They showed up on time to pick everything up and arrived on time with the delivery.

  15. They were the right choice
    By Brandon Anderson - October 16, 2017

    Moving with Summit van lines cost me a fair price for which I got a decent service that was well done in less than half a day. They made sure that moving was as easy for me as possibly could be. They were punctual. I found all my belongings safely transported. I couldn’t recommend a better company than this one.

  16. They can do no wrong
    By Steve Diaz - September 17, 2017

    My friend was need dire need of efficient and cheap movers and I directed him to Summit van lines. I know for a fact that anyone can count on these guys at any time. This company has handled all my past moves and they have always delivered all my valuables without anything going missing. In fact, they do the job so efficiently that my belongings don’t even suffer the slightest of damage. The crews I worked with have always been friendly and helpful. Their customer service is always prompt and helpful. They always give me the best rates possible. While most people lose valuable possessions in the hands of inexperienced movers, you can rely on these guys with your eyes closed.

  17. Good services
    By Russell Nelson - August 15, 2017

    My mom recommended Summit van lines to me when I needed to move last month. They did an amazing job and I got moved in my new place with my things and furniture in just two weeks. I recommend them highly especially because of their low price and great and fast services. You will love their services just as I did. Great folks and great moving company!

  18. Moving was great with them!
    By Thomas C. - July 17, 2017

    I moved using the help of Summit van lines and I have to say that I haven’t had any better moving so far. I was scared, skeptical, stressed and anxious about the whole thing but in the end everything was done just fine. Delivery was made quickly and I was ready to start my new life with my delivered things around me. I’m glad I hired them because I paid good price for even better service. I highly insist everyone to try them.

  19. They are absolutely the best
    By Howard Allen - June 17, 2017

    Summit van lines is a moving company that I have tested and certified that they are nothing but the best moving company in town. These guys moved my belongings professionally and selflessly so that there was no damage of any sort. They kept it very simple, on time pickup, smooth packing and loading, and kept their word about no damages and delivery. Overall, it was great! Highly recommended!

  20. They did whatever was necessary
    By Doyle James - May 16, 2017

    The moving team called me 30 minutes before arriving to tell me they were on their way and once they arrived they got to work. Quickly and efficiently wrapped and protected whatever was necessary. Once we got to our new apartment they unpacked everything and completed the job efficiently and painlessly. I heaved a huge sigh of relief after the move. Not a single damage or anything lost during the move. Well done Summit van lines.

  21. They have the best moving team
    By Christopher Martin - April 22, 2017

    I cannot explain how happy I am after taking the moving services from Summit van lines. I was about to change my house with my family. So, I was in the hunt of a good moving company within a reasonable amount. My friend Paul told me about Summit van lines and gave me their number. I called and talked with Sammy, their sales rep. He offered me a very reasonable price and accommodated everything I asked for. At the moving day, Max and his team mates arrived on time, packed everything and loaded with great care and moved to the new location. They unloaded everything in one piece and made sure I do not go through any unwanted surprises. In the end, it was a moving experience to remember.

  22. Professionals all the way
    By MartinBrown - April 20, 2017

    Most moving companies hide their inefficiency behind shiny commercials and uniformed men who look the part. But when it comes to the actual moving part, their true colors come out. Summit van lines, however, is one of the companies who really know this job well. You don’t see them publishing ads everywhere, that’s because they don’t need to. Their reputation is good enough marketing. I hired them when I was moving last month and they did an absolutely stellar job. I couldn’t be happier with the service they provided me.

  23. I’m so happy that I hired them.
    By Irvin Perkins - April 12, 2017

    I hired Summit van lines because of their amazing reputation. Their movers were very strong and helpful. They took inventory like pros and got to work. The clock didn’t start till they started the actual work, which was a great thing. They worked tirelessly for 3 hours and packed my whole 2-bedroom apartment. All of my things traveled safely and were delivered on the exact day as promised by them. I am very glad I hired them because they saved me a lot of money and a lot of hassle.

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