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Our company offers long distance relocation services for residential and business operations. Long distance moves typically refer to interstates moves which involve crossing state lines. We do not charge shipments by weight; upon receiving a specific list of items your designated relocation specialist will be able to determine your binding and guaranteed transportation cost.

This fee is known as a Flat, Binding Cost which does not change on the move date, as long as your list of items requested for service remains what was initially agreed upon on the order for service. As a consumer you retain the right to add or subtract and items in the days leading up to the date designated for the move. As such, your transportation cost will be revised and adjusted accordingly.

You may utilize our packing services in addition to our inclusive amenities. Allowing our professionals to pack and upload your items ensures their protection and their safety in transit. Our proficient staff has the expertise and the experience to make sure that clients that choose our packing services find their belongings properly packed and organized.

Our transportation costs include the following:

  • Free tolls, mileage and taxes
  • Free special moving blankets to wrap and protect your fragile items
  • Free assembling and disassembling of all furniture
  • Free detailed inventory list on move date
  • Free standard valuation protection at the rate of .60/lb
  • Free one month storage if required

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  1. I could rely on them
    By Alejandro F - December 11, 2018

    I was not going to pay a shit load of money to a moving company only to get haphazard services at the end. After much research, I hired Star USA Moving. They really were fantastic. They sent a very friendly and efficient set of movers do the job. The movers were punctual, well equipped and organized. They finished packing and loading all my belongings really fast. I was worried about how my things were going to travel the long distance. Luckily, due to the packing skills of the movers, all my valuables were transported without causing any damage to them. In the end, the money I paid seemed worthwhile given how easy the move was.

  2. They are not like others
    By Eugene Turner - November 27, 2018

    When I did some research online about moving companies, my head was spinning. Most of them have terrible reviews and the ones everyone says are good charge astronomically. As a first time mover, I was just scared. My neighbor advised me to hire Star USA Moving. I was honestly expecting them to be just like every other moving company. I even told my wife not to put all our expensive valuables in the same box. They charged quite reasonably which made me fear for a much larger final bill. The crew arrived on time and packed everything carefully. The surprise really came when everything was delivered right on the scheduled date. All our boxes were there and nothing went missing. Most of our things traveled safely. I was even more surprised when I received the final bill. It was the exact amount quoted by the company at the start. I’m sorry guys but I can’t say anything bad about these movers!

  3. They are just so good
    By Roy Bryant - November 12, 2018

    The house I used to live in was old and had very narrow hallways. But the movers from Star USA Moving made it seem like non-issue. They tackled the job so professionally and efficiently. No walls or floors suffered any damages while they carried big pieces of furniture through that narrow corridor. I don’t even want to know how they managed to do it. I was just glad my pieces were out of that house and on their way. They delivered on time and my valuables were safely transported.

  4. Reliable company
    By Andrew Thompson - October 26, 2018

    I was suggested by my daughter to hire Star USA Moving. I was very confused whether they will be reliable enough or not. But at the end of the process they showed their job in an excellent way. At first, they called and shared their plan with us. The movers then showed up right on time on the moving day. They quickly packed up everything and left. The delivery was done three days later with all my properties intact. I believe these men are the most reliable movers you will find in this country.

  5. Tension free move
    By ChrisStewart - October 10, 2018

    Star USA Moving gave me a painless service as I relocated. The guys were on time and so I had no time to start stressing about the move or the safety of my things as they took inventory of everything and got to work. They packed up my 3-bedroom apartment in no time. They made the delivery on time and all my stuffs were in great condition. They unpacked everything and put them where I wanted them. I just couldn’t believe how easy this move turned out to be. I will be forever in debt to them.

  6. My movers were awesome
    By Bobby L. - September 20, 2018

    Star USA Moving has an array of options to choose from to suit what your needs. As tempting as it was to go for the easier options, I just couldn’t afford them. So I went for a cheaper alternative where they provided me one less mover that ultimately resulted into a lower bill. The movers I got were so fantastic that I didn’t even feel like it was a cheaper package. I don’t own a lot of things and so the packing-loading process took almost no time. They delivered on time and nothing was missing, broken or damaged. I am forever grateful to this amazing company.

  7. Extremely competent
    By Jimmy Ramirez - September 8, 2018

    I was so confused while choosing which moving company to hire for my move. A friend of mine who moved last year suggested me the name of Star USA Moving. This company has been in business for longer than a lot of the fancy ones. Experience means a lot in this business. They were very apt at handling heavy furniture and delicate glassware. Most movers rush into packing and loading while these guys took their time but by no means were they slow. I am very impressed by their skills and give them a high recommendation.

  8. Severely professional
    By Harry Wilson - August 21, 2018

    I have never dealt with such a professional moving company before! They are so systematic and organized! They are very flexible with the changing of dates, storage time and inventory. They move your belongings with care and respect and they get the job done without any issues. They are the best moving company for long distance moves. I hired them last month for my move and my move was so smooth and quick! There were no damages, delays or extra fees! I do not need anything more! I highly recommend Star USA Moving to all!

  9. Say yes to this company!
    By Stephen Allen - August 8, 2018

    Say yes to this moving company! You will not get a better service anywhere! They are just amazing! They are efficient, caring professional and very hardworking. They have the ability to move you flawlessly! They helped me with my long distance move a couple of weeks ago and they totally aced it! There was no damage at all! Can you believe that? Seriously, not a scratch! All was delivered in due time and the guys were kind enough to help at the new place too. I was in such good hands! I highly recommend Star USA Moving to all!

  10. They are highly recommended!
    By George Sanders - July 22, 2018

    I would love to recommend Star USA Moving because they are an exceptional moving company! They move you like a breeze and they move you without any problems. I hired them recently and they did not give me a chance to complain. They were in and out very quickly and they moved all my things like their own. Everything was delivered safe and sound and the best part was that I did not pay anything extra. I paid exactly what I was quoted. I really loved this experience because nothing went wrong. They are an exceptional moving company and I highly recommend them to all!

  11. It was a very good move!
    By Irvin Carr - July 10, 2018

    I highly recommend Star USA Moving to all. They are very good and efficient. They will move you so easily! Man they are professional! They moved me without any damages seriously! I couldn’t believe it at first, but when I checked I saw that there wasn’t even a scratch! I loved working with this company. Even their moving men were nice! They knew exactly what to do and never bothered me. My move was very quick and easy thanks to them. I will use them again and I will recommend them to all.

  12. Thanks again
    By Mark23 - June 19, 2018

    I had the pleasure of working with Star USA Moving recently and I must say that they made my long distance move stressed free and painless. They did everything I asked and even more. They came on time and packed everything with care. They moved all the furniture very gently and professionally. They did the delivery on time too and I saw that none of my things were damaged. One more thing that made me like them is that they gave me a perfect estimate in the beginning. I paid exactly what I was quoted. Thanks once again. I will definitely recommend you to all.

  13. Careful and skilled
    By Alex Craig - June 9, 2018

    I had a wonderful time with this moving company! They were very careful with everything! They took down the chandelier very easily; they packed my glassware with care and also moved them nicely. The furniture was smoothly moved too. They did not damage it or even bump it. The delivery was one day early which was great. They unloaded all the things with a lot of care and placed it in the rooms I wanted. There were no damages in the end! I loved that! Thank you so much Star USA Moving. I will recommend you to all!

  14. My heroes
    By Alan Peterson - May 22, 2018

    They are my super hero! They saved me like a hero and fixed my problems like a hero. My original moving company cancelled on me in the last minute and I completely froze because I did not know what to do. I called many companies but no one could fit me in on such short notice. Star USA Moving was the only one who wanted to help me. They rescued me like heroes and moved me cross country very easily! And the best thing about them was that they moved me without any damages! I will not forget this! Thank you so much!

  15. Honest and affordable
    By Thomas Roberts - May 7, 2018

    We used Star USA Moving 2 years ago and we used them last month. 2 years back they did a hell of a job and that’s why we kept their card. We really appreciate that both times they gave us a perfect move. No damages, no delays and no changes in the bill. Thank you for keeping the quality the same. I think I will always be using this company whenever I need to do a long distance move. I strongly recommend them.

  16. Good moving companies still exists!!
    By Erik Schultz - April 26, 2018

    Yes my title says the truth! Good moving companies still exists! Star USA Moving is one of them. They are very punctual and efficient. They will not charge you a lot and they will get the job done smoothly. I have hired them last month for my cross country move and they were great. They were in and out very quickly. The packing was done nicely and they managed not to damage anything. Their behavior is also notable. They are friendly and they talk to you with respect. They are a good moving company and I am sure they will do a good job for your move. Highly recommended!

  17. Excellent!
    By Craig Lewis - April 9, 2018

    Star USA Moving is just excellent! They gave me a very precise estimate and their moving team was spot on! They never gave me a chance to complain. They took care of the chandeliers so nicely! They made sure nothing was damaged or even slightly scratched! They are just too good! One more thing I loved about them is that they never complained that I made them move the furniture so many times! I strongly recommend them because you will enjoy working with them.

  18. Very happy
    By Joseph Rogers - March 27, 2018

    Star USA Moving was absolutely fantastic during our last move. When I called them the man on the phone went out of his way to provide me a good quote. All four movers were very strong and energetic. They didn’t waste any time while packing. Their packing skills were fantastic and they utilized the packing materials properly. They made the delivery on time as well. I took an inventory and everything was in great condition. I really enjoyed their services.

  19. Extraordinary efforts
    By Gerald Parker - March 11, 2018

    A move that would have taken us days, only took hours. If you are using any other mover than Star USA Moving then you have made a wrong decision. I think I was doomed, having so many junks that needed to be moved. I asked my friends, and they said that I should hire these guys. They showed up on time, wrapped all my valuables carefully and loaded them to their van. The delivery was done on time and there was not a dent on any of the items. They really lent a supporting hand when I needed it.

  20. Timely action
    By Brock Stanfield - February 22, 2018

    The truck from Star USA Moving pulled up 20 minutes early they called once in morning letting me know what time they’d arrive they were not one minute late. Nothing could have been better. They spoke politely were respectful and not once did I think they were wasting time. Their quote was reasonable and I had more belongings I forgot that they gave a fair price. There really was nothing to fault with these movers. Thank u so much!

  21. Quality assured
    By Fred Ramos - February 13, 2018

    No matter the quality you want from a moving company you will definitely find it in this wonderful company. They are experienced, skilled, well-mannered name it and you will find it in them. For that reason, Star USA Moving is just the best company for you at any point in time. I am really happy for the service they rendered to me that is why I am ready to announce them to anyone. My move which I thought will be a mess was made by these guys a great and successful move through their wonderful and excellent service. For that reason, it is certain that they will soon be widely known due to their wonderful and excellent service. Apart from the actual move itself, the wonderful service of the customer support team provided is another point to reckon with.

  22. I love this moving company
    By AdamAlexander - January 24, 2018

    Many of my friends often told me about how bad their moving companies were and how they lost their valuable items during their moves. But Star USA Moving is yet to lose any of my things. In fact, they do the job so efficiently that my belongings don’t even suffer the slightest of damage. The crews I worked with have always been friendly and helpful. Their customer service is always prompt and helpful. They always give me the best rates possible. They have moved me 6 times already. If this is not the best moving company out there, I don’t know which is.

  23. Couldn’t have asked for a better moving company
    By Edward Thomas - January 18, 2018

    It was a move I had been anticipating for a long time. The job offer finally came and it was time to leave. I hired Star USA Moving to handle the transporting of my valuables. They were simply brilliant. Everything about them, starting from the quote to the last delivery, was perfect. The men they sent were all very efficient and keen to work. I have heard stories of movers slowing down to work more hours. But these guys were meticulous and fast. I really couldn’t have asked for any better moving company.

  24. Efficiency is their game
    By Douglas - December 24, 2017

    I have relocated many times in the past. I just don’t let go of better opportunities for the fear of moving. I have learned to deal with the worst moving companies. Star USA Moving, however, is a very different story. They handled my last move effortlessly. Their quote was cheap and the customer service was helpful enough. The movers showed up early on the moving day with all the right tools. They used loads of packing materials to safeguard my breakables. They delivered very much on time as well. This was my easiest move yet. I really appreciated their levels of efficiency.

  25. Loved their work
    By Charles Santiago - December 18, 2017

    You would never understand the pain if you are not living in a city alone. Actually my little sister also lives with me. We stay together in this city for our study purpose. Recently we moved to our new house. It was a pretty tough task for use to move everything unless we hired Star USA Moving for this. This company was just great at this kind of work. They relocated all the things safely and without causing any damage. They built an atmosphere to trust them at their works. We just loved their work.

  26. I would hire them in a heartbeat
    By Daniel Rivera - November 24, 2017

    My mother kept saying that there’s no need to hire a moving company. But the stress of it all was severe. I wondered if I should really hire a moving company. I ended up hiring Star USA Moving simply because of their reputation. On the plus side, their crew was efficient and none of my things was broken or damaged in the end. At first I thought they charged me a lot. But later when I asked around, I realized how fairly priced this company really is. Maybe I could move on my own. But leaving it up to the pros meant less worries for me!

  27. Hardworking people
    By Aaron Wilson - October 26, 2017

    I value hard work and people who put their heads down to finish the job they started. Star USA Moving reminded me of an old myself! I worked very hard to reach where I am today. These men seem to do the same- packing up infinite items into boxes carefully and then putting their forces together to carry huge pieces of furniture outside the house. I have garnered special level of respect and adoration for the movers who helped during my last move. They made sure everything travelled securely and arrived at my new house completely unharmed. I am gladly writing this review because they deserve every word of it.

  28. Not your average company
    By Gregory Stewart - October 16, 2017

    We weren’t moving too far away but hiring a moving company was a necessity for us as both my wife and I are working professionals. Star USA Moving was hired by my wife after she had talked to a few people. These guys are amazing. They arrived on time with the all the proper packing materials. Their vans were quite new and seemed spacious enough. The men worked efficiently packing and loading all our belongings with great caution. Everything was delivered to our new house in great condition. They even unpacked everything for us. I recommend this company simply because they do their job properly, unlike most other moving companies out there.

  29. Best movers I have seen
    By Terrell Davis - September 24, 2017

    I have relocated with Star USA Moving before and always requested the same crew. They happily obliged and sent over the same men. These guys showed up right on the scheduled time and finished packing everything very quickly. That was incredible. This company has a reputation for their punctuality and efficiency in the market. So it’s no surprise that they managed to deliver all my belongings to my new house without any damages. I will be sticking to them for all my future moves.

  30. It was just effortless
    By Ernest Perez - September 17, 2017

    In the age of internet, booking a moving company is easy as making a call from your phone. Everything is all automated now and Star USA Moving takes full advantage of it by providing quotes quickly after filling up a form on their website. I gave them a date and time on their website and they took care of literally everything. They showed up right on time, which is quite unlike any other movers I have hired in the past. The crew was super speedy. They have been doing this job forever I reckon. They were done packing and loading everything I own before I even realized it. The delivery was made on schedule as well just three days later. I checked and found all my things without any damages. I didn’t even have to bother with a phone conversation prior to this move and that’s just startling to me.

  31. Appreciate the help
    By Sean Jones - August 26, 2017

    Well done guys! You have done it! I am so happy that I cannot express it the way I feel. All I want to say is that, your team was awesome. They were on time and were very focused throughout the whole process. They knew what I wanted, and did exactly that. At the end after checking the inventory, I was surprised to see that it was all there! Safe and sound! I cannot thank you enough. I will always hire Star USA Moving for my move!

  32. So glad!
    By Kenneth Wilson - August 15, 2017

    I’m so glad I found them because they offer great services for a good and affordable price. I did a long distance move with Star USA Moving and it was a very successful move. It lasted about sixteen days and I only saw that they took such good care of my belongings! Not a single damage anywhere! The price remained the same at the end which I really appreciated! They are great! Highly recommended!

  33. Professional
    By Martin Reed - July 26, 2017

    When I first started to research moving companies I never knew how many calls and emails I would be getting. I assumed I’d get one or two calls at most but the amount of calls I received from companies was so overwhelming I wanted to cancel my phone service. However somewhere in all those calls I was able to speak to Star USA Moving. They didn’t harass or bombard me with calls or emails, they gave me a decent quote and I was comfortable enough with the sales rep that I decided to give them my business. Moving day came and the 3 men crew came out to pack/load my house. They did a fine job. Very professional and courteous. I would use them again for any of my future moves because everything went well, no complaints and overall the price and service was good.

  34. Well planned and executed
    By Wayne Allen - July 15, 2017

    The team from Star USA Moving was great! Friendly, professional, and easy to work with. Their sales rep and customer service was very polite and helpful over the phone. The moving team also arrived on time for pickup and delivery. Everything was planned and all my items arrived to my new place in good condition. Definitely recommended because of their excellent service!

  35. It was a pleasure working with them
    By Patrick Thomas - June 24, 2017

    The packing was properly done, without problems or any damages. They were pretty well organized and knew how to do their job. The delivery was made on time as promised and delivered my things without any harm. Glad I chose them! They were spot on! They worked so well together! They are well coordinated and efficient. I highly recommend Star USA Moving!

  36. Reliable
    By David Barnes - June 13, 2017

    Star USA Moving is an excellent choice to go with. For a price that didn’t go over my monthly salary, I am pretty much happy with the deal they offered me! The whole process was very professionally done. Nothing that I relocated was damaged or lost, nor did the price change in the end. They are truly reliable and fast workers. I had a good move with this moving company and I plan on to use them again for all my future long distance moves.

  37. It’s time for you to make a change
    By Mark Evans - May 26, 2017

    If you want to have a stress free move then you must need to make a change. I am highly recommending Star USA Moving because they are up to the mark. They know how to handle you and know what you want. They are so experienced that you will not need to monitor them. They know where to put it and how to put it. They will give you a damage free, stress free moving experience. If you don’t believe me, try them and then reply beneath my comment! Perfection guaranteed!

  38. Terrific crew
    By Frederick45 - May 16, 2017

    Star USA Moving is one of those companies that you can blindly trust. Their crew manager and his team were terrific. Their sales rep explained everything to me, cautioned me about several things affecting the move. And their rates were far better than others. Everything went according to plan and I was very satisfied at the pace in which they worked. This company surely knows how to do their job. Thanks for a smooth and easy move.

  39. Reliable movers
    By Andrew Parker - April 19, 2017

    Star USA Moving has fair prices and their services are very quick. The movers wrapped the items and they were really good-natured. They were very well prepared with the delivery as well. They did everything they said they would and made sure I understood everything I needed to. They were an amazing group of movers. I will use them again if they sent the same people.

  40. Capable movers
    By Evan Peters - April 16, 2017

    I used Star USA Moving when I was moving closed to my family. This was my first time ever to hire a moving company and I’m very satisfied. The movers came timely and they were nice and polite. They packed everything well and were courteous and professional and they worked very hard to ensure the packing, loading, and delivery went well. I am a completely satisfied customer and would use this company again and would highly recommend it to others.

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