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When it comes to moving homes across the metro Atlanta area, residents want movers they trust to treat their homes & belongings with care and respect, and deliver their most valued possessions safely. Atlanta residents have been turning to the trusted moving professionals at Southeast Van Lines to handle their residential moving needs. The last thing you want is to skimp on a mover and cause a problem with the realtor because the movers damage your previous home while moving your things out. At Southeast Van Lines our professionalism is only rivaled by our dedication to trustworthy services. Our desire to exceed customer expectations has earned us incredible reviews and testimonials. With over 20 years experience in moving, our team has the proven track record to ensure your move is affordable and stress free.

Our movers are highly trained in the proper packing methods for virtually any type of household item, from flat screen televisions to crystal chandeliers. For sensitive or fragile belongings, we even provide custom packing services. As a full-service mover, our teams will even break down complex bedroom sets and other large furnishings, and then reassemble them at their destination. Why move belongings yourself and put them at risk when Southeast Van Lines makes professional moving affordable and reasonable.

Along with our packers and movers expert skills, your family will realize additional benefits for working with Southeast Van Lines, such as:

reasonable moving rates which include packing supplies and fuel
large trucks, ensuring fewer trips than some local moving companies
full-time movers who are courteous and non-smoking
the safety and trust of working with a fully licensed, bonded, and insured Georgia moving company
optional storage space in our insured and secured, climate controlled warehouse.
For more information on our apartment moving services for Atlanta, Marietta, Smyrna,Roswell, Alpharetta, and beyond, contact Southeast Van Lines today.

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  1. It was just effortless
    By Sammy Welch - December 17, 2018

    We hired Southeast van lines purely because the price they asked for was very reasonable. I wasn’t expecting much from them given the low estimate but they really surprised me. The movers arrived right on time to start moving our stuffs. They wasted no time in packing everything neatly. They were very delicate and thorough with packing everything. I have rarely seen such efficiency before in my life. Clearly these men had years of experience and it was vividly displayed in the way they worked. The delivery was made on time and all my valuables traveled very well. It was the easiest move of my life.

  2. Easiest move ever
    By William Leonard - December 11, 2018

    We were moving for a better job offer. My wife and I are not experienced movers and so it seemed wise to hire a moving company. I called Southeast van lines because they’re very sorted after by everyone. Their customer service was just amazing. They were very thorough with the questions and it was really easy to get a quote. The movers arrived punctually on the moving day. The four men were very efficient. They quickly packed up everything and loaded the van with all my belongings carefully inside. They used sufficient amount of packing materials to safeguard our breakables. As a result, none of the things were damaged at the end of the journey. It was the easiest possible move.

  3. They met my demands
    By Edward Brown - November 26, 2018

    I was determined to find the right moving company. After looking through reviews online, we decided to hire Southeast van lines. They gave us such a reasonable quote and the customer service was undeniably helpful. Four movers arrived at our apartment right on time on the moving day. They were properly equipped and took no time in packing up everything. I demanded extra care for my furniture and they did just that. All of our breakables were neatly packed into boxes. The whole thing took no time at all! They delivered everything on the same day to our new house. Then they unpacked everything and put them where I asked them to. It was such a smooth move.

  4. A step ahead
    By Denny Irvine - November 16, 2018

    I called several companies to schedule my move. They all were pushy and only seemed to care about closing the deal. Then I found Southeast van lines. Their representative was not only patient but very helpful. They explained the process to me unlike the other companies. The movers that showed up at my house were professional and expedient. They made something that’s usually a very stressful experience into a very smooth operation. I am definitely going to use them for my next move.

  5. Just amazing
    By Theron H. - November 12, 2018

    I hired Southeast van lines to move my stuffs without knowing much about them. It turned out to be a really good decision. The movers arrived right on time fully prepared to my doorsteps. They packed up everything very quickly and loaded everything onto the van. The whole process took such little time that I was just shocked. They were supposed to deliver a week later. They delivered on day 03. I am just so satisfied with their services.

  6. They are team players
    By Alvaro F - October 16, 2018

    I thought it was important to follow up and let you know what a really great job Southeast van lines did for the house move. Moving houses is stressful as all hell generally however with the organized list that we put together and with the good input of their guys, it was a damn fine move. They work really hard. It all went perfectly. This company has some great team members in their company. They really did a fantastic job. I’ll need them again soon, so I’ll be in touch.

  7. Very skilled moving company
    By Barton Casillas - October 10, 2018

    My family’s relocation was somewhat complicated because we had to pick furniture and other household goods from two different places- one being our old house and a storage unit- before moving to one family house. I just have to thank Southeast van line as they were superb in every way. Everything about this company was top notch. They were true professionals. Not one thing of mine broke or got damaged on the way. The crew was so friendly and extremely professional at the same time. I will definitely recommend them.

  8. They truly made me thankful
    By Demarcus - September 27, 2018

    I read some reviews about Southeast van lines and hired them after getting a nice quote from them. They were so efficient at every point of this move. The movers showed up on time, they packed everything very efficiently and the loading process went very smoothly. On top of that, the delivery was made on time and my belongings made it safely. The final bill was handed to me and it was much lower than their quote. I was literally shaken to my core because I have never heard of any moving company who under bills.

  9. Not just a business
    By Gregory Davis - September 8, 2018

    Southeast van lines is not just a moving company- it’s a hope and an example for all the moving companies and clients out there. I have been mistreated, taken advantage on and fooled by several movers in the past. They promised a seamless move and then created excuses to overcharge me in any way they could. These movers, however, were more concerned about the job at hand than trying to make a few extra dollars. They were very humble and crazy professional at the same time. Watching them work is probably more satisfying than the super bowl! They maintained their timings, worked very fast, didn’t make a mess and delivered on time. I didn’t have to monitor them which meant I could get on with other aspects of this move. In the end, I think I gained three friends who helped me out massively. Thanks guys!

  10. Use their services!
    By Johnny Watson - August 14, 2018

    Southeast van lines is the best moving company out there. They are unique and very efficient. I moved with them last month and my move was a big success. The moving guys came on time on the day of the move and did a great job! They moved my belongings so smoothly and carefully! They took the chandelier down carefully, moved the heavy furniture with care and also helped me with the beds and china cabinets. It all was delivered on time on the other side and the best thing was that I could not find any damages! Till now, no damages at all! This moving company is the best!

  11. I am a happy customer
    By Hobert Andrew - July 25, 2018

    My move with this moving company was awesome! I am very happy with the performance and also the result! They did a very good job I must say. Everything was very professional and thorough. The moving team came at 8am sharp and finished the job on that side in just 5 hours. All my furniture, glassware, gadgets and other household items were all nicely packed and smoothly moved. There were no dents, damages or scratches in the end. It was all perfect. Southeast van lines has the best rates too! They are the one who I will use over and over again. I strongly recommend them to all.

  12. Best experience ever!
    By Franklin Baldwin - July 13, 2018

    Southeast van lines was the one that moved me cross country and they moved me without any damages, stress, mistakes or worries! It was a very smooth and easy move. I did not need to do single thing! Everything was taken care of by their efficient and professional crew. They were excellent. They moved the furniture so well! They did not even scratch anything! They are the real deal! If you also want your move to be smooth and easy, hire this moving company! You will not regret it!

  13. Now this is whom I will call for a move!
    By Shon Chisolm - June 25, 2018

    From now on, if I ever have to move or if anyone I know wants to move, I will urge them to hire Southeast van lines. I am so pleased with them. It was like they were moving their own belongings. So much care! They boxed everything with so much care and they even lifted everything nicely and professionally. Not a single scratch on anything. My paintings, my glassware’s, my fragile items were perfectly intact. Smooth as pie!

  14. Everything was done just the way they said!
    By Brian Bowen - June 15, 2018

    This moving company kept every word! I was moved without any stress, without any damages and without any problems! It all happened just the way they said it would! This moving company is truly experienced and professional. No moving company ever moved me like this. They are everything you need! Their prices are low and it does not change in the end. Their men are very caring and they do not dump your things. They very nicely place them down and they even help you at the new place. They are very understand and caring. I will definitely recommend Southeast van lines to all!

  15. Trouble free move
    By Alan Morris - May 25, 2018

    I recently hired Southeast van lines to move me cross country and it was completely trouble free! They gave me a nice quote and they did not change it in the end by adding new fees. The moving team came on time and very smoothly packed and moved my belongings. All the fragile items and glassware’s were well protected and all the furniture’s were carried without any bumps. They really did a good job. They aced it! I really loved that they delivered everything without any damages! I will use them again!

  16. Check them out
    By Bruce Sanders - May 15, 2018

    You should check them out! These guys are not like the other moving companies. They do not charge much and in return they give you a service like no other. I recently hired them and they did a fantastic job. The moving team was very efficient and caring. They packed and moved all my fragile items, furniture, home décor and everything else without any damages. It was a damage free and stress free move. And the best part was that the bill did not change in the end. Southeast van lines is trustworthy! You should hire them!

  17. Nicely done
    By Alonzo Shaw - April 19, 2018

    Nicely done! I have only good things to say about Southeast van lines. Their sales rep came to my place and took a look and gave a decent estimate. He sent a great crew to help me pack. They took care of all the furniture, the lights, the electronics and other small things. All of my belongings were delivered back to me safe and sound. They even helped to install everything back again. They were super helpful and super friendly. I will always use this moving for all my long distance moves!

  18. Perfect combination
    By Benjamin Moore - March 17, 2018

    It was a great experience indeed. Last month we decided to move to our new apartment. The main problem was to move everything there. My wife told me about a company named Southeast van lines. So I hired them. They took great care of my things. They wrapped and packed all the furniture’s nicely. Relocating everything was done within two days. They had a nice combination among the movers which made the move so effortless. Well done!!

  19. They did a great job
    By Glen Mcbride - March 1, 2018

    Southeast van lines charged as much as any top moving companies. I knew moving is expensive though. Now for the positive: everything was perfect. Their movers arrived right on time to pack up my belongings in my apartment. They were very efficient and quick. They were literally in and out of my apartment. I have never seen movers working this quickly with such precision. The crew was very friendly too. The delivery of my belongings was made on time. Nothing was damaged or broken and I couldn’t be more relieved.

  20. They left very fond memories
    By Neil Harrison - February 6, 2018

    My last move with Southeast van lines was very memorable. I hired them without knowing much about them. But they performed superlatively. Everything about them was professional to the T. They arrived on time, took almost no time to box my valuables and loaded everything without any issues. They gave me a 4 days window for the delivery. I received a call on day 02 notifying me that they were already on the way. Not a single piece was damaged. I was very impressed with their skills and efficiency.

  21. A perfect relocation
    By Mark C. - January 13, 2018

    I hired Southeast van lines to move my things because I was hoping for a stress-free move. Frankly all I did during the move was to drive to my new house. Everything else was taken care of by these guys. They arrived on time, came fully prepared and worked like machines. They wrapped all my breakables with great care. Even my furniture was wrapped in shrinking tape. Most of the packing material was free anyway! They delivered everything on time and my valuables were completely unharmed. It really was a perfect move!

  22. Easiest relocation
    By Horace Hogan - December 14, 2017

    When we decided to move, I booked Southeast van lines as we have used them before. They were very responsible and sincere from the very beginning to the end. I had some heavy furniture that’s why I was so tensed but they managed everything nicely. All were done perfectly with little fuss and there was no damage. They labeled the boxes carefully. Their payment system was excellent too. I must say, it was one of the easiest invoices I’ve ever paid. I would recommend them and want to use them again.

  23. Job well done
    By Jason Thompson - October 15, 2017

    I was amazed at the speed of which the team from Southeast van lines arrived on this Sunday morning and left in a blink of an eye with everything packed on the truck. I was a day ahead of schedule which allowed us the time to help us set the house tip top with no rush. The caliber of people that work for this company is a credit to their company and they are surely proud of them. We’re happy to say that all our things have arrived safely and has been delivered undamaged. I’d like to take the opportunity to thank these guys for the excellent service.

  24. Helpful company
    By Victor Rodriguez - September 16, 2017

    Experience and proficiency means everything in this business. Movers from Southeast van lines were highly experienced and proficient. They were not only obedient but also were well mannered. They took great care of my belongings and all my furniture arrived safely and within the given timeframe. Actually I hate relocations but if I move again I will definitely use them. I want to work with the same movers too because my guys just blew me away with their work ethic and efficiency.

  25. Pleasant experience
    By Ernest Garcia - August 15, 2017

    I was pleasantly surprised with their quality and efficiency. The whole process and the communication were great! The delivery team stayed extra time to help unpack the boxes, it was very helpful! I was just amazed at their service and will definitely be using them again. Plus, there were no damages and no hidden fees! Southeast van lines is an awesome moving company!

  26. They moved me very fast
    By Albert Bryant - July 15, 2017

    They made my moving a real laid back and stress free experience. The guys finished the packing and loading in 6 hoursbecause we have a hell lot of belongings. And then it was carried away and delivered to my new residence very quickly. We are completely satisfied, mostly because we paid the low price we agreed on from the beginning but also because the guys from southeast van lines were professional to the core.

  27. Awesome Service
    By Howard Richardson - June 13, 2017

    Southeast van lines is the company you want for your next move. I recently used their services and they were just amazing. I had some pretty big pieces of furniture and they delivered them without any damage. All my belongings were in safe hands. Watching them carry out their work so efficiently removes all your worries and fears. They got everything done in a timely and well organized fashion. They definitely have my stamp of approval.

  28. Not disappointed
    By Marvin Greene - May 16, 2017

    We did not know how we would get the job done. We hired Southeast van lines based on a recommendation. We have many things and also all the furniture was heavy and there were lots of antiques! Some of the furniture had been in my family for several generations and my dad was very concerned with how the items were going to be cared for by the movers. He was not disappointed. There wasn’t a single scratch on anything literally! The price was very reasonable and cheaper than several other moving companies we contacted. I strongly recommended this moving company.

  29. Affordable efficiency
    By Stephen5 - April 19, 2017

    It was my 1st move. I had no experience about moving. Moving is painful and movers always stole something or break the belongings. I was very nervous about choosing a moving company but after talking to Southeast van lines and seeing how detailed they were explaining the process and doing my inventory I decided to give the company a shot. Everyone was pretty approachable and easy to get in contact with.

  30. Knight in dirty armor
    By Danny Jones - April 16, 2017

    We have always heard of the knight in shining armor, but not in my wildest imagination did I ever think that this dirty rugged non presentable man would be my Shining Knight and save me from my garbage load of belongings. He single handedly went through my pile of things, sorted them, loaded them on the truck and unloaded. I mean wow, such gems for Southeast van lines, I am sure the company is aware of its gems.

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