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It doesn’t matter if you are just moving a few blocks away or to a different state, you need to know that your household goods will arrive safely. We have handled thousands of different moves and have encountered just about every circumstance imaginable. ​

All of our employees have been thoroughly trained in how to safely pack, load, and transport all of your belongings.

​We can move:​

Fragile china
Anything you have in your home

When you hire us to move your household items you can rest assured that we will carefully handle everything and deliver it to your satisfaction.

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  1. Terrible
    By lancedecuir - December 16, 2019

    Completely agree with other poor reviews. These guys are a broker and are not up front at all about what the process is and how much it will cost and how long they can keep your items for. Total scam company and you should definitely not use them

  2. Very friendly
    By Ava Lianna - November 18, 2019

    The moving team arrived early, finished ahead of schedule, and transported all of my items with great care. Even more helpful, they made the time for my last minute move at the end of the month when most everyone else is typically booked. Everyone I met and spoke with were friendly and pricing was fair. I’ll use them again on my next move and highly recommend them to anyone else!

  3. Five Stars!!
    By Colin Bennet - November 16, 2019

    I had a three man crew. They were all very courteous and helpful. They maintained a proper level of professionalism and personality. I enjoyed all three guys and when I move again I will definitely call Sentry van lines ! Five Stars!! Thank you, you came through in a pinch!

  4. Hardest workers
    By Cody Joel - November 15, 2019

    They were polite, on time, the hardest workers I have ever seen and did not complain about parking and going up and down 3 flights of stairs. You would not think they were paid hourly by how fast they moved. They are the “A-team”!

  5. Worked speedily and carefully
    By Jakob - November 14, 2019

    The moves went very smoothly. They called 15 minutes before arriving and came on time. They worked speedily, carefully and professionally. I will absolutely use them next time I need a mover.

  6. Every person was very polite
    By Gabriel - November 13, 2019

    Sentry van lines were awesome! From my first call with them, through the quote and the actual move, every person was polite and helpful. They’re reasonably priced. Highly recommended.

  7. Perfect experience
    By Emanue - November 12, 2019

    Great team! They were great! Perfect experience, no problems at all, very fast and took the job seriously as well as took great care of my stuff! Highly recommended

  8. Recommend!!
    By Antonio - November 11, 2019

    Definitely 100% recommend. They made the move 1000x less stressful!

  9. Best movers!
    By Manuel - November 10, 2019

    Best! Best! Best movers! They were not only completely reasonable on price but they were super efficient! They took care of all of our valuables with the utmost care. Recommended.

  10. Really helpful
    By Finley - November 6, 2019

    Very friendly and professional. These are great guys to hire for your local move. If you are looking for someone to help you with your move, but don’t want to hire those professional high cost movers that quote you $450 for a simple move, these are your guys. They are cost friendly, fast, and super nice. Recommended.

  11. Really impressed
    By BenFelix - November 4, 2019

    Thanks a great guys i was really impressed and will refer you to my friends.

  12. Extremely fast
    By Laurie - November 1, 2019

    They were extremely fast while being careful with our belongings. They were very nice and made the move stress free. Also, the job took half the time we expected so that was fantastic! I would recommend to anybody looking for a reliable, friendly, and efficient team :)!

  13. Incredibly efficient
    By Josephin - October 28, 2019

    Simply perfect. I moved this morning and was so impressed that I feel the need to immediately review. The price was very competitive and the service was professional. They took better care of my stuff than even I would. Incredibly efficient.

    By Arthur Walls - October 15, 2019

    These movers were on time and moved everything within an hour so swiftly. I would 100% use them again and they are very AFFORDABLE for a 24 year old, like myself, living in the city!

  15. Very organized
    By Jeff J. Pellot - October 3, 2019

    Great company. Very organized. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. Also very easy to get a hold of if needed. Fast delivery and great pick up as well! Would recommend!!

  16. Sentry Van Lines-Liars
    By Ryosuf - September 20, 2019

    I was looking for a moving company and already had one I was going to work with for half the price of Sentry van lines, but I was going out of town and needed my things delivered within a specific time frame which they guaranteed me they could do. They said if you take off work Friday and let us pick up everything we can guarantee your still will be on the shipment out in 3 days and delivered next week. It’s not next week and they haven’t even shipped my things out yet. They lied to me. Not only that, they gave me an estimate of about 2k and then ended up charging an additional 1k on the day of. When they are trying to get your business they answer all your calls at any house, and then once they have it they completely ignore you and all of your calls. I’ve been calling nonstop for two days and only one lady continues to get back to me just to tell me sorry I don’t know where your stuff is. I’m begging you do not work with this company. They are LIARS. They charge for literally everything and you will end up paying significantly more on the day of than they originally tell you. Also your stuff will get there a month after they actually tell you it’s going to be there. I’m already screwed but I hope this atleast helps the rest of you.

  17. Beware
    By Ewr - April 11, 2019

    I started out this year with a disappointing visit to my doctor. After receiving this news my husband decided to transfer to east coast to be closer to family. I don’t tell you my story for pity, I tell to let you know that all families have struggles and when you throw in a move along with that you have added stress. I like many others tried to save some money and looked and got quotes from over 20 movers. Please and I repeat please do not fall victim to this company. If it sounds to good to be true it is. I was contacted by Henry Stripe from Sentry Van lines on February 1st and was told they his company was a 5 star full service moving company. He went on to tell me that they could save me money by putting my stuff on a truck with others going to the east coast and it could save me 60% . He asked me about what I had to move and based on answers gave me a quote. I paid $612.21 to his company for a deposit on February 2. I was told that someone would call me to confirm time that movers would arrive the week before the move. I never received that call. I called Casey from Sentry the day before the movers were to be there and explained that I had not heard from anyone. She seemed clueless but called and confirmed someone was coming. The day of my move 4 men arrived at my home and Tony the lead informs me that he is from A touch of Class and he will be doing my move….which is a shock because I was told that sentry van lines would be doing it and they were a 5 star company…I would never hire a one star company as being a military wife and moving a lot you get familiar with which company is good. He then went onto explain that the move would cost 4061 instead of 1638. I was floored…..I figured it may cost a little more especially once I looked at what he had written …I had about 30 more boxes then in his original list – small moving boxes from Home Depot but never expected that. I had NO couches or dining tables, only one queen set of mattresses and a queen bed and one daybed no mattress, 2 large bookcases. I had to go along with the move because we had to leave. After reading reviews from these companies I see this is a common occurrence. They low ball you knowing most have to move due to time frames. This is a common bait and switch. In the contract with Sentry it say to call if company says a different price so I did but was told by Casey ….”You must have more stuff” and she was extremely rude. I can’t tell you how emotional and sick to my stomach I was. Tony kept telling me I don’t know what your problem is this is how much a move cost..he was completely rude and disrespectful. I was to give them 500$ in cash after they packed truck but was told that I had to give a lot more because cost of move went up. All I had on me was 700$ so that is what I gave. After they left I tried to contact the owner Henry Stripe and was told many times that he was out of town. My stuff was on its way then I start to receive text messages from Tony threatening late charges and putting my stuff up for auction in 48 hours if I don’t pay. Again I try to speak to Mr. Stripe but am told by a very rude Casey that he is out of town after I received an email from him stating he will be back in town on Monday…this was Wednesday. (I have saved all text ,e-mails and call communications from both companies.) After repeated times Mr Stripe reaches me and says he will take care of situation and offers 100$ refund of the 612 that I paid his company to move me…even though he did not move me, he just pond me off to another company. I never received the 100$ nor any more help from Sentry Van Line because he was tired of dealing with me.
    Finally our stuff was deliver over a month later than our move in date. A gentleman and his wife delivered stuff to my garage, they said their help they had hired had not arrived and due to my husband being TDY I carried the majority of the stuff upstairs. The gentleman carried a bookcase then as most of the things were in the garage two men show up to help and are able to carry mattress and other book case up the stair. Again I send a copy of this letter to Sentry and let them know of the ordeal. I am told that someone will contact me….still no contact.

  18. Unapologetic Extortionists
    By Jeff - February 25, 2019

    Aren’t really a mover at all, and you’ll spend weeks of your life trying to deal with the mover it they actually hire. They’ll double your estimate right before the move ($3200 to $6600). They’ll shake you down at every turn ($600 wrapping fee, $700 shuttle fee, $2000 tacked on by the second rate mover they hired—all in addition to doubling the estimate). And then, when you try to get justice, they’ll have their weasley little man, Henry Stripe, point out that their contract prevents you from filing a claim anywhere but Billings, Montana.
    Game on, b!t¢he’$.

  19. Worst Moving experience ever
    By gyzdmgqy - February 16, 2019

    Please read all the reviews (especially those bad reviews) before you make the decision to hire this company. This is by far the worst moving company I’ve ever dealt with. I have hired Sentry Van Line to move from New York to California in 2018 Dec. My job number is A5259499.
    • The so-called five-star company will outsource your job to a ZERO star company.
    • I provided full inventory with additional 30% margin. They quoted me for about 3.3K initially and on delivery the total cost goes up to 7484.92$.
    • They initially picked up on Dec. 15 2018. They couldn’t even tell us an estimate delivery date until January and even that the actual delivery date was Jan.17 2018 much later than they estimated. We have been sleeping on the floor without any furniture and stuff for more than 30 days!
    • Many pieces of our furniture got damaged. They made a big hole on the back of my wife’s favorite Wardrobe and broke our coat rack into two places. Small scratches on almost all of our furniture. If you trust their insurance, then good luck with you!
    • They keep lying to you on everything such as estimated delivery date, pick up time, number of movers, insurance policy, final price.
    • On delivery, they force me to pay additional 650$ because they thought my neighborhood cannot fit their 18-wheel truck but another day another 18-wheel truck just parked outside my neighbor’s house with no problem.
    • They used that 650$ to hire a local moving company and then they didn’t do anything and let the two guys do all the unloading work.
    • By evening, they said the headlight of their 18-wheel is broken so they have to leave early to finish another several unloads. Can you believe a professional company has headlight broken? And they didn’t finish the assembly work for my furniture. We have to assemble 1 table, 4 desks, 1 TV stand, several chairs, etc. We paid thousands of dollars for doing the job by ourselves!
    • Three of the boxes are fully wet. Only god knows what happened during the moving process.
    • They messed up our carpet on delivery. Everywhere is black spots.
    • When they picked up, one guy even damaged my wall with my headboard. They are so careless.
    I hope you find my review helpful.

    By cflesher2 - December 27, 2018

    I hired Sentry to move my son from the east coast to Seattle. They stood me up seven times, they told me many lies as excuses but the truth is they broker their moves and could not service my area. They agreed to give me a refund, but instead charged my bank account again, then told me it was a vendor recharge error, and would take 7-14 business days to refund. I had to file fraud charges with my bank to get my money back. STEER CLEAR OF THIS COMPANY.

  21. Sentry Van Lines sales reps are liars & their movers are thieves
    By PeriPuckett - October 31, 2018

    Don’t use Sentry Van Lines if you’re looking for transparency. I dealt with endless lies, poor communication and mistakes on the part of the sales agent at Sentry. Was assured I was being moved by a 5-star company. A 1-star rated company showed up for the move. Once the delivery was made in FL I found several boxes that had obviously been opened, gone through and re-taped. Several expensive items were stolen. Do not believe anything the rep from Sentry tells you – including your quoted price because you will continue to be lied to and charged by the agencies that complete the move and that initial quote will climb significantly & unexpectedly.

  22. Perfect
    By randy sampson - September 25, 2018

    There have been many times that I have had to move. I have had good ones and bad ones. This time I had an amazing move. I was walked through the process and my hand was held by Lindsay the entire time. Pick up went smooth, delivery was very quick and there were no issues and nothing was damaged. Thank you all very much for making this a wonderful process.

  23. Wonderful
    By reese johnson - September 24, 2018

    Reputable company. Amanda did a great job on booking and explained everything what we could expect. Guys came on time, where polite and knew what they where doing. Moved all my stuff without scratch and damage. We have moved from our three bedroom house to 3 bedroom house and we had a lot of furniture to be moved. Foreman George and 3 other guys did it excellent. Definitely recommend them if you need moving services.

  24. Blessed people
    By Jen Sutton - September 16, 2018

    Wonderful packers! My movers were professionals. They were courteous and polite. All 3 were great at their jobs and are an asset to the company. They made sure to ask questions and were very polite with our questions and requests. They made packing day go smoothly!

  25. Just great
    By Hillary Franks - September 14, 2018

    My hat goes off to this amazing company. You all not only proved and showed your true colors when it came to the move especially by not breaking anything but the price was so fair for the services provided.

    I want to send a big thank you and a huge virtual hug to the whole staff. Thank your entire company for dealing with my brother and I. Kudos to you all.

  26. Perfect
    By Eli Sherman - September 14, 2018

    Most of my moves have been stressful. This time Tim helped me calm my nerves reassuring me that everything would be fine. When the move was completed, yes he was so right. Thank you Tim and staff!

  27. Unreal
    By Rich Daniels - September 13, 2018

    I just completed my second move with Sentry Van Lones and once again a Flawless move. These people are top-notch and I will never use anyone else. The team is amazing and actually seem to enjoy their work and they all have a great sense of humor to boot, which made what started out as a very stressful move much more pleasant. AAA+++++ happy happy customer.

  28. Great team
    By Steve Rush - September 13, 2018

    I had a perfect experience with Sentry Van Linea. I called the day before and was able to get a Sunday appointment. The movers were on time, careful with all the belongings, really nice, and the most affordable quote I got.

    I would use them again and again and recommend to anyone I know.
    Strongly recommend this company.

  29. Smooth
    By Charlie Murphy - September 10, 2018

    What an amazing move we just had. Thank you Jerry for getting our move arranged and being so kind in a stressful time. I will for sure be recommending you all to everyone. Thank you!

  30. This was easy!
    By Harryleeds - September 5, 2018

    Huge sigh of relief when I hired Sentry. They were awesome from start to end. Thank you Kim and crew.

  31. Perfection at its finest
    By Mrmanchester - September 5, 2018

    This move went without a single hitch. First time ever. Thank you guys!

  32. This went great
    By Browardscollisionshop - September 4, 2018

    This has been an overall great experience moving. I have gone through some tough moves in the past decade with my company. Sarah made sure that we were taken care of the entire process. On move day we were called and it was just what we needed, a little reassurance that we were being relocated by professionals. Thank you Sarah and all the staff that made our transition easy and stress free.

  33. Very happy
    By Mrdavesuper3 - September 4, 2018

    The entire process went great. THANK YOU ALL WHO HELPED. My son and his girlfriend are very thankful as well.

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