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Safeway Moving is a locally owned and operated Denver moving company. We were founded with the simple idea of combining exceptional customer service and support with first class industry leading moving services.

Safeway Moving has grown into a leader in professional and affordable commercial and residential relocation services. Offering solutions from packing services, labor , and storage, up to complete end-to-end commercial and residential moving solutions, we are dedicated to delivering a professional moving solution to fit your needs with our experienced and trained staff.

We are here to make your move a hassle free experience by safely getting all of your valuables to their new destination. Whether you’re moving half way across the country or half a mile down the street, no move is too big or too small for our team.

We have trained professionals who will carefully service every detail needed for your move, and our workers are ready to provide a respectful atmosphere in your home while at the same time getting the job done.

Call us toll-free 1(800) 599-3046 or fill out our Free Online Moving Estimate.

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  1. I am happy with my move
    By Sarah Louise - October 8, 2021

    At the end of my moving, I felt very proud that I chose Safeway movers Service. I was satisfied with the quality of work they did for me and they didn’t charge me expensively. All my properties arrived in good condition and the guys even helped me rearrange my new house. Everything with the move went extremely well and smooth.

  2. The recommended Safeway movers were best
    By Mike McGrath - October 4, 2021

    This move turned out to be one of the most successful moves I have ever gone through. Everything was perfect and I cannot really remember myself picking any quarrels with members of the moving crew. Instead, we even talked more and became friends. I appreciate their efforts. They are highly recommended.

  3. Best company!
    By Ben Gilliard - September 30, 2021

    Outstanding service. My items were kept in their storage for like from last 3 months. And as soon as I rented new apartment, I get all stuff back. All items are safe and no item was broken or damage. It was in a great protection there. Really recommended their storage service.

  4. Had zero damages to our move
    By Lynne Wishart - September 20, 2021

    They were the nicest, most hardworking, efficient people. They wrapped and padded everything that needed to be wrapped. They also had free wardrobe boxes which other moving companies charge extra for. I will absolutely be using this company again for my next move!

  5. Best movers!
    By John Rohrs - September 7, 2021

    My parents were moving into a new house and this Company was the best company to handle the move. Although a small and old armchair got broken, they were really efficient and thoughtful.

  6. I highly recommend this company
    By Brett Straughan - September 6, 2021

    The guys who loaded the truck were fantastic. They were cautious and easy to work with. We had a couple of very heavy furniture pieces and I was very pleased with the care that they took with the furniture.

  7. I'm going to contact them for my next move again
    By Matt Sampson - September 2, 2021

    When I moved I had a great experience working with this team I had previously used their services they’ve been on time, fast, and efficient. Without a scratch, my furniture and apartment were perfect. They even offered to assemble my furniture, because when I moved, some of it was still inboxes.

  8. This is my 2nd time to use this company for a move
    By Aaron Bonner - August 27, 2021

    This is my 2nd time to use this company for a move. On booking, the company send two loaders with a driver. The two men arrived to unload a truck of furniture. They were exactly on time. I love their punctuality. They did everything exactly on time and finished the move in just 40 minutes. They were of course professional, quick and knew how to reassemble our furniture and beds. I would definitely going to hire them again for any job as they are just perfect.

  9. I had a really good experience
    By Andy Connell - August 24, 2021

    The company is highly recommended. The staff was extremely professional. They make sure they support you with all your shift after you have booked them. They allow you not only to uninstall your things and stuff but also ensure the floor doesn’t damage any furniture.

  10. These guys are the best!
    By Joseph Tomasic - August 12, 2021

    Seriously anything you need they are so accommodating and very kind. Very professional service. Know what they are doing. 2nd time I have used the service. I am satisfied. If you’re looking for movers in the city, look no further. I can’t recommend these guys enough.

  11. The entire moving experience was great
    By Sharon Cole - August 9, 2021

    The team of movers, were friendly, punctual, and efficient. Despite a slight hiccup in entering the destination apartment complex (construction related – not a fault of the movers), the movers maintained their composure and completed the task quickly and happily.

  12. They were all great!
    By Jay Wallace - August 2, 2021

    I had 3 guys and it took almost 8 hours to move my (very packed) 2-bedroom condo. I have a ton of stuff and packed everything myself except the kitchen. I found it worth it to get a third guy to just pack up the kitchen with the fragile stuff in there. There were no hidden fees. We paid exactly what we were quoted. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company to anyone looking for reliable movers.

  13. Wish could give than more than 5 stars!
    By Terry Stevens - July 29, 2021

    From start to finish, they were outstanding! They did a great job moving my mom. Very professional and dedicated–even when move went on longer than decided time! Thank you! Definitely recommended!

  14. Highly recommended!
    By Juli Kwakenat - July 27, 2021

    I can’t say enough positive things about this group of really nice guys. They took great care with all of our belongings and by the end of the day our stuff was moved into our new place with zero hassles. They went above and beyond to make sure everything was done properly.

  15. Recommended!
    By Michael Penner - July 19, 2021

    Mar responded very quickly, after I requested a quote, and we confirmed the appointment within the hour — long before other moving companies responded! The crew arrived early, did a great job packing, and moved everything safely and efficiently. Highly recommended!

  16. 5 stars!
    By Brandi Gorman - July 5, 2021

    Mike and his team were fast and efficient. Unloading was quick and easy and all of my things were safe and intact. Nick helped set up my appointment and was helpful, friendly and patient in taking care of the booking.

  17. Satisfy with these movers
    By Angie Stadler - June 21, 2021

    I moved last week and they were very efficient, even came an hour early to start packing up my stuff. They carefully and thoroughly wrapped all my furniture, and took care in moving it to and from the truck.

  18. Would definitely use them again!
    By Brenda Ashbeck - June 14, 2021

    Mark and his team were courteous and moved us in and out of a 2 BR apt pretty quickly without damaging our stuff. They were polite, efficient and very professional. The fee they charged was reasonable. Couldn’t be more satisfied and happier with the move.

  19. I can't recommend them highly enough
    By Eliza Griffey - June 1, 2021

    You must call them for help you with your next move. Mark was fantastic at answering all of my questions related the move. Michael and his crew were very good with their job and completed it before the time. You really can’t beat their level of service and wanting to please the customer.

  20. They arrived on time with great attitudes
    By Rachel Marie - May 27, 2021

    Scheduled a move for Monday at 9 am. Movers Chris and Lewis were very friendly and efficient. They were both knowledgeable, patient and personable. They took pride in their jobs and wanted to make sure we were happy with the setup of all our furniture Pieces. As first-time movers we were very impressed with the service and will definitely recommend them in the future for any moving needs.

  21. Highly recommended movers to all
    By Anthony Johnson - May 24, 2021

    When I decided to move, I was worried about few items. I told the workers of this company about my concern and I was amazed with the work as they put all of my fragile glass utensils in separate boxes. They were great with my things, I am happy and satisfied with my move with them.

  22. Great Price!
    By Vicky Richard - May 17, 2021

    Not one single thing was off base. They were on time. They did everything with great care, not throwing my stuff around. They are the only moving crew who even helped me reorganize my furniture. I recommend the movers to all.

  23. Thanks again Safeway movers!
    By Daniel Eric - May 10, 2021

    Today I requested Safeway movers again to help with additional items that needed to be moved. Another success story on what a great job they did. I want to applaud the company for having outstanding movers that are fast yet not careless which is why I will continue doing business and will continue to request the two for future needs.

  24. I do prefer Safeway movers for many reasons
    By Cristina McArthur - April 26, 2021

    I found an easy time relocating from CO to WA thanks to Safeway movers. Everything, right from the packing to loading and even arrangement of the house was carried out with so much care and professionalism. They were cheap, fast and unique. The journey turned out to be smoother than I thought.

  25. Would hire them again
    By Montoya Williams - April 22, 2021

    I am happy I chose to go with Safeway movers! I hired them to move me few blocks away. They took so much care to wrap everything so that nothing was damaged. They have given so much respect to my mom. They were prompt, fast and very professional.

  26. Outstandingly moved!
    By Anoush Sabouri - April 20, 2021

    To leave my house and move to a new one, I used these outstanding movers. They saved everything for me, and the staff did such a good job. They have been working fast and at a reasonable price and are always on time. The moving process was done with a lot of care and the concentration movers team made it very easy to manage.

  27. I will recommend them to all
    By Dougie Nunes - April 19, 2021

    What a great move the whole process went smoothly with Safeway movers. There were no issues and no damages. Price was fair and no extra money was charged. They wrapped all the furniture and packed all the boxes. Everything was numbered and labeled so it was easy to track.

  28. Fantastic company!
    By Jordan Martinez - April 14, 2021

    They treated us kindly and moved our stuff with care. Their reviews and reputation were great and we got to experience firsthand experience and couldn’t be anymore thankful. You all were great and I am happy with your services and will recommend it to my friends and family.

  29. Amazing service from these guys!
    By Kevin Roper - April 8, 2021

    My friends referred us Safeway movers and our experience was wonderful. They sent 3 men who showed up on time, worked very hard, efficient and took great care to make sure nothing was broken or damaged. I loved their service will recommend it to my friends and family thanks to the movers and crew.

  30. They are the actual moving company
    By Wesley Pierce - April 7, 2021

    I am glad that I was able to find this amazing mover. They handle the whole move for me and the movers didn’t damage anything. They were really careful with all my belongings. I will always recommend them to all the people I know that is moving.

  31. Safeway movers operate on the highest level
    By Travis Clark - March 25, 2021

    Great staff all were very friendly. They were polite honest and so kind. I couldn’t ask for more. The price was so fair and there was no damage to any of my furniture or boxes. I highly recommend using them if you want to move. Best services you could ever get.

  32. The crew was so helpful
    By Katie Nicolaidis - March 24, 2021

    They helped both my boyfriend and I move into a new place and there was not a single scratch on anything. I am happy with my move. They also helped another friend of mine move after I recommended them and she is just as happy as I was.

  33. It was great move
    By Tina Wilson - March 15, 2021

    There were 3 movers because they seemed to have a good system of bringing stuff out the apartment, downstairs, and into the truck. All of the movers were also very kind, chill, and respectful in handling my items. They really worked very hard for my move.

  34. Everything went perfectly
    By Lindsay Caitlin - March 8, 2021

    The salesman we spoke with was very helpful and informative. We placed a deposit on our move to reserve our preferred pickup days. They asked for our requirements from the move and they did everything with keeping all that in mind. I am happy and relaxed with my move.

  35. Supported quite strongly
    By Rick Espinosa - February 1, 2021

    The team was incredibly polite because of the building/elevator challenges they had to reprogram multiple times but they behaved professionally. Each shelf and box, our whole apartment was lined. The mover’s crew was effective, kind and careful.

  36. Recommended
    By Kevin Wheeler - January 23, 2021

    I came to Y to move my daughter to K. They told us every single detail and did the job perfectly. We were satisfied at the end of the move with the quality of move as it was purely high class. They didn’t charge much. Everything was great.

  37. Thank you for an efficient and timely move!
    By Vanesa Lauren - January 18, 2021

    They were very professional and I felt well taken care of by your customer service representative. I recommend your services, the way you communicate with your customer deserves appreciation.

  38. Safeway Movers was awesome!
    By Timothy Evans - December 18, 2020

    We called on a Thursday for a Sunday move. We had not packed, and they talked us through the whole thing. They were fairly priced, came on time, estimates were spot on, were very professional, and assisted us in our move above and beyond. Nothing was broken as well. We are super happy and would absolutely recommend them to anyone.

  39. This Company guys are good
    By Stephanie Sutch - September 17, 2020

    They came for our shifting according to the agreed time and did everything exceptionally well. Managing the safety of all the items. I had an antique furniture but they managed it to shift without any damage. Plus no extra or hidden charges. Everything was according to the agreement nice and smooth.

  40. Big difference
    By Dominic Smith - August 19, 2020

    We were moving from Denver, CO to Memphis, TN and it was a big change for us. We have lived in Denver all of our lives. We were very happy with the service that we got. The guys who came out not only helped us move everything but gave us some pointers around the town. One was from close by and gave us directions to shorter routes including town and our kid’s schools. Thanks!!

  41. Convenience is their second name
    By Owen Reeves - August 17, 2020

    I loved working with Safeway moving services due to the convenience they have. They customize your relocation according to your preferences to make stuff work out for you. I wanted mine to be done promptly to create more time for settlement after unpacking, and they did so. The crew members were on time and embarked on packing. They ensured that none of them was idle but engaged in one way or the other. Soon my belongings were being loaded into the truck, and they hit the road. I loved their organization and the way they were careful when handling my stuff.

  42. Best moving services
    By Kerry Ferguson - August 15, 2020

    I am highly impressed with their awesome customer service and excellent moving services. I have to admit that they are underrated and underpaid. Our sales rep did his best to give us the best deal, completed the paperwork in no time and assigned the best possible moving team who gave their best and never gave us any chance to complain or worry about anything. Everything was done according to the schedule. I would like to thank everyone at Safeway moving services for the job well done.

  43. Great going
    By Felix Fletcher - March 27, 2020

    I had to figure out a quick move to get things out of my storage unit before I got charged again (prices went up ridiculously high). I got a hold of Safeway moving services and they helped me get a move set up for the next day! The movers showed up on time and were ready to go. I wanted to help as much as possible to get the job done right, though they seemed they had it under control. The one major downside for me is that I had way more furniture than I thought I did. It was not their fault at all, but I was quite disappointed.

  44. Too good
    By Ruben Lawson - March 7, 2020

    Safeway moving services, you made my move successful without any problem. Last time I wrote some fault of their service but this time they proved me that they had become the best one. Nice move, smooth drive, every movers were highly professional and trained. They took excellent care all the time. They provided many advantages, offered free small and medium sized boxes which were very essential for me to pack some fragile and antique items. Unbelievable customer service. Guys you did just awesome.

  45. Big shout for these movers
    By Calvin S - February 5, 2020

    My family and I moved to another state. Finding a moving company was not easy, let alone a moving company that was honest. We were referred to Safeway moving services by a friend that had used them and was happy. After the initial phone conversation with the sales person, I was must say I was very pleased and felt at ease about the whole moving trip. When moving day came, the truck was outside our house on time, with time to spare. The staffs were friendly and knowledgeable regarding my wife’s as well as my moving questions. Our belongings were moved and arrived in one piece, we were very pleased and would decently use them again.

  46. Keep up the good work
    By Melody Harvey - January 18, 2020

    Obtaining the possibility to collaborate with this firm has been until now a positive experience. I was able to obtain a quote instead swiftly which was truly good. I also got a follow-up e-mail with info that would aid with making the moving process less complicated. This had an excellent quantity of info on it. So, presently I have no grievances. Maintain up the good work!

  47. Best movers
    By Diana Guzman - January 5, 2020

    I consider them the best movers. I have used three different relocation companies in the past, but none of them is comparable to Safeway moving services. They are unique. When they came, they were nicely dressed in uniform, ready with wrapping materials and binding tapes. I had started packing some properties so they helped me finish the work. They performed the other parts of relocation wonderfully. They did not want to inconvenience me and they achieved that. I was tensed about my TVs and sofas, but these guys were sensitive of my concerns and handled the delicate things with extra care. Safeway moving services was recommended to me by my uncle, and I recommend them to you.

  48. Outstanding moving services
    By Aaron Graves - December 26, 2019

    My first time moving especially with a budget needed to go really well. I thought when I signed up on line for quotes I would just get a firm prices come to find out I had to tell companies what exactly was going on the trip. Then even after that, these guys as well as another company kept me away from going with a company that had a cheap of course “too good to be true price”. After seeing the reviews I knew I needed a real mover and not a broker. I picked Safeway moving services because they showed me their profile with the Department Of Transpiration, which was a relief. The move went smooth and I was please, cool stuff with Safeway moving services.

  49. Use them!
    By Frederick Larkin - December 18, 2019

    They are fast and experienced. We have some of the heaviest furniture on the planet and they handled it with ease and care. They were cheery and professional and super efficient. They are a little pricier than some of the other movers you can find in the city, but well worth the extra dollars. Safeway moving services must have all the solutions for your relocation needs!!

  50. Easy to contact
    By Clinton Jacobs - December 5, 2019

    Since I associated with Safeway moving services, I have always had close relations with them. Occasionally the company calls me directly asking in case I need their services. This has made the communication chain shorter than I ever imagined. If in need of a company that is always there for you then feel free to contact this company today. The services offered by them are the ones I can always go for again and again without getting tired. I am truly in love with their relocation services. They relocated me very well. They were so much concerned about time and that enabled us to clear everything earlier enough. I recommend this relocation company.

  51. I made the right choice
    By Laurence Park - November 27, 2019

    I heard of Safeway moving services through a friend who told me great things about this company. I used them for my last move and they were amazing. Three crew members came, helped me pack my items securely, and also helped me disassemble and reassemble my furniture which was not easy. Very friendly staff, and also work very efficiently and carefully, I especially had a lot of fragile items and they worked around it all perfectly. I’m very happy I made the right choice!

  52. Thank you guys
    By Wilbert Dixon - November 18, 2019

    Safeway moving services had the items I was shipping packed up, and sent out in excellent timing. All items arrived safely at the desired location and on time. The process was easy and headache free. Thanks to Safeway moving services. I will recommend your business to my family and friends.

  53. A bunch of true professionals
    By Jessie Ingram - November 5, 2019

    This time when I set out to find a long distance moving company I would not settle for anything less than what I was looking for. I’ve heard of bad experiences I’ve almost had one myself. So, I know the few things to look forward to keep me safe. Safeway moving services provided me all the documents I requested and verified their identity. Once we begin the process they were very detailed and organized and had it listed room by room. Leading up to the move I was called by another department who reviewed the list with me to see if I wanted to make any changes. I felt at all times that my move was in good hands. Everything from talking to them to the actual moving men they guaranteed me a variety of things and delivered on all of them.

  54. They put me at ease
    By Marco Reese - October 26, 2019

    I recently moved across the country for a job. I was wary about using movers, as I’d never done that before, but Safeway moving services put me at ease and helped me every step of the way. They were on time, courteous, and did a wonderful job loading and unloading my things. If I ever need a long distance move, I will definitely use them again. I even recommended them to a friend of mine.

  55. Very satisfying service
    By Freddie C. - October 16, 2019

    We had a fabulous collaboration with Safeway moving services when my family and I were relocating. The crew was very polite to my family and was responsive to all my concerns from the start to the end of the process. My mother really liked them for helping us even with the things that we were carrying. I recommend them to everybody. Without any problems or much ado, my relocation was done fast and safely. They have very polite representatives, the movers are hardworking and their fees are very reasonable. That is all you have to know about Safeway moving services.

  56. Perfect move
    By Christopher Walsh - October 4, 2019

    I was recently forced to move with only 4 days to find a company that would help me. I immediately got to work and I came across Safeway moving services. They were great going over everything with me and they were able to accommodate my small window of time which was a life saver. Overall the move went great. Only thing was I was charged an extra $75.00 dollars to move my 56” TV. Other than that it was perfect. I would use them again.

  57. They did everything necessary
    By Martin Morgan - September 26, 2019

    Moving is always difficult, never mind moving last minute across several states! When I got a new job unexpectedly, I had to get my family together, get my things together and head south on really short notice. Safeway moving services was so accommodating to my needs, they really cared about my belongings and they provided top notch customer service every step of the way. They made a stressful time in my life so much easier knowing I was able to depend on them to get my possessions safely to their destination. They worked out a reasonable price for me for a large move that would have cost me so much more in time and energy if I had to do it myself.

  58. Try the best movers
    By Ricky Harper - September 16, 2019

    I am certain it wouldn’t be the same if I try out another relocation company. It will end up in disappointments and that is what I don’t want to experience. For that reason, I am going to stick to Safeway moving services even in future relocations. They did not disappoint me when their crew relocated me. All they did was beyond my expectation. I respect them. I have a great preference for this company over the others. Although I have known them for slightly less than a year, I feel like they have been part of me for a very long time. During the short time that I have known them I have seen them in action three times and all the experiences have been amazing. If you want something out of the ordinary, try it out.

  59. I will recommend their services
    By JasonWatson - September 6, 2019

    Safeway moving services is a fast efficient moving company with a great attitude! I emailed about a quote and got a call back in less than an hour. Their rates were incredible and very transparent without any concerns for hidden fees. When the guys arrived, they got to work right away and moved all our furniture with ease. Everything arrived safely! Will definitely be giving them my business again in the future.

  60. Thumbs up guys
    By BobbyLewis - August 27, 2019

    I made my moving plan with Safeway moving services. The professional team a nice package for me. I hired for a short distance move. I thought it would be boring but they removed my pessimism for the journey. I went through full of pressure before the move day. Didn’t take any rest. On move day, road was absolutely free, so it was easy for the guys to deliver in short time. I must confess, they did hard work for my move and I think this is the way they have increased their reputation and experience. I need same company for my next move. So be prepare guys! I will call you.

  61. What an amazing company
    By Cordell Valadez - August 16, 2019

    What a helpful service!! This is my second time using Safeway moving services and I couldn’t be more impressed with it. Both time, personal concierge has been very responsive and handles all of the stressful parts of moving. This time I’m working with them and they are incredible. I honestly feel everyone should use this website when moving and recommend to all my friends, who have also had great experiences.

  62. This is a top notch company
    By Dennis Griffin - August 5, 2019

    I love diligent work. I like it when service providers do exactly what they are paid to and even more. When I hired out Safeway moving services, I had one mission, to see perfect services being accorded to me. I did not want any disappointment and that is why I went for them. Things turned out to be so perfect in the long run. I was relocated in a unique style. Everyone we left behind kept wondering where I had secured such a competent team of service providers. I will still be going for them should there be any relocations in future. I do not see any reason why I should prefer any other relocation company to them. The experience I had with them was pretty awesome and I believe that once more, it is worth trying. I will allow them to relocate me yet again because I wouldn’t mind another experience like the previous one.

  63. Service at the highest level
    By John004 - July 25, 2019

    We had a fabulous collaboration with Safeway moving services when my family and I were relocating. The crew was very polite to my family and was responsive to all my concerns from the start to the end of the process. My mother really liked them for helping us even with the things that we were carrying. I recommend them to everybody. Without any problems or much ado, my relocation was done fast and safely. They have very polite representatives, the movers are hardworking and their fees are very reasonable. That is all you have to know about this company.

  64. I can only recommend them
    By Louis Cobb - July 18, 2019

    I am very satisfied and happy! I moved from Denver, CO to Albany, NY and it was a very urgent move. I highly recommend Safeway moving services to everyone who wants to try what safety and professional moving is. I like their attitude because these guys really working hard to build their name, and I am sure they are going to get success. Good like, and all the best for you!

  65. Thanks for the quick move
    By Antwan Hamblin - July 6, 2019

    Movers of Safeway moving services are very prompt in their communication, efficient and professional working and handling stuff. I have never used them before, but clearly, these guys cannot disappoint you. The process was so painless and satisfactory from start to finish. They charged me so affordably. Their service is top quality, and I would recommend them anytime. The two guys that came to load our things were terrific. They were very FAST, and their organization was SPLENDID. They worked like crazy and finished up in few hours. What would three men have done? It could have been a lightening move!

  66. These guys were mind-blowing
    By Moses Diaz - June 25, 2019

    You would think that these movers were actually working on their own properties when they work on your stuff. They did it with all of their hearts as if it is theirs. This is why they render excellent and highly professional service. I have never seen movers as dedicated as the workers from Safeway moving services. No wonder they have 100% positive reviews because they are positive all round. I have never had a move as perfect as this. The moving guys from this company were truly out to accord me a perfect experience and I must say that I enjoyed every bit of it. The service was cheap and affordable and I worked with a bunch of wonderful folks. Next time I move, I will definitely hire them again for the move. Thanks guys for the great job.

  67. Excellent moving services
    By Jimmie Cohen - June 17, 2019

    I’m a very critical person when it comes to service so when it came to selecting my mover I did a lot of work. I read reviews, checked licenses and most important made sure the moving company I picked was not a moving broker but the actual company that would do my move. I picked Safeway moving services after talking with 5 companies. They were up to date on all their certification, I found a lot of positive reviews and their employees were the most educated. They taught me a lot about the process and showed my websites where I could verify what I was being told. I shopped around to reference the price they gave me and it was well in line with others. The moving men arrived as scheduled and took time disassembling furniture and loading the truck. I watched the whole time very carefully and was not disappointed.

  68. This is the best company I have used
    By Antonio P. - June 3, 2019

    I have used a couple of moving companies in the pass and I have tried to move for the last time and my door man told me to use this company Safeway moving services. I called them and they came to my home and gave me an estimate because since I have moved so many times I know what to look for. Now there in home estimator was great he had me laughing and he actually was the same one that picked up my items on the day of my move. Well I don’t know why these people are saying this about them because they did a great job. I can let you know from experience don’t go with a company that don’t come to your home. Well Safeway was well aware that I wouldn’t go with no company that didn’t they did and they made me happy with the price. They got my belongings there quick. I love this company and for all my moves I will use them.

  69. Safeway Moving Inc, Denver, CO NOT RECOMMENDED
    By adamfarber - June 3, 2019

    BAD EXPERIENCE with Safeway Moving Inc. 4770 Forest St. Unit A, Denver, Colorado 80216 , I DO NOT recommend them. My son was moving from Denver to Oakland Ca so I called around the Denver area till I found a mover that said they had their own trucks and they told me they go to Oakland weekly. I contracted with them for the move, my salesman was Kevin. whose first quote was very low based on the information I \gave him and then he adjusted it to a higher price but I still decided to go with them ( my first mistake). I paid Kevin and then when pickup time came and there was a problem at my sons pickup location and I tried to reach Kevin, he was in the office but would not take my call or e-mail or return my voice mail (it is 2 weeks later and he still never bothered to call back!). Anyway, I finally reached a lady in customer service named Victoria, luckily she was very caring and wanted to help which she did. What they did not tell me is that they did not even use their own truck here, they gave the job to some other moving company with a giant 75′ tractor trailer without asking me or telling me and that was important because the truck they used was too big to get down my sons street so when the other moving company went to deliver they called and said if he wanted the delivery it would cost an ADDITIONAL $350.00 for a shuttle. I don’t blame the delivery moving company that Safeway handed my sons items off to , I should have been told all this before they gave my sons belongings to someone else with a giant truck. Communication is the key but they were not helpful with that. Anyway, I can not recommend them, very unhappy with the way they conducted their business. I called and spoke to the manager after all this but he was not interested in trying to resolve the problem.

  70. I was treated like a VIP
    By Dustin Moody - May 21, 2019

    Though I hired Safeway moving services for a very small move but they treated me as one of their VIP customers. I was moving a long distance and it was a 1 bed room move. I had very limited items to be moved which required a small van. They provided me the date I wanted to move from their busy schedule and the 2 men crew packed everything and loaded on the van. The same crew dealt at the other end and they completed the unloading and unpacking really fast. I am happy to get everything in perfect condition and also happy because the price stayed within my reach. Overall, I am more than just satisfied.

  71. 5 star performance
    By Mac Ridenour - May 18, 2019

    Asking for this company’s assistance is one of the best decisions I ever made. They handled my stuff with utmost care and importance. I was hesitant to seek assistance from other moving companies due to the fact that they do not wish to make things easier for me. I am thankful for the fantastic service. I will definitely recommend Safeway moving services to everyone. 5 stars for the excellent service.

  72. They mean business
    By Ralph Mason - May 9, 2019

    Without any problems or much ado, my relocation was done fast and safely. They have very polite representatives, the movers are hardworking and their fees are very reasonable. That is all you have to know about Safeway moving services. They conducted my move in only four days and I must commend them for the good work and recommend them to everybody.

  73. One great company
    By Patrick Martin - May 8, 2019

    I have never stopped to figure out how easy and affordable relocations could be. All the time, I have been telling myself how expensive and very tedious the whole relocation experience was. If you are the kind of person who has always had that in mind, it is best to have a change in mind because that is not the truth, at least not with Safeway moving services in the picture. They make it turn out so perfectly well. I trusted them once and they did not disappoint.

  74. Very good company
    By Floyd Daniel - April 20, 2019

    I hired Safeway moving services on short notice today and I was very pleased with their service! They were kind and considerate movers. They were amazing at moving my furniture and also at the personal side of helping to make sure each piece of furniture went where I needed it to go. I could not have been happier with their service.

  75. I am actually happy
    By Javier Buchanan - April 16, 2019

    Moving with a wife and two toddlers is probably the most difficult thing ever. Then again the allure of a better paying job in a state with significantly more sunlight- you’d be dumb to say no. My brother keeps relocating every few years, so I asked for his advice. He said that I should hire Safeway moving services, which is just the best in business. I talked to their manager, and he gave me a very reasonable quote knowing how much stuffs we had. Their men were very skilled, they showed up on time and I think they did a stellar job. From packing to loading to delivery- they were on top of their game. They stuck to the price they quoted so that’s awesome too!

  76. Such a reliable company
    By Devin Hart - April 10, 2019

    The movers from Safeway moving services were organized, reliable, and super great to work with from start to finish. The price was reasonable, and they make sure to provide a very detailed quote so there are no surprises or last minute fees. They were very responsive via email and the movers themselves were funny, friendly and made a stressful process much easier. They handled items with care, including an expensive, 8 foot tall mirror, and all of my items arrived in perfect condition. After some of the nightmare experiences I’ve had in the past with moving companies, this company was a breath of fresh air.

  77. Effective relocation
    By PeterJackson - April 6, 2019

    Crew of 3 from Safeway moving services showed up on time and started working immediately. They wrapped everything to protect from scratches and were very courteous and professional. They were required to move my contents a very long distance but they managed to do so on time. When they arrived at the new apartment they unloaded with speed and took care to put items where requested. They cleaned up all their paper and wrappings and I have to say it was the absolute best move I have ever experienced. If you want a great stress-free move you should call these guys!

  78. Everything about them was organized
    By Grant H - February 24, 2019

    As a moving company, Safeway moving services is great. They have an amazing organizational structure and it shows in every aspect. I hired them to move my belongings last month. Their movers arrived on time and the crew consisted of four very strong and efficient men. They were all very well trained for the job. The foreman constantly pushed his men to not slow down. The men showed no signs of fatigue even when they were running up and down three sets of stairs. They delivered on time and I was very with them.

  79. Incredible!
    By PhillipJones5 - February 22, 2019

    I have moved a lot and every time I moved, the moving guys were never serious about my belongings. But they guys from Safeway moving services cared for everything. Even for my pets! They showed a lot of professionalism and worked closely with me to make sure everything was done the right way. I trusted them to do my move by gut and my gut was right. They did a better job than I thought they would do… GREAT JOB GUYS! I will highly recommend you.

  80. Admirable set of movers
    By Kenneth1 - February 17, 2019

    We hired Safeway moving services for their reasonable quote without really knowing much about them. They really delivered on the promise. The movers were very punctual to arrive. They packed everything carefully. I was amazed to see how delicately they packed our breakables. Their system was very effective and the job was done in no time at all. They delivered on time as well. The final bill was very close to the initial quote and we were just so happy with everything these guys did for us.

  81. I needed this
    By Ryan Burton - February 13, 2019

    Movers of Safeway moving services are such saviors! I called a week before I had to move and they were available even with a flexible schedule! I ended up moving my time up and they were so accommodating. Two really nice efficient men showed up, they assessed the situation and they worked nonstop for hours packing my place up. They even brought their own supplies and wrapped all my fragile things. I thought I was prepared until they showed me exactly how to pack! They were my saving graces and they didn’t complain or slow down for not even a minute! So thankful for this amazing company for all their help during this move! I can’t thank them enough.

  82. Impressive performance
    By HenryWilliams - February 7, 2019

    We moved last month and Safeway moving services was the company we hired- they were very good. Our only reason for hiring them was a glowing recommendation from a family friend. Anyway, the movers from this very professional company turned out to be gems. They were punctual, efficient, careful, friendly and experienced. They were very quick when it came to pack and load everything from our 4-bedroom apartment. All our belongings were delivered safely to Washington. I couldn’t believe the sheer professionalism, skills and timing displayed by this company. I suggest everyone to hire them.

  83. Trustworthy movers
    By Cortez Asher - September 26, 2018

    Safeway moving services is a fantastic moving company and its movers are undoubtedly the most professional ones I have ever come across. They were extremely careful with our belongings, making sure that nothing would get nicked or dented or dinged. Price-wise we felt we received good value for our money. While we did receive low-ball estimates from others, these guys gave us a firm price, which was not significantly higher than the other quotes. They delivered on time and unpacked everything for me. There really was nothing to complain about.

  84. Trusting them is easy
    By Robert Lee - September 15, 2018

    Safeway moving services is the most reliable and dependable company I have ever come across. Their movers were highly skilled and experienced. And the total team was well organized at every step of my last move. They handled my move with great attitude and treated my furniture with great care. All my items were delivered safely and their supervisor called me after the delivery to ensure my satisfaction. From the moment I called them to the moment they left me at my new house with all my items properly placed- these men were extraordinary. I would like to recommend them.

  85. A job superbly done
    By Jason Edwards - September 3, 2018

    Safeway moving services did a great job with my move! They were superb! They gave me a very low price and also price match guarantee. The moving men were smart, skilled and efficient. They came 15 mins early on the day of the move and moved me out in just 6 hours. All my belo0gngsi were nicely packed sand moved. They even stored everything up on to the truck in a very organized way. They delivered on time and unloaded all the things smoothly too. There were no hiccups or hassle at all! They did a great job!

  86. Very helpful and fairly priced
    By AaronMorris - August 28, 2018

    You will get a great service here at Safeway moving services. They are very experienced and very professional. They really do know how to move you without any problems. My wife and I hired them last month for our interstate move and the move could not go any better. We got everything we wanted! A smooth and easy move, no damages, and no delays! They also moved the furniture from usual tiny places without any issues. They were very experienced and helpful. No problems at all! We highly recommend them to all.

  87. Worth it!
    By Douglas C. - August 28, 2018

    This moving company is certainly worth it. They are simply fantastic! They have very low rates and that does not affect the quality. They have very efficient moving teams who can move your furniture from unusual tiny places without any damages or issues. They are very experienced and they get the job done within the given time no matter what! I hired them last month for my long distance move and it was great! No damages upon delivery and no extra fees! I hill recommend Safeway moving services to all.

  88. No more moving nightmares!
    By Bobby Turner - August 23, 2018

    I have the perfect moving company! They will move you without any problems at all! They are very experienced, professional and easy to work with. Their prices are low and they have very flexible payment methods. I hired them recently and got outstanding results. They moved me very quickly and smoothly and did not damage a single thing. The price did not change in the end and they did not charge for the extra work I made them do. This moving company is excellent. I highly recommend Safeway moving services to all.

  89. They know how to do it!
    By Harold Hughes - August 17, 2018

    They really do know how to do it. They are a very experienced moving company. I hired them to move me last month and they have done it so perfectly! Their moving team came first thing in the morning and moved all of my belongings with super care. Not single furniture was damaged or dented. The delivery was 2 days early which was very helpful for me. All in all I want to say is that this is a moving company that you can rely on. They are really very good. I highly recommend Safeway moving services to all

  90. Very well-organized
    By Jordon Boland - August 16, 2018

    I want to put in a good word for Safeway moving services because they truly deserve it. My wife and I hired them recently for our long distance move and our move was handled magnificently! We are very pleased with their service. The office team was nice and understanding, the moving team was sincere, efficient and professional and their customer service was very helpful. We were moved within the given time and there were delays or damages. The men were kind enough to help at the new place free of cost too! We really are grateful!

  91. The best indeed
    By Victor Green - August 13, 2018

    This moving company gets only good words from me! They have done such a good job with my long distance move recently! They moved me in record time and did not damage a single thing. Their moving team was very nice to me and handled my belongings with care. They were professional, efficient, caring and very friendly too. My move was done in just 8 days whereas the other companies asked for more than 3 weeks. Anyways, I had a very good move and I proudly recommend safeway moving services to all.

  92. Completed my move very nicely and quickly
    By Alden Mims - August 6, 2018

    Safeway moving services moved me a month ago and they did a great job! They completed my move very nicely and quickly. All my belongings were returned back to me in perfect shape and they did not miss out a single thing! Everything was in perfectly in order! I really enjoyed working with their moving team. They were smart, funny, efficient and very professional. They moved all of my things like their own and made sure it was not damaged at any cost! They really were nice! I would love to have the same team again for my next move!

  93. Well-trained!
    By GeraldMartin - August 3, 2018

    These guys at Safeway moving services are well trained! They can move anything anywhere! They moved me last month cross country and I thought they will have trouble getting the piano out and also the big furniture, but clearly I was very wrong! They moved it so well! Not a scratch on my piano and not a single dent on my furniture’s. It was so perfect! I was moved very quickly and smoothly and I am very happy to say that there were no damages at all. This moving company deserves to be on the top. I highly recommend them to all.

  94. My move was very professionally handled!
    By Johnny Adams - July 25, 2018

    Nice going guys! I cannot tell you how happy I am! My move was like a breeze and only this was possible because of the guys from Safeway moving services! They were great! They came on time on the moving day and packed my things like no one else did before! They were very careful and they valued everything! They loaded all of it on to the truck very smoothly and did not bumpy anything. The delivery was on time and they even unloaded the same way. I found no damages in the end which was awesome! I highly recommend this moving company to all.

  95. Great moving company!
    By Roger Rodriguez - July 21, 2018

    I hired them recently and I know for a fact that no one is better than safeway moving services. They are very talented and skilled. They moved me recently and I did not face any kinds of trouble. They were in and out very quickly and they moved my belongings with care. Everything was so nicely placed on the truck that they had a lot of extra room left. They delivered on time and they placed my belongings in the rooms I wanted and however I wanted it. When I checked, I could not find a single damage! I was so nicely moved! And also, I paid exactly what I was quoted. Not an extra penny! This moving company is amazing! I highly recommend them to all!

  96. Fantastic moving company!
    By WilliamMorris - July 17, 2018

    If you need the best moving company in town, you should go with safeway moving services! They are best for long distance moves. They move you without any damages, stress or worries. Their customer service is very helpful and prompt! Their moving team is very hardworking, energetic, organized and efficient. They move you very smoothly and calmly. My wife and I hired them last month and got an amazing service. No damages, no dents and nothing were missing! I highly recommend this moving company to all!

  97. Money spent on the right moving company!
    By RichardRogers - July 16, 2018

    I did not mind at all paying Safeway moving services because they earned it! They did a great job with my long distance move last month. They moved me without any damages, stress or extra fees! They were amazing! The guys who came to help were efficient, professional and organized. They moved all my belongings with care and did not let anything happen to it. In the end, they delivered on time and they even offered to help here without charging extra! They are a very nice moving company! I do recommend them to all!

  98. Had a beautiful moving experience
    By ShawnMorris - July 11, 2018

    I will use Safeway moving services again! They are an excellent moving company! They are very easy to talk to and communicate. They understand what you want and follow accordingly. They are the ones who can move you without any damages! I hired them a few weeks ago for my long distance move and my move could not go any better! They are a miracle! They moved me without any damages at all! I could not find a single dent seriously! All my things were in perfect shape! I never got a chance to complain! I was moved perfectly! Well done guys! Can’t wait to hire you again!

  99. Well done guys! Will use you again!
    By Christopher Thompson - July 7, 2018

    I had the pleasure of working with Safeway moving services recently and they did a fantastic job. They came on item on the day of the move and moved my things with respect and care. They did not judge me or thought I was too tacky. They moved my things like their own and moved everything the way I wanted. Everything was moved within the given time and there were no damages at all. It was a smooth and easy move indeed! I will use this moving company again and I will recommend them to all.

  100. One in a million!
    By AaronSmith9 - July 5, 2018

    You got to try this moving company out! They are one in a million! They are the most professional and efficient moving company I have ever seen! They move you not only very easily but also without any damages! My recent move with them was like a breeze. They did everything by the book and they moved me without any issues. Everything was spot on! No damages, no extra fees, no delays and no miscommunication. You will love Safeway moving services! Hire them and see the difference!

  101. They handled my move like pros!
    By Luther Hart - July 4, 2018

    This moving company is awesome! They are efficient, professional, caring and super hardworking. They moved me last month and the handled my move like pros. They came on time on the day of the move and packed everything with care. They moved all the furniture like pros and did not damage it. They delivered on time as promised and I saw that all my things were in perfect condition! I seriously mean it when I say no damages at all! My move was very smoothly handled! No issues at all! I will use Safeway moving services again!

  102. Nice work guys
    By Ignacio - June 25, 2018

    Nice work guys! I couldn’t have done it without you! It was simply a brilliant move. My move was like a breeze. They came on time, did their thing and left within the given timeframe. They delivered on the day they said they would and they always kept me informed. Their sales rep is so friendly and helpful! He answered all my million questions with patience and respect. Safeway moving services is just mind blowing. Thank you again for helping this lazy guy out.

  103. We loved them
    By Jospeh Binder - June 22, 2018

    We hired Safeway moving services last month for our long distance move and we simply loved them! They were very easy going and friendly. They were also effect, professional and skilled. They moved all of our things with care and left nothing behind. Everything was delivered on the day they said they would and they even helped rearranging the furniture’s. Everything was perfectly moved! There were no damages, no dents and nothing was missing. This move was perfect! We highly recommend them to all.

  104. Worth the money
    By Kevin Coleman - June 21, 2018

    I did not mind paying this company at all! They earned every single penny! I loved how they relocated me recently. They moved me in a very short period of time and they did everything right! They were punctual, efficient, professional and caring. They moved all of my things with care and they were very gentle with everything. They did not just dump everything and leave. They stayed and helped a lot. I really loved how caring they were. Once again, thank you Safeway moving services for moving me smoothly and easily. I will recommend you to all.

  105. Took great care of my things!
    By Alan Curry - June 19, 2018

    I loved how Safeway moving services treated me! They moved me like a boss and moved me with perfection! Their moving team is very efficient, caring and professional. They knew all the tricks in the book and moved me without any damages. They are definitely highly skilled. Moving with them was super easy. It was easy because their communication was great! I always knew where my things were and they always answered to all my queries. I really am satisfied with their service. I highly recommend them to all.

  106. I will hire these guys again
    By Paul Harris - June 12, 2018

    Safeway moving services is no doubt the greatest moving company ever! They are so friendly and professional at the same time! Because of services like theirs, our lives become so much easier! I hired them for my long distance move and trust me; my move could not go any better! I was moved without any damages, without any stress and without any unwanted fees. I was moved beautifully! Also their customer service is very helpful! I will use this moving company till it exists! Highly recommended!

  107. Truly great!
    By Raymond Harris - June 10, 2018

    Safeway moving services deserves more than 5 stars! I wish there was an option to add additional stars! They are 100 stars in my book. They moved me so beautifully that I still can’t explain it! They gave me a great deal, a great team and a great move. There were no damages, no extra fees and no mess-ups. All was delivered on time and without any problems! They are just amazing! They are the most professional moving company that I have ever seen. I highly recommend this moving company to all.

  108. Very successful move
    By Henry Rogers - June 6, 2018

    I hired Safeway moving services last month for my long distance move, and it was very successful move! There were no problems on any side! The moving team worked very hard and very professionally. They moved me in record time and they did not damage anything. All went very smoothly and easily. The price that they quoted me was low and very reasonable and it did not change in the end. There were no difficulties at all! I will use them for all my future moves and I will recommend them to all. Cheers!

  109. Thanks for the help!
    By Shawn Morris - June 3, 2018

    I am thrilled to see that all my things are in perfect shape!! I just finished unpacking and none of my belongings have a scratch on them! Safeway moving services moved me so well!! A month ago, I called this moving company to get a quote and they offered me a very low deal and it was hard to say no to. I hired them and they gave me the day I wanted for the move. They sent their team on time and they perfectly moved me out and moved me in here. There were no damages as you can see! I am so pleased! Thank you so much!

  110. Very systematic
    By Lloyd Alexander - May 25, 2018

    Moving with Safeway moving services was a very good idea. A big thank you goes to their sales rep who gave me a good deal and sent a very efficient crew to move me. The moving crew came on time and finished the packing and loading in just 6 hours. They did not waste any time at all and they never took any breaks. The moved everything with a lot of care and due to that, my things was delivered intact! There were no damages at all! Their price is right and so is their service. I will hire them again and I will recommend them to all!

  111. Easy relocating
    By Alvin Stewart - May 23, 2018

    My move with Safeway moving services was super easy. They came in, brought all the supplies necessary and quickly moved me out of my old apartment. They loaded all my belongings on to their new and clean truck and they placed them so well that nothing got damaged along the way. They also did the unloading very nicely and properly. The men happily took all my things and stored it in the rooms I wanted. I really had a good time. I will use them again and I will recommend them to all.

  112. Safely delivered
    By Peter Moore - May 20, 2018

    Every single item that I have was safely delivered! I am happy to say that safeway moving services moved me damaged free. I have had horrible experiences in the past with other moving companies, and I am proud to say that this moving company as way better than anyone! They are professional, efficient and very helpful. They move you without any damages and they move you very quickly. They charge a very low and reasonable amount too. I only have good things to say about them! My experience was great! I will use them again!

  113. You will not regret for a second!
    By John Harris - May 13, 2018

    Hire safeway moving services and you are set! You will not regret it for a second! They move you very smoothly and easily! A long distance move will suddenly become so easy for you! My husband and I hired them a few weeks ago and they did a great job. They were on time on both sides, worked very hard until the job was done, and they made no mistakes! We were moved with absolutely no damages at all! One more thing is that they do not charge much! Their price is low and very reasonable! I highly recommend them to all!

  114. Easy and enjoyable
    By Anthony Hill - May 9, 2018

    I had an easy and enjoyable move with these guys. They came exactly on time and also finished the job under the given time. They did not fool around and waste time. They very professionally completed the job and made no mistakes. All my furniture, artwork and fragile items were protected and no harm came to anything. The price was good and the service was even better. I have no complaints at all! Safeway moving services gets my highest recommendation. I will tell others about them and I personally will hire them for my future long distance moves.

  115. High praises!
    By Roy Robinson - May 7, 2018

    These guys deserve all the praise in this world. The foreman and his two helpers did a very good job. They packed everything very sincerely and moved it all very carefully. The chandelier, fragile items, furniture was all protected and they were delivered back to me safe and sound. The price was low and it did not change in the end. I have used a lot of moving companies but never been moved like this. Safeway moving services is worth the praise! I shall hire them for all my long distance moves and shall recommend them to all!

  116. Super happy and satisfied
    By Kevin_Anderson - May 4, 2018

    I do not think moving can be any easier than this. Appointing them was very easy. They gave me a very nice deal and sent the crew on the day of the move on time. They very carefully and nicely moved me out of my studio apartment. They moved me within the given time and they did not damage a single thing. Their customer rep gave me all the updates I needed and wanted. They moving team also unloaded everything with a lot of care. They placed it in the places I wanted and did not leave until I was satisfied. Everything went so well! I am super satisfied and happy. I highly recommend Safeway moving services to all!

  117. Super impressed
    By Jeffrey Davis - May 2, 2018

    I am not just impressed, I am super impressed. You know why? Because moved with Safeway moving services recently and they did not damage a single thing. I have moved a lot but never like this! There were no scratches on anything! There were no dents! My things looked better than before somehow! It was just too good overall! No complaints and no regrets! Gladly I will hire them again and will recommend them to all. For your information, they have the best rates in town. You should probably hire them for your move!

  118. Kept every word
    By Leon Munoz - April 25, 2018

    They kept every word! They told us we will get a damage free move and they delivered that! They said they will not be late and delivery will not be late, and they weren’t! They said we will always be updated, and we were! They are just flawless! I cannot express how happy I am with Safeway moving services. They surely changed my opinion about moving companies. We trust this moving company 100%! We highly recommend them to all!

  119. Very hard workers!
    By Milton Banks - April 23, 2018

    They are extremely hard workers. Man the way they ran a million times up and down the stairs! They had to take down all of furniture’s from the 4th floor and carry it back to the 5th floor without the help of any lift. They did not get tired at all! They even asked if they could do more! They are super professional and efficient! You get more than you pay for! You will be amazed how hard they work! I highly recommend Safeway moving services!

  120. Perfect!
    By Kelvin Hubbard - April 19, 2018

    They are just perfect! They know how to make a move go smoothly! The three uniformed men came to my place on time and did a great job with them packing. They did not get the mattresses dirty and they kept the floors clean too. All was nicely packed and wrapped and delivered to me in one piece. All was ok in the end. I have no complains! I have no doubt that they have many good reviews because they do such a good work. I too recommend Safeway moving services very highly.

  121. Blew my mind!
    By Wilson Holmes - April 19, 2018

    Safeway moving services blew my mind! I enjoyed every bit of this experience. They are one of the best moving companies in this era. They know what they are doing and they can handle anything that comes in their way. They moved me very smoothly and not a single thing was damaged. I only wish I knew about them years ago! I will hire them again and I shall recommend them to all. Long distance move is not a difficult task anymore. You too should hire them!

  122. They were a great help
    By MarkEvans - February 22, 2018

    My partner and I had to make a last minute move for work and we were struggling to organize everything within the time frame that we had. Luckily, we stumbled upon Safeway moving services online. It was the best thing about our move. We usually rent a truck on our own time and spend hours upon hours packing and loading, unloading, unpacking. But this time made all the difference, in all the best ways. They were on time, very courteous and considerate of our things, and friendly. I was a little scared to use a service like this, being new to it, but it was very simple and I can’t get over how much of a difference it made to our move! I will always use this service now. I recommend it to anyone who wants a quick, easy, efficient move.

  123. Very Professional Service
    By Robert Dickerson - February 21, 2018

    Safeway moving services is not a new name to me. I have used this company 6 months back and then I used them again in the last month. They were superb as expected. I hired them for a long distance move and assigned them for the full service. The men crew arrived on time, did the packing with ease, loading went smooth as silk and delivery was made before the allotted time. No damage done to anything and the cost was more than just reasonable. I think I said it all.

  124. Very reasonably priced
    By Victor Jones - February 20, 2018

    The economy sucks at the moment! I know that given how crunched for cash I was during my last move. I hired Safeway moving services simply because they gave me such a good estimate. I thought they would be just crappy. But they surprised me. The movers were all very smart and professional. They wasted no time while packing and loading my belongings. The delivery was made in time too. I can’t wait to suggest this company to all my friends.

  125. They did a decent job
    By Dean Bartlett - February 20, 2018

    My friend had hired Safeway moving services in the past and she recommended the company highly. So I just had to hire them. But I was moving during a busy weekend and it was a long wait to find a vacant slot with them. Finally I got an appointment and the movers arrived right on time on the moving day. They efficiently packed up my house within a very short time. They made the delivery on time and all my belongings made it to my new house intact. Their services were absolutely faultless.

  126. Excellent service and delivered as promised
    By Luis Kelly - February 20, 2018

    I hired Safeway moving services to move all my belongings because they were recommended by my dad. They were just too good. Firstly, they gave me a very reasonable quote. Secondly, the crew was very capable. They lifted heavy belongings with such ease. I want to know which gym they go to. Then again, lifting heavy furniture all day is enough exercise I suppose. They were very time efficient as well. Lastly, everything arrived right on the scheduled date. Can you really ask for more from a moving company?

  127. No complaints
    By Robert Simoneaux - February 19, 2018

    I am a regular mover because my company transfers me to a new place every other year. They pay for the cost of the move. But my furniture was suffering the damages. This time I hired Safeway moving services for my move. They helped me to uninstall everything in the old house, and they went ahead and helped me to reinstall everything in the new house. Nothing was damaged or broken. I am happy with the movers who were in charge. They satisfied me with the service.

  128. Smooth and easy move
    By Shannon Sosa - February 19, 2018

    Moving with Safeway moving services was easy and painless. It was not stressful at all. They are fairly priced and the quote did not change at the end of the move. The moving team worked very hard and their sales rep was polite, answered all my questions and was always a phone call away. They have given me a smooth and easy move. I highly recommend them and I urge you to use this moving company and see the difference. Spot on!

  129. Excellent company all around
    By Jason Hill - February 18, 2018

    I have used several moving companies in the past as we are a military family and there was ALWAYS an issue. Whether it was a huge disastrous delay on time or missing/broken items- something always had to go wrong. Then we found Safeway moving services which pretty much demolished any doubt we ever had about what moving companies can do if they’re chosen right. The best part of this company is their manager. He stayed after hours on several occasions to make sure everything got done on time. We have 3 children and many valuables/breakables. Not one thing arrived damaged and everything was performed in a timely and professional manner. Highly recommend!

  130. Will recommend, thanks again
    By Jeff Snow - February 16, 2018

    I was let down just 2 days earlier of my house move by another moving company who was even very unprofessional in the way canceled my move. Then I found Safeway moving services. They picked up the call and understood our problem. I was so surprised that they managed to give us a schedule. Their team was fantastic! Arrived very early in the morning and very professionally and quickly packed all our belongings. The job was done within the allocated time. They are really a savior for us and we are lucky that we didn’t have to deal with the previous company. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone and would definitely give them a call in my next move.

  131. Had a wonderful experience.
    By Robert West - February 16, 2018

    I am not going to write a lot. Just a week ago I used Safeway moving services for an interstate move and they did simply awesome. The guy at the office was very helpful and attentive. His quote was very reasonable and the foreman and his helpers played their roles perfectly. They arrived on time, packed and loaded my belongings with ease and moved to the other side within the deadline. I checked the inventory and was not able to find even the tiniest of mistakes. Well done guys.

  132. Reliable and Helpful
    By Chad Seamans - February 14, 2018

    This is the second time I’ve used Safeway moving services. I’ve moved every year for the past 7 years and they are by far the most reliable and helpful movers I’ve had. They arrived on time and worked hard. Very pleasurable people to have in your home! They did my last move. I highly recommend that you go for Safeway moving services. My move was not easy but they performed flawlessly. Thanks guys!

  133. Wonderful Service
    By Jason Greene - February 13, 2018

    When I found Safeway moving services, they promised to give me a perfect and unbeatable service. And at the end of the move, they performed better than I expected from them. They were neat & clean, polite, educated, skilled and hard workers. They lifted all our belongings and took it to the 4th floor. They did not get tired! Thank you so much for the wonderful and great service. By the way, no damages anywhere!

  134. Very energetic bunch
    By BobbyNelson - February 11, 2018

    Long distance moving can often be very crucial. Some friends suggested me to sell all my belongings before moving. I would have had to buy everything locally then. Thankfully there is one moving company who specializes in long distance moving. Safeway moving services has been in business for long enough to transport your valuables to pretty much any corner within the USA. I hear they even have special arrangement for people moving to whichever state. The men who work there seemed very enthusiastic and they knew their jobs very well. And I also must add that their quote was the lowest!

  135. Saved me time and money
    By MarkLee - February 10, 2018

    I went for the full package with Safeway moving services while moving. The movers arrived on time and packed up everything we own. They literally took on a mammoth task and finished it in a very short time! It would have taken me forever to do that job. They made the delivery on time and I was so glad to find all my belongings safely transported. The whole move didn’t even cost me that much. But it sure saved me the hassles of having to pack and unpack.

  136. They took care of my valuables
    By RickyWalton - February 8, 2018

    I was having a hard time fathoming the fact that a few strangers would take away all the things I own and between the time of the delivery, mishaps were only a regular occurrence. But the men from Safeway moving services proved to be very reliable and I really thank them for being so. They were punctual, efficient and very friendly. The movers amazed me with their skills and strength. Their packing abilities were out of this world. They delivered everything exactly in a week as they promised me. I was constantly looking for flaws but unfortunately I couldn’t find any. Even their final bill was less than the original estimate. It turned out to be the easiest possible move.

  137. Astonishing moving services
    By Jan Horton - February 4, 2018

    I lived in the same 1 bed apartment for 7 years and it became full of flat pack furniture that was close to impossible to take out. But the very capable movers from Safeway moving services made it all seem so easy. They packed up everything in a lightning speed. Then they very systematically started moving boxes downstairs. When it came to the big furniture, they carried those together maneuvering out of that tiny apartment. Not even one item suffered any damages. The delivery was made on time and all my valuables have traveled safely. I don’t know how they managed to do it but I’m glad that they did!

  138. Awesome service from a great company
    By Bryant Mcbride - February 2, 2018

    I am so happy with the service I received from Safeway moving services. From the initial contact to unpacking everything at my new house, they were professional and nothing was too much trouble. They were passionate and worked with boundless energy in the whole moving process. Even when I changed my mind few times about where my furniture should place in my new house, they obliged with smiles and patience! Not a single scratch on my furniture and the service rate was really attractive. Absolutely outstanding and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

  139. Experience really matters
    By Anthony Watson - January 24, 2018

    The best thing about Safeway moving services is the amount of experience the company has. They have a great reputation and have been in the business for a long time. It turned out to be a great decision hiring them to handle my move. They worked with absolute precision. The movers were very well aware of any kind of problem that could arise and they came prepared. My belongings were carefully transported and I didn’t have to do a thing!

  140. Relaxed relocation
    By Aaron Rodriguez - January 21, 2018

    Safeway moving services is a moving company that has been in this business for decades and they really understand how to handle a move. This company is just too professional. Every little detail is foreseen by them. The movers I got for my last move were all very capable men who came prepared with all the right tools. They finished the job in such a short amount of time and displayed amazing skills. All my belongings were safely delivered after 2 days and I just couldn’t be any happier. They made this move so freaking easy for me.

  141. Creative and professional
    By Lawrence K. - January 18, 2018

    I wouldn’t say I have a lot of belongings but I do have some really unusual collectibles. I required for Safeway moving services to be really creative while packing my things as they don’t really fit into the conventional boxes. When the men arrived at my home, they got to work immediately. They were very creative with the packing, using newspapers, cardboard boxes, bubble wraps and plastic sheets. Everything was so neatly packed, even the workmanship was fantastic. All my belongings traveled well. I couldn’t praise these guys anymore!

  142. Stress-free relocation
    By Bobby Nelson - January 16, 2018

    Safeway moving services performed exceedingly well during my last move. It was very easy to get a quote from them and the number was nothing but reasonable. The movers sent by the company were absolutely fantastic. They arrived on time and were very properly equipped. They took great care while packing our valuables. They handled the breakables very delicately. The loading process went very smoothly. I was very happy to see how well everything traveled when they made the delivery. Hiring these guys relieved me off all my relocation stresses.

  143. I certainly recommend them
    By Richard Cooper - January 12, 2018

    Relocation is always unpredictable and the moving companies don’t really help. But I had to change my mind after hiring Safeway moving services for my last move. This company is just so good. They did everything right. They showed up on time, boxed everything properly and delivered on time. The movers were all such strong men. It is a hard job but they carried everything with strength and enthusiasm. Their energy was great to see. The final bill came slightly over the quote but the initial estimate was very low. I would gladly recommend these guys.

  144. Relaxed way to move
    By Kevin Barnes - January 10, 2018

    If you want a stress-free move, hiring Safeway moving services is the way to go. At first, I thought of them like any other moving company- inefficient, lazy and all-talk-nonsense. I wasn’t expecting much from them given the low estimate but they really surprised me. The movers arrived right on time to start moving our belongings. They wasted no time in packing everything neatly. I have rarely seen such efficiency before in my life. The delivery was made on time and all my valuables traveled very well. It was the easiest move of my life and I only have these guys to give the credits to.

  145. Dependable company
    By Melvin - January 5, 2018

    Although safeway moving services is a big company with many employees and departments but they quoted me very low. I received a very personal service and attention to the smallest detail from their manager. The movers were on time and packed everything very efficiently. They asked me before doing anything extra. But whatever I told them they did it for me. They didn’t ask for any tip. But I was so happy so I gave them. They are a totally dependable company.

  146. Just the best
    By Herbert Baldwin - January 4, 2018

    I was searching a good moving company with reasonable service rate and fortunately found Safeway moving services. I am very happy and satisfied as their price is very reasonable and they didn’t charge me any kind of extra for extra packing materials that I needed. They did everything with care none of my items were damaged. They did great wrapping packing. It was so reliable and trustworthy. Keep it up.

  147. Satisfactory customer service
    By James Jenkins - December 25, 2017

    My wife wasn’t real happy with our previous experience. This time we hired Safeway moving services. And we were impressed with the level of professionalism and how fast the crew packed and unpacked our belongings. They kept in touch and they were timely. They were also efficient and nothing was broken. I would use them again and give them the highest recommendation.

  148. Organized way to move
    By Brian Harris - December 23, 2017

    Trying to move a household with pets and kids is insanity, but Safeway moving services managed to make it a sane experience. Can you imagine trying to move two dogs, five cats, and a ferret almost all the way across the country, along with your belongings? I seriously thought I was going to pull my hair out, but then I decided I’d better get online and start looking for a company to help me. While I was responsible for my pets, I didn’t have to worry about all my belongings with these guys. When I found this company and saw the reputation they had for being prompt and considerate about belongings, I decided I’d give them a go. I am so glad I did! Thank you for such a wonderful experience.

  149. I am a happy client
    By Victor Martin - December 22, 2017

    After living in the city for 6 years, I got posted to manage our regional office and it was a move I really embraced. The problem was that living in the swanky town can result into buying some designer furniture with your hard earned cash. I didn’t want to leave them behind. I hired Safeway moving services because they gave me a very good quote. They really impressed me with their working skills. They were very skilled, well trained and always very polite. By no means were they ordinary. I’d give a definite thumb up to their services.

  150. Safe and secure
    By Robert Smith - December 21, 2017

    It was an absolute delight to deal with the team of Safeway moving services. They handled their job excellently. They were on time, reliable and professional. I never thought that moving could be so easy and stress free. They packed all our items securely and they did it all within a day. I really can’t recommend them highly enough. They really did all they could to ensure our moving safe and secure.

  151. They were mind-blowing
    By Johnny Bell - December 18, 2017

    I recently used Safeway moving services while I moved out to a new house. They were absolutely delightful and efficient to their work. They came and packed everything perfectly and took it away. I was so anxious about the fragile items. But the movers packed and placed those with great care. I have unpacked almost everything with no damages and all were in perfect condition. The manager of this company created an exciting atmosphere for his team. They were just stunning.

  152. Thoroughly professional
    By Brent S. - December 17, 2017

    I hired Safeway moving services because one of my friends had hired them in the past. The company delivered in every aspect while they moved my valuables. Their van reached my house sharp on the clock. The men took were very fast at packing everything. They put the breakables in the boxes with layers of newspaper between each piece. They used a lot of tape to ensure the safety of my belongings. The delivery was made on time and none of my things suffered any damages whatsoever.

  153. They did a great job
    By Craig F. - December 16, 2017

    The contracting process was really smooth with Safeway moving services. I found a friend that has used and referred this company. So I hired them. Trust me they were outstandingly good. They arrived on time. All the packing and loading was done in the shortest possible time. All of my belongings arrived perfectly-not broken, not crushed. They worked excellently. All moves are stressful but it worked out fine.

  154. Absolutely fantastic
    By Zachary Paul - December 15, 2017

    Interstate relocations are always difficult. After much research online I decided to hire Safeway moving services. When I called the company, they fixed me a slot on the moving day and gave me a quote that was more than reasonable. Their movers arrived on time to my apartment and they were all very well equipped. They efficiently packed all my belongings. They delivered on the promised date. All my things traveled without suffering any damage. They ended up charging me the exact amount they quoted. I’m totally impressed.

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