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If you are looking for moving services locally or internationally, the professionals at Royal Star Moving make your move stress-free. We help you relocate your household things or office items from one place to another in a most-efficient way. Our movers provide comprehensive services like packing, crating, storage, and special handling to make your transition easy and smooth. With Royal Star Moving, you can count on moving services to suit your requirements and budget. Our staff is trained to handle your belongings to make sure safe and damage-free delivery.

What you can benefit from professional movers?

Any home or office that has a lot of equipment, furniture or inventory can take advantage of our services, we provide the best and valuable services without charging a big amount. If you are planning an office or home move locally or to a new state, you need experienced professionals that can seamlessly plan, manage, and execute all aspects of your move.

Why choose Royal Star Moving for move

  • Manages all of your home and office moving requirements
  • Fully insured and licensed for your peace of mind
  • Full-time moving services experts that are trained, professional, and certified
  • Module furniture specialists
  • Specialized freight handling
  • Large fleet of clean and equipped moving trucks, and state-of-the-art equipment and warehouses

Our moving services are affordable and flexible

Selecting the right moving company for your relocation is not an easy task. Every relocation is different. Only the most experienced moving company will know how to deal with every single one of them. Our movers will take your move seriously and perform a stress-free job for you. The expert team here tries to make your move as pleasant as possible.

 Finding the right mover in the US is a big decision

You’d appreciate calling Royal Star Moving the best company to help and give you reliable services in moving, storing, and packing your property. We will provide a reasonable price with the highest quality service. Setting the standards is our main motive. Well-timed, assurance, and reliable to commit our services will be guaranteed. It is our responsibility to meet all our customer’s requirements to provide the best moving experience in the industry.

Choose Royal Star Moving for your home or office move

With years of experience moving staff, we provide the best moving services and you know we are a service provider to trust with your move. For an honest and fair moving estimate, you can depend on us.  Contact us for a free quote today!

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  1. Still not here and don't know where the truck is
    By nrnolting - July 29, 2020

    this company has been giving us the run-around for over a week now. We packed up and left Denver on July 14. The trucking company said they would deliver our belongings to Philadelphia within 7-10 working days. It’s been 12 working days and every time we call them, we get a different story. First the truck was in Virginia and would be to Philly by the end of the week…then it’s in Ohio and not sure when it will arrive – maybe sometime next week.

    These folks are unprofessional and unreliable and I would never use them again or recommend them.

  2. They treat everyone really well
    By Terrell Berry - June 25, 2020

    There are those moments that you always consider precious to you. Such are the relocation moments of Royal star movers. When you watch them work, you might want them to continue without stopping. The dedication, diligence and hard work that they display in their work are so inspiring. I just wanted to be somewhere and watch them execute their duties all day long. Truly, they are perfect when it comes to giving clients value for their money.

  3. Awesome company
    By Kelvin Baldwin - June 18, 2020

    I am extremely happy with the level of moving service I received from Royal Star Movers to my home. I hired them to come in and handle my packing and moving so that I can attend to my own business. The 3 man crew finished packing and moved all within a week. They had to move by belongings a long distance and we had many breakables, valuables and some antique furniture. Nothing was damaged or broken, not even a dent! These guys did a great job.

  4. You can rely on them
    By Jesse Butler - June 13, 2020

    Best movers for long distance relocation. The head mover was a very nice person, very likeable and very organized. He kept a list of things to do and a list of all the items so each was accounted for. They made sure I was satisfied about every aspect of the move that they would ask where I wanted my furniture in the new place. No furniture of mine was damaged or scratched. You can really trust these guys with your belongings.

  5. Superb moving services
    By Garrett C. - June 11, 2020

    We moved last month and Royal star movers was the company we hired. Our only reason for hiring them was a glowing recommendation from a family friend. Anyway, the movers turned out to be a blessing. They were punctual, efficient, careful, friendly and experienced. They were quick to pack and load everything from our 4-bedroom apartment. All our belongings were delivered safely. I couldn’t believe the sheer professionalism, skills and timing displayed by this company. I suggest everyone hire them.

  6. Repeat Customer - Fantastic Movers!!
    By Richard Walker - May 26, 2020

    I have used Royal star movers at least 3 or 4 times to move. They are without a doubt the most reasonably priced, efficient moving company I know. They took very good care of my furniture and were fast and efficient. They arrived on time and made my move as smooth as butter. Thanks guys for a job extremely well-done!! I will use Royal star movers again in the near future and highly recommend them. The owner has always been helpful and courteous and willing to suit my needs. Thank you again to this great team of guys for their hard work!!

  7. Coached well
    By Roland Singleton - May 18, 2020

    Moving is never fun, but the best decision we made was hiring Royal star movers. From the in person estimate to working with their moving team on the day of the move, it could not have been easier. Loved how he coached the other members on the team in how to move our heavier pieces safely. Everything was completed quickly and professionally. Highly recommend. And don’t skip out on the in home estimate. We paid almost exactly what was quoted to us.

  8. Awesome!
    By Steve M. - May 11, 2020

    These guys are nothing short of magical. In my most recent move, my friends and I couldn’t get my beloved sofa out the door and I had to leave it behind! After calling Royal star movers, They were on time, very friendly/personable, the sofa made it unscathed, All great personalities, they actually made the day fun and comfortable and I’m a happy customer. Everything went smoothly and quickly!

  9. Compliment service
    By Joshua Thomas - May 8, 2020

    Just last Jan Royal star movers moved our four bedded home incredibly well within a very competitive price. We didn’t face any unwanted problems, everything was right. Their highly experienced movers came timely and did everything smoothly by using their huge logistic support. We really liked this company, full compliment service. Everything was done within our estimated time and took the same amount mentioned in the initial quote. We highly recommend them to all of you as our extremely trusted company.

  10. My move with Royal star moving
    By Liam - May 1, 2020

    I’ve never seen movers work as nicely and smoothly as these guys. My move had a lot of work I know that and there was a little difference in the price because we had to move my sons room as well but the movers were kindly enough to give me a discount we had but we paid the difference with no problem. I will definitely use this company again.

  11. I was VERY impressed
    By Jason Nelson - April 25, 2020

    I used Royal star movers after being told by a friend. They were FAST, careful and courteous. I would highly recommend them to anyone. I have used other movers before and have ended up waiting around for them to show up and had broken furniture when they were finally done. I was VERY impressed with Royal star movers!!!!

  12. Excellent movers
    By Kevin Wade - April 22, 2020

    We recently moved and couldn’t have been happier with the service. They were responsive to emails and questions before and during the process, kept us updated on where our stuff was during transit, and were accommodating to all our requests, including when we needed to extend our storage before moving in. The movers themselves showed up at the destination within the time window given, and were both personable and respectful of us and our stuff. In my view, the cost was also very reasonable and there were no dodgy “hidden fees” or any demands for additional money. In fact, it cost less than we budgeted for. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

  13. Fantastic!
    By Kenneth J. - April 17, 2020

    The removal guys were fantastic. They are hard working, enthusiastic and couldn’t be any more helpful if they tried! I trusted them and their light hearted humor really took the stresses from moving day! I would def use them again in the future. Booking and admin was easy as was payment and the delivery of all the boxes in good time helped also to ensure it was all pressure free!

  14. Highly recommended
    By Gerald Thompson - April 16, 2020

    From the first visit to our old property to gather information to quote (from the owner) to unpacking the final box, I cannot fault the service I received. Their packing service was fantastic; I would almost say that things were over-packed. Not one thing broken, not even a chip or scratch, everything is exactly as it was before it went into the boxes. On the day, the loaders were polite, professional, and good fun (not dull and characterless, but not boisterous or improper – a good healthy dose of fun). All the boxes were carried to the rooms we asked; regardless of narrow hallways, doors, or stairs. And the garden stuff was carried straight through to avoid making a mess. I felt like a lord – I didn’t lift a finger all day. I cannot recommend them highly enough, and will not bother to look elsewhere for our next move.

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