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Packing and/or unpacking services:Our professional movers have the training and techniques necessary to ensure that your belongings get where they going safely and economically (properly packed boxes save money by eliminating damage and making loading efficient).

Storage Options: Need a little space for your things? No problem. We can store them safely in our storage facility and even deliver them for you when you need them again.

The cost of a long distance move depends on the distance you are moving and the weight of your shipment.How it works: we will weigh the moving truck with and without your shipment fully loaded at a government regulated weigh station. The difference between those two weights is the weight of your shipment.

We can help you estimate the weight of your belongings and give you rates for budgeting purposes.

Here are a few factors that may affect your moving budget:

  • How far are you moving?
  • How much stuff are you moving?
  • Will you pack yourself,or would you li us to pack for you?
  • Will you have accessories charges?
  • Do you need storage?
  • Will you choose any additional insurance?
  • Are you ready for a free Rhino Relocation long distance moving quote?

Call us at 800-363-8212 to receive your no obligation free estimate from a Rhino Relocation specialist.

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  1. Hiring them saves time and money
    By RoyGonzales - March 10, 2019

    I have used Rhino relocation for my past 3 moves, and the company has been wonderful! Their manager really goes above and beyond to make you happy, and does a very fast and efficient job. On every one of my moves, the team wrapped and padded everything and was very careful with my things. My nightstand got a small scrape on the knob after one of my moves, and they not only gave me a discount on my move but also took the knob to a guy who owns a furniture refurbishing company and got it fixed for me. They delivered it back to me in a very timely manner, and it looked good as new. I’d recommend this company to anyone! For the great job they do, it’s worth the price.

  2. I’m so impressed
    By Roger Bell - March 8, 2019

    The tireless trio of the three men sent from Rhino relocation was a great help moving two truckloads of stuff. I must have quoted or contacted over 15 moving agencies and have no regrets about the choice. The guys were friendly, hardworking and efficient. It was a pleasure working alongside them throughout the long 10+ hr day. Even travel time was efficient with no fluff and padding. Also there are no additional charges for steps (seriously) and booking fees (that don’t apply like a deposit) like some of the shady companies out there. Definitely would recommend them. Make sure to book directly with them, and not through third-party websites, to save more as they would beat any other quote you got!

  3. Best move ever
    By Christopher R - March 6, 2019

    I had the best experience with Rhino relocation! The two movers I had absolutely rock – best moving team ever! They moved me into my new house quite a long distance away, then my mom a month later from her old house. They were so efficient, careful, professional and friendly. They made sure all our items were carefully wrapped and protected and they moved everything quickly, yet effortlessly – I wouldn’t recommend anybody else to get you all settled into wherever you’re moving! Thank you guys!!

  4. What a fast move
    By Abraham Chavez - February 25, 2019

    I wanted my move to go as fast as possible. So I had already packed most of my things before the movers arrived. The boys from Rhino Relocation arrived right on time. They inspected everything and started loading. They were quick to load everything onto the van. All my belongings were delivered on time to my new house. I have heard of so many people complaining about the slow crew that for. With this company, I had no such worries. They made my move quick and painless.

  5. Top Notch
    By AnthonyRoberts - February 22, 2019

    They were just great! They took their time and listened to my needs and what I needed done and they did it with ease. They packed up everything so well that nothing was damaged when I checked the inventory. The people here are nice and very caring. Not just caring, but they really do care! Their customer service is top notch. When I had a question, they always answered immediately! Rhino relocation is one of those companies that you would like to hire over and over again.

  6. Flexible enough to be a fit
    By Edward Nelson - February 20, 2019

    We were moving into our new apartment and we hired Rhino relocation for our move. I had heard about them before. But I didn’t know that they are so flexible and efficient. They offered me about 10 packages with different price ranges. I figured that more movers would result into more efficiency but they convinced me that wasn’t the case. Finally we settled on 3 movers and the quote came down to a very reasonable amount. Our move went perfectly despite my worries. They quoted us very low which was surprising in the beginning but I soon learned that less movers equals to a lower price. The movers were very experienced so the move went perfectly. They wrapped everything with a great attitude and they were friendly to deal with. My wife was so happy see that all our valuables were delivered in perfect condition. Our moving date changed twice but they were okay with that. Flexibility is important when you’re dealing with a long distance move. These guys provided me just that!

  7. Masters in this business
    By Terence Allison - February 13, 2019

    We moved recently with Rhino relocation and our experience was excellent. I have moved apartments across counties, states and countries so many times over the last 10 years. This was our most stress free experience. The guys came to my home promptly. The foreman and his team of three other movers packed and moved all our 2 bed apartment very quickly. Nothing was damaged and that made me so happy. No glasses broken, no furniture damaged and no scratches- hallelujah. It has all been smooth – we did not even have to supervise the packing they were very professional. Plus they helped in removing curtain rods and uninstalling a few other things in the house. I’ll hire them again for sure!

  8. Always too good
    By Levi Mendoza - February 11, 2019

    This is my second time using Rhino relocation and for both times they were awesome! From my last move, I have used their storage facility. It’s such a worry free experience. The process of just having them move all my belongings with such care is unbelievable. From wrapping my furniture with blankets to then wrapping it with plastic wrap just assured me that my personal belongings will be taken care of. They made the delivery once I got things sorted and didn’t need the storage anymore. I was glad to see all the things I had stored were in such good condition! I will gladly recommend this moving company to my friends and family. Thank you for making this supposedly stressful time a breeze.

  9. A successful move
    By Wayne Diaz - February 7, 2019

    We moved not a crazy long distance but to a few states down and hired Rhino relocation to handle our move. The movers were great in every possible way. Their manager came by my place first to give me an estimate – the estimated hours to move our furniture, etc… His team completed the job in exactly that time. It was raining the day of our move, and they were super careful with our stuff and with not muddying the floors in our new home. They worked very hard, lugging furniture up some very steep stairs and remained easygoing throughout. There was no damage caused to any of my things once they made the delivery. They even unpacked and assembled my furniture for me free of charge. I am very impressed with this moving company.

  10. Years of experience
    By Benjamin Brown - January 26, 2019

    A new job meant having to relocate and it was my first. I called Rhino relocation for a quote to move my stuffs and their numbers seemed quite reasonable. The crew consisted of four movers. It was really easy to communicate with these movers. They were experienced enough to know what to do and how to do it. They very efficiently packed up all my belongings and then loaded them on to the truck. I wasn’t sure if all my valuables would fit into that one truck, but they quite easily managed to do it. I’m really trying to find something negative to say but truly there were none. These guys were so experienced that my move couldn’t have gone wrong even if there was an earthquake.

  11. Very efficient
    By Victor Simmons - January 19, 2019

    It’s a long way from where I was living apart from my family and finally decided to move in with me after securing a bigger house. My wife was worried sick thinking how we would manage to relocate so far with all our hoarded belongings. Luckily, we hired Rhino relocation which did the job for us and did so excellently. The movers arrived on time and they were all very efficient. They took minimum amount of time to finish packing everything. Then the loading process also went smoothly and they were on their way to the new house. They told me that they would delivery everything in 4-7 days. The delivery was made on the 4th day. That is amazing efficiency. It was a very time and cost efficient move.

  12. Awesome moving experience
    By James N. - January 16, 2019

    Given the amount of things I had, I really needed a moving company’s help. I did a lot of research online and finally settled on hiring Rhino relocation. Their reputation precedes them and they really proved why that is. They really employ the most capable movers. The four men I got were all very well trained and had enough experience to conduct this move. Their packing skills were good and they had no trouble loading everything to the van. They arrived on time and made the delivery on time as well. I have very high regards for this amazing company.

  13. It was a successful move
    By Adrian Klein - January 14, 2019

    I always thought moving companies are no good. Then I hired Rhino relocation which completely changed my mind. I got a hint of their efficiency when I called them first. Their customer service was very helpful and prompt. Their quote was unbeatable. The best part of their service was the movers. They were so punctual and efficient. The movers were so fast at the packing and loading process. The delivery was made on time and everything was in perfect condition. All my prejudices about moving companies are gone.

  14. I can’t praise them enough
    By Roger Lee - January 14, 2019

    The last time I moved, I hired a company who pretty much destroyed most of my valuables. This time I wasn’t having it! So I gave Rhino relocation the responsibility to move my things. They really came to the party. The movers were so energetic that I wondered what they eat! Anyway, there were no issues with this move at all. All my belongings were safely transported. The final bill matched the initial quote and I was just over the moon. I highly recommend them.

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