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Thank you for considering Proline Moving and Storage your best choice for long distance moving and storage. Moving is our specialty, service is our guarantee. We serve the Dallas-Ft Worth Metroplex with major locations also in Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Green Bay, Houston, Indianapolis, Madison and Milwaukee. So, whether you’re moving across the country or across town. We specialize in long distance moves and take pride in all the services we provide. “We get it done so you don’t have to!”

We’re here to do whatever you need to make the move as smooth and hassle-free as possible. We’re a full service moving companies committed to professional service during what can be a stressful time for many people.

We’re known for punctuality, reliability and all around great service. Call us the next time you’re ready to move … we’ve put together a complimentary moving checklist that will make finding things a breeze at your new location…as well as making sure nothing was left behind. Click here to view and print it.

Thanks again for considering Proline Moving and Storage We look forward to the opportunity to serve your moving and storage needs!

Long Distance Move
We’re your #1 choice for long distance movers in Dallas, Houston, Dallas Fort Worth area, and more! We consider long distance moves, any move that crosses state lines or more than 100 miles from your current home. Proline Moving and Storage offers services throughout the continental United States, focusing on shipments arriving and departing from the state of Texas. Proline Moving and Storage guarantees on-time pick-up (Call for full details 1-800-820-5077). Whether your destination is from California to Florida, Oregon to Maine or anywhere in between, We’re proud to offer the best possible services at an affordable rate. We will ensure the safety and care of your belongings, so you can concentrate on a new beginning. As a full service moving company we strive to make your move as easy as possible by also offering short or long term moving storage, moving boxes for purchase, complimentary moving checklists and more!
Approximate weight of your move based on number of rooms:
Studio: 1000 lbs.
1 Bedroom Apartment: 1,000-2,000 lbs.
2 Bedroom Apartment: 2,000-3,500 lbs.
2 Bedroom House: 3,500-5,500 lbs.
3 Bedroom House: 7,000-10,000 lbs.
4 Bedroom House: 10,000 lbs. and Above
Price is determined by two factors:
Weight/Cubit Feet

Your weight will be determined by 2 weight station tickets one prior to loading and second after household items are loaded to the truck. Weight tickets are provided by US DOT certified weight stations by law.
Packing & Materials

The cost of boxes and other packing materials provided by the mover will be charged accordingly based on your use. Special discount may be available by contact your sales representative. L x W x H = 1 cu.ft. If you choose to be charged by weight, 1 cu. ft. = 7 lbs.
Services Included in Long Distance Move are the Following:

Expert advice and guidance throughout the moving process
Communicative and responsive customer service
Delivery windows (if requested & if possible)
Door to Door pick up and delivery
A written descriptive inventory
Basic assembly and disassembly of beds, tables, mirrors from dressers and other standard pieces
Complete wrapping of all furniture with commercial moving blankets and pads
30 days of free in-transit storage (to help with delay you may have with your new home, customer must notify that such service is required)
Long haul transportation with air-ride suspension vehicles
All fuel, tolls, taxes and USDOT fees
Standard cargo insurance – up to $100,000 liability based on .60 cents per lb per article

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  1. Proline Movers is to be avoided
    By THull99 - August 8, 2018

    BEWARE!! These 5 star reviews are lies on top of lies. To begin with if you contact Mayflower Transit, they contract out your move to shady movers like Proline Movers. These are criminal organizations. Proline Movers company charged us nearly $6,000 to move our household from Fort Worth, TX to Fort Wayne, IN. They doubled the price on the day they came and picked up our items, but then we were in a bind. It took them 10 hours to load the moving truck. The “supervisor”, Lloyd Smith (which happens to be the name of the owner, what a surprise) did nothing but sit on his rear and add up why our bill was going to be twice as much as originally quoted. That was July 2nd. We wrote them a check and they cashed it the next day. Originally we told by Lloyd and Mary our move would take between 3-14 business days.
    I tried to call to check in with them on day 14, left a voicemail, and received an email the phones were broken, and they envoked a clause that would allow them up to 30 business days for delivery, and if we didn’t like their service we could pick our stuff up or arrange for someone else to pick it up. During the course of our wait, about 19 days in,  I tried to contact someone at Proline to try to get some idea when our household would be here? where we are in line? are they having trouble finding a driver? Even though they advertise having their own trucks and drivers. No response to calls and no response to emails. August 1st I received an email stating PROLINE MOVERS COMPANY HAS CLOSED, the second email stated, THE COMPANY HAS CLOSED DOWN, from the billing department (billing@proline.com) We could come pick up our stuff up except they didn’t bother to tell us where and when we could pick up our items. So we called Mayflower who put us in touch with MOVE RESCUE (800-832-1773). MOVE RESCUE began trying to help us get our belongings. So Proline Aka  24 Hour Movers (they have two different company names run by all the same criminal players) sent us an email to pick a date and time we could come pick up our items, but no address. I was able to get a hold of Lloyd the night before we were to leave. Our furniture and boxes were sitting on a 24 Hour Movers trailer, who’s DOT license is currently revoked, in the 110 degree heat, not an environment controlled warehouse, along with two other loads of people’s belongings, shipments #2 and #3, we were number #1. They opened the side door, we were able to get our stuff. Shipment #3 items fell over into the hole of were our stuff had been, just crashed over like an avalanche. Some of our stuff was not in good shape, like broke off the top of our queen size headboard, and the whole big piece is missing, kitchen chair crushed, small chess table destroyed beyond repair, etc. Just so everyone knows, do not use these people. I have filed a complaint and spoken to the Attorney General’s office in Texas, Move Rescue Attorney, DOT, TXDMV, the BBB, FMSCA, an attorney from Texas and an attorney from Indiana, because we are expecting a FULL REFUND FOR OUR MOVE CONTRACT NOT COMPLETED, THE PLANE TICKETS FOR COMING BACK TO TEXAS, RENTAL OF A 26 FOOTER UHAUL, HOTEL, FOOD, GAS AND BED RENTAL.  And I am just getting started. I have given these agencies all the names or known aliases, Llyod Smith, Jacob Gold and Mary Combs.
    I had to let people know what this so called company is about so that someone else doesn’t become a victim of these crooks! If you have been a victim of this “business” contact the DOT (DOT Fraud Hotline: 888-368-7238) They control all interstate moving companies. They will advise you on who to contact so you can service a law suit against Proline Aka 24 Hour Movers. Our processor is  IN-AFFORDABLE PROCESS SERVICE, INC.

    1164 BISHOP STREET, SUITE 124 #2

    A Process Agent is a person or company that you can serve legal papers to against the company you are suing. You have up to one year after your dealings with them to sue. Good luck to us all and God bless!

  2. Very nicely moved
    By Alan Perez - June 29, 2018

    I hired Proline moving & storage last month and they moved me very nicely and smoothly. They came on time on the moving day and did everything I asked. They packed everything properly and they moved all of my things with a lot of care. They were also kind and decent too! I really liked how they moved me so quickly and without damaging anything. My move was like a breeze. They are good, they are fast and they do not charge much. I loved working with this moving company. I will recommend them to all.

  3. Highly recommended!
    By Seth Mckenzie - June 19, 2018

    I highly recommend this moving company to all because this moving company knows how to move you perfectly! They are very professional, efficient, caring and punctual. My move was like a breeze. Also their rates are low and it did not change in the end. Everything went according to plan! There were no damages, no extra fees and no accidents. It was the smoothest move ever. Now I know why my cousin recommended them to me so highly! They are very good indeed! I strongly recommend Proline moving & storage to all!

  4. Not choosing them will be a mistake!
    By Jimmy Brown - June 8, 2018

    Hire proline moving & storage!! You will be making a mistake if you do not hire them! They charge you a very low fee and in return they will give you the best move of your life. They are punctual, efficient, caring and professional. They will move all your things like their own and they will safely deliver it back to you. They are very good! I hired them last month for my long distance move, and I am glad to say that everything was perfect! No damages, no extra fees and no mess-ups! I highly recommend this moving company to all!

  5. Fair price and outstanding service
    By Craig Sanders - May 27, 2018

    Proline moving & storage charges a very reasonable and fair fee and in return they give you an outstanding service. They will move you not only stressed free but also damaged free! You will love their service and their team. They moved me last month cross country and they did a great job. The moving team came on time and moved me very smoothly and professionally. They valued my belongings and they packed and moved everything with care. It was all delivered damaged free and it was the most painless moving experience of my life!

  6. Thanks for the lovely service
    By Walter Wilson - May 18, 2018

    Proline moving & storage is very reliable and trustworthy! I want to thank them for moving me so quickly and nicely!! They did not leave anything behind nor did they damage any of my belongings! The move was quick and simple. The moving team was punctual, efficient and very caring! They moved all those things so professionally and carefully that an error was not possible! I loved their service! I do not move that much, but If I do, I will give these guys a call. They are highly recommended!

  7. Great guys and awesome company!
    By gotodapark27 - May 12, 2018

    This was a good experience. I move frequently and sometimes to multiple locations personally and for business. In this case, as experienced as I am, I underestimated the work involved. I wasn’t ready. They stayed extra hours and got it done. Along the way, I felt the trust relief: they weren’t sloppy; I didn’t have to watch the back door; they didn’t look at the clock but rather the job. In the end, I gave extra because I felt, well, what had been saved for me psychologically and materially.

  8. Good job guys!!!
    By Alan Hughes - May 8, 2018

    Moving from point A to B was so easy! I real loved your team. The foreman was very experienced and he knew how to do the task without damaging my belongings. They brought the boxes, tapes and bubble wraps and nicely packed me up in just 5 hours. They were extremely helpful. When they had time to spare, they even helped me with my car transmission. They were like friend to me! I cannot thank them enough for all the help. I don’t think any other moving company is this much helpful! I will always hire proline moving & storage!

  9. Responsible and caring!
    By Tomas Colon - April 27, 2018

    I wanted to find the best moving company because I have many priceless arts. They had to be protected at any cost! After doing a lot of research, I found Proline moving & storage to be the most reliable moving company. They have many good reviews and many happy customers! On the day of the move, they bubble wrapped everything very nicely. They carefully carried all my belongings and placed it on the truck. After two weeks, they delivered all my belongings without any damages or even small scratches. They are indeed an efficient and reliable moving company!

  10. Job well done!
    By Conrad - April 19, 2018

    I really appreciate what proline moving & storage has done for me. They have given me a damage free and stress free move. They took care of me so well that I did not need to worry at all. Everything was smoothly done! None of my priceless art was damaged and neither was my antique collectibles. I really appreciate how well they took care of everything. It was a fantastic moving experience. I very highly recommend them to others.

  11. Nice going guys
    By Thomas_Perez - April 9, 2018

    I needed to hire a good moving company for my folks because they are not able to do the move on their own. I don’t live there, so I couldn’t help at all. All I did was contact Proline moving & storage and they did the rest. What I heard from my parents is that, they were very polite and decent. They packed everything for them and they didn’t mind that my parents made them do some extra things. They delivered everything on time and without any damages. My parents are very happy and so am I. Thanks guys!

  12. They were amaze balls
    By Eric Alexander - March 20, 2018

    Everything was superb about proline moving & storage. This company employs some very hardworking men who make it their mission to deliver your valuables safely to your new house and cause you as less stress as possible while doing so. I learned it when I hired them for my last move. They showed the utmost respect for me and my valuables. They were fast workers and they worked with precision. Their skills and efficiency ensured that my things would reach the new house without any damages caused to them. I am thoroughly impressed with this company and its herd of movers.

  13. Professionalism redefined
    By Steve Sanchez - March 8, 2018

    I can’t simply wait to tell you what a great job Proline moving & storage did. They were very professional, polite, and helpful. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. They took such good care with all my things. And I was very impressed with what nice guys they are. The movers maintained their schedules throughout and I didn’t have to sleep on the floor waiting for them to deliver my things. They charged the amount the quoted and I couldn’t find anything to complain about.

  14. They take stress away
    By Alan Huff - February 13, 2018

    Moving is always a stressful time. Even though I was moving not too far away, it was still stressful. I was glad to choose Proline moving & storage as they are extremely professional with their customer service. Their movers are also professional in appearance and they are careful with my things when moving. They maintained their schedules in every way and worked very hard to make this move possible. In the end I realized that these guys did all the hard-work and I simply had to drive myself to my new house to find everything ready in there. I truly am grateful to these amazing movers. I will recommend them to anyone who needs a moving company!

  15. Such experienced crew
    By Preston Collins - February 5, 2018

    The best thing about Proline moving & storage is the amount of experience the company has. They have a great reputation and have been in the business for a long time. It turned out to be a great decision hiring them to handle my move. They worked with absolute precision. The movers were very well aware of any kind of problem that could arise and they came prepared. My belongings were carefully transported and I didn’t have to do a thing!

  16. I am full of joy
    By Benjamin Wilkins - December 15, 2017

    Given the amount of things I needed to be moved, I just couldn’t do it on my own. So, I hired Proline moving & storage to handle the move. This company made my move so much easier. Their quote was more than reasonable. They kept me in the loop and I didn’t even get to become suspicious once. The crew arrived sharp on time. They were properly equipped and got to work immediately. They worked very efficiently for hours packing every item. Frankly, I couldn’t even imagine this process could take so less time. They delivered my belongings on time and everything arrived safely. I am so relieved.

  17. They showed genuine interest
    By Frank G - December 7, 2017

    I had a lot of experience with moving companies. While other companies only focus on making profits, make fake promises, these guys actually showed genuine interest in their job. They were really careful to our belongings. They were on time and they were skillful. They handled the whole move quite efficiently. It was really a team effort by these capable movers to successfully deliver all our belongings and on time and in great condition. They delivered the items on time and there were no damages or loss at all. Overall, it was a hassle free move. Best wishes to them.

  18. They did everything properly
    By Stephen Morgan - November 19, 2017

    I was very pleased with the recent move with proline moving & storage. We moved from an old townhouse to a new bigger one so the amount of things to move was not overwhelming but they are bulky including a piano. The crew showed up early, proceeded to assess the requirement and got to work promptly. They were efficient, careful, and very mindful of the furniture. The same kind of attention was provided unloading the furniture into the new townhouse. Throughout the process they were very efficient as if to realize the customer is paying by the hour, and very pleasant. The process was painless and as pleasant as possible given the move situation which always creates stress. Their manager called two times during the moving day to ensure all was on track and met expectations. I’d recommend them to all.

  19. Committed to perfection
    By Mario Harvey - October 21, 2017

    My grandfather died and left the entire contents of an 88 year life. We packed everything beforehand and it took three people two days to pack everything. Proline moving & storage moved all of these boxes and furniture within hours. They put it on the van, brought it back over here and unloaded it and they were efficient. It was as stress free as it could possibly be. We were satisfied with their service. I have never seen such fast movers in my life.

  20. Great communication among them
    By Eugene Johnson - October 11, 2017

    The moving estimator of proline moving & storage I spoke with was very thorough and came up with a great quote. The moving crew was very efficient. They were fast. I’ll call them if I have to move again. The move was within five miles and the moving crew was really fast. The coordination among the boys was great to experience. I sincerely appreciated all of the effort and time they spent helping me.

  21. Experience really matters
    By William Peterson - October 2, 2017

    Take my advice and do not hire a moving company with least amount of experience just because they give you a lower quote. They end up damaging everything beyond any repair. I know this from my numerous pathetic experiences with moving companies during relocations. Hire a company like Proline moving & storage which served in this business for a long time. I hired them for my last move. They were just amazing. All the movers were very experienced and it showed in the way they packed all my belongings and carried everything with great care. Usually relocations are full of glitches and mishaps. But these guys make it seem like a piece of cake. And they really know how to bake this cake!

  22. They were totally helpful
    By Barry Owen - September 22, 2017

    I chose proline moving & storage after comparing prices with different companies. These guys had no surcharges. The four movers were extremely efficient and fast- wrapped all my furniture with shrink wrap and tapes. They also packed all my other belongings into boxes very quickly. The crew did an excellent job. They also unpacked everything and assembled my furniture at my new place after delivering them. One box was slightly damaged but I totally forgive them for that. I am very pleased with these guys and if I ever move again, I will definitely be calling them.

  23. These guys are the greatest
    By Howard Davis - September 14, 2017

    I see many people writing how amazing their movers were or how fast they were. Truth be told, if they manage to break or lose your things on the way, all that efficiency is of no use! Proline moving & storage handled my last move and the only thing I will say is that all my valuables were safely brought from my old house to the new one in the exact condition they took them. Oh, and they charged very fairly for it!

  24. Easy yet cheap
    By Matthew Rogers - September 3, 2017

    This was the first time I’ve used Proline moving & storage and unlike other companies I’ve hired before, everything went as planned and smoothly. The movers were good, fast and very helpful to handle my move. All my belongings were safely delivered. Nothing was broken or damaged at all. They quoted me very low but they provided me a 1st class service. I am forever grateful to them and I would like to recommend them to anyone. It was an easygoing yet cheap moving experience for me.

  25. Well appreciated!
    By Raymond7 - August 22, 2017

    If I was all alone it wouldn’t be possible for me to do this move all by myself. The move was heavy and huge and did not have the means to make this possible alone. I couldn’t have asked for a better move, even if it was just my three bedroom apartment, it was a packed house and needed a lot of effort to make the move possible. Well done Proline moving & storage, thanks to your effort this move has been made possible and so very correctly. Other than praise, I have nothing else to share.

  26. Flawless service and very affordable price
    By Eric Edwards - August 13, 2017

    I would recommend Proline moving & storage for their flawless service. The way they managed to deal with my move was just awesome. It was a tough task for any moving company. But these guys displayed what they can do and how far they can go. They never looked worried or confused. They came with a plan and executed the plan perfectly. I had no complaints whatsoever against them. Actually I would like to thank them for a wonderful job at a very affordable price.

  27. I prefer these guys
    By Carlos Nelson - August 2, 2017

    There are many moving companies to hire/use but I prefer only Proline moving & storage because they are the best in business. Several months ago I used this company for an office move and that time I was so impressed that I hired them again weeks ago and this time I hired them for long distance move. As expected they delivered the best possible service and charged a very decent amount. They also helped to set up my new place for me. I really do appreciate everything they did. I highly recommend them!

  28. They know how to do it!
    By Martin Smith - July 22, 2017

    This moving company understands how to handle customers. They provided us with enough capable men to get the work done in a breeze. Throughout the chain of the service from hiring, reserving and the actual moving of our stuff, there was not any problem of any sort. Truly there was not a single damage anywhere! I will highly recommend them to anyone looking out for a great moving service. If you want an exceptional moving service, there is obviously no alternative to Proline moving & storage.

  29. I am grateful
    By Richard Rogers - July 13, 2017

    I am grateful to my friend who recommended Proline moving & storage to me. I used them while moving back home where I grew up. But before hiring them I checked their online reputation and then I called and asked for the quote. Their outside estimator came to my place for an onsite estimate. The estimated price was quite reasonable and they also agreed to move me in weekends. However, I asked them to pack all my stuffs. Their packing crew did a great job in packing my delicate and fragile items. The guys had to use the stairways from the 3rdfloor and they never complained and nothing was damaged. Most importantly they completed the move within the allotted time and within the estimated amount.

  30. Spectacular job
    By Paul Coleman - July 2, 2017

    I used Proline moving & storage to move my four bedroom house and they did a spectacular job! They gave me a good deal and a big clean truck. The moving team came on time, worked hard, worked fast and didn’t complain at all! This is a really reliable company and I’m really happy with the service they provided me. I shall be looking forward to use you again next year and shall recommend you to everyone.

  31. Thanks
    By German Adamson - June 21, 2017

    Proline moving & storage should get all the praise in this world. They do such a nice job! They took me in where nobody could. They came on time and packed so carefully and efficiently. They delivered on time too! And also none of my belongings including my art were damaged! Great team, great attitude and great sense of humor. I strongly recommend them!

  32. Great Job!
    By Wayne Davis - June 12, 2017

    My husband and I have moved interstate a couple of times. All those times we received such bad services from the moving companies. Our most recent move however was amazing, thanks to the services of Proline moving & storage. These guys are courteous, efficient and so disciplined. We were blown away with their awesome service. Their excellent service is coupled with a very reasonable price. We will definitely be using them in all our future moves.

  33. Moving was easy
    By Ezekiel Mcbee - June 4, 2017

    The moving guys who were sent by Proline moving & storage were professional and knew their work really well. They arrived on time and started packaging all of our belongings carefully. They were helpful, polite and communicative guys and followed all of our instructions. They made our moving very easy. All of our belongings were in a good shape and intact. We will definitely recommend this moving company to our friends and family.

  34. The best
    By Toney Agnew - May 29, 2017

    Proline moving & storage is surely the best in the moving business. They sent four men last week to move all my belongings to a different state as I was transferred to a different branch by my office. They started working early morning and got everything done by evening. It was really a great job done by them. I have already recommended them for my cousin who is also moving to a different state last month. And I am sure he is also going to be very much impressed.

  35. Oh yes, I will recommend them
    By Eugene Morgan - May 22, 2017

    I will recommend Proline moving & storage to everyone. I had such a wonderful moving experience with these guys. They came in like pros, no chit chat! They worked relentlessly and efficiently till the end of the job. My daughter was thrilled because all of her things were safely delivered. They even helped my wife set up the glass shelves and other small things. All in all, a great experience! I highly recommend this moving company.

  36. Phenomenal
    By Roy Wilson - May 20, 2017

    When I first spoke with Proline moving & storage I was a little worried on how the service might be just because the prices are not that high. It seemed like it must be too good to be true, but after my move I am 100% satisfied and impressed. The moving team that came out to help was great. They were very friendly and their work ethic was great. Super-fast and efficient at what they do. They wrap everything up for you as well so nothing gets scratched. So I’m glad I went with this company!

  37. Truly one of a kind
    By Ryan Jacobs - May 13, 2017

    They are truly one of a kind. Not all movers will tell you how you can reduce the price. Not all movers will take you in on such notice. Not all movers will keep their word. Proline moving & storage is one of a kind! They value you and they do take care of you. They will do whatever is needed to be done regarding the move. Last month I have used them and all I can say is that they are too good. They helped me in so many ways. Thanks for giving me a smooth and damage free move.

  38. Loved working with this excellent team
    By Jason L. - May 6, 2017

    The guys called me in the morning and asked me if they can come an hour early because they did not face any traffic. I was happy because I was home and was ready to get moving. They came in, and started to pack everything. 2 hours later, all was done and ready to go. On the other side, the same crew helped me unload and unpack everything. Then they did the beds, electronics and many other things. I had a wonderful time and I’m pretty much sure you will too. Cheers!

  39. The move went very well!
    By Patrick Perez - May 3, 2017

    Choosing this company – Proline moving & storage was the smartest idea ever. I am glad that they were the one I called first. They have been a great help. They managed to take care of my move so easily and professionally. They knew what I wanted and got the job done in the given time. I did not catch them once wasting time! They carefully packed my entire 2 bedroom apartment in only 2 hours. Now that is what I call fast! There were no errors at all. The move went really well!

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