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If you’re planning on a relocation, do you want to have one of the best moving companies in Miami at your disposal? Then Pro Movers Miami is definitely the number to call. Think about it – during a move, you definitely need trustworthy professionals by your side. And that’s just the kind we employ right here! Our movers are people with lots of experience in their line of work, and they never shy away from any kind of moving challenge! We’ve been in this business long enough to learn everything we need to know about relocating someone; so why not go with the tried and true option? When it comes to efficiency, you’ll find no one better in all of Miami! We’ve tirelessly worked on improving our moving methods in order to maximize their efficiency, and all without losing quality! So if you a safe but speedy relocation – that’s something we definitely excel at! You’ll find our staff to be cordial and punctual; we leave nothing to chance, and customer satisfaction is our only goal every step of the way. Which is why you shouldn’t bother with any subpar companies and moving services; we’re here to offer you anything you might need during your relocation. When you’re moving, what you want are all the services you’ll need under one roof; and that’s exactly what we’ve got for you here!

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  1. What a nightmare
    By Marinesponce - June 18, 2019

    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY ; pretty long but must read

    I don’t know where to start …. I must start off by saying I took a few days to write this review because of how upset I was with this company and I did not want my post to come off the wrong way .

    I hired Pro Movers for my move due to the reviews and great Feed back I read online… My move “should have been” June 13th on a Thursday between the hours of 10-11 am with 3 guys to do the move is what was on my quote and I listed all the things I had and what was in each bedroom (pretty detailed) …
    WELL, 2 guys showed up at 11:30 am and took a look around and said they couldn’t do my move due to how many hours it would take them. I was quite confused due to how detailed I was and the fact that my husband and I took everything apart for them because they were late and we were on a timely schedule due to the condo we were moving to’s hours, it should have been simply , just grab and load . Only one bed was not taking apart . One of the movers proceeds to tell me he would call his manager “to get an approval ” I said ok and I also stated I had everything in writing and asked to show him . He proceeded out the door and said he would wait for the manager . I immediately contacted Rey De Silva which was the rep who assisted me but got no answer , I than contact customer support and advised of the situation and asked for them to contact the 2 guys who showed up and give them the approve to start my move , the rep advised he would and he didn’t know what the problem was due to everything was writing and quoted accordingly. About 20-30 minutes pass by it is now noon and I call the 2 movers who were suppose to be moving me and they told me they left and weren’t going to do the move because it was alot of work ! I hang up and started to cry because I could not believe what was happening . I had now 4 hours to move and had no one to move my stuff . I called back Pro movers and kept getting voicemails and when I would spoke to someone they told me they would call me back ….. an hour passes by and I still have not heard from anyone nor is anyone wanting to speak to me . I immediately contacted Uhaul at 1 pm and rented a truck and ended up moving myself between my husband and I and some friends and family . Later that afternoon around 5pm, finally someone from pro movers called me ( not my rep Rey ) and apologized and said they could do my move for $40 less than what they originally quoted me. I laughed and told them I would never use them again and I would make sure that people knew how my experience went and expressed how upset I was and how unprofessional they were by CANCELING on me the day of my move . This is extremely Unacceptable and I still don’t understand why this happened. I have a deposit and all . There is really no reason why I should have had this TERRIBLE experience .

    I don’t wish this to anyone so please be mindful of my experience and I hope it doesn’t ever happen to anyone else.

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