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PeaPack Moving and Storage is a national, long-distance moving firm designed by owners with a combined experience of over 40 years of industry knowledge. We strive to rise above the moving standard, and our expertise and quality of service are truly second to none. PeaPack Moving and Storage has a strict mission statement: “Move every family as if moving our own.” We at PeaPack Moving and Storage pride ourselves in giving potential customers a large variety of different options so that they can make the best informed decision for their family. Call us today, and let’s go over your specific needs!

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  1. Move from Florida to California
    By Byrneseconds - April 8, 2019

    PeaPack was very thorough with my move. My family and I were in a jam, we had hired movers prior and they never showed up. They did an excellent job gathering my furniture and it arrived safely in California.

    Thanks PeaPack!

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