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PeaPack Moving and Storage is a national, long-distance moving firm designed by owners with a combined experience of over 40 years of industry knowledge. We strive to rise above the moving standard, and our expertise and quality of service are truly second to none. PeaPack Moving and Storage has a strict mission statement: “Move every family as if moving our own.” We at PeaPack Moving and Storage pride ourselves in giving potential customers a large variety of different options so that they can make the best informed decision for their family. Call us today, and let’s go over your specific needs!

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  1. I would absolutely hire them again.
    By Frances Schultz - March 29, 2020

    These gentleman took the best care of my furniture and I would absolutely hire them again. They were absolute professionals and I highly recommend them! Extremely courteous and took their time to do the job right and with care!

  2. The crew did a great job.
    By Lucy Beck - March 28, 2020

    I had a weekend move. The crew did a great job. They are very easy to work with. The crew was experienced, fast and helpful. Moving can be stressful, but they made it easier.

  3. They did an amazing job!
    By Karen Pryor - March 27, 2020

    Their team was on time, worked quickly, didn’t break anything, was professional, courteous and extremely hard working!! They were even able to fit a very large sofa into a space that was almost impossible to fit – they worked so hard and got the job done! Quoted the accurate amount of hours, and kept his word about all the fees being included. They did an amazing job!

  4. This is a great company.
    By Katherine Larson - March 25, 2020

    This is a great company. They showed up on time and got started right away. I didn’t have anything ready and they just went in and took over and got the job done. From packing and moving all my stuff out of my house to unloading all the stuff in the new house was very quick and efficient. I would definitely use them again and recommend them to anyone

  5. Everyone was super nice!!
    By Teresa Trinidad - March 20, 2020

    The team was very professional and speedy! Everyone was super nice and certainly made moving easier. I’m moving again soon, and will certainly use this service again!

  6. The crew was polite, punctual, and professional.
    By Anthony Wakefield - March 18, 2020

    They made the stressful experience of moving so simple. The crew was polite, punctual, and professional. I even had to change my moving day and they were so accommodating! Will definitely recommend

  7. This the best moving experience!!
    By Linda Paul - March 15, 2020

    This the best moving experience compared to my all previous moves. They were awesome!! They were ahead of time, very professional and shown quality work. Took good care of all items while loading and unloading. Pricing is very reasonable. Overall, great experience!!

  8. Very happy with the company.
    By Mandie Zapien - March 7, 2020

    Very happy with the company. They came on the. Work hard. Reasonable price. Very polite. Wrap furniture professionally. No damage from the move. Would use them again.

  9. Thanks guys!!
    By Scottie Okelly - March 4, 2020

    These guys were great. They were on time and very efficient. They worked hard and did the move quickly. Thanks guys!!

  10. 2 thumbs up.
    By Mary Burton - February 5, 2020

    They were terrific. They were professional and very friendly and handled a bit of an unexpected problem, with NO problem. I would use this company again.

  11. I highly recommend them.
    By Mary Kappel - January 23, 2020

    Excellent value and moving service. They arrived on time and carefully packed everything including a $5000 grandfather clock, and my Baby Grand piano. They worked tirelessly for 10 straight hours to finish and remove all the boxes. Everything including the clock and piano arrived with no damage. I highly recommend them.

  12. Very Happy!!
    By Stephanie McCarthy - January 23, 2020

    This is my first time using a full service mover. I didn’t expect it to be so easy. PeaPack took care of everything and exceeded our expectations in every possible way.

  13. They are wonderful!!
    By Veronica Washington - January 9, 2020

    My two movers were wonderful. I don’t have enough kind words to say about them. They were patient with me, professional beyond expectation and incredibly fast yet careful. The customer service was wonderful as well–they do a great job of making you feel comfortable and like you’re not being scammed..

  14. Entire staff courteous and professional.
    By Louise Jeffries - January 9, 2020

    Completed a small local move for my father today in no time. Entire staff courteous and professional. I am looking forward to working with this company again on a long distance move for myself in a few weeks.

  15. Absolutely amazing team of movers.
    By Jose Hardin - January 6, 2020

    Absolutely amazing team of movers. They moved a bookcase that was nearly 600 lbs total and they damaged nothing. The bookcases were 8 feet tall and they got them through 5 staircases to my condo. I will hire them again. They were so upbeat and professional, and I always felt reassured that my stuff was in good hands. 10/10.

  16. They were professional!!
    By Patricia Rodriguez - January 6, 2020

    They were professional and arrived on time and moved the furniture with efficiency. Very pleasant to work with. I would definitely use them again. I highly recommend them.

  17. They provided the best service we’ve ever received.
    By Sherry Drake - December 22, 2019

    They provided the best service we’ve ever received. Not only were they early to start but they were careful, professional and efficient. They made a HUGE move very easy and quick. I highly recommend them for your move, you’ll be happy you did.

  18. Great Movers!!
    By Maxine Johnson - December 22, 2019

    I was extremely pleased with PeaPack! They did an excellent job and were very efficient! I would highly recommend!

  19. Great experience with PeaPack.
    By Tracy Schumacher - December 12, 2019

    Great experience with PeaPack. Very fast to respond to my quote request and they provided a quote at a fair price. The movers showed up on time and they wrapped the furniture very carefully and they were quick and efficient on loading and unloading my things. I highly recommend InstaMove.

  20. Very Professional!!
    By Frances Roundy - December 12, 2019

    PeaPack was outstanding!! I had them move an extremely large sectional that was difficult to get through the doors. They preserved until the got it in and we’re professional​ and pleasant through out.

  21. Great Movers!!
    By Rosalind Omara - December 7, 2019

    I simply cannot say enough about these movers. EXCELLENT!!! Friendly, professional, careful, and hardworking; all at a very fair price. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

  22. Fast, professional and efficient!
    By Renee Rawson - December 7, 2019

    Fast, professional and efficient! No issues with any damage once unpacked. We will be contacting them again next year when we’re ready to move into a bigger space. Thanks, guys!

  23. 5 stars!!
    By Anthony Pineda - December 6, 2019

    I needed to move a short distance, but the movers treated me and my belongings as if we were moving across country. The team was both professional and friendly and arrived on time. The cost was a few hundred dollars less than I had budgeted. I plan on using the company again in the future.

  24. Very Happy Customer!!
    By Alan Grubb - December 6, 2019

    My roommate reported that these folks were very professional, on time, and extremely easy to work with! They made moving a very smooth process without any hiccups and she definitely thought they were very nice and careful with all our stuff. Highly recommend them!

  25. They were professional, efficient and friendly.
    By Barbara Mason - December 5, 2019

    Highly recommend. They were professional, efficient and friendly. They took all of the stress out of the moving experience. I’ll definitely be using them the next time I move.

  26. Very Professional!!
    By Greta Jones - December 5, 2019

    They took care of everything and ensured our belongings arrived quickly and in one piece. Very professional and courtesy. Will use again.

  27. I couldn't be happier with them!!!
    By Daniel Minner - December 3, 2019

    I was so stressed out about my move and the two gentlemen who moved me were wonderful. My move was fast, the guys were kind and efficient, and they hauled all my stuff up many stairs while being professional and very organized. I couldn’t be happier with them!!!

  28. Very Happy Customer!!
    By Hope Munoz - December 3, 2019

    Very friendly. They were responsive and called me the day before to confirm the move time. Worked hard the entire time. Great price. I will definitely work with them again for my next move

  29. Highly recommend.
    By Joan Bennett - December 1, 2019

    Super quick responses, showed up early in the window of time they gave me. They moved quickly, were friendly and professional, but very efficient. Highly recommend.

  30. Very pleased with him and his team
    By Everett Winters - November 23, 2019

    Very pleased with him and his team – Had to call them at the last minute because of a bad experience with another moving company – they were VERY friendly, courteous, responsive, and great value for the services received. I will DEFINITELY refer them and use them again if needed!!! Thank you!!!!

  31. Very Happy Customer!!
    By Judith Miller - November 19, 2019

    They are great guys, thoroughly professional and did a great job! Highly recommend them. I am glad I got lucky hiring them.

  32. Awesome Movers!!
    By Deborah Garcia - November 15, 2019

    PeaPack Moving and Storage was great. Very professional. Quality of work is awesome. I would definitely recommend to anyone who is moving.

  33. Awesome Service!!
    By Judith Brantley - November 10, 2019

    I was very happy with the service and hardwork. The movers came within the designated time frame and updated me on their arrival. They were also very careful with my belongings and were gentlemanly.

  34. Thank you guys!!
    By Lisa Edwards - November 3, 2019

    Movers were very careful with our furniture. They were polite and easy to work with. They completed our move in a reasonable time at a fair price. I would recommend them to anyone needing to move.

  35. Predatory, slow, unresponsive, expensive, bait and switch operation.
    By tsonn - September 27, 2019

    Let me preface this – I’m a millennial. I work retail. I don’t do this whole online negative review thing. I’m not fussy. I have low expectations and when they’re met I do positive reviews. For an unremarkable or slightly bad experience I would do no review at all before I do a bad one. Peapack has been the worst company I’ve ever dealt with in my entire life. Here’s my bad review.

    Originally was $1200 upfront, $600 on pickup, $600 on delivery. Total of $2400. They forgot my sofas which I really believe I mentioned originally when they were making the inventory list, but did not catch the absence of in the inventory list that they sent me to recap before I signed, so I guess you could say this was my bad in a way. When I noticed that they were missing, I called them and they said that someone would call me back to do an inventory audit before they dispatch the movers. No one ever did, so I had to call and badger them to add the missing sofas. With the 2 sofas (and a small wine cooling unit) added, my quote became around $1600 upfront, $925 on pickup, $925 on delivery, an increase of $1,050 that I was not expecting to pay and had literally only a few days notice on. A little disgruntled, I agreed.

    They told me that someone would be calling me to confirm exactly when in the day that the movers would arrive… no one ever called me. I called the day they were supposed to show up, and when I finally got in touch with someone they claimed to have left multiple voicemails and yet they did not even attempt to call me or the person standing in for me – neither of us even had any missed calls let alone voicemails. Not only this, but they had to push my move date around due to scheduling conflicts after my stand-in had already taken the day off and was sitting at home all day. I was told that they would look into doing some compensation for the inconvenience as I am also literally sleeping on the floor in the meantime – they never got back to me on this despite my asking.

    Movers arrived on August 26th:

    …and the quote raised (again!) from $3450 to $4700, so another $1250 increase on top of the earlier $1050 increase, totaling a $2100 increase which is nearly 200% (!!!!!!!!!!!!). The system Peapack used to quote me SEVERELY underestimated the size of literally everything. Like not even close. Any additional cubic footage also was charged at regular price instead of the discount rate that peapack gave me (I think like 18% off?). I also expressly made it clear in my original inventory that I had a quote “giant lovesac beanbag” and yet I was charged a $150 “bulky item” fee for this that was not in the initial quote, plus the extra cubic feet. So I attempted to call Peapack for resolution, refusing to pay the mover the full amount required to get started because, frankly, I didn’t have it.

    It took a ridiculous number of calls to get someone from PeaPack – they gave me a list of emergency numbers to call if I needed them on my moving day, and not one got an answer. I emailed.. nothing. Nothing until I’m 3 or 4 calls into each number, so like 12 total calls. Once I (finally) get someone, they say they’re going to look into it and call me back. Ok.

    So these movers are sitting at my house. For two hours. No sign of peapack. At this point I’m like, ok… Let’s just cancel this, this is ridiculous. Peapack’s terms say that if I cancel, I lose everything I paid so far, but that’s better than paying $4000 more. Well, the movers at this point have everything packed up and thus are refusing to leave without payment even if I cancel, because they had been sitting there for two hours twiddling their thumbs. I call Peapack’s multiple numbers a few times (5 calls), and I get Chloe who tells me that “this has happened before” and that they will “handle the difference even if it requires them to come out of pocket”, but I need to front whatever they’re asking for. I say alright I’m just going to pay these movers something to get them out of my house. I don’t have this full amount at this point so I’ll have to barter but at least Chloe seems like she means it so I trust her to handle it. Oh, also, due to this huge size difference, there wasn’t even enough space for everything. I had to leave an entire $500 reclining loveseat on the curb. The price did not lower, I noticed.

    The mover demanded a picture of my card texted to him instead of having some way to process the card securely, which was a huge red flag but at this point I want them out of my house so my renters can get back to the usual so I just do it. We agreed that I would pay $600 upfront and I would be paying more on Friday (two days after) because I had some errors on my bank’s end, and I would have the rest by the end of the following week. He also “negotiated” the price down a bit saying that he would apply the 18% discount to the additional sq ft and also waive the bulky item fee (or so he claimed, I’m doing the math and he didn’t discount anything). They would not start actually moving my stuff until I pay the correct half down amount which is $1450 (again, he never reduced any costs here despite claiming to).

    August 27th:

    I call the mover directly (note: at this point Peapack is entirely unresponsive despite my multiple emails and calls) to process an additional payment, wanting it on another card… no response. I call again on Saturday…. no response.

    August 28th:

    I wake up on to a response from him saying “please call me”, lo and behold he has charged my debit card (which I wasn’t going to use for this payment) without my express permission and drained it at the beginning of a pay period of basically every penny he could get out of it after multiple declined transactions that would have overdrafted the account, leaving me with like $30 for a week. I tell him that this is unacceptable and he says that his offices are closed and he can’t do anything until tomorrow, so he says he will call me back the next day. He doesn’t. Not only this, but this is my debit card so it would take days to get this money back so I just tell him to leave it. I reach out to Chloe and she gasps when I tell her this and tells me that she will follow up and tell him he cannot charge that card anymore without my express permission.

    September 4th:

    I call him directly back on my payday to pay the remaining $450 so they can start moving my stuff. They charge my debit card $1450. Sigh.

    September 5th:

    When I notice this and call him, surprise, the offices are closed. Jesus christ. The mover says “oh it’s no problem we just will charge you $450 when we get there”. Uh, yeah? Obviously you won’t charge me more than the original quote. Same circumstance as before I’m just like whatever because it’s not worth the trouble to try and reverse.

    September 6th-13th:

    I’m trying (and trying, and trying) to get back in touch with Chloe (or really anyone from PeaPack) to see what she’s figured out for me – no answers.

    And, to make matters worse, at this point the actual mover won’t answer either. At this point I have no idea if my items are even in transit to begin with, let alone when they will actually arrive, despite having $1000 paid more than I needed, 8 days prior, in order to have them start moving my stuff by. All of my calls were during normal business hours.

    September 17th:

    After the weekend was over I was pissed. I remained cordial through my communication, though, but it had been over a month and I had no idea where my stuff was, I had overpaid, and I’m sleeping on an inflatable mattress that I had to buy to hold me over. Knowing that my 6 prior attempts were ignored, I finally remembered I could use *67, so I called with my caller ID hidden and finally got an answer. Samantha answered… and said they had no updates for me. She said she wasn’t even able to get the quote from the moving company and asked me to text it to her. I do, annoyed.

    September 19th:
    I text her – “hey, the mover stopped responding to me and is sending me to voicemail. Do you have any idea when my stuff is getting here?”

    I find out that they never even started moving my stuff despite all of this misc ridiculousness going on. Lmfao. Mind you, my last required payment for them to start transiting was the one where they charged me way too much 2 weeks prior. And the moving company had not even started moving my stuff. And peapack was not following up with them on anything. And both parties were ignoring all of my calls this whole time. You’re kidding.

    It is now September 27th:

    My stuff was picked up on August 26th – over a month ago. I have paid the movers more than I was supposed to pre-delivery by $1000, even with the higher rate, and this was September 4th. 23 days ago. This entire experience has left me in physical pain from sleeping on the floor/an air mattress I had to purchase, I’ve gone a month without anything I own including furniture, electronics (including my PC’s desk and cords which I need to work, costing me money!)

    PeaPack/Chicago Movers. Where is my stuff. Is it even coming? Where is my reimbursement for the misquote? Why was your estimate software quoting me 1/3 of the correct price in the first place? Why can I never get in touch with anyone? Why even have an email if you won’t respond? Why do your employees have to give me their cell phone numbers for me to be able to reach them during business hours?

    I’m exhausted by this process, it has costed me an additional $2400 that I was not planning to spend and I was bullied into paying it. And a month later I have nothing to show for it.

    I could have hired a reputable moving company and got my stuff 3 weeks ago for $3000, or moving pods (similarly speedy) for $1700. And I’m out $4700. Hahahaha. Wish me luck.

  36. PeaPack Moving Deceptive Business Practice
    By CharlieWard - August 28, 2019

    I am 70 years old and retired and I tried to help my Son move from Las Vegas, NV to Beaverton, OR because he got a job there and could not afford to move himself. I contacted Greg at Peapack and he helped figure the cubic ft. of the move. My Son had a one bedroom apt. with no appliances, mostly boxes of personal items. Greg originally quoted me a price of $1800. I then heard from him later and the price changed to $2169, he suggested that we should add another 20 boxes of personal items. He then asked me to digitally sign the online contract and pay him a deposit of $785. Everything was fine, I thought, until the evening before the move was scheduled and I received a call from Chloe, an employee of Peapack. Chloe said that she needed to increase the cubic ft. of the move and I needed to increase the deposit. She said that the new total cost of the move would be $4800. I told her that we could not afford that amount and to just cancel the move. She said that I had not cancelled the move within the 36 hr. window. I told her that the price had only changed 14 hrs, before the move. I tried to contact Chloe and Greg for 2 days and finally Greg answered. He told me that I would not get my deposit back and he was sorry but legally there was nothing I could do. I just want my $785 back.

    By jrdoom - August 7, 2019

    Since I posted the review below about our awful move from Ann Arbor to Denver, PeaPack has been hounding me to get me to take down my review. I refused. They never contacted me to resolve the situation in the month after the move. They only contacted me after I posted the review, so clearly this company is all about the optics and $$$. The owner Jim Piper said on another review site that he offered me a 100% refund, which is untrue. He offered a refund of my deposit, which was around $1100 and not near the full cost of the $4300 move at all. He also made my receipt of the deposit conditional on me lying on my review. I refuse to lie, so I have not received our deposit back, and Jim says we are at a stand still. He tried to guilt me into changing my review because he has a “God given mission to bring Christian values into the moving industry.” You know what’s not Christian? Bribing your customers to lie. That’s probably the reason they have so many good reviews on here. AVOID PEAPACK. THEY ARE DISHONEST AND WILL HANG YOU OUT TO DRY AT THEIR EARLIEST CONVENIENCE.

    By jdoom - August 3, 2019

    Dear reader, Congrats on your upcoming move! Whatever you do, do NOT choose PeaPack to move you. Don’t let the other reviews fool you. They may broker your move to a crappy mover. I wouldn’t wish PeaPack on my worst enemy.

    TLDR: PeaPack lied to us about helping a veteran and charged us $1600 over original quote, ended up brokering our move to the terrible Boost Van Lines who arrived 2 days late for pickup and delivered over a week late, movers downed a power line with their truck, broke out our front window and tried to hide it from us, ended up having our friends move half of our stuff into the truck because they were so slow and we needed to move the next morning, forced us to accept delivery on July 4 or pay $500 to put our stuff into storage and redeliver

    We were originally told that we were going to get a big discount on our move from Ann Arbor to Denver because they had a moving truck going empty from Detroit to Denver where they were going to help move a veteran, so we would be helping out a veteran by lowering both of our costs (read: the first lie…truck that eventually picked us up came from Indiana). PeaPack had great reviews online so I was excited, not realizing that they weren’t actually going to do the move, but instead were going to broker it with Boost Van Lines (go read their reviews for some horror stories). PeaPack said it was going to be ~$2700 to move our 2BR apartment (lie #2). When I was giving inventory, I told them how many boxes I expected based on the quotes of other movers but they said that was way too many so they adjusted it way down. They also downsized all our couches and bed even though I gave the dimensions of them all, which I couldn’t tell from the inventory list they sent me, so that also made the price seem lower. 2 days before the first scheduled pickup, I gave the final inventory and much to my surprise, they were now making me pay about $1900 more!! I did accidentally leave off our full bed, but that alone was certainly not worth the extra $1900. I cried on the phone so she reduced it to $1600 (I know, what a BARGAIN.) They said they’d be there on Thursday morning to pick up (lie #3). They didn’t show and they called and said it would be between 11-2 on Friday (lie #4), which was not ideal since we were driving to CO on Saturday morning and had cleaners coming Friday morning. Well, they didn’t come Friday afternoon and eventually came at 6:45pm, which interfered with our plans to see our friends on our last evening. Instead of apologizing, when I expressed my frustration to customer service at PeaPack, they said, “I’m sorry you feel that way.” Yes, reader, I KNOW. My disappointment did land me a $30 discount. SO GENEROUS. TICKLED PINK, I WAS.

    So our friends brought pizza onto our deck, and they got a front-row seat for the unrelenting sh*tshow that was our movers. First, only 1 guy showed up and his moving buddy didn’t show up until close to 8pm. From our deck, we watched them back into a pole with the van and down a power line across the busiest street in town. We had to call 911 to get the line off the street (the movers never mentioned the power line to us so they probably thought they got away with it). Then we hear a crash, and they made a huge crack in the front window with the liquor cabinet. I asked if everything was OK and they said yes (lie #5) and tried to hide the window. They saw me taking a picture of it and said, “Yes, the window broke.” No apology. About 20 minutes later we hear another crash. I see they have now broken out the entire window with a pair of skis. I asked them to be careful and the head guy says, “It’s just a window.” Yes, reader, I know. Surprisingly, no movers were harmed (by me or their own recklessness) during process of this move.

    In addition, we were frustrated because the movers were excruciatingly slow. 2 college students and I had loaded our things, driven across town, and unloaded our things into our apartment in 3 hours when we moved apartments in Ann Arbor a couple of years before with the same amount of stuff. Well, it was around 11:15pm (4.5 hours after they arrived) and they were only halfway loaded (!), and they said they were going to leave (!!) and come back at 9am. I WASN’T BORN YESTERDAY, SON. WE KNOW YOU WEREN’T GONNA SHOW TIL NOON AT THE EARLIEST (online reviews of the company confirmed this suspicion). We were driving out of town at 8am the next morning, so I calmly said, “No, you are not.” Our dear, sweet, strong friends stepped up in our moment of need and helped us to load the rest of the truck. What a nightmare. Dear reader, we loaded the second half of the stuff in 10 minutes. You can’t make this stuff up.

    That was Friday night. We were told to expect our stuff in Denver on Monday or Tuesday. Well, every time we called to check in, Boost kept saying to call in a few days. They never told us where our stuff actually was. They also said that they had 30 days to deliver it!!! (Of course, this is the contract they force you to sign when they arrive on your doorstep and have no choice). Why tell us Monday or Tuesday if you never intended to get our stuff there then?! PeaPack was no help here. Neither PeaPack nor Boost accepted responsibility. A WEEK passes. They say they can deliver on July 3. I say that’s great, because they cannot deliver on July 4 since we will be out of state. On July 3, guess when they tell us they can deliver?! July F’ING 4th, that’s when! 13 days after pick-up — 10 days after they told us! When we told them we would not be there, they said that if we couldn’t get someone there, they would charge us an extra $500 and put our stuff into storage. A saintly friend helped us out (thanks, Mike!). Mike told us that the movers unloaded everything quickly and were friendly and respectful (these were obviously different movers than the ones who moved us in — the drop-off was the first positive thing that happened!), and we didn’t have any big things broken. We’re still waiting on how payment for the window goes. Reader, do yourself a favor and do not book PeaPack. They may contract with a good mover, but you may get a mover like Boost, and then you’re royally screwed. Save yourself the gray hairs, $4300 to only load half your truck, and an extra 10 days on an air mattress. For the love of God, contact a different moving company!!!

  39. Very Happy with the services
    By Ashton - April 30, 2019

    They did an amazing job. Just retired, and my work has always relocated me. Sometimes i had a good experience, and sometimes i didnt. PeaPack did a better job than any other mover i had in the past. John spent an entire week and probably 25 phone conversations making sure we went over every single detail and that he had logged every item I had. He was very thorough, which ended up making the move very smooth. Jesse and Paul did a very good job packing up all my stuff. I decided to pay for the full packing services, and im glad i did. Very very happy customer, so much so i just hired them to move my daughter back home from graduating college. Thank you peapack!

  40. Move from Florida to California
    By Byrneseconds - April 8, 2019

    PeaPack was very thorough with my move. My family and I were in a jam, we had hired movers prior and they never showed up. They did an excellent job gathering my furniture and it arrived safely in California.

    Thanks PeaPack!

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