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Free written estimates provided on premises.
Free delivery of moving supplies provided before moving day.
An on-site foreman to direct your move.
Full free packing service available upon request.
Quilted furniture pads to protect your belongings.
Fine art and antiques division for special needs.
Detailed inventory lists prepared before the move.
Fleet of modern moving vans and trucks.
Guaranteed Pickup Date.
Experienced movers, and reliable, timely service.
Modern storage facilities.
Licensed and insured for your protection.
Dedicated Customer Service.
Out of State Movers proudly adheres to all regulations imposed by the Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

If you are looking for a superior combination of service, quality, and price, you won’t beat Out of State Movers.

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Corporate Move

When companies move, they mean business.

Downtime simply costs too much, and there is no room for delays or loose ends.

Out of State Movers knows what it takes to reliably and cost-effectively help the most demanding companies move – whether you are relocating a single employee or moving an entire office.


It is ideal to plan your move in advance.

We’ll reserve the date, assign an experienced foreman to oversee the crew, and make sure that all the details are planned in advance. At the same time, we recognize that moving needs cannot always be predicted.

We have trucks and staff ready, and are regularly able to accommodate last-minute moves.


A relocation advisor will be assigned to you, and will make sure that every detail of your move is planned.

We can offer full packing service, and are experienced at packing and transporting copy machines, file cabinets, documents, media, artwork, office furniture and computer networking equipment.

We blanket wrap all furnishings, crate all artwork, and are experienced at assembly/disassembly of cubicles and business furniture.

Out of State Movers knows that business relationships are built on service, loyalty and reputation.

We want to be your moving source.

Please fill out our free online estimate form or contact us to let us know how we can serve you.

Moving Tips

Moving is a huge task. Out of State Movers offers the following tips to make the process more manageable.

Before The Move
Contact your post office to fill out a change-of-address form.
Arrange to disconnect your gas, electric, phone, and any other utilities.
Arrange to connect your gas, electric, phone, and other utilities in your new location.
It is best to select a moving company and to schedule your move well in advance. Keep in mind that summers are very busy, as are the very ends/beginnings of the month.
Sell, give away, or donate unwanted items.
If you live in an apartment, notify your management that you are moving, and ask for a Certificate Of Insurance (COI). Our movers usually need to see this document, so please have it on hand.
Create your own inventory list of everything you are moving, and keep this list with you.
If you clean your possessions before they are moved, you will have an easier and more pleasurable time settling into your new location.
Moving Day
Confirm all delivery details with your foreman.
Walk-through every room of your old location to make sure nothing was left behind.
Arrive at your new location while the movers are there to acknowledge delivery of the inventory.
Flatten all your moving boxes for recycling.
Wipe down cupboards and shelves before you unpack.
Let electrical appliances return to room temperature before plugging them in.
Out of State Movers has the expertise to make your move go smoothly.

Make the first move by asking Out of State Movers for a free, no-obligation estimate!

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  1. They are the real deal
    By Ryan S. - July 27, 2018

    Out of state movers is the real deal. They are one of the best moving companies that ever existed! They are very efficient, caring and professional. They are so nice too! They moved me a few weeks ago and I am very satisfied with everything. The foreman and his team came early morning and packed and loaded me up in just 6 hours. All my things were nicely moved and I could not find any damages in the end. It went really well. No harm no foul. They are highly recommended to all!

  2. Definitely recommended!
    By Shawn Lewis - July 26, 2018

    Out of state movers is the one you want for your long distance move. They are the most professional moving company out there! I ensure you; you will not get a better deal or a better service anywhere! This is a great moving company! I hired them last month for my cross country move and I had no troubles at all! Everything was handled very professionally and carefully. There were no damages, no dents and no extra fees! I couldn’t ask for more! I highly recommend them to all!

  3. No damages and no extra fees
    By RogerHernandez - July 22, 2018

    I want everyone to know about this amazing moving company! Out of state movers was the one who moved me cross country last month and I am happy to say that they moved me flawlessly. The moving team came on time on the day of the move and moved my things with great care. They were very serious and caring and did not let anything happen to my things. I was successfully relocated within the given time and without any damages or extra fees. I really had a nice time with them and that is why I want everyone to know how good they are!

  4. Thrilling experience!
    By Aaron Henderson - July 17, 2018

    I had a great time with out of state movers recently! They did a hell of a job! They moved me cross country and they did wonders! They moved all my valuables with care and they worked very sincerely. They never took breaks, never wasted the time and never tried to take any advantage. They moved me within the given time and without any damages at all! It was a perfect move because the price which I was quoted in the beginning did not change in the end! I highly recommend this moving company because they are very good!

  5. Moving cross country was easy!
    By Frank Morgan - July 16, 2018

    Out of state movers moved me cross country and it was very easy! They moved me so smoothly that it is still hard for me to believe. I got a pretty good deal from their sales rep and he understood my financial state. He sent a very good crew to help me with my move. The moving boys moved all the furniture very nicely. Basically the furniture is the tough part of this task. They moved it all very nicely and did not damage it. All was delivered safely within the time period. I would like to thank them for their excellent service!

  6. They are recommended!
    By Bobby Wilson - July 11, 2018

    I strongly recommend Out of state movers to all! They are very professional and efficient. They move you in the best way humanly possible. They are the boss in this field. They moved me last month and they did a kick ass job. There were no damages, dents, scratches or mistakes. They moved me in record time too! They even helped me decorate the new place. I got a very beautiful result! I do recommend them very highly and I will use them again and again. I simple loved their service!

  7. Overall excellent!
    By Brandon Hall - July 7, 2018

    I had a great experience with Out of state movers recently! They moved me cross country and they did an excellent job! They came on time on the moving day and very quickly moved my belongings! It was very fast, quick and professionally done. They are very experienced because I saw them move the furniture down the stairs and they did not bump a single thing! They are really good! Anyway, they delivered on time as promised and helped me rearrange the furniture’s at the new place. Overall it was an excellent experience!

  8. I had very good move
    By Alex Olson - July 5, 2018

    Last month I hired this moving company based on a few good reviews and I am glad I went with them. They did great! They moved me within the given time and they did not cost me much! Their moving team moved my belongings with great care and they did not damage a single thing. I was moved very quickly and easily! No damages, no stress, no hassle and no mistakes! I was smoothly moved! I will obviously use Out of state movers again and I will recommend them to everyone I know! They give the best service ever!!

  9. I am very happy with the outcome!
    By Frank Reed - July 4, 2018

    Out of state movers moved me brilliantly! They offered me a very low and cheap deal and they sent a great team to help me with my move. They were efficient, caring and very professional. They packed everything nicely and used many layers of protection. They moved me without any damages at all. Everything was delivered on time as promised and their fee did not change in the end. It all went surprisingly well! Not a single issue! I highly recommend this moving company to all!

  10. Good service and good rates
    By Anthony Martin - June 29, 2018

    I think this moving company is one of those companies that give you their best service possible and in return they charge you the lowest amount possible! They are very good at this sector I must say. They moved me last month very smoothly and quickly. The foreman and his two helpers came on time on the moving day and got everything out within the given time. Everything was nicely moved too! There were no damages, no dents and no scathes. Everything was in perfect shape! I do recommend Out of state movers to all!

  11. I will hire them again
    By Odis Gillette - June 25, 2018

    Moving is easy if you have the right people to do it. And out of state movers is the right choice. They will help you in every way they can. You will see the difference between other companies and this company. They truly care for your belongings and its safety. You will have no chance to complain. My move with them was painless and stress free. No damages and no extra fees. Best service ever. I highly recommend them.

  12. They get the job done!
    By Abraham Sutton - June 22, 2018

    I was looking for a good moving company who would move me on short notice and also would not charge me my kidneys! I saw an ad about out of state movers and I checked them out. They had pretty good reviews and comments. I called them up to get a quote and their sales rep gave me a very cheap deal. I felt tempted and just hired them. On the day of the move, three guys came and introduced themselves. They went right to work after that. In just a few hours everything was properly loaded on their van. They delivered very quickly as promised and I found no damages at all. I really am very thankful!

  13. Recommending a deserving moving company
    By Richard20 - June 21, 2018

    This moving company truly deserves a lot of credit. I have hired them recently and all I want to say is that they are amazing. Their moving team came on time and very nicely moved everything out. They protected the furniture, the walls and also the floors. Everything was delivered on time and I constantly got updates from their customer service. I did not need to worry at all. And also, there were no damages when I unpacked. Clearly I got a good service. I highly recommend Out of state movers to all.

  14. Purely professional
    By Sammy Paul - June 19, 2018

    I have never seen a dedicated crew in my life. The moving team from Out of state movers were so focused and determined that it felt like they were on a mission. They did not chit-chat, they did not take breaks and they did not waste time. All my things were very professionally packed and moved. There were no damages in the end and there were certainly no scratches. I was moved like a king! Thank you so much guys! I will recommend you to all and I will use you again whenever needed!

  15. They helped a lot!
    By Alfonso French - June 12, 2018

    I will always use this moving company for my long distance moves because they have moved me recently so smoothly and nicely that I feel like moving again! This is the first time in my life that a move went the way I wanted! These guys are very efficient, professional and they do what you say! They moved all my things with care and they did not damage any of my furniture or even the new floors! They are very experienced and caring! I will suggest them to all and I will hire Out of state movers again.

  16. We will not look elsewhere!
    By Bruce Perry - June 10, 2018

    We have found the right moving company! It is called Out of state movers! They are everything you need in a moving company! They are professional, efficient, kind, caring, hardworking, and energetic and the list does not stop! They move you like no other! All you have to do is hire them and they will take care of the rest. You will get a damaged free move for sure! You will not feel any kind of stress or pain too! You will be moved very quickly! They are everything you need! I highly recommend this moving company to all!

  17. Low cost moving
    By Gerald Nelson - June 6, 2018

    If you are searching for a good moving company at a low cost, I highly recommend out of state movers to all. They are very efficient, professional and caring. They move you very smoothly and easily. They moved me last month and they did a great job. They moved me in record time and all my furniture’s and expensive items were saved from harm! No damages at all! They also keep their word! The price will not change in the end! They are the best moving company out there! I highly recommend them to all!

  18. They deserve my recommendation
    By Grant Barton - June 3, 2018

    Out of state movers did such a good job for me last month with my long distance move that they do deserve me recommendation! My move was done very professional and perfectly. I do not have a single complaint. They moved everything with care and made sure none of my belongings were harmed during this process. They have good rates which are very low and reasonable and it did not change in the end. Everything went really well. Overall, it was a smooth and easy move. They have my highest recommendation!

  19. They are here for people like us!
    By Salvatore Cooper - May 29, 2018

    I am a bit lazy and I hate to pack and move! Luckily for people like me, we have services like Out of state movers. They move you the way you want to be moved and they will make sure you have no damages on your things. My recent move with them was just like that. They came in and packed and moved everything I have. The delivery was done on time and I could not find any damages at all. It was truly a smooth and easy move thanks to them. I highly recommend this moving company to all.

  20. No problems anywhere!
    By John Green - May 27, 2018

    Out of state movers moved my family and me recently and they did a heck of a job! There were no delays and they finished the task in record time. We have many things and every single item was well packed and moved. There were no damages on anything, no bumps on the walls and no marks on the new floors. These guys are amazing. Everyone I dealt with was efficient, caring and professional. I seriously have never been moved so smoothly and easily. We will use them again and we will recommend them to all!

  21. Very good rates
    By Adam Klein - May 25, 2018

    I called around 10 different moving companies and the best rate was from Out of state movers. They had good reviews and their sales rep was very informative. He sent a great team on the moving day and he called every 30 minutes to check up on us. The moving team did a good job packing and loading. There was a different team on the other side but they were also very good. They unloaded all the things carefully and placed it in the rooms I wanted. All in all, it was good a move and thanks to them there were no damages.

  22. Practical and helpful
    By Kevin Alexander - May 25, 2018

    I had to change the moving date because of some personal reasons. I changed the date 3 times and never did they complain. They gave me the next day I wanted and they gladly assisted me. This is what I call practical! They understand that problems do happen and there is nothing that anyone can do. The only thing to do is accept it with a smiley face. Anyway, on the actual moving day, the guys were super efficient and professional. Moved me out very quickly and managed to deliver in record time! There were no damages and no extra fees. Out of state movers is just great!

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