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As a licensed interstate broker, we will coordinate and arrange for the transportation of household goods by an FMCSA authorized motor carrier. National Relocation takes pride in our accomplishments throughout our journey helping families, individuals, and business owners move belongings as close as one floor away, to as far as another state across the country; all while growing as a reputable organization. We understand the importance of delivering professional moving services to our customers, which is why we invest back into our company and offer our staff member quality training while adopting a customer-first philosophy in our operations.

Our Mission
Our mission as a moving company is to simplify the process of how residents plan a long-distance move with an innovative touch that eases the management. We want to introduce this ideology as a solution to a problem all residents experience in their lifetime. Through our resources, experience, and knowledge, National Relocation can provide a more cost-efficient strategy that simplifies the difficulties many faces, but more importantly in a quicker time frame; as we all know time is of the essence when moving

Our Vision
Our vision is to be a household moving brand that residents prefer to work with when planning a move they need assistance with. We know the moving industry isn’t the most credible industry out there, so it’s more important for us to establish relationships with our clients than it is to book as many one time appointments as we can. We want our clients to look forward to working with us and feel comfortable with our commitment to responsibility and liability of your belongings.




Phone Number (888) 332-6255 

Email info@nationalrelocate.com

Website https://www.nationalrelocate.com/


Address 2265 SW 15TH ST APT 170


DOT 3508391 

MC 1160447

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  1. Really helpful and worked fast
    By Samuel Russell - February 26, 2022

    My family and I were moved from point A to B with this amazing moving company. We had a good deal with them and received the best service we were promised. The moving team was really helpful and worked fast! They delivered on time as promised and we got to see that none of our belongings were harmed. They were even very careful with our new marble floors. It was an absolutely smooth moving experience. Thanks to National Relocation LLC for the best deal and wonderful service.

  2. They did a great job!
    By Corey Adams - February 23, 2022

    My move with National Relocation LLC was awesome and I will cherish the moment I hired them for a long time. Not because of the low and affordable price, but also because of their reliability, because of their hard work and honest approach. My moving was a nice and pleasant experience. Also they did not damage a single thing! I loved what they did and I highly recommend them.

  3. Well organized movers
    By William S. - February 21, 2022

    Moving with National Relocation LLC was great because I was so busy with work that I could not do the move myself. But this moving company took care of it all! They did not charge like crazy and they moved me in 12 days! I can’t complain about anything because our moving team was very careful and well organized. All went well, this side and the other! They are very skilled and professional and will make your move feel like a breeze.

  4. Ideal Mover!
    By Carlton Henry - February 19, 2022

    It was very tough to get a date on the weekends but thank god they agreed to move me. The guys were on time and they had to work through a number of challenges. The elevator was not working and they had to use the stairs. They went up and down from the fourth floor so many times! The guys were very personable and organized. They finished the move in time and we found them at a very reasonable price. I think they are the ideal mover. Anyone can hire them! National Relocation LLC is totally worth it.

  5. Highly recommended
    By Wilson Mccoy - February 17, 2022

    It was a long distance move and there are very few movers that I can rely on. National Relocation LLC proved their credibility to my brother. He moved a few months back and then after being referred by him I hired them for my move. They really did an awesome job! I had many experiences before with so many companies who show something but do something else. This mover doesn’t belong to those types of companies. I strongly recommend them.

  6. We will stick with this moving company
    By Adam Herrera - February 14, 2022

    I will no longer be searching for another moving company again and will stick with National Relocation LLC. Their professionalism, experience, skill and courtesy are really rare in this industry. They gave me a picture perfect move. The guys came on time and did their job so precisely and carefully. They gave me a damage free move! For that reason, I will stand by them!

  7. Loved the guys working there
    By Spencer Palmer - February 13, 2022

    Their sales rep from National Relocation LLC was very responsive to my emails, texts and phone calls. He was able to provide a quote within minutes and the quote was very reasonable. The guys came on the moving day and brought along all the tools required. They packed everything up nicely and took great care of my treadmill. It was a bit rusty but they treated it like a brand new one. Great people I tell you! Efficient, caring, polite and very hardworking! I was surprised to see that they delivered a day earlier than expected and also not a single dent was found! WOW RIGHT??

  8. They were great all the way!
    By Kenneth W. - February 10, 2022

    National Relocation LLC gets my highest recommendation. They were very friendly, hardworking and efficient and communicated well with each other while working. I was extremely pleased with their efforts! Their sales rep was also great on the phone when setting up the appointment, confirming the appointment and following up. No damages of any sort and no surprises on the bill! I am impressed!

  9. Finest company in this business
    By Patrick Hill - February 8, 2022

    National Relocation LLC is the finest moving company in this business. They know how to handle an old man like me. They were very kind to help me with all the big and small requests. They never disobeyed me or showed me disrespect. They did what I said. Their moving team was efficient, young and strong and completed the job without any damages. I highly recommend them.

  10. They are my hero
    By Donald Ramirez - February 7, 2022

    National Relocation LLC is my hero. Basically their owner is the hero. He took care of everything. There wasn’t a single thing to complain about. His moving team was really exceptional. They were punctual! They were upfront about the pricing! They were super careful and efficient! They maintained great communication throughout the whole time and delivered my belongings to me on time and without a single damage. The price did not rise up nor did the bill. Super happy with this mover!

  11. Irreplaceable
    By Billy Brooks - February 5, 2022

    National Relocation LLC is simply irreplaceable. I have used them 3 times now in the last 5 years and still do not want to look for a different mover. They are always so helpful. They give me the best rate, the day of my choice, professional and efficient service and on time delivery. Plus no damages and no extra fees. Why would I ever look for a different mover? I will always use this mover and recommend them to all my family and friends. I’m sure you will feel the same way after using them. Best of luck.

  12. Thanks a lot
    By Evan Tucker - February 3, 2022

    They impressed me all the way. National Relocation LLC did a terrific job with my move. No more doing a move by myself. I will always hire this moving company. Their sales rep told me not to worry and told me he will take care of everything. And that is exactly what he did. He sent over a foreman and 3 helpers to help me move. They were efficient, caring and took the job very seriously. They really did a good job. Every single one of my belongings were safely delivered and without a scratch. I am very thankful!

  13. Made it with no damage
    By Gregory Cox - January 26, 2022

    I highly recommend National Relocation LLC for your next long distance move! I have moved many times and have used various movers and always had a negative experience. I was pleasantly surprised with this mover! They are professional and polite. They get the job done without any harm. The move went smoothly and there were no extra charges, and everything made it with no damage. 5 BIG STARS!! No doubt that I will be using them again.

  14. Highly recommended without any doubt!
    By Lynn Hampton - January 25, 2022

    One day before the move, I got a call to confirm the move time. They arrived on time and got to work quickly. Anything that was not wrapped, they wrapped with plastic moving wrap and bubble wrapped to ensure it was not damaged. Packing and loading was completed in 4 hours and the price was very reasonable for such good work. This was the most professional and enjoyable moving service I have ever used. Highly recommend them because of their great communication and service.

  15. Efficient and affordable
    By Keith Dawson - January 22, 2022

    National Relocation LLC is one of those movers who will give their best service and also not charge you like crazy. Their moving team was spot on. They came 10 minutes before the given time. They packed and loaded all my belongings with care and respect. Got the job done quickly and handed me a bill which was perfect. It was a smooth move. I know I won’t be moving soon, but if I do I know whom to call!

  16. Everything went smoothly
    By Mike Horton - January 21, 2022

    I was referred by a friend to use National Relocation LLC for my move. The sales rep came out to give me an estimate and explain the specifics of this move. I went with his suggestion of using a 4 man team. The guys that arrived and carefully wrapped and bubble wrapped all my furniture to protect it from damage. There were no damages and the move was done quickly and easily. Nothing bad occurred. It was a very smooth move. I cannot thank them enough.

  17. Best possible service
    By George S. - January 18, 2022

    They are the real deal! On the moving day, the movers showed up exactly on time and had my entire apartment packed and loaded in only 2 hours. They were friendly, hardworking and professional. I did think they will have trouble with my antique furniture, but they were experts! NOT A SINGLE SCRATCH! If I have to move again, I’m definitely going to be calling National Relocation LLC! I couldn’t imagine a better moving experience.

  18. Too good I tell you!
    By Christina Moore - January 17, 2022

    My boyfriend and I used National Relocation LLC last month for our long distance move and all we can say is that the move went super well. They came on time as promised, packed and double wrapped all the items. Protected every single thing and delivered it on time. They guys were very charming, efficient and hardworking. It is exactly what we paid for, a smooth and easy move! Thanks guys for all the effort.

  19. They have my vote
    By Alton Adkins - January 14, 2022

    It’s been a pleasure working with National Relocation LLC. It feels good that your belongings are in good hands. They were so friendly and professional from the very beginning. I did not feel that I was giving my trust into the wrong hands. They did not give me any reason to doubt them. They did not let me down and I’m sure they will do the same for you. My vote goes to this company!

  20. Looking forward to use this company again
    By Saul Stanley - January 13, 2022

    I’m really looking forward to using this company again. It is the best mover in town. No doubt that they are pros. The way they took all the furniture out from the window and back door was astonishing. The floors, the walls, all my belongings were safe and sound. Not a single dent. And another good part was that the pricing never changed. I had a smooth and easy move just because of National Relocation LLC.

  21. Experience matters
    By Ralph Sanders - January 10, 2022

    The sales rep at National Relocation LLC was quick to provide a quote and the price was good enough for me. They sent over 3 guys on the moving day to help me with my move. The move itself was fast and far more straightforward than I had expected. They were excellent. They managed to get the job done so nicely. They disassembled and assembled all the furniture. All items were carefully wrapped and packed. Nothing was damaged or harmed. They kept their word and gave me a fast and easy moving experience.

  22. No more searching for movers
    By Rolando Wilkerson - January 9, 2022

    No more searching for movers. I have found the right one. National Relocation LLC blew me away. They are so efficient, hardworking, reliable and the best in this field. My move was like a breeze. They arrived only 10 minutes late which they called me earlier and informed me about. After they came, they worked, worked, worked and worked till the job was done. They did not only just finish the job, they finished it with perfection. They helped me with the furniture at my new apartment and waited till I was pleased with everything. Really good movers!

  23. Extremely organised, professional and friendly
    By Phillip Burke - January 6, 2022

    They are extremely organised, professional and friendly. The movers worked efficiently and very carefully. The movers themselves were friendly, respectful and most importantly fast. The foreman of the move was extremely organised and thorough with explaining the paperwork along each step. They delivered in the given time frame and when I checked the inventory, all was there and without a single scratch. Too good I tell you!

  24. Everything was great, in every way!
    By Jeffrey White - January 5, 2022

    The foreman and his two helpers came early in the morning and started to work. They were strong and capable guys. They carefully packed my one bedroom apartment nicely. They brought along all necessary things which I requested, like boxes, pads, cover, tape etc. My apartment was packed in 2 hours only! Everything was there when I checked! The final bill was exactly the same I was given over the phone a month before and the customer service was fantastic! Highly appreciated!

  25. Want a good mover???
    By Harry Carter - December 27, 2021

    If you want a good mover, I strongly suggest National Relocation LLC. They are worth your money. A few weeks back I used their services and they gave me a first class service. Very efficient and professional! Booking them was an easy step. I called; they gave me a good quote and provided me with that date of my choosing. The moving crew arrived on time and did their magic. No damages at all. They also helped me rearrange all the furniture at my new residence. I got what I needed. I’m pretty sure you will too!

  26. You can’t beat the price
    By Paul Long - December 24, 2021

    Their price is unbelievable. At first I thought it was too good to be true. I also thought because they are cheap, the quality will be different. But boy I was wrong! They gave the best service ever. They moved my 2 bedroom apartment just like that! It was like a breeze. The men were efficient, hardworking and I could tell that they cared about every single thing. If you want a good service with a low rate then don’t miss National Relocation LLC.

  27. My first move with them
    By Nancy Stewart - December 23, 2021

    I worked with National Relocation LLC for the first time when I moved to our new place with my bf. They were very professional, very quick in doing their job and everything was on time. I really liked how they accommodated me. The foreman and his fellow helpers were very attentive and swift when handling my goods. They have provided me a top class service. I shall definitely suggest them to everyone I know with moving needs!

  28. My great experience
    By Arnold Grant - December 19, 2021

    My experience with National Relocation LLC was fantastic. They arrived on time both with smiles and they took great care of my items. They worked very quickly and hard. The overall price was the best given and the packing materials they provided were of good quality. I will 100% be telling my friends and family about this company. The team was also aware of my boxes and dealt with them delicately which I thought was good as my last movers were careless. The men on the job were friendly and didn’t hesitate to ask me where to put the boxes; the service was far from inadequate. I will definitely be calling them again and I will be recommending them to friends and family.

  29. Excellent movers
    By Jody Morton - December 18, 2021

    We had a great experience moving with National Relocation LLC. The guys who came to do the estimate for us and arranged for the whole move and the driver were very friendly, cooperative, and good at their work. We got our stuff on time as promised. We had no issues regarding any of our stuff. The cost was exactly what we discussed with no hidden costs and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the honesty!! As well, the movers were absolutely fabulous. They are very professional and hard working. Thanks so much to National Relocation LLC.

  30. Great Professionals
    By Terrance Rogers - December 13, 2021

    I hired National Relocation LLC based on reviews on this site and also later on I got to know about them from a friend. The booking process was really simple and easy. On moving day they packed my entire home since I went with their platinum full pack service. They took great care of my items and spent an entire day packing at my house. My items arrived after 14 days promised and everything was intact. These guys did a great job for me with such short notice!

  31. Too good!
    By Ashley Kelly - December 12, 2021

    National Relocation LLC is simply too good! I had to do a long distance move urgently and this was the one who saved me. My mom was not feeling well so I moved here with her as soon as I could. The movers helped in a huge way. I was tense and could not concentrate on moving. But the guys took care of everything. Packing and loading was done smoothly. They were efficient, friendly and focused. Really did not care about the money because they gave me that support which I needed badly. I would like to thank them all for their help.

  32. High quality moving company
    By Alfredo Bryan - December 9, 2021

    I just received all my belongings and I am so grateful. Thank you so much for helping me out. When I started the moving process I didn’t know where to begin and I was so pleased to know that your company and team could help out and safely deliver all my belongings. I am very happy that nothing got damaged. Big thank you and keep up the great service. I will always use National Relocation LLC for all my future long distance moves.

  33. Beyond what I expected!
    By Leonard Watts - December 8, 2021

    The crew arrived early, worked very hard and got the truck loaded by noon. Every piece of furniture was wrapped from head to toe and the movers communicated very effectively and made us feel at ease. The sales rep was helpful and professional. They called me before, during and after the move to ensure all of my needs were met. National Relocation LLC went above and beyond what I expect from a moving company.

  34. We are very happy with their service
    By Darrell Gutierrez - December 6, 2021

    Last month we hired National Relocation LLC for our long distance move and we were very happy how everything turned out. From beginning to the end, they gave us excellent service. I got a quote from them by email and they provided me with a very good rate. At the end of my move they charged me the same amount as they promised. I recommend this company to everyone. They are good and they are an honest company.

  35. They are truly good
    By Angelica Wade - December 4, 2021

    They are truly good. One of our friends recommended them. We were just as happy with our experience as they were. We will probably have to relocate again in a few years for my husband’s job. I know that we will only use this moving company again. They were fast, courteous, very helpful and all of our items arrived without any damage. My husband and I highly recommend National Relocation LLC.

  36. Smoothest Move
    By Shawn Luna - December 3, 2021

    National Relocation LLC IS SIMPLY BRILLIANT! I can say the move was so smooth from the start. It was painless, stress free and just overall awesome. They carefully packed all my belongings and dealt with them with great care. They worked very hard and they were highly professional and courteous. The quote was excellent and I was happy I had chosen these guys. When I phoned the company, I received all the necessary information I needed. All in all, great job! I would totally use them again!

  37. Was a great move
    By Terence Riley - November 27, 2021

    National Relocation LLC is a great company! Everything you want in a moving company. Fast, reliable, professional and no hidden costs! They were able to help me book the move the day before when another unreliable company bailed on me last minute. Their crew was careful with our furniture and even put together our bed and kitchen table. I definitely recommend National Relocation LLC.

  38. OMG!!!
    By Drew Lee - November 25, 2021

    They took care of us on Saturday and moved us out and into our new place quickly, efficiently, and professionally! They were so polite and calm. The foreman explained everything to me and came up with a game plan before we even started; he’s on it! They even carried a massive, solid wood headboard up the narrow, low ceiling staircase because it didn’t fit in the elevator!!

  39. Happily settled in now
    By Arthur Becker - November 23, 2021

    We are very happy and settled in now. They assisted me with all of the box packing and padded my furniture so well that there wasn’t a single scratch on any of my items if you can believe that. I just want to give them credit for everything that they have done for my long distance move. National Relocation LLC was awesome and that’s all there is to it.

  40. Very nice
    By Victor Bennett - November 20, 2021

    I called them only a couple of days prior to leaving my old apartment. They agreed to work for me and sent three strong guys with a talented foreman who knew his responsibilities. He always communicates with me. The workers were especially trained in wrapping and packing delicate objects. They did a fine job. I am highly impressed with National Relocation LLC.

  41. Very thankful
    By George Sanchez - November 19, 2021

    I was happy with National Relocation LLC. It was easy for me to hire them when I got a quick reply and an affordable quote. Huge number of items needed to be moved including official and household items. Their team was outstanding and cooperative in both the ends. They handed over my all possessions with no delay and damage. I was very thankful for their job.

  42. Miracle!
    By James Gonzales - November 16, 2021

    It was a miracle! You can actually trust “someone” this day in age. Their sales rep gave me a quote and walked me through the whole process of the inventory. The quote was very reasonable. The movers came, packed, and met me in my destination state on time. The way that they set everything up in my new home worked out so perfectly. All of my items were in mint condition, these guys were true professionals. The sales guy of National Relocation LLC kept every word they made to me. I am highly impressed!

  43. Thanks for the help
    By Dan Fletcher - November 14, 2021

    Four guys showed up on time and they moved our apartment’s contents very easily. The packing and moving was done in three hours, which is so ridiculously fast. I felt like a genie who snapped my fingers. I ended up giving them a big tip because they deserved all the money I could give them. I highly recommend National Relocation LLC. I’m never lifting a finger again.

  44. Great Service
    By Eugene Torres - November 12, 2021

    I received a great service from National Relocation LLC. They delivered the services as they promised they would do. They were efficient and did everything very well. I think the prices were fine. They were on time, they were efficient, they were thorough and they knew what they were doing. So it was a good experience. I think they are good company, they did what they said they would do, they represented that well and delivered on it, so it was a good service in my opinion.

  45. Thanks for the great moving services
    By Keith Swanson - November 9, 2021

    The movers secured all my belongings, maintaining the exact time frame mentioned in the quotation. The client coordinator finished his job with utmost care and always kept contact with me and informed me of the procedure. All that effort made the move perfect. I am fully satisfied and want to let National Relocation LLC know my happiness through this review. Thanks a ton guys. Wish you good luck in future.

  46. They really are that good!
    By Richard Garza - November 8, 2021

    Last month I was gossiping with my cousin and told her that I was going to hire a professional moving company. She referred me National Relocation LLC. Based on her suggestion I hired the mover. They sent over some extremely skilled and dedicated folks who never compromise with quality of work. From the beginning to the end of moving, they performed a flawless job. The guys were so dedicated that I thought they were moving their possessions, not mine. That might be the reason the workers could accomplish such a perfect move. Just too good!

  47. They were awesome
    By Rene Vasquez - November 6, 2021

    My quote was reasonable, no hidden fees. The day of the move, these guys were on time and respectful with our belongings. They were also extremely easy to communicate with. I hate moving, and don’t want to do it any time again soon…. but if I had to do it, I’d definitely go back to National Relocation LLC. One more thing, the pricing never changed. They kept their word.

  48. Too good!
    By Shane Mendez - November 5, 2021

    We used National Relocation LLC last month for our long distance move. The sales manager was very fast and responsive. Their rate was cheaper for me than the other five quotes I was given. The foreman came up on time on moving day and stayed in communication until the moving job ended. His outstanding direction towards his skilled workers made the whole move less painful. In a sentence they were trustworthy, efficient and time conscious.

  49. Effective mover
    By Wilfred Kim - October 28, 2021

    Most companies just increase their charges by packing slowly and increasing the number of hours put in by the workers. Tired of this experience I asked a friend for advice and he suggested National relocation llc. He advised me not to trust any other company as they all tend to increase costs. However his advice turned out to be very helpful as this was by far the cheapest move I had. I also ended up paying as much as we agreed. This was something I never expected. For all the people who would end up reading my review I recommend you to only consider the services of National relocation llc.

  50. Terrific moving company
    By Tim Bradley - October 26, 2021

    The entire team was super-fast, super-efficient and super nice. Really, nothing got damaged and the guys did a great job. They were fantastic! Also, the quote was perfect for me. I actually expected to pay more, but it was reasonable. They knew what I wanted and they did it accordingly. No problem on either side. The move went as smoothly as possible. I hate moving but if I do have to move, I’ll use them.

  51. Loved their customer service
    By Dominick Paul - October 24, 2021

    I talked with a lovely sales rep over the phone! She was personable and able to answer all my questions. My movers showed up on time. In fact, they called early in the morning to see if they could arrive 1 hour earlier. Their moving team was incredible. I do not have a lot of furniture, but I have a personal media library that is quite expensive. They took great care to keep all my boxes organized just as I had in my home. When they moved them, they kept them together and unloaded them orderly as well. They are professional, attentive, and reasonably priced!

  52. Wonderful!
    By Nick Kim - October 20, 2021

    The movers from National Relocation LLC showed up on time, were very friendly, and loaded all of my furniture into their truck quicker than I expected. All of my things arrived in the same condition they left in. I will surely recommend National Relocation LLC to anyone I know that could be of use to these services!

  53. The only movers you'll ever need
    By Richard Turner - October 19, 2021

    I needed some long distance movers to help me relocate and National Relocation LLC swooped in for the rescue! I don’t usually leave reviews for anything but the service here was just incredible. I have to shout them out. These guys are the nicest people I’ve ever met and they’re very careful with your things (I had no breaks!) I’m so glad National Relocation LLC is a long distance moving company and they had an amazing first impression coming into Utah.

  54. Affordable and effective
    By Marcos Goodwin - October 17, 2021

    SWEET DEAL! FAST MOVE! I rarely leave reviews but would like to leave National Relocation LLC a five-star review! They moved me from Florida to Texas. I had emergency work relocation and they moved me quicker and cheaper than I had budgeted for! They gave me a rock star price- cheaper than 4 other companies I called. I saved their number in my phone if I ever need to move again. Highly recommended!

  55. Very professional
    By Conrad Weaver - October 14, 2021

    I was in a last minute moving situation and needed to move out the same day. I called up National Relocation LLC and was able to schedule an appointment for the same day. Everything was confirmed via email and the movers called ahead of time to confirm. They came to the rescue and were very professional. They assessed what needed to be moved, asked how I would like to box and package my items and did the job without any complaints. They were very happy go lucky guys and worked well together. They were upfront with the prices.

  56. The highest level of professionalism
    By Peter E. - October 11, 2021

    This is hands down the best moving company in town. They showed up at my house within 30 minutes of calling after my original movers didn’t show up for a pre scheduled appointment. They sent 6 highly professional and clean men as well as 3 enormous trucks. The entire house was packed and moving into our storage facility in a matter of hours. I hired them again to help move from the storage facility into our new home. We had a few of the same guys for our second move and we were just as pleased with the level of professionalism and care. Not a single broken dish and no damaged furniture. They placed all the boxes in the proper rooms. They set up the heavy furniture exactly where we requested, assembled all the beds and placed all the mattresses. I highly recommend National Relocation LLC for large and small moves!

  57. They did a splendid job
    By Tom Ferguson - October 10, 2021

    I cannot recommend National Relocation LLC highly enough. I was unable to be there for the removal as I had to be at the new address to receive a delivery but the friend who stood in for me described their rep and his helper as “such lovely guys” and the removal went extremely smoothly and efficiently. At the new address another helper joined them as they had to carry everything up stairs to the fourth floor of a block of flats. The ‘everything’ included heavy boxes of books! They did all of this and still remained cheerful and friendly, going out of their way to be helpful. I was dreading the move but they made it absolutely stress-free. If I ever have to move again I know exactly who to go to. Thank you so much.

  58. Will recommend it!
    By Shayne - October 8, 2021

    Honestly, I’ve never encountered such great customer service. This company genuinely cares about the quality of service they provide. The sales rep was very polite with me during the call before the move and answered every question. My movers were polite, professional, efficient, experienced, and flexible even when we put them through a tough move (3 locations, lots of heavy pieces, 5 floors up)! Such a humble company and team!

  59. Guys did a very impressive job
    By Claudio Orosco - October 6, 2021

    This was almost a review that National Relocation LLC did not get – we had already booked another moving company but then had to change move dates. That company was not able to accommodate us at the last minute but National Relocation LLC managed to pull through to find us a spot. I have to say that they did a very impressive job considering how little time we gave them. The movers were so good at their work. Just loading box after box almost like machines. We paid a bit more than the usual rate because of the last minute thing but it was completely worth it.

  60. Perfect service
    By Robert Powell - October 4, 2021

    National Relocation LLC helped us out of a real mess by fitting us in at the last moment. The lease at our old apartment was expiring and we had to move by a particular date or be forced to cough up an extra month of rent. National Relocation LLC was the only moving company that shifted their things around to slot us in. It really shows you who you can rely on when things are dicey. I have no plans to move but I am telling everyone I can about their generous move and encouraging people to hire them.

  61. Top Quality Company
    By Roy Edwards - September 27, 2021

    National Relocation LLC came well recommended. They exceeded my assumption. The movers were prompt, courteous and very professional in their work. They took GREAT CARE of my furnishing and made sure to thoroughly wrap everything breakable. Overall National Relocation LLC is a stand up company with TOP QUALITY EMPLOYEE!!

  62. 5 stars from us
    By Gene Sullivan - September 25, 2021

    My family and I purchased new furniture and were very nervous moving out of state, in fear of damaging our belongings. However the team they sent was professional. They wrapped the entire furniture and did an amazing job moving the furniture. We had an amazing experience with National Relocation LLC and gave them our highest recommendation.

  63. Very good movers
    By Sergio Roberts - September 22, 2021

    National Relocation LLC saved me!! The foreman and the other men were hard working, and professional. I would strongly recommend this company to anyone; they were on time, efficient, and courteous to our needs. We would definitely recommend using National Relocation LLC if you are in a bind like we were. They were beyond useful.

  64. I would hire them again
    By Henry Castro - September 20, 2021

    These guys were professional, showed up on time and respected my items as well as my homes. National Relocation LLC really does have the best in the business working for them and I know my items will always be safe in their care. They are very affordable and they worked hard to accommodate any requests I had. None of my items were broken or even the least bit damaged. I would hire them again!

  65. Best moving company
    By Jerald Little - September 20, 2021

    My old house was full of heavy electronics that when I wanted to move, I was a little nervous with respect to how to move all that stuff from the apartment. I needed experts to uninstall them and reinstall them in the new location but the movers told me not to worry that they can handle it. They did by perfectly uninstalling them and then reinstalling them in my new location. Besides, the move was a smooth one; no hassle, no stress, and everything went on excellently. National Relocation LLC is the best moving company around.

  66. Superb!
    By Carl Castillo - September 18, 2021

    National Relocation LLC was a bit more expensive, but well worth the money. They moved my 4 bedroom house to another state and did a great job. They managed to complete everything before the allotted time and without any issues. I got all my stuff, no damage, no charges, no hassle. All in all, my experience went very well, and I would plan on using them again if needed.

  67. All went well
    By Amos Watson - September 15, 2021

    National Relocation LLC was great to us. My other movers couldn’t show up on the day of my move, so I called National Relocation LLC and they were able to get me moved out the same day. They have a very professional crew, great prices. I would highly recommend this company to everyone. They came when I was in a pickle and were able to get me out of it with no issues. I am very grateful that I found them.

  68. I received the best moving services
    By Marion Kelly - September 13, 2021

    I had to move out of FL to MA, I had good experience and these guys were helpful with all my heavy stuff. They came to my home and gave me a quote and the price seemed reasonable. I am glad I used National Relocation LLC as the guys who came to pack and load everything were great at handling everything with care. Delivery time was also reasonable although I was told one date at the beginning and it slightly changed over time but anyways the guys on the phone were very kind and explained the reasons. So basically everything was taken care of and delivered to me undamaged. It was such a good experience for the first time. If I have to move again in future I’ll call them again.

  69. They are highly recommended
    By Perry Bennett - September 10, 2021

    From start to finish, I was totally mesmerized by the way 3 movers from National Relocation LLC handled my move. They quoted reasonably to begin with. I have never heard of movers who show up on time. Let alone be early. They finished the whole packing and loading process within a blink of an eye. It was a sensational performance. They delivered on time, didn’t overcharge me and all my valuables were unharmed. Highly recommended moving service.

  70. They did a great job
    By Darnell Jordan - September 8, 2021

    National Relocation Inc is easily the best moving company I have used. I recently needed to move to my new location and the moving team was so wonderful to work with. They were very personable yet very serious about taking good care of my furniture. It was obvious that National Relocation Inc has established a standard of excellence that carries down to each and every one of its employees. I would certainly recommend them to anyone making a move.

  71. They are my favorite
    By Chester C - September 6, 2021

    National Relocation LLC is my favorite moving company. They are perfect in every way. First time I saw their hard work was a few months ago at my neighbor’s home. They did an awesome job over there. I took their contact number from my neighbor for my own move. Over our telephone conversation, they shared a plan regarding how they wanted to carry out the total process. I knew they would not disappoint me. Their crews were pretty gentle while working. All of my valuables got safely delivered. Though it was a long distance service, I had no grudge with the way they handled things. I like their punctuality as they finished all work on a quoted schedule. I am going to do my next move within a year. So I am determined not to look for other movers. I recommend them to everyone.

  72. Good people working here
    By Wilfredo Brant - September 5, 2021

    Good people are working here at National Relocation LLC. It felt like doing business with someone you know. They showed me the utmost care. Very helpful and provided clear and concise details on the terms of the contract! They are efficient and professionals. They get it done the way you want. I am sure that the movers are highly trained and extremely committed. It was a pleasure doing business with this company. Highly recommended plus very competitive rates!

  73. I am 100% satisfied
    By Carlos Hicks - August 27, 2021

    The weather was terrible on the day I was moving and I figured the movers from National Relocation LLC would arrive late. But, to my utter surprise, the movers pulled up in front of my house right on time even in the terrible weather. They were very efficient during the whole pack and load process. I was worried about getting damp on the way but all my belongings traveled really well. They didn’t even charge me any premium for the pathetic weather they had to deal with. I am ecstatic with satisfaction.

  74. I completely recommend
    By Merle Gill - August 26, 2021

    I used National Relocation LLC last week for my HUGE move. The sales guy was very friendly on the phone & answered all my questions about pricing, etc. I had tons of heavy items and they both carried everything upstairs & worked pretty much non-stop for hours. They also took apart/put together a few pieces of furniture & tightened up some loose screws on some of my furniture that I didn’t know about. At the end, there were no “hidden” costs (which I have also had happen in the past). As I unpack, there hasn’t been any damage to any of my things or anything broken. I completely recommend National Relocation LLC for your upcoming move.I completely recommend

  75. I recommend them to everyone
    By Garry Pena - August 22, 2021

    We found our dream home but found it in another state. We hated to have to move everything but we knew that this opportunity wouldn’t come around again. We chose National Relocation LLC because they were close by, available, and cost effective. The crew came and did everything in a very timely manner. When they got to our new place they made sure we had a chance to check for any damage. They also set up all our furniture and made sure we didn’t need any help with anything before they left. If you are in need of quality moving services, I would recommend them to anyone.

  76. Thanks for taking all the pain
    By Leroy Ellis - August 20, 2021

    My family and I are very pleased with our experience with this company. Their price was the best that I could find and they did everything by the book. They arrived when they said they would and took no more than a 5 minute break all day. They were very careful with our stuff and we haven’t noticed a single thing that was scratched or broken. We will be recommending them to friends and will use them again for any future moves. Thank you for making such a stressful move a little easier.

  77. They were fast but extremely accurate
    By Jordan Rowe - August 18, 2021

    The guys that moved me on move day were super attentive with my stuff and got all of my things moved out within a matter of 4 hours! I was really worried with it being my first move ever that I would end up with things broken or damaged, but after seeing how tightly packed that truck was, I had no worries whatsoever. When they delivered my things here, it was quick and painless and I didn’t have to lift a finger arranging furniture or putting things back together. They did it all for me! We would highly advise everyone to use them if they want to get a nice moving experience.

  78. Flawless job!!!
    By Juan Nunez - August 16, 2021

    These guys are the best movers. Few days ago I experienced their moving services. National Relocation LLC was reasonably priced and served us really well. Their sales rep did a lot for us. He gave us a very good deal, accommodated our move within a short notice and assigned a very skilled and experienced moving team. Both the pickup and delivery was on time and the crew on both ends did a fabulous job. There was not a single reason to complain.

  79. They did a flawless job
    By Guillermo Diaz - August 11, 2021

    I moved for a work opportunity and to be closer to a lot of my parents. So I hired a moving company for my move from Florida to North Carolina. Everything went smooth with fair price movers. I’ve heard horror and shocking stories like about interstate moving but I was impressed with the team. They asked where I wanted furniture placed in the new house and reassembled all items. I would like to recommend General moving & storage to everyone.

  80. They have the best crew
    By Virgil Dean - August 9, 2021

    My search for long distance movers ended at National Relocation LLC. I was referred to them by a friend who had used their services recently and had only good things to say. Therefore, I contracted them to move me from Deerfield Beach, FL to Dover, DE and I must admit, I had no worries throughout the entire process. I received a reasonable quote, as compared to other movers in the area offering the same service. Furthermore, all their staff and crew were warm, yet very efficient and professional. I would recommend their services any day.

  81. You should contact this company
    By Todd Foster - August 5, 2021

    I got a reasonable quote from National Relocation LLC. So I hired them immediately. I needed someone to guide me through the moving process and they seemed like a good choice. From my first phone call to the unloading process everything was perfect and went according to plan. There are no unpleasant surprises with National Relocation LLC! I cannot thank them enough for minimizing the stress level and turning my move into a smooth and trouble-free experience. Everyone in need of trustworthy movers should contact this company.

  82. I give them 5 stars
    By Lonnie Caldwell - August 4, 2021

    My husband and I used National Relocation LLC to move our family of 5 last month and I am happy to share our experience. We called about a month in advance and booked our move. They offered full service moves at a reasonable price. They explained everything they would be doing on their end and made sure we understood how everything would play out moving forward. The driver and his crew were great! They showed up on time, they worked nonstop and were well mannered. They assured us we would receive our belongings as we were originally told and they called us the day before they arrived. During the unpacking process, we came across a few items which were broken and we called in and they provided us with the claims information. They worked quickly to get this matter resolved. I would give them 5 stars and use them in the future.

  83. Extremely helpful
    By Jerald Gross - July 29, 2021

    I called National Relocation LLC when the previous company did not show up. I was not expecting them to be able to come out for at least a week. Luckily they were able to show up the following day and even offered packing services which the previous company did not. Each person we spoke to or came into contact with was professional, caring and took the time to answer any questions my wife and I had. We were able to hold off on the delivery so we had time to arrive at our delivery location and get settled before they arrived with our larger items. I am so happy our previous movers didn’t work out because this company was amazing. I will be using them for any moves in the future, big or small!

  84. Fast, affordable and reliable movers
    By Garry Hoffman - July 26, 2021

    They were so nice, professional, hard working, and showed up early! It took five hours for the two guys to move into my third floor 2-bedroom apartment. This included drive time to the new place, so I felt they did an awesome job. I will definitely recommend and hire National Relocation LLC again. The price was very reasonable!

  85. Affordable price and awesome services
    By Luis Newman - July 24, 2021

    This was my first time using a professional moving company and I am so thrilled with National Relocation LLC. They arrived, transported and delivered my items with no issues or delays. They did a great job at protecting my items and made sure that everything was delivered in the same condition in which it left. They also had great prices and caring workers.

  86. Very impressive services
    By Arnold Mccormick - July 19, 2021

    This is the best company, communicates so well. They are trustworthy and loyal with their work although the company is very professional. I got the delivery on time so from my side thumbs up for the company. I will recommend everyone to use the services of National Relocation LLC. The rates of the company are very reasonable. I want to be their regular customer, as they also provide their regular customers with a special discount. Thank you so much.

  87. We are very pleased
    By Oliver Porter - July 18, 2021

    National Relocation LLC is a real down to earth company. There was no run around only facts and suggestions. They have a lot of Confidence in what they do and we soon saw why. Each member of the team is assigned a task so they strictly focus on that. They do it right the first time around so there is never a double work. The pricing was great, the customer service was impeccable. There was never a time we couldn’t reach somebody if we had a question or if we wanted to update our estimate. We are extremely pleased with the service we got.

  88. Moved without any stress
    By Amos Norton - July 15, 2021

    Thank you so much National Relocation LLC. I do not know what I would have done without you. They came to my home in the morning and rang the bell. Three men introduced themselves and went straight to work. One of them was packing the boxes and the other two were carrying all the heavy furniture on to their truck. It was a neat a clean job. This mover is very experienced and professional. I cannot thank them enough for the damage free and stress free move.

  89. 5 star performance
    By Marvin Schultz - July 12, 2021

    The foreman and his crew worked extremely hard; they were very cautious with my belongings and made the entire moving process more enjoyable! The office staff is very friendly and helpful and the moving crew was excellent. And the price was affordable! Use them for any size move, and be prepared to be leaving a five star rating on here too!

  90. They got the job done
    By Rene Gordon - July 8, 2021

    The staff from National Relocation LLC was very efficient and even showed up before they were scheduled. They were able to get my move finished in a very timely manner. The staff was careful with all of my belongings and treated them with extra care. I would recommend them to anyone. These guys were great. I will be keeping them in mind for the next time I move.

  91. Go for this company
    By Dustin Robertson - July 7, 2021

    These guys were affordable, friendly and easy to work with. I have had some bad experiences with movers in the past but I’m glad to say that this company was very trustworthy. I wish that there were more stars to give them because their movers definitely earned it. They pay so much attention to detail and give 100% to their customers. Moving is never easy for anyone but if you’re looking for a company that will make your move much easier then I highly suggest hiring National Relocation LLC. I completely recommend them and I am so thankful for their help.

  92. I am highly impressed
    By Mark Hunter - July 4, 2021

    Moving industry is very competitive. Most moving companies are really improving their games in order to keep up. I recently hired National Relocation LLC to handle my relocation and I was absolutely surprised seeing how efficient and professional these guys are. From their timing to their skills, everything was top notch. It took the movers such a small time to finish loading everything from my 2 bedroom house. Not even a glass was delivered broken. The fierce competition also meant a low quote for me. It really is a movers market these days!

  93. Move with them
    By Marcus Copeland - June 19, 2021

    The foreman and his team are like Olympic athletes – they are skilled, athletic, and incredibly smart and work like an elite team. They wrapped all my stuff and moved it with a level of skill I have never before seen. If you need to move and you love your stuff and want to see people at the top of their profession, pick this team. I will highly recommend National Relocation LLC.

  94. I am a happy customer
    By Jamie Williams - June 16, 2021

    National Relocation LLC is a company that has a huge network, a large fleet and superbly efficient movers. I know this because I have hired them before. They were just as good, if not better, during my last move. They took all the information, cross referenced with my previous move and gave a very reasonable quote. The men who moved my stuff charged by hour so they had to be quick; and they were. All my stuff turned up at my new house right on schedule. I am so happy to be recommending them.

  95. You can blindly rely on this company
    By Willard Bryan - June 10, 2021

    National Relocation LLC helped us to move across the states. It was a superb experience. The staff was skilled and fully trained to pack and move the stuff. As the furniture required great care during moving, it was handled in the best possible way. I highly recommend this company to all my friends and family for any kind of moving services.

  96. I will obviously use them again
    By Steven Reed - June 7, 2021

    National Relocation LLC is the best! Apparently my lease ended sooner than expected so I needed some help to move out. I called them up and within a few hours they came through. I was very conscious if we would finish because of how much stuff I had, but within an hour or less they had moved everything out. On top of that they packed the haul so well, because when I arrived at my new place not a single thing was broken!! I highly recommend these guys. They are super nice and the price is super great. I felt like I was paying too little for how much work they did honestly! Great company that I will definitely use again!

  97. My move
    By Lawrence Paul - June 4, 2021

    Several days ago I moved from FL to IL using National Relocation LLC and experienced the best possible service within my tight budget. The sales rep of this company explained to me the entire moving process and quoted the best possible price. He was very informative and very precise in the quote. I booked the move with them and that was the best decision I have ever made. The team arrived on time and took over the entire move. They have nicely managed the odds, stayed focused and worked very collectively till the end. I never saw such smooth loading and unloading and never really expected a 100% damage free move but they made everything possible for me. I am really grateful to these movers for serving us so well.

  98. They did a great job for us
    By Andre F. - May 21, 2021

    We had a great experience with National Relocation LLC. Everything was laid out clearly, priced as discussed, and professionally followed up. They were quick to get things rolling, had a courteous staff for both the meeting and the move. They packed everything with care, disassembled and reassembled everything well. Were on time and stayed on time throughout the move. I would highly recommend them.

  99. Job done
    By Alvin B. - May 16, 2021

    I was moving interstate from FL to PA and despite having to make numerous schedule changes; part was always willing to assist. The price for a long distance move was thousands below using a regular moving company. I was able to label all my items and get everything packed for a three bedroom household into a 16x8x8 container. Great service guys. Don’t know how to thank you all enough, recommended.

  100. THANK God I moved with them
    By Maria Smith - May 14, 2021

    I am a single parent and it is very hard moving. I took the help of an excellent moving company called National Relocation LLC. They did a spectacular job. They moved everything with a lot of care and they did not damage a single thing. Their team was focused, efficient and caring. They do not charge much and they work so hard that they earn every penny. The guys were so nice and kind! They even helped me fix the baby crib! My move was painless and stress free because of them. Thank you so much!

  101. Thanks a lot guys
    By Carroll Ramos - May 10, 2021

    I was looking for a moving company online and came across the website of National Relocation LLC. I called them and their sales rep picked up. He was super polite, and said he would transfer me over to his moving specialist. I was really concerned about how it would all work and the cost of a long distance move. He was able to explain how the movers would do everything for me and was very thorough. We were able to get it within my budget and I couldn’t have been happier how it all went, nothing damaged and all of my furniture arrived.

  102. Best out there
    By Oscar Paul - May 5, 2021

    I hired National Relocation LLC. When I called them, the customer service seemed very friendly and helpful. Their quote was unbeatable. The movers arrived sharp on time and were very capable looking. All four men had years of moving experience and it showed in the way they worked around my old house packing and loading all my belongings. Their efficiency ensured a very fast job. The men did all the hard work while keeping a smile on their faces. They delivered on time with all my belongings in great condition.

  103. Pleasant experience
    By Gerald Peterson - April 20, 2021

    It was a very positive experience working with National Relocation LLC. I recently moved from Florida to Iowa. Their customer care was prompt to handle the telephone service and emails. From initial estimate to upload and delivery, every step was handled with professional manner. Both the pick-up and drop-off crews were very careful to ensure our furniture was loaded and unloaded without occurrence. They were careful with my paintings and table. It was all in all a very pleasant experience. Thanks to National Relocation LLC for conducting a great move for us.

  104. Excellent
    By Tod Lockhart - April 17, 2021

    The 3 gentlemen that came to move us were polite, very efficient and respectful of our time, belongings and both properties. We have some larger pieces of furniture and before bringing the furniture into our new smaller home; they measured the doorways to ensure the furniture would fit through. I am very happy with their service and the company. Highly recommended.

  105. These guys are great
    By Jorge Phillips - April 14, 2021

    Moving with the guys from National Relocation LLC was the best thing that happened to us this year, .no exaggeration. After my second job changed this year we had to move…my car was broken so we decided to hire some professionals for the job. They are prompt, courteous and really give 100% to make sure the customer is satisfied. The guys were so nice and managed to pack and move everything safely. I really hope you guys keep on the good work and the great prices!

  106. Great moving crew
    By Peter Morris - April 10, 2021

    It might sound insanely funny but I actually feel like moving again because that’s how simplified the process was with National Relocation LLC. They were at ease packing the goods, loading them and bringing them to the new residence. They just carried the job with finesse and I am totally satisfied. If I should give some additional points, I think they deserve it for keeping the job clean and using the right tools. It saved a lot of time and made it easier to remove the equipment that should have taken forever, if not for the tools. The crew was on time and had good situational awareness to not break anything while moving.

  107. You guys rocked!
    By Bernardo Olsen - April 5, 2021

    From start to finish, I could not have been happier with my move. I have never experienced such amazing customer service as I have with National Relocation LLC, who answered my questions almost immediately. The manager came quickly and easily and the movers were excellent. Thank you so much for making these moves so easy!! Everyone thanked me for such a comfortable move they experienced.

  108. Safe and affordable company
    By George Taylor - March 23, 2021

    I hired National Relocation LLC to move all my belongings. This company offered me a fair and an affordable quote. They were reasonably priced. The young movers from this company were courteous, prompt and supportive. They moved my belongings as well as antique paintings without any scratch or damage. It was an amazing job by National Relocation LLC. They handled the entire move skillfully. I had no complaints against them. They were truly friendly and awesome. Well done guys.

  109. Satisfactory performance
    By Archie Schmidt - March 20, 2021

    I have been in the military for over 8 years. I have had many experiences with long distance moving companies. I was immediately hesitant about booking my move with a moving broker; however, the sales guy of National Relocation LLC was extremely professional and explained every step of the process. Once my items arrived at the destination he personally called me and ensured that everything had gone ok. I was thankful that the process was easy, cheap, and of substantial value. Thanks.

  110. Moving was easy with them
    By Fernando Phillips - March 12, 2021

    Moving team from National Relocation LLC came on time, were hardworking and efficient! I didn’t have to babysit them at all. I just pointed at what needed to be wrapped and moved, and they did exactly that. All of my furniture was properly wrapped by the staff to save from any kind of scratching. I had a lovely talk with their sales rep that was very kind and understanding and honest about everything I needed to know.

  111. Hire them for a smooth relocation
    By Marco P. - March 9, 2021

    I used National Relocation LLC for a complicated move that split items between 2 locations – one a few blocks away and another about 3 hours from Deerfield Beach, FL. I had A LOT of stuff and they handled it like pros. The sales guy was a pleasure to book with and the foreman directed the move and was very efficient and accommodating. They were quick and enthusiastic- very nice guys. The move took a little longer than expected due to traffic, but that’s completely out of their control. Overall, I would definitely recommend if you want a seamless experience.

  112. Highly recommended!!
    By Nick Owen - March 5, 2021

    These guys came within less than an hour’s notice and were organized and professional. They adeptly organized the move of my 2 BR apartment with its large furniture; while carefully avoiding damage to walls and the furniture itself. They also were effective with difficult building staff as well as the disassembly of furniture and removal of doors as needed. They came with 4 guys, worked quickly and charged exactly what was quoted – which was lower than others. I would definitely use these guys again and recommend them to others.

  113. Most reliable movers
    By Nathan Brown - February 20, 2021

    As I expected, National Relocation LLC was excellent. They quoted me such a cheap and reasonable price deal. It was much less than the other companies quote. They were quite professional, kind and friendly. They make sure they are able to stay in touch with me through calls. They called me every hour to let me know about the details. I thought this approach was cool. The driver was professional and helpful. I love them for their helpful methods and tactics. They are just best movers who we can easily trust.

  114. Excellent company
    By Gabriel Chavez - February 18, 2021

    The service was excellent, both the driver and his assistance was very courteous and extremely helpful. They were prompt and handled all of my merchandise with care. I heard awful stories regarding people’s experience with moving companies and I’m here to recommend National Relocation LLC as the remedy to their problem.

  115. I love this company
    By Elmer Ortega - February 10, 2021

    Phenomenal and professional are the two words that enter your mind. We relocated when perhaps about twenty years earlier and it was a horrible dreadful experience so I entered into this as a skeptic. They took it slow with me recognizing my past and also ensured that anytime I had a question to be sure to ask it. They were dedicated to make this the best step I have actually ever before had. I was regularly called by members of their divisions to see if there are any final modifications to my things. Whatever from that point on was perfect. They have it set up in such a way where if one person missing something or an additional will certainly capture it which I loved. I cannot thank you enough for the job that you did. Your men worked so tough to make me and my family glad and that we will certainly never ever forget.

  116. Highly efficient moving crew
    By Kevin Alvarez - February 7, 2021

    It is never too late to learn. Every day, we get to learn more on those things that we know nothing or very little about. Prior to this month, I did not have the slightest idea of what National Relocation LLC was all about and didn’t even know their capability. But just after one move, the crew of this company has my heart by their professionalism and efficient work.

  117. This is an outstanding company
    By Jaime Watson - February 5, 2021

    National Relocation LLC is a 1st class moving company. We relocated my entire business. We have a huge office and I knew it was going to be expensive. We wanted to go with a top company and this was one of the most expensive quotes we received. Ultimately we decided to go with them because we received referrals from other customers who said they did an outstanding job on their move. This is definitely the top company in the country. Their customer service is outstanding and their communication is on point. They did a great job of keeping us informed on where our items were in delivery. I will be using their service again in the near future.

  118. Highly recommended
    By Harold Alexander - January 27, 2021

    I liked the price that National Relocation LLC had provided me and they seemed to know what they were doing. I got a really good guy as my representative and he really did well throughout. The service and the expectations he set were really good. They are awesome from answering questions to inventory list and time to show up.

  119. I recommend this company
    By Juan Horton - January 19, 2021

    I was moving across the states and I had only two days to get my move done. I began to search for movers and I found National Relocation LLC. I gave them a call and the guy on the phone cleared all my ambiguities and answered all of my questions patiently. I got moved the very next day, the movers were right on time and moved all of my stuff in a professional manner. I would highly recommend National Relocation LLC indeed.

  120. Amazing service!
    By Fred Burton - January 16, 2021

    After going through with the all-night packing session we were really tired and were not hoping to enjoy our moving days. The lead guy came with his team to help us with moving. They arrived on time and then the whole experience couldn’t have gone better, it was seamless. We were so tired and dull that we couldn’t watch them at every bit step but they were doing their job with honesty and efficiency which made our moods better. They were friendly and courteous and we actually began to enjoy our move. They loaded everything up without damaging a single piece and delivered them to our new house. They put everything in its right place, they asked us first. Moving is always considered to be the worst experience of a new house but with National Relocation LLC was not pain indeed. Thank you so much!

  121. Hire them for a great move
    By Patrick Reese - January 14, 2021

    Thank you so much National Relocation LLC for helping me with the moving. It was the first time I was using professional movers and I didn’t have any idea it would be so difficult to get booked with a moving company on short notice. All the places I called and they were booked in advance, including National Relocation LLC. Therefore I decided to do the whole move myself but fortunately these guys called me back informing that they got a cancellation on my moving day so I booked them. You have no idea how happy I was to have them for my move. Guys showed up on time and they were fully prepared with the things required for a move. They were so efficient that they managed to move me within 3 hours. If you are searching for movers choose National Relocation LLC. But try to book yourself in advance to make sure you will get help on your day.

  122. Highly recommended!
    By Stewart Welch - January 7, 2021

    Just had these guys moving us from Deerfield Beach, FL to San Antonio, TX and their quote was dead on with no surprises, no hidden fees like the last crew of jokers who moved me a couple of years ago. Very professional! These guys were recommended to me by my friend, so I took a chance and have not looked back. National Relocation LLC is highly recommended because of their price, service and work ethics.

  123. These guys were workhorses
    By Martin Thompson - January 4, 2021

    National Relocation LLC helped us move a couple of weeks ago, and I couldn’t be happier. These guys were workhorses! They took their work seriously, but kept good humor as well. They were careful to wrap everything securely, and quickly move us out of and into our new place. The team was extremely friendly and went the extra mile to make sure that everything was done efficiently. They even managed to move a couch out of our place in minutes that took over an hour to get in on our own. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone moving. They saved so much time and hassle!

  124. Quality Service
    By Lorenzo Norton - December 29, 2020

    Finding a good moving company in the US is very time-consuming especially in Florida, and so if you’re looking for someone to move your furniture, delicate appliances, kitchen tools or laboratory apparatus then you should contact National Relocation LLC because they are definitely the best choice. They can do anything like a piece of cake and that too without so much as a slight damage. You would not regret hiring them and will definitely hire them again. Such a moving great service. Thank you!

  125. Moving Services
    By Wayne Lewis - December 27, 2020

    Your moving service is the best. I had recently helped a friend in moving. He got a moving service to help him, the people were late, did sloppy work and damaged his stuff. This got me very paranoid for my move. I called National Relocation LLC, the best option we had in our area. They arrived on time and I watched them like a hawk. They handled everything exceptionally good. I was amazed at their level of service; they even managed to answer my silly question. Best Service!

  126. Very good company
    By Jeff Lloyd - December 25, 2020

    The salesman’s pitch all along was that it would be as stress free as possible. I’ve moved a few times and there’s no doubt that it diets stressful so I took his word. From the minute the movers got to my house I could tell he wasn’t lying. The crew came in and immediately started packing all my furniture. It was a pleasant surprise and it stayed that way throughout. I am happy to refer National Relocation LLC as a stress relieving moving company.

  127. Great Service!
    By Irving Massey - December 24, 2020

    I was glad to hire them from the first phone call. They give excellent value. I like to compare. I chose from 10 companies and according to my criteria: service, cost, speed of work and response to my questions was at the best level. And in the end, I am delighted with this company. They arrived on time, packed very quickly and professionally, and even saved time. These guys work hard and with smiles! They are fast, efficient, and thorough. Thank you for your service!

  128. Very Transparent and Efficient
    By Ben Dixon - December 23, 2020

    Best moving experience ever. They were right on time, very professional and super fast. My move was done in four days; there was no damage to any of my furniture, and no broken glassware!! They were friendly, helpful and made the stress I had from moving fly out the window. Thanks! Most definitely recommended to all my friends!

  129. This is a great company
    By Shaun Jefferson - December 22, 2020

    My first time moving ever and I feel blessed that I chose this company! Not knowing what to expect they answered all my questions and more. They let me know how everything was going to happen step by step. Even the movers themselves were very professional and informative guys. They even knew what my furniture was made out of due to their experience. We made a game out of it and they got 11/13 which I thought was rather impressive. The drop off was the best. The movers put everything where I wanted it and did not leave until I was sure that everything was there and in the right spot. The whole experience was really a great one!

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