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f you’re moving from one side of the country to the other, let Moving Forward make your transition easier. With an array of resources and services available, our professional moving teams are ready to help you complete your move. Depending on your needs, Moving Forward is available for packing, unpacking, assembly, disassembly, short-term and long-term storage, and much more. We strive to make your move less stressful and daunting, so your Personal Relocation Consultant will always be available to help you with your move. If you’d like more information, or a free moving quote, please give us a call today at (877) 898-1116. No move is too far for Moving Forward.

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  1. Never use Moving forward america
    By Jitendra k - July 20, 2019

    One of the biggest fraud company. Never belive what they as the will deny everything once you pay them and already gave them moving contract. All the good reviews seems to be fraud or by their employee. They said items will be deliverred in one week but they deliverred after 16days.
    Their claim of refund are fake as they dont respond to your email or phones. I tried them 100 phone calls but no response.
    They broke sofa and love seat, bed box, storage box, damaged TV, loaded suitcase. And biggest thing is that they wont unload untill they they get complete money. Once you get broken items, you deal with it and its your baby now. If you call MFA, no response.
    Its better to donate the items locally so that someone can use it instead of paying for broken items.

  2. Do not use this company they will Lie and steal your money and there will be no refund
    By aubuchonz - July 17, 2019

    Moving forward America gave us a moving estimate and 2 days before the move did not have a carrier, They did not refund our deposit. We rented a truck and ended up moving ourselves. You will lose using this broker they are just ripping everyone off. Don’t use this moving broker or any moving broker for that matter. No one can help you get your money back either. They did not respond to the BBB. I put in a complaint to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) National Consumer Complaint Database (NCCDB). They can’t help either. Moving Forward America will block your calls. Do not listen to their lies about a good deals. You will be sorry trust me.

  3. BEWARE, NOT in time, broke my furniture and claims in your dreams, Worst moving company ever
    By yahya.aljanabi - July 2, 2019

    Beware from this fraud company, worse customer service ever once they got your money and that’s it no one will answer you even for following up on problems and claims, first time you talk to them will give you all the discounts you like and make it extremely cheap but then the actual movers who come to pick up your stuff are different company who will take your stuff and without telling you will be stored in a very bad situation keep it for week or 2 even if they told you will bring it in a 3 days period, actually they will let you know if you want them now pay at least $1000 extra. prepare for them they are a gang style (their management)
    the other part when they will bring the stuff to new address, first of all no customer service to call you and let you know they will come today or tomorrow, they called me in my first day at work and said we are 1 hour away from your home and if you don’t be there at home will not give you your stuff today and you pay extra $1000 also they asked me to pay around $600 extra because I used more space with no proof at all where I used less than the estimated because I sold most of my furniture and they won’t even listen to you, ” you don’t pay, nothing for you” and they were leaving already for just asking why extra!!! Also, unprofessional movers, they broke some of my stuff in front of me and don’t even know how to deal with it.

    their claim is pathetic will let you know they have $10000 and 1 million insurance all lies, whatever you have and be sure 90% of your stuff will be broken literally my boxes were kicked off and they broke all the furniture and will pay by weight for you and will take your item after then not yours anymore, so if you have $1000 item and weight 10 lb then you get $1 for it and will take it from you.

    BEWARE, I’ve been chasing them for more than a month on my extra overcharge and no one answering me and will lie just to let you calm, their financial department which is a big lie gave me a contact number for them turns out not in service phone number.

    By Dwrath299 - June 26, 2019

    They are a broker, meaning, you won’t know the actual company that is moving you until the day before your move. This is what happened when I used them, I looked up the company that they chose, and it was not authorized to move household goods and had terrible reviews. I told them they need to change my company and they said they would. The day of they told me they changed my company, which was a lie, the company had several of the same names. I told them this company was not a good idea, but they persisted. I was stuck because I needed movers, so I went with them. They showed up to pick my things a day late, making me have to pay the apartment another day. They said they needed two weeks to deliver, which would be the 31st of May. After terrible struggles of trying to get a hold of both moving forward America and the moving company itself, getting to the point where they wouldn’t even answer my calls because they had no idea where my things were. It finally got delivered June 25th at 2 AM. Many things were broken. They were 25 days late. Now they won’t refund me, even though they said they will. I’m pretty sure their “financial department” is just a complete lie. I mostly spoke with Megan, who is very nice, but full of words with no action.

  5. Buyer beware
    By fmontes63 - May 27, 2019

    I inquired online in January about using your Moving Forward America to move my pregnant daughter from Show Low AZ to Santa Rosa CA. I received so many calls and emails to to get to sign up with them, that I had to ask for them to stop. Once I researched and calculated the cost of me flying and driving back vs contracting with them, I decided to contract with Moving Forward America.

    I was told that with a pick up date of the 18th/19th would get a delivery by the 22nd. I agreed to pay the expedited fee of $500 to ensure the delivery by the 22nd as outlined in the contract.

    The follow up on this job has been horrible. Not only did the contents not get picked up by the 19th, I had to make multiple calls to see when it would get picked up, all ending with them saying they’d call me back. Finally, I received a call from a driver around 6pm on the 19th saying that he had just received keys to a truck and would be there to pick up by 10am on the 20th. He did not show up until 2pm.

    Furthermore, the car transport that Moving Forward America supposedly contracted to arrange did not know that they were supposed to be there on the 19th until that same day. Once I had them on the phone, I was told that if he had known the location, they would have declined the job. Why was this not handled accordingly either? Why am I the one who has had to harass them to get the car picked up and transported? It was finally picked up on the 24th and will be delivered on the 26th.

    After being told that Moving Forward America had dropped the ball on this after having 2 months to arrange it, they made no effort to rectify the issue.

    I have had to be the one to call your support center EVERY day for an update. Currently, the contents are still sitting in Phoenix. We are now 3 days past our contracted agreement and I was told it will be another week before I see the contents. ANOTHER WEEK? They have already had to purchase additional clothing since the truck did not arrive in time for them to start their new jobs and are having to eat out because they cannot cook in their empty apartment. They offered no compensation other than not charging me the expedited fee.

    I posted this review on 4/1/19. On 4/10/19 I received a call from Mr. Dylan Gross, owner of MFA and he asked if I’d revise my review and in turn he would refund me the amount I had put as a down for this job and that he would make sure they processed a claim on their end of the items that were missing. All I needed to do is provide them with an itemized list of what was missing. It has now been almost 2 months and neither has happened.

    If you are considering using Moving Forward America, I’d look elsewhere.

  6. Total, complete, liars
    By Victoria W - May 24, 2019

    Who the heck did all these other people use who gave these guys 5 stars? Can’t possibly be the same company.
    Totally enjoyed working with these guys at first. They are a broker, not the moving company itself, but I was clear on that coming in. HOWEVER, I was told repeatedly wrong information, belittled on the phone, and despite constant promises they would keep me updated, I always had to call them instead of the other way around. I found out the name of the moving company itself and just started talking to them directly. They at least gave me good information that didn’t turn out to be total BS! Then one of their folks let slip that the original salesman I was working with was just fired for giving out bad and misleading information — which was exactly my problem. So I stopped calling MFA and just worked with the movers directly. They certainly never called me again until out of the blue one day I get a call saying they were going to refund my deposit. OK! So that’s appropriate, and I promised to amend my reviews to include that. It’s been 3 weeks. Once again, I get the runaround or some BS response every time I call. I’m not even sure why they bothered to offer.

  7. I was happy with the service.
    By George Sansone - May 17, 2019

    Moving Forward America is an excellent team! These guys did a great job for me. We Have used this company for two of our moves and we have been more than satisfied! They are very professional and courteous and we appreciate that on move day. They were so careful with wrapping and moving all our boxes and furniture. They were professional and hard workers. We highly recommend them.

  8. These guys did a great job!
    By WillieSherlock - May 15, 2019

    Moving Forward America is an excellent team! These guys did a great job for me. The very carefully wrapped up my furniture and packed it really well. Everything was really well packed. They took my instructions really well.They were at the destination at allocated time as well, no extra charges or taxes either, happy with the move.

  9. They seemed honest and very straightforward!
    By HarryMitchell - May 14, 2019

    These guys were great! Very fast and didn’t mind that I helped move certain things to make the process go quicker. Fantastic customer service. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. They packed up things nicely and took great care not to ding my walls or furniture. I would definitely recommend using their service. They are also very fairly priced. You can’t go wrong with using their service.

  10. Thank you!
    By Dustin N. - April 25, 2019

    I had a wonderful moving experience with Moving Forward. he very carefully wrapped up my furniture and packed it really well, they even marked the furniture, fragile, pillows, books. They took my instructions really well. They were at the destination at allocated time as well, no extra charges or taxes either, happy with the move. I would absolutely recommend this company to anybody who needs to move. They not only displayed professionalism but Pure Honesty for my situation and Meet my time Crunch. Thanks to everyone Involved. Thanks.

  11. Wonderful! Thank you
    By ChesterCHorn - April 16, 2019

    An excellent service! Every member of the staff, from the owner himself to the coordinator to the actual movers, were courteous, efficient and concerned with my experience. Absolutely wonderful and reduced my moving stress significantly. Will most certainly use them again.

  12. They do it without a hitch.
    By David Rodriguez - April 11, 2019

    I will absolutely refer to every single person I know to this company! They are so fast and efficient. I can’t even understand how they moved us so quickly. Moving Forward America had an amazing attitude the entire time. They wrapped up our furniture and blanketed doorways to keep from getting damaged. Such great guys! The customer service is also amazing over the phone. I highly recommend these guys for your moves. They do it without a hitch.

  13. Thank you! :)
    By JohnDewitt - April 9, 2019

    This company was fantastic! I like that they are environmentally friendly, I was ecstatic when I found out I could rent plastic bins to pack in instead of buying boxes, such a great idea! Not only do I love the idea behind the company but the movers who came to move us were outstanding. They really worked so hard! Originally they were supposed to have more help, but they ended up doing it all themselves and they were quick. They took really good care of our furniture, wrapping it and moving everything. I will definitely recommend this company to anyone I know.

  14. Fantastic experience.
    By BrianJH - April 7, 2019

    We had a fantastic experience with this company! The process of a schedule was super easy and thorough. Then when they called back to confirm, they add extra boxes and gave us advice on how to proceed. The movers were on time, and they were very efficient, energetic, and positive. My apartment had awful elevators and they were great about working around it. All of my items were carefully handled and in perfect condition. Price was very transparent and reasonable. Will definitely use Moving Forward America again and would recommend to anyone.

  15. Moving Forward America was amazing!
    By DeniseEvans - April 4, 2019

    We have used this company for two of our moves and we have been more than satisfied! They are very professional and courteous and we appreciate that on move day. We highly recommend them.

  16. Stress-free experience!
    By AlfredSJackson - April 3, 2019

    Over the last couple of years, I have moved houses quite a few times on my own and have always dreaded the experience. This was my first time using a professional moving company, and Moving Forward America was amazing! I hired Moving Forward America to do an outstate move, and it was an overall very smooth and efficient experience. The Packers and movers were professional, punctual and very helpful. They were really quick to load and unload the truck and were always on the lower end of the time range promised. The customer service I received every time I called with questions, or to make some changes to the move logistics, was great too. None of my items were damaged during the move or when in storage, and overall I had a very positive and stress-free experience. Thank you!

  17. Better than could have expected!
    By robertjones - December 7, 2018

    I received my quote from Moving Forward America knowing what the moving process looks like. I have done about 15 moves in the past ten years for work. Alls I can say is I have had every type of move a person can possibly have and they have topped the charts for me. From reservation to delivery, everything continued to surprise me . Price didn’t change, customer service was great, guys were great, most importantly all of my items arrived in time and in the same shape I left them, which if you have ever moved before we know that is the scariest part. Thanks MFA. You got my business from here on out!

    1. Author Response
      By DylanGross - December 7, 2018

      Thank you for the kind words. We try very hard!

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