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  1. Perfection like never before!
    By Merle Holt - May 20, 2018

    Last month I needed a very good moving company to move me and my family. I did a lot of research and finally ended up with Midwestern van lines because they had good rates and good reviews. On the day of the move, four men came to our home. They started packing first, they packed all of our belongings with a lot of care and they also moved it very carefully. All the furniture was easily carried down from the 3rd floor and they did not bump it to anything. Everything went extremely well. There were no damages and no extra fees. This move was just perfect! I do not have a single complaint!

  2. They will fulfill your needs!
    By Eric Collins - May 18, 2018

    Midwestern van lines is so understanding and professional that you will feel lucky to have them! They will certainly fulfill your needs regarding moving! They will move you so smoothly that it will not feel like a long distance move. And also they will move you damaged free! I recently hired them and this is what I got! No extra fees, no damages and no miscommunication! I had a great moving experience! I do not plan on moving again soon, but if I do I will give this moving company a call! They certainly are the best in my book!

  3. I will not forget!
    By Justin Robinson - May 18, 2018

    Seriously, I will not forget how smoothly Midwestern van lines moved me. I did not have much time in hand and just randomly selected a moving company. I did not know my luck this time was so good! I got the best company ever! They did not charge me much and they moved me without any damages. They very nicely protected my belongings! There was no issue in the bill in the end and they certainly did not take any kind of advantage. These guys are genuinely honest, efficient and professional. I will hire them again!

  4. Terrible
    By Not2moreno4 - April 19, 2018

    I felt swindled and taken advantage of by Midwestern Van Lines. My initial quote was extremely inadequate. I was expected to pay twice the amount to get my stuff back. My calls were not returned by customer service Representatives. They added stress to an already stressful situation of moving. But the movers were nice.

  5. Great from start to finish
    By Mark Smith - January 25, 2018

    Midwestern van lines was professional and courteous from the beginning to end. Their manager, who I spoke to on the phone, started us off with a quote that seemed very reasonable. The movers he sent were amazing. Boxes were packed; items were loaded and stored until our apartment was ready. The manager guy was kind enough to give me his personal phone number over the holiday weekend in case of any issues. He always answered my calls and all items were delivered safely. The staff that arrived to pack boxes got the job done quickly and they were very polite as well, even helped me carry something to a dumpster that was too heavy for me to carry alone. All in all I am very pleased with the patience and helpfulness of these guys during a stressful time for me.

  6. Definitely worth hiring
    By Eugene Murphy - January 16, 2018

    I was quite unconvinced about hiring a moving company to help me move because I have heard terrible things about them. Many people kept suggesting me to hire Midwestern van lines. I called them and talked to this man on the phone who was very polite and called me back in a few minutes with a reasonable quote. The movers arrived right on the given time on moving day and started working immediately. They were all very hard working and sincere. Their packing skills were truly admirable. My belongings arrived in my new house one day after I reached there as scheduled before and I was very happy to see that all my belongings have survived the journey.

  7. Fair prices
    By Brian Miller - January 11, 2018

    My new employers would not compensate the cost of moving. And I’m not wealthy enough to hire expensive moving companies. I hired Midwestern van linessimply because I could afford them. They gave me the lowest quote and since they are pretty new in the business, I figured they would damage my goods and then I can ask for paybacks. However, new or not, these guys are total professionals. They are very punctual and skilled. All my furniture arrived completely unharmed. I just couldn’t believe that I got professional services at that price.

  8. Hardworking moving company
    By Mike Garrett - January 4, 2018

    I would like to recommend Midwestern van lines because with their help my move went so smoothly. We moved four-bedroom apartment. So, we were very tensed and hesitated. But my hesitation became my strength as the time went on. Everything was delivered on time and in good condition with no damages. Their movers were really hard working and honest company. I can’t fault them in any way. I would recommend them with no hesitation.

  9. Smart and efficient movers
    By DanielBarnes - December 23, 2017

    We moved so easily only because of Midwestern van lines. These guys were just like well-oiled machines. They were punctual and responsive. They listened to all our instructions and requests. All our furniture was wrapped in shrinking tapes and other belongings were packed into boxed. It sometimes seemed like they were using too much packing materials. But it only helped safeguarding our valuables. I received the delivery on time and in great condition. I have come to really appreciate what these guys do and how hard they work.

  10. Right kind of movers
    By Arthur Parker - December 23, 2017

    I recently had a change in my career path and luckily got a new position right away, problem was it was states away and started immediately! US Movers Inc saved me! They packed up my home, inventoried my things, and even were able to supply the boxes. The staff was very professional and put up very well with my own little quirks; these relocation specialists helped me get everything squared away. They moved me in record time, I am very glad I used this amazing company. I recommend them to anyone who is in need of a moving company.

  11. Careful and efficient movers
    By Roberto Wade - December 15, 2017

    I have used Midwestern van lines last month. I had a antique mirror which was very precious to me and I was really anxious about that. But the movers wrapped that very carefully. They also wrapped my other belongings with care. With the other things the mirror arrived in perfect condition and was carried up to my new apartment. The company was a pleasure to deal with and I was impressed with the positive attitude of the movers. I have no hesitation in recommending this company.

  12. They were speedy and safe
    By Stephen H. - December 13, 2017

    Every time when it comes in mind to relocate my apartment, I always go for the Midwestern van lines. They are the best moving company I have ever seen. They are really hard working and professional at their work. Though it’s difficult to book them but once you get their service you will definitely hire them again. Recently I hired them. They did all the work by their own process. I was so amazed at the level of their professionalism and efficiency displayed by this company at every step of my relocation. The movers are very speedy and safe. They are at the top of the game and yet they charge very fairly in my perspective.

  13. Best ever movers
    By Robert Turner - December 2, 2017

    Unlike stress which people often liken to move, I realized that it all depends on the moving company you hired. My experience with Midwestern van lines has thought me that with a professional and reliable mover that I can forever enjoy stress-free move. They provided just the perfect service to me without any atom of damage or hassle involve in my move. I was happy and joyous due to the smooth moving experience I enjoyed with this wonderful moving company. Thank you so much for the service. Though, we paid for the service, yet, we were truly happy due to the manner in which they helped us. They even went as far as helping us arrange our new home despite the fact that we did not pay them for that. Our furniture was arranged by them without additional pay. We are pleased for the service.

  14. Their skills are fantastic
    By Samuel James - November 22, 2017

    When a moving company quotes you around 80 dollars less than the closest counterpart, you hire them! I didn’t know a thing about Midwestern van lines but their quote was freaking amazing. Their movers arrived on time and were properly equipped. I couldn’t believe how easily they carried my furniture. It was a 3rd floor walkup and the stairs didn’t seem to bother them at all. Everything went smoothly and they were done in no time. They managed to deliver on time too. Nothing was broken or damaged. I don’t know how this company managed to have such skillful movers yet charge so less!

  15. Best would be an understatement
    By KevinDiaz3 - November 19, 2017

    I was going to move close to my cousin. About Midwestern van lines I was informed of beforehand by a colleague a couple of months back. I called them and easily got a reasonable quote. The movers arrived early and started packing up my belongings. They loaded everything onto the van very carefully. The delivery was made on time. Nothing broke or got damaged on the way. In the end, I realized that this move was just too easy. Never thought I could be one of those few lucky movers. Thanks to these amazing guys.

  16. Excellent work
    By AndrewThomas - October 24, 2017

    The moving team of Midwestern van lines worked so hard and did an amazing job. They came up with a very fair estimation for our move, which made us hire them readily. We were really impressed with the service, and the guys on the day were really professional and efficient. The pickup and delivery services were quick, effective and hassle-free. On top of that, they charged a very small amount for the awesome job. We will definitely be using them again when we next move and will be recommending them to friends and family.

  17. No complaints at all
    By Neil Lloyd - October 19, 2017

    Midwestern van lines came to us as a surprise surely. We spoke with their manager several times because we needed to reschedule the move, and he was polite, efficient and very responsive each time. Our movers were polite, very knowledgeable and efficient. They were very careful with our items, but still moved quickly and safely. We have a 2-story townhouse and they managed to place our large furniture upstairs efficiently and without any damage to anything. I hope to never move again, but if we do, I’m calling them again!

  18. Skilled movers
    By Louis Turner - October 18, 2017

    My movers were such fantastic young and efficient men! Midwestern van lines quickly responded to my urgent need. They made me breathe a sigh of relief! Their quote was unbeatable, the movers were hard working and the move went absolutely perfectly. The foreman directed his men so well and they carried my big furniture so efficiently. I asked the crew to be extra careful with my breakables and they were just that. Even the final bill was fair. We might be at a point in this country where everyone looks suspicious, but these movers definitely restore a little faith in the good old American values.

  19. Best in the country
    By JasonMorgan - October 17, 2017

    The movers from Midwestern van lines are amazing! They were quick and helpful from start to finish. The movers that showed up were very professional and very careful with my things. They showed up on time for both the pickup and deliver. I’m very satisfied and will use them again if I move. They were pretty good. They took care of all of belongings. Nothing was broken.

  20. They amazed me
    By Nicholas Torres - October 11, 2017

    I just moved from one city to another. And the Midwestern van lines was incredible handling my move. Their attention to the details was praiseworthy and very professional. They took an extra responsibility of creating a wall-size mirror and did with a smile. The whole team was amazing. It was a very smooth experience with them. Their management system was excellent.

  21. They were the right choice
    By HermanJensen - October 10, 2017

    First, I couldn’t make up my mind about which company to choose, but after speaking to the manager at Midwestern van lines, he convinced me that these guys know what they are doing. After a small negotiation process I was good to go and everything went really well and gladly easy as pie. Even though I wasn’t home during their pick up, everything was really professionally done according to my wife who was in charge. They made the delivery on time and nothing went missing. Their workmanship is really praiseworthy.

  22. Last minute miracle
    By PaulRogers - October 8, 2017

    It was such a last minute rush! Our move couldn’t take place at a worse time. It was the last weekend of the month and all the moving companies were booked months ago. After literally pleading to Midwestern van lines, they finally accommodated me in a late afternoon slot. I was just grateful that they were not charging me extra for it. Anyway, the movers were amazing. My old apartment was just bad! The movers quite efficiently maneuvered through the narrow hallways and had no issues with the stairs. The van was really big. But the movers really utilized the space well. The made the delivery the next day so I didn’t have to hire any storage. I am just so relieved now that I have moved!

  23. Formidable moving company
    By Albert Morgan - October 7, 2017

    My wife and I were so impressed with the professionalism, attitude and overall character of the men sent from Midwestern van lines who packed, loaded and moved us. As anyone who’s been through it knows, moving is one of the most stressful and disruptive things a family can endure. I credit this amazing moving company and their fantastic team for making our last move as low-stress and tolerable as was humanly possible. Add the fact that their price was the most competitive of all the companies brands we evaluated, and I must say, choosing them was a very good decision. I highly recommend them to anyone facing the difficulty, disruption and significant expense of a home relocation.

  24. Very systematic procedure
    By MatthewBell - October 2, 2017

    Most moving companies, despite their shiny marketing, are really inexperienced. The same cannot be said for Midwestern van lines though. This company has been in the business for a long time and they are really here to stay. I hired them for my move last month. They were an absolute treat. They arrived on time, were very creative in packing and carried everything with ease. Nothing was too heavy or too tricky for them, not even my grand piano. They worked a very good system of packing everything first, then carrying out the furniture and then loading them onto the vans. It was a very effective and efficient system; I think it saved me a lot of money. I highly applaud these guys for being so efficient.

  25. Quintessentially efficient
    By Steve Henderson - September 27, 2017

    My humble beginning makes me appreciate what I own. I was worried sick for my valuables when I had to move. But to be honest, when I had Midwestern van lines handling it, I really had nothing to worry about. They were amazing throughout the way. They showed up on time, packed everything quickly and then loaded them to the van. They were extra careful while packing my breakables. The delivery was made on time as well. Absolutely every piece was unharmed. It happens quite rarely that a moving company doesn’t break anything! These men were the definition of efficiency!

  26. I’m extremely happy with them
    By Boyd Dawson - September 22, 2017

    If you start looking for moving companies, the options are literally endless. I just didn’t know who to hire. But after my friend highly recommended Midwestern van lines and they gave me such a good quote- I just had to hire them. These guys were true professionals. The movers showed up on time. All four men were very capable for this job. They carried my big pieces of furniture with ease and confidence. They delivered everything without a single scratch on them. I was very impressed with their customer service as well. They were very polite and kept in touch with me throughout this move. I don’t think they could have pleased me anymore.

  27. This company really cares
    By Ignacio Olson - September 21, 2017

    Midwestern van lines proved to me how good they are every step of the way during my last move. The movers they sent were very capable and experienced. They systematically worked together to pack up everything and then load them to the truck. Even the truck was very spacious and brand new. I really felt at ease with these guys. I was so relieved when they delivered everything in excellent condition. Not even a glass was broken. These guys really gave a stellar performance and I am very thankful for it.

  28. Gratefully recommended
    By Leonard Newton - September 17, 2017

    I am grateful to Midwestern van lines for the way they handled my last move. That’s why I am recommending them. If you love your valuables as much as I do, look no further and hire these guys. Movers from this company were highly experienced. They packed everything thoroughly and my furniture was treated with care and delicacy. Nothing was broken or damaged when they were delivered. They saved my time by maintaining their schedules and working fast. I was able to take some rest at the end of the day as well. The move went smoothly but the cost remained cheap. I can assure you they will not displease you.

  29. It was stress-free
    By Anthony08 - September 14, 2017

    My last move couldn’t have gone any easier. Midwestern van lines really made sure of it. Their men are so well trained- it was beyond my imagination. Given the price they quoted, I was honestly expecting a mediocre job. I have to admit, these men were very well equipped and highly skilled. They made moving seem like a piece of cake. All my valuables were timely delivered to my new house. Also, nothing suffered any damage! I was completely stress-free the whole time.

  30. Hard working staff
    By JasonMartin - September 14, 2017

    Suddenly I got my appointment letter for my new job. I needed movers in hurry and didn’t know who to turn to. I hastily signed up a contract with Midwestern van lines. I never imagined such a simple move, especially since they could get away with a mediocre job given my situation. They really showed me how to make the move easier. They started by packing everything into the cardboard boxes. It is only after they were done with this that they started loading. They were reasonable too with their pricing. I am forever grateful to them. They are very hard working people. Best wishes for them.

  31. Super quick men
    By Carlos Hernandez - September 10, 2017

    We have nothing but nice things to say about Midwestern van lines. They showed up on time and moved all my items in a lighting speed. They packed everything so nothing would break. I was easily able to get on the schedule for a 4-person team. On the day of our move, their consultant called and said they had a 5-person team that could come earlier if we were interested – I said yes since that meant finishing earlier! These five guys stirred up a storm inside my house- packing, loading and cleaning up like it was magic. I was pleased with their service and will definitely use them again.

  32. A company you can trust
    By MartinSanders - September 9, 2017

    If you are worried about your belongings and furniture here is a solution for you. Midwestern van lines was the right choice for me. The movers from the company were so trustworthy and honest. They handled my move very carefully and all my belongings were arrived without a single scratch on any of the pieces. None of my belongings were broken or stolen. I was so happy with them. This was my best moving experience ever. Best wishes to the movers.

  33. Affordable packages
    By EarlRichardson - September 7, 2017

    I hired Midwestern van lines simply because I could afford them. Their manager, who I spoke to on the phone, offered me some very attractive and reasonable packages. I picked the one that suited my needs and budget the best. On the moving day the movers were on time. They packed and wrapped every single item very quickly. They delivered on time too and nothing was damaged. I was so happy to see that still there are some trustworthy and cost effective companies that have something for everyone. I would gladly recommend them.

  34. A company you can trust
    By Ralph Taylor - September 3, 2017

    I am normally not one to write reviews but because of the great job Midwestern van lines did with my whole moving experience, I thought they deserve a positive review. Their supervisor was very accommodating and polite. He quoted me very low. And he was helpful to fit the move within my schedule. Movers were professional too. They handled my belongings very thoroughly. Everything went perfectly and timely. I would say this is a trustworthy company.

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